DP 2

Chapter 2




Before Raymond could even hold himself back, he already heard his voice disagreeing with the earlier statement.


“If I get kicked out from the Beland Clinic, I will never be full-time.”


Of course, Raymond had no lingering feelings at the Beland Clinic. To be honest, he wanted to leave this shitty place right away.


But because of the healing tower’s rules, he couldn’t.


To become a formal healer recognized in the healing tower, he must pass the qualification test after completing his apprenticeship course.


If he fails the test, he will only become an unauthorized healer.


Not only can he not come forward in front of others, but if he gets reported, he will be caught for “unauthorized” treatment.


“Being a healer is the only job I can succeed socially as an illegitimate child! I have to become a full-time therapist somehow.”


He should never be kicked out, even if he is dirty and cheap.


“Please think about it again.”


“The decision has been well-thought and was already finalized. We’ve already given you enough time. It has been five years already.”


Lance smiled.


“Honestly, a person with a terrible talent like you should not be classified as a healer. It’s ridiculous. If it wasn’t for my senior’s ‘father’, he would have been kicked out in less than a year.”


Raymond’s stomach is burning.


Lance and the other healers already seemed to have made a decision.


“What do I do?”


At that moment, a message came to his mind.


[Choose a patient that can be treated through surgery.]


Raymond clenched his teeth.


It was clear that he would be kicked out if he stayed like this.


He had to move and decide on something to do about it.


“Then I will prove that I can treat a patient.”




Lance frowned.


“What do you mean?”


“It’s just as I said. If you assign a patient to me, I’ll treat him. Give me one more chance.”


Lance laughed a lot after hearing his statement.


“You think it’s a joke to see a patient? Alright then, we have the perfect patient.”


Lance took out the papers and gave them to Raymond.


“We have a patient with a severe infection in the hip area. Try treating this patient.”




Then Lance spoke in a triumphant voice.


“If I can cure this patient, I won’t kick you out.”


There was a reason why Lance was doing this.


This is because the infection in the unruffled area was a difficult disease that required at least B-grade healing prowess.


Raymond couldn’t possibly be able to cure such a patient.


‘Of course, you’ll say you can’t.’


To his surprise, however, Raymond did not shake his head.


He repressed his trembling heart with fear and answered like this: “Yes, sir. I’ll treat the patient.”




Lance’s eyes got bigger.


He never imagined Raymond to say yes.


“Senior? You’re not going to be reckless, are you?” It’s no joke to treat patients.”


“I know.”


Raymond clenched his fist tightly.


“There’s a possibility that this patient has an infection in its sacrum.”


He did not agree to Lance’s proposal without measures.


Based on the ability that he recently awakened, he judged that it was possible enough.


“According to my knowledge of surgery, it’s a disease that can be cured with my current ability.”


In his head, he thought it was possible enough, but Raymond’s heart trembled like crazy.


This is because it was his first time treating a patient directly.


Contrary to intellectual judgment, there was tension and fear in his heart.


‘Will I be able to do it?’


‘Will I really be able to do such a thing even if I am both pathetic and ugly?’


But Raymond repressed his fear.


“I must do it.” He murmured under his breath.


Being a healer was his only hope in life.


If he fails to become a healer after being kicked out of the treatment center, he will live a miserable life at the bottom.


“I’ll do my best. Give me one last chance.”




Lance frowned for a long time and then eventually nodded.


“Okay, but if you can’t treat the patient, don’t hesitate to pack up and leave right away.”


“Thank you!”


Raymond bowed his head and left the room. Then he stood in the hallway and took a big breath.


Out of the blue, a message popped up in his mind.


[You volunteered to treat the patient!]


[A special bonus will be given!]


[5 skill points will be obtained!]


“Skill point?”


[Skill points: Acquired by achieving special achievements or completing quests. You can collect points to purchase skills to help treat patients.]


That was not the end of the message.


[A sudden quest is given!]


[Treat your very first patient!]


(Medical Quest)


Medical grade: Half scalpel


Difficulty level: Low


Clear conditions: Treat the first patient


Reward: Bonus level up, 10 skill points


Upon seeing the message, Raymond clenched his fist.


His nervousness remained, but he was determined to do his best.


“I will succeed in becoming a healer.”


No, his purpose was not to be a healer.


“I’ll be the best healer. So I will live proudly, enjoying honor and wealth, without being ignored by anyone!”


Raymond recalled stories he had heard in the past.


‘Why on earth was that filthy, pathetic guy born?’


‘I’ll die getting thrown in the gutter with him.’


Every time he heard those statements, he could only think to himself… That he’ll do everything he can to be the best. That he will definitely make it happen.


And so, he made up his mind again.




The patient was living on Ranken Street, a commoner street.


Ranken Street was a place where poor commoners lived together.


“People like him couldn’t afford to pay for the treatment, so they passed it on to me.”


The healers who can use healing powers are precious and rare, while the patients for them are overflowing.


Therefore, healers are paid a high price for healing others. As the level of healing increases, the amount of money demanded increases exponentially.


Therefore, those who received proper treatment were often limited to aristocrats and comfortable commoners, while poor commoners often died without receiving changed treatment.


It seemed that this patient was also destined to receive no treatment because he had no money, but was assigned to Raymond by coincidence.


“Are you there?”


When Raymond opened the door and entered, the patient’s mother and daughter met Raymond.


Fortunately, the mother and daughter did not refuse Raymond’s treatment.


Rather, the girl asked in a desperate voice.


“Please save my father!”


The little girl asked with tears in her eyes while a middle-aged woman also shed tears.


Raymond’s heart shook momentarily when he saw how heartbroken the mother and daughter were.


To be honest, Raymond did not choose the path of a healer because he had a grand sense of duty.


He was born out of wedlock and decided that this was the only way to succeed without a wall of status.


But at this moment, his view shifted a little.


He felt the sorrow of the mother and the daughter and Raymond’s heart moved unknowingly.


He instinctively felt as if he is a healer who thought of his patients dearly.


‘Let’s make sure to cure it. For my future and for the happiness of the patient’s family members.’ He thought.


Depending on how he does it, their faces will either be in despair or brighten up.


Raymond, who is determined to treat the patient, said.


“I’ll do my best. Will you please guide me to where the patient is?”



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However, unlike his firm commitment, Raymond’s heartbeat skipped as soon as he entered the patient’s room.


It was a matter of course.


He is treating a patient for the first time in his life.


It was natural for him to be nervous apart from his newly acquired mysterious ability.


The middle-aged woman looked back at him.






However, Raymond couldn’t answer properly because the boat was hardened.


The patient’s body was suddenly filled with a stale smell.


Raymond’s spirit also grew distant. His mind went blank like a sheet of paper.


‘What is the first thing you need to do when you see a patient?’


He definitely thought hard about what to do, but he couldn’t think of anything.


It was definitely a terrifying moment for Raymond.


Suddenly a message came to his mind yet again.


[Attribute skill, Heart of Steel is Manifested!]


[Heart of Steel]


Classification: Attribute Skill


Rating: Legendary


Proficiency: D


– You will have a steel will and a strong wick. Maximizes patient-related work.


-Low proficiency! Steel will is incomplete. Increase your proficiency to have a perfect will and wick!


It was after the message popped into his mind that Raymond’s heart slowly calm down to his surprise.


He asked in a calm tone while still composing himself from the sudden surprise in his mind.


“What exactly is the problem with him?” The middle-aged woman asked.


“A boil formed near his buttocks. It did not subside and gradually swelled up. Little by little, it continued swelling until he could not get up nor sit up at all.”


Is it because of the skill?


Raymond was able to carry on what he had to do without freezing.


“We need to check his vitals first.”


Vital sign.


It was the most basic and important check to understand the patient’s condition.


First, the blood pressure was estimated by pointing to the pulse of the artery. Afterward, the heart rate and respiratory rate were checked as well.


Raymond’s mind came up with the content of “general medicine.”


‘Fortunately, it’s not a septic shock. If he treats it quickly now, he can cure it enough.’


This time, he examined the area of the hip where the patient had the boil.


There was a convex swelling lesion in the center of the hip.


It was an abscess.


Raymond gulped down.


‘Hip abscess’


All he has to do is cut and squeeze the pus out. That alone ends most treatments.


It is very difficult to treat with healing prowess, but by medical standards, it is one of the most basic diseases.


However, even though it was an easy disease, Raymond suddenly became tense again.


The “Heart of Steel” is helping, but his lack of skill has not completely eased the tension.


‘I have to overcome this tension.’


Raymond clenched his fist firmly.


“Can you cure me, healer? The clinic said the disease was so deep that there was a chance that it needed high-grade healing power.”


The mother and daughter looked at Raymond with trembling eyes.


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