DP 19

DP 19

Chapter 19


“You just have to cut out the parts that have been damaged badly and then let the new skin grow.”


“But wouldn’t it get worse again if you did that?”


Fran asked back with a dark complexion.


Until now, it was similar to how other therapists treated it. At first, it got better, but soon it got worse again.


But Raymond told him a simple solution.


“You should change his posture.”




“If you change his lying posture from time to time, you can prevent the wound from 

deteriorating.” Fran looked at him with a blank look for a moment. “Well, are you sure?”


“Yes, bedsores are a disease caused by pressure on the skin because patients with mobility difficulties continue to lie in one position. So you can prevent it just by changing his lying position.”




Raymond thought bitterly as he looked at Fran, who was surprised and shocked. ‘It’s common sense in medicine, but it’s not here.’


In medicine, bedsores are called “Pressure ulcers.”


The solution was as simple as the name, meaning that a patient who was having difficulty changing his posture continued to lie in one position, causing his skin and tissue to be under pressure.


If he can only change his position, this won’t happen.


“Without knowing this simple knowledge, bedsores became an incurable disease,” Fran asked in astonishment.


“Uh, how can such an amazing fact…….”


“It’s ancient knowledge.”


Raymond, who was roughly surrounded by an all-around excuse, put a visiting bag containing simple surgical tools on his desk.


It’s time to treat the patient.


“Then I’ll start the surgery right away.”


“Su…… Do you mean alcohol?”


Fran stammered at the first word he heard.


“Yes, surgery. I’ll remove the dead tissue, cut out the inflammation, and let clean new flesh sprout out on their own.” 


Fran made a surprised face, but soon after he collected his emotions. In a desperate voice, he spoke. “I see. I’ll trust you as the healer, so please treat my father!” 


The operation began on the spot.


The servants turned the patient to his side by side.


Then, patient, Franc’s father said in a faint voice.


“Well, take care of me, healer.”


It was a voice with a long pain.


It’s touching.


Raymond’s heart trembled in sympathy.


When he saw his wound, the thought of it being disgusting had faded away.


How hard must it have been for the patient?


Feeling that way, Raymond gently held the patient’s hand.


“It will be treated well, so don’t worry. I’ll mainly remove the dead tissues, so it won’t hurt much.” The warmth was conveyed through their hands held together, and Raymond’s warm heart comforted the patient. 


Raymond began the operation. After applying an anesthetic herb to the affected area, he held up a surgical knife.


Fortunately, it was not difficult compared to his previous surgeries.


Moreover, Raymond’s capabilities themselves have risen considerably.


“Status window.”


Raymond checked his abilities.


[Player Status]


Name: Raymond


Class: Surgeon (SSS)


Occupation Level: Novice Resident


Level: 20


Experience value: 15/50


Skill points: 35


Name: Dirty Illegitimate Child


Auxiliary Occupation: Inactivated




Stamina: 6


Sense: 18


Intellect: 17




Before he knew it, his senses were already up to 18.


‘I don’t know exactly what level this is, but I could guess one thing.’


‘It’s a great level for a novice resident.’


“Use Seojeon’s hand movements!”


[Sense: 18 → 28]


As soon as he used his skills, he moved his hands which could not be considered a novice resident’s skill anymore.


Still, Raymond did not take it too lightly.


He did his best to remove the dead tissues delicately.


‘It’s really important how much you put your heart into the patient.’ Raymond recalled his knowledge of surgery.


That’s the case with all diseases, but bedsores were especially so.


Its progress will change a lot depending on how much more carefully its surgeon disinfected, nursed, and operated it.


Raymond, who is well aware of the fact, did his best to cut out the bad skin and tissues.


The black rotting flesh was cut out, and the yellow pus alongside was removed. Raymond also removed the dull and sore-looking tissues for healthy flesh to grow.


And it was thoroughly disinfected with herbs containing natural antibiotics.


“Are you done?”


As Raymond took off his gloves, Fran asked in a tense voice.


“Yes, the primary treatment went well for now.”




Fran bowed his head with a delighted face.


“Thank you, healer! Thank you very much!”


Raymond waved his hand at the over-appreciation.


“It’s not over yet. We need to treat the bad inflammation even more.”


“It took a considerable amount of time for the wound to be completely clean and new flesh to rise. It’s going to take quite a while, given the condition. You have to keep taking care of it until then.”


Then Fran asked with a hesitant look on his face. “Then until then…….”


Raymond, who had noticed Fran’s concern, nodded gladly.


“Don’t worry. I’ll take responsibility for the treatment until it’s completely healed.” 


Fran’s face brightened. “Thank you!”




Since then, Raymond has treated the patient with all his might.


At least twice a day. The wound was directly examined and disinfected, and if there was a problem, immediate treatment was performed.


Thanks to Raymond’s efforts, the patient’s condition showed a dramatic improvement. The treatment progressed faster than I thought.


Raymond made sure to take good care of him.


There is only one reason. This is because managing the aftermath of the operation of bedsores is difficult and crucial to recovery. They have to keep changing his posture, but it wasn’t easy. On the other hand, if they manage it well, it will improve faster than you think.


Fortunately, Fran took care of his father with great care with his servants and was able to work well together with Raymond’s best treatment.


“Thank you very much.”


Fran said with tears in his eyes.


Raymond cured a disease that no therapist could cure. If it wasn’t for Raymond, he wouldn’t have imagined getting him this good.


‘Perhaps the wound continued to pester his father until he eventually dies.’


With that thought, Fran couldn’t control his gratitude.


“Thank you very much…”


And it wasn’t just because he healed his father’s wounds that Fran was more grateful to Raymond.


Raymond’s attitude in treatment.


It touched Fran’s heart.


‘I can’t believe there’s a healer like that.’


Until now, the response of the healers who came to treat his father has been consistent. They would frown and shake their head as if they had seen something disgusting.


Of course, he understands their reaction.


It’s a disgusting wound just looking at it, and the fact that it smells terrible.


Even Fran, who inherited his blood, is in agony whenever he sees his father’s wounds.


But Raymond had none of that and even consoled his sick and distressed father from time to time.


‘No one would know how much consolation were given to them were given Raymond’s warm treatment.


That young man went beyond just by treating his disease and even cured their wounded hearts.


“Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for treating my father warmly.”


Raymond looked at him awkwardly as received repeated thanks.


‘Well, I didn’t do anything great but they’re so thankful.’


He didn’t do anything particularly great, he thought.


He just treated the disease and didn’t show any signs of disgust, and sometimes gave comforting words because he was in pain.


If he is a healer, shouldn’t he do this basically, no matter how snobbish he is?


“It was nothing. I’m glad you’re feeling better.”


Franc was all the more impressed by his awkward remarks.


‘He’s such a great guy, and he’s so humble. Who flattered such a man as an ugly illegitimate child?’ 


He bowed his head with even more gratitude. “Thank you so much!”


Thus, the pressure ulcer completely recovered, and soon the day to check the results of the promotion test was approaching.






Count Garrinson asked back while not being his usual cool-headedness.


It had to be.


“He treated the bedsores? What nonsense……! Did you check it properly?” 


The examiner bowed his head in embarrassment.


“Ha! Does that make sense? It’s bedsore. It’s a bedsore! It is difficult even for B+ healers. But the guy who’s not even in grade F has cured it? “


The examiner had nothing to say.


You can’t say that what’s cured is untreated.


“I’m sorry, but it’s been treated really cleanly.”


Count Garrinson frowned.


‘It’s ridiculous. What happened?’


He is in trouble.


He couldn’t stop him from becoming a healer if he really treated the bedsore.


“I’ll check for myself.”




“I’ll see it with my own eyes!”


Count Garrinson marched directly to Fran’s house, and shut up when he saw the cleanly new flesh.


‘How? How did it become like this?’


It was incredible that he couldn’t believe it, but the reality hasn’t changed.


‘Oh, my God. Then should I give him a license as a healer?’ Count Garrinson frowned.


Since Raymond had treated a patient with bedsores, there was no justification for failing him.


“I’m doomed.”


He was going to have a hard time figuring out what to say to his cousin, the fourth queen.


But there was something Count Garrinson didn’t think about.


That Raymond’s passing isn’t the problem now.


There was a more difficult problem waiting for him that could not be compared to deciding whether to pass Raymond or not.


Rank determination.


Class B+ healers also had to determine Raymond’s grade, who solved bedsores that were difficult to treat.




“I do not know how to go about this.”


“I know.”


All the examiners of the healing tower looked at each other in great difficulty.


They had to.


His heal is not even grade F, but even a B+ grade healer can’t treat bedsores. It is difficult to treat. In this case, what grade should we put him?”


‘We’re facing a situation that’s never happened in history!’


The examiners were puzzled and argued.


“But since he treated diseases in the B+ category, shouldn’t we give them a B+ grade? Or grade A even?”


“That’s ridiculous. How can you give a B+ grade to a healer with a grade F or lower heal?”


“But we can’t give him an F grade, can we?”


Everyone didn’t know what to do.


Then, a low sinking voice split the conference hall.


“Grade D is appropriate.”


“Count Garrison?”


“Ancient occultation has cured some difficult diseases, but he doesn’t have the ability comparable to grade A. I do not think it is appropriate. So I think grade D is appropriate with little extra points is enough for him.” 


The examiners looked at Count Garrinson’s face.


However, they all thought grade D was too low.


“Is there anyone who disagrees?”




But the examiners couldn’t say anything.


‘If you disagree here, you’ll be out of Count Garrinson’s sight. Then your healing tower life was over.’


“Oh, no.”


“I think grade D is appropriate!”


“Your judgment is correct!”


The examiners, who were wary of each other, nodded their heads in a hurry.


Count Garrinson frowned.


Of course, he knew it was ridiculous to give Raymond a grade D.


But he couldn’t help it.


At least this much will be the proof that he stands with the 4th Queen.


‘I didn’t fail, but I’ve cut his grade significantly, so the 4th Queen will still be satisfied.


‘It’s no use protesting.’


It was the inherent authority of the healing tower to grade the healers after all.


Even if Raymond protested, Count Garrinson vowed never to change his grade.




But Count Garrinson’s plot met a large reef.


There were as many as two people.


Count August and Princess Sophia!


The two came to him one after another.


Upon hearing the news of Raymond’s rating decision.


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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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