DP 16

Chapter 16


“From now on, I, August White will consider you, Raymond, as a friend.”




Raymond looked at the Duke wide-eyed at the sudden announcement.


“What do you mean……? What do you mean?”


“Literally just as you heard it. From now on, you will be a friend of Duke August White and my family.”




Raymond immediately recognized the meaning of the Duke’s words and looked at him surprised.


“Beyond becoming just your simple background, I’m going to let you be my great friend!” 


A friend of an aristocrat.


Those who will deal with Raymond in the future will have no choice but to care about the Great Duke August White behind him.


It will be difficult to treat him as an illegitimate child, and it will be more difficult to unfairly antagonize him now.


Raymond bowed his head because it was a huge reward far beyond what he had thought.


“Thank you for your kindness!”


“You do not need to show such gratitude to me. No reward is worth saving my son’s life. Once again, thank you so much for saving my son.”


Raymond smiled.


That’s how the case ended.


Lance was punished and disqualified as a therapist, and Raymond was given strong support.


It was a perfect ending, but he had one more thing to take care of.


“Excuse me, Duke?”




“Even if we became friends, you have to pay for the treatment. Oh, of course, I don’t want to take it either, but it’s a treatment center policy. I’m sorry.”




It was Raymond, who took care of the frugal medical expenses.




Later, after being discharged from the hospital after complete recovery, Cliand talked to his father.


“Why did you make such a reward?”


“Why? Do you think it’s too much?”


“No, that’s absolutely not true.”


Raymond did not simply save Cliang’s life.


He saved the family from a great crisis


‘If I had died as it was, I would have been caught up in the conspiracy of the 2nd Prince and both the 3rd Prince and my family would have been in great trouble.’


Therefore, no matter what kind of compensation it was, it was not a waste.


However, Cliang was curious about his father’s innermost thoughts.


“Cliang, how do you think the political situation will proceed in the future?”


“The succession fight will make it even more unpredictable. The three princes are not showing any kind of retreat.”


“Then do you think Raymond will be able to avoid the whirlwind?”


“It’s him… the illegitimate child.”


Cliang shut his mouth, pursing his lips as if thinking.


If it were the way it was, there’s a chance.


Raymond is just an illegitimate child who has nothing to do with succession to the throne.


But Cliang couldn’t answer easily.


It was because of Raymond’s appearance that he saw this time.


“There is a saying that a sharp needle comes out of the pocket in th etimes you least expect. If Raymond is what he’s shown now, it’s likely that it would ve difficult to stay still in the midst of a power struggle.”


To his surprise, Duke August rated Raymond as such.


A sharp needle!


‘Not yet, of course. But Raymond has plenty of potential. I don’t know how he is going to grow.’ 


August, a southern aristocrat, had a good eye for people.


In his judgement, Raymond was an unripe gem.


He will see the light in some way in the future.


“Although he is an illegitimate child, he still inherited the royal blood. What would happen if such a person showed an outstanding aspect?”


Cliang kept his mouth shut up.


For the public, exceptional talent was a blessing.


But what about illegitimate children?


It was only a reason for exclusion. In many cases, it was removed by other brothers who wanted to remove the aftermath.


The same is true of ordinary aristocratic families, but it was the royal family and the succession of royal authority.


“Raymond is likely to suffer from all sorts of storms in the future even if he doens’t want to. He will be swept to the center of the storm. And in the end…” 


Duke August did not finish his sentence.


But Cliang could already guess his father’s last words.


  • In the end, it will meet a miserable end.


‘So I want to be a little shield to Raymond. Of course, there is still the family’s position, so there is a limit as to how much I can protect Raymond from.”


August White was not the best family in the kingdom.


In terms of the kingdom as a whole, there were many families stronger than August White’s.


Even in the southern part of the country, where it was based, there were more powerful families than theirs.


Still, they can serve as a shield to some extent.


At least until an ugly illegitimate child grows up and is checked earnestly by other princes.


“Now he’s too weak and anyone can just crush him. But if we become his shield, people will not think of touching him for the meantime.”


This was the greatest reward that Duke August could make.


He spoke with deep eyes.


“Leave everything else…”… I’d love to see him spread his wings as a healer as he pleases. I don’t want to see a healer with such a great heart bend his wings just because of some idiots’ tricks.”


Cliang nodded as if he agreed.


He imagined Raymond growing up to be a great healer.


It must be a nice look.


Cliang also hoped that a true healer like Raymond would grow up without being caught up in the waves of the world.


Contrary to their wishes, however, Raymond immediately came to the attention of the worst.


The 2nd prince, Kairn.


At this point, the strongest candidate for the throne, has shown interest in Raymond.


* * *


“Cliang is alive? Didn’t you say you handled it properly?”


“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I’m sure he’s done some fatal damage…….”


A handsome man like a sculpture picked up a teacup and took it to his mouth.


It was only a simple move, but it was elegant-looking.


It had to be.


The man’s name is Kairn.


He is the second prince of the kingdom of Houston!


He was the one who acted as the eldest son on behalf of the unfortunate genius 1st prince Python, who passed away in an unfortunate accident.


“And what is this? Raymond was the therapist who treated Cliang? That’s fascinating. Last time, he treated Sophia.”


Kairn said with wonder.


It was a voice with a strange delight.




The unnamed aristocrat, who was prostrate in front of him, only looked at Kairn stiffy.


“Anyway, I’ll have to cancel this plan. Raymond, that puppy ruined my elaborate plan.” He described Raymond as a puppy.


In fact, Raymond had always categorized Raymond as a puppy.


A dirty, vulgar, ugly dog that he can play with just about anything.


“It seems like our puppy has changed a lot since we’ve seen it.”


Kairn recently recalled the appearance of Raymond as if he had passed by during the kingdom’s birthday celebration not too long ago.


He still looked timid, but he certainly looked more mature than before.


He smiled and stood up.


A panoramic view of the palace was seen through the open window. Countless figures were moving busily like ants.


“I’ll have to watch him from now on…”


Kairn spoke in a languid tone.


“…How my pathetic puppy grows up.”




Then a little time passed.


After the chief therapist, Lance, was kicked out, Raymond’s position rose dramatically.


Now, no therapist thought of ignoring Raymond recklessly.


It was natural.


He was knighted and even got White’s family’s support.


How dare a common healer speak to him so recklessly? Rather, they were all nervous for all the crime and rudeness they’ve commited to Raymond before.


However, it did not mean that Raymond’s skills were recognized.


‘It’s still a miscellaneous treatment.’


‘He is just lucky that he managed to treat the Duke’s successor.’


‘Eh, should I have stepped up? Seeing that it can be cured with such miscellaneous treatment, I think it was a minor injury.’


In the eyes of healers, medicine was just a pseudo-miscellaneous.


‘I didn’t say it out loud, but most of them gave me a look of disregard.’


Very few people thought otherwise.


‘It’s not a coincidence…… It’s already the third time.’


You saved the princess. Wouldn’t it have a mysterious effect that’s different from healing?’


Hanson was among those very few therapists.


Hanson asked grumpily while helping Raymond. “Aren’t you angry, sir?”




“People are ignoring your medical techniques.”


Raymond replied with little regard. “It’s alright. I don’t really care.”


“Because it’s a natural reaction.”


‘What if healing appeared in the ‘modern world’ where medicine is the norm?’


‘I’ll blame and ignore them all for being pseudo-therapy.’


It was just the opposite now.


It’ll take a long time to break down the wall of prejudice.


Raymond was well aware of the medical situation.


‘But it’s okay. After all, you’ll be recognized for your skills.’


Medical science was a treatment that could push the limits of healing.


So, Raymond decided to take it easy.


People will admit to medicine anyway. Raymond strongly believed so.


Contrary to Raymond’s conviction, the therapists increasingly played down medicine.


Since they can’t ignore it openly in the front like before, they can just kee[p gossiping behind the scenes.


“He is going to take the qualification test for a therapist soon,right?” Will he be able to pass?”


“Well, he might be able to do it if he meets an easy patient as luckily as he did before.”


“Then what grade do you think he will get? I think he’ll be grade D at best.”


“What do you mean by grade D? He is only going to be class F at best.”


“Grade F is not recognized as a therapist, right? Does that mean he is going to fall soon?”


The healers laughed from behind him.


“Let’s make a bet. What kind of results will he get?”


“He will be eliminated as an F.”


“Hey, is this a bet? Everyone is betting on the elimination?”


So the people at Belland Clinic watched Raymond’s test results with interest.


And then, soon after…


The moment of fate has come.


The qualification test for becoming a therapist is just around the corner.


It was the moment Raymond had been waiting for five years.




‘Finally, this day is coming for me.’


Raymond’s heart beat fast.


In order to work as a healer in the cross-border empire, including the Kingdom of Houston, passing the promotion test was essential.


‘I’ve been abused so far just to be able to take this test, but I haven’t been able to leave the Belland Clinic.’


In order to take the promotion test, he had to be qualified through an apprenticeship course.


“The healing power is still the same.”


Raymond spread his hand and opened his heals.


Fish food.


Embarrassed to describe it as a glow, a faint light rose.


This was the healing power he had. That is why, it is not a surprise that no one acknowledges it.


‘But it doesn’t matter.’


Raymond thought hard.


He had another ability to save his patients.


‘No matter what patient is placed in front of me, I’ll definitely treat it. With the power of the medical technology.’


It has been his long-cherished dream to become a full-time therapist.


Raymond looked forward to receiving a healing wand pattern that proved him to be a full healer as soon as possible.


There’s not much time left now.




But things went a little weird.


Kingdom of Houston.


The following discussions took place at the healing tower branch.


“Are you suggesting that we assign that patient to Lord Raymond’s examination?”


The examiners in charge of the promotion examination looked surprised.


“Isn’t that patient a patient wherein a therapist of B+ class failed to treat?”


B+ grade. 


It refers to a grade B that is close to grade A, it is not a typical grade B.


“He is a patient who can be treated only if the healer has a level A or at least a level B+ healing power. You’re putting a patient like that on a test?”


Everyone was surprised.


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