DP 14

DP 14

Chapter 14


Lance’s face hardened with anger.


“Sir Raymond, you speak too harshly…….”


“It’s that bad? I don’t think it’s bad to say to a disgusting therapist who’s letting a patient die in front of him.”


Is it because the heart of steel is working?


Raymond spoke in a tone that was usually unimaginable.


He even gave up the honorifics.


“If you’re scared, quit. You’re a dirty coward who only wants money.”




In the end, Lance fell for provocation.


“I see. If you succeed in treating the patient, I’ll take off my treatment suit forever. But if you fail to treat the patient, don’t think about becoming a therapist. With the authority of the chief therapist, I will disqualify you from apprenticeship.”


Disqualification of apprenticeship!


At its worst, Raymond nodded without hesitation.


‘Aren’t you afraid of the consequences after you fail?’


‘I won’t think about failure. I’ll definitely save the patient.’


It didn’t matter how difficult it was.


The patient is dying before Raymond’s eyes.


He was only encouraging himself with the mindset that he would be able to save the patient.


‘I will never fail.’




“Is there anything I can help you with?”


Raymond had slightly surprised eyes.


It was Hanson!


“……I don’t think there’s anyone else who can help me if it’s not you.”


Hanson looked embarrassed with a freckled face.


“Thank you. Even if we both know there won’t be a situation wherein you’d needed that much of help..”


“No, I’d be needing you.”


Raymond held Hanson’s hand.


Hanson, who had witnessed surgery once before, spread the story to everyone quite well.


“Like the last time, boil the water and sterilized everything. Disinfect the knife and needle with fire. And to reduce the chance of infection, clean the surgical site as much as possible.”


“Yes, sir!”


There was no time to lose.


Raymond, who finished his preparations quickly, immediately went into surgery.


‘I wish I could get a blood transfusion before the surgery.’


However, unlike modern Earth, blood transfusions were not easy to do.


There were many things to deal with after drawing blood.


‘Unfortunately, there are no tools for blood collection, no drugs to prevent blood clotting after collection, and no centrifuges to separate the components.’


‘It was impossible right now. If only we had prepared equipment for blood transfusion in advance.’


‘It was in the 1900s that the Earth was able to properly transfuse blood. Before that, more than five out of ten people died from side effects of blood transfusions.’


However, the priority was to maintain the vitals through fluid injection and try to stop the bleeding through surgery.


‘I’ll have to prepare the equipment for the transfusion when I get a seat later.’ 


Anyway, that’s for later.


The operation must be carried out.


Raymond made his patient inhale hallucinogenic herbs. He also disinfected his wound with herbs containing natural antibiotics before raising a hand knife.


‘Can I do it?’


Raymond’s heart is pounding.


When he is about to slice his stomach, he could not help but worry.


‘What if the knife penetrated the vital organs? I would not be able to save him then.’


The abdomen is not only gutted. There are many important organs alongside it.


Liver, kidneys, spleen, large blood vessels, etc.


If any of them had been damaged, it was impossible to cure him while using Raymond’s current skills.


‘The injured location, liver, kidneys, spleen, etc. will be fine. It is likely to be a simple internal injury, but it may have damaged important blood vessels.’


The vital blood vessels.


It refers to essential blood vessels such as abdominal arteries and hepatic portal veins.


“Maybe if the wound is deep, we can’t rule out the possibility of damage to the aorta,” Raymond gulped.


‘Then it’s impossible to even while usingSeojun’s hand movements skills.’


The sensory start is the ability to improve the body’s fine control.


In other words, dexterity.


It helps the surgery a lot, but it did not fill the gap in skills.


To perform a high-level surgery, not only a high level of “hand dexterity” is required but it also required more in-depth knowledge and experience in surgery.


‘Stop, Raymond. Stop shaking like a coward! Nothing will be solved if you hesitate in fear!’ Raymond sighed heavily to calm his chest. 


“Use Seojeon’s hand movements.”


[You used Seojeon’s hand movement skills!]


[Your sensory stats temporarily rises!]


[Sense: 16 → 26]


The sensation of his fingertips became sensitive.


Feeling a strange sense of exaltation, Raymond moved his hand.




The knife cuts through his patient’s skin.


Maybe it’s because his sensory stats that has been doubled compared to his previous surgery, but opening the stomach feels much smoother now.


Each time his knife passed the skin, the dermis, fat layer, muscles, and peritoneum appeared.




Hanson’s eyes shook at the sight.


Raymond was also unable to adapt to the internal appearance of the flesh in front of him. It was only his second surgery after all.


Raymond even wanted to close his eyes tightly.


But Raymond did not look away.


‘Focus! This patient’s life is in my hands! If you can’t do it, this patient dies as it is!’ He clenched his teeth and moved the knife.


As soon as the peritoneum opened and the abdominal cavity was completely revealed then a terrible sight appeared.




The blood in the abdominal cavity began to pour out!


“Senior! What now?”


Hanson asked in a panicked voice.


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Raymond was equally frustrated.


The massive bleeding in the abdominal cavity that he saw for the first time made Raymond feel dizzy.


But he clenched his teeth.


[The heart of steel is manifested!]


[The heart of steel is manifested!]


Raymond lifted his leg and kicked himself in the shin. He was wearing gloves disinfected with herbs, so he hit his leg.


The pain was tense, and he suddenly came back to his senses.


“Wipe the blood with a cloth sterilized with herbs in advance.”


“Blood? You want me to touch the blood?”


“Yes, please.”


Raymond was worried if Hanson would do well. He is still feeling so dizzy even with the help of the heart of steel.


Maybe he’ll run away with fear.


But Hanson was courageous enough not to run away.


With trembling hands, he lifted the cloth and wiped the blood.


Blood was wiped and their vision was temporarily secured.


Raymond used his utmost concentration to find the bleeding area.


‘We need to find the bleeding focus as soon as possible and stop the bleeding. Where is it?’ 


Raymond’s saliva dried up.


As if he was drunk, his mind became dizzy from the thick scent of blood.


The worst thing is the fact that the patient’s condition is getting worse as time goes on.


However, it was not easy to find the bleeding area.


Even if they managed to wipe off the blood, the blood quickly filled up and blocked their view.


Raymond used his desperate willpower to check the wound, eventually finding the bleeding site. 


‘It’s the mesentery! The knife penetrated the mesenteric membrane and the blood vessels in it are bleeding!’


A long pause


Blood was flowing out of it.


‘Thank God. It didn’t damage the large blood vessels or vital organs. Even the surrounding small intestine was fine.’


Perhaps with the help of heaven, only the mesenteric membrane was penetrated without damage to other parts.


But it was too soon to let out a sigh of relief.


Raymond’s face hardened after checking the inside of the mesenteric membrane.


‘There are so many damaged blood vessels. How do I stop the bleeding?’


The knife penetrated the entire bundle of fine blood vessels, and blood was flowing out.


‘I can’t stop the bleeding with a tie, can I?’




It was a surgical technique that tied blood vessels with a thread to stop bleeding.


If only one blood vessel bleeds, tie would work, but this was not the case.


“What should I do?”


Raymond swallowed his saliva.


If only he was not in Laipentaina…


There was a way if Raymond is at ‘Earth’ in the “General Medicine” knowledge.


‘Destroying everything at once with cautery… But I can’t use the method here.’




It was one of the most commonly used hemostasis methods on Earth as a method of bleeding with a special tool. It burns or dissolves the tissues, killing certain tumors or sealing off blood vessels to stop the bleeding.


“What’s the matter, sir?”


Hanson asked, but Raymond was unable to do anything.


‘No, it’s impossible. We can’t stop this bleeding without a ‘Bobby’. I don’t have any tools to replace it…….’


It was at that moment!


Raymond’s mind flashed into a way.


‘No, there is! There’s no alternative!’


If there were medical tools armed with state-of-the-art science on Earth, there was magic here in Laipentaina.


In other words, he can cauterize the bleeding area with flame magic!


“View the market, buy skills! Basic Flame Magic!’

Raymond cried out inwardly.


[Basic (D-level) Fire Magic has been purchased!]


[80 skill points have been consumed!]


[Fire Magic]


Classification: Auxiliary (Magical) Skill


Magic Rating: Basic


Proficiency: D


– Flame magic can be used.


– As your skill level goes up, the more skillful and intense you will be able to use fire!


Raymond breathed in and was ready to use magic.


‘As carefully as possible. If you burn the blood vessels too much, it’s over.’


Raymond was worried about whether he could adjust the range of the flame magic well.


Fortunately, however, a message came to his mind.


[‘Intelligence’ is high compared to the level of magic you want to use!]


[Your ability to control magic improves!]




Raymond  thought it was a stat limited only to medical technology, but it seemed to help him use magic as well.


‘I have to use fire as weakly as possible.’


The heat gushed from the tips of Raymond’s fingers.




Hanson let out a cry of surprise.


It was natural.


What magic? Who would have thought he’d be able to wield such?


Raymond later thought it was a rough idea and concentrated on ‘flame cauterization’.


The faint smoke and the smell of ripening flesh dissipated. At the same time, a few stages of bleeding began to stop.


It’s not completely stopped, but it’s over the hump.


‘It’s a success! I can stop the bleeding of the relatively large vessel by tying it.’


Raymond stopped using his fire magic and then proceeded into picking up a thread.


Raymond’s fingers moved carefully according to the knowledge of ‘surgery’ and clenched it.


The blood vessels, which were bleeding, quietly closed their mouths.


After that, no more blood flowed out. It’s completely hemostatic!


“It’s fine now!”


Raymond let out a sigh of relief.


Since the intestines were not damaged, it was now necessary to finish the surgery after relatively simple treatment such as cleaning and repairing the mesenteric membrane.


‘I could say I was lucky.’


If the knife had penetrated one inch deeper, the operation would not have been completed this easily.




Hanson, meanwhile, looked with shocked eyes at the place where the blood formed.


Raymond excused himself awkwardly.


“It’s magic that I learned as a hobby before.”




A questionable voice earned from the surface of the atmosphere.


Raymond hastened to give an excuse.


“……In fact, magic is also an ability learned from ancient ruins.”




He doesn’t know if Hanson will believe this excuse or not.


Hanson just shut his mouth with confused eyes.


Raymond was a little worried, but he shook his head.


That wasn’t the point right now.


[You saved the dying patient!]


[You treated a patient with a higher grade!]


[Bonus experience will be given!]


[Level Up!]


[Skill points increased by 30 points!]


The tension has melted away.


He saved a dying patient.


‘How can I explain how I am feeling right now?’


Unless you’re a therapist…


If you didn’t experience it, you’ll never feel it.


It was simply the best feeling, incomparable to any pleasure.


So Raymond began to become addicted to the joy of treating patients without realizing it.


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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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