DP 12

DP 12

Chapter 12


‘We can’t end up with the recognition of antiquity alone.’


There was a separate reward that Raymond really wanted.


Raymond took a deep breath.


“As I said, I do not want gold or silver. If your Highness will grant  it, I want the Order of Bringer.”




He wanted to be an honored therapist.


The people were agitated again.


This is because it was a request that was never expected.


“The Order of Bringer?”


‘He just wants something like that?’


People in the hall responded as if they couldn’t understand Raymond’s decision.


The Order of Bringer is just a medal.


A medal given to a person who has distinguished himself in the royal family.


It was nothing more than a pure badge of honor with no compensation included.


‘What a pure healer. I can’t believe he only wants to get an award.’


‘How can a filthy illegitimate child become such a great healer?’ 


Thanks to the admiration of the people, a message came to his mind.


[Some people are amazed by how the player treats his patient]


[Your reputation goes up!]


But it was all a misunderstanding.


There’s no way that snob Raymond would want such a nutritious reward, is there?


The Bringer Medal included a very important injury.


‘If I receive the Bringer Medal, I can get an honorary knighthood,’ Raymond grinned to himself.


‘Even though it’s a single victory and I don’t have any authority, I can be an aristocrat, too!’






What a sweet word.


‘It was the best reward I could only get through this opportunity.’


Fortunately, King Oden obediently accepted the request.


Rather, he even asked me this.


“Will it really be just a medal rather than another reward?”


“That’s right. As a therapist, I did what I was supposed to do. What other rewards should I expect? The medal alone is enough for me.”


The humble answer impressed the audience again.


[Your reputation goes up again!]


Oden nodded and said from his seat.


“I see. I will then award you the Order of Bringer.”


“Thank you!”


Thus Raymond was officially recognized for his medicine treatment and was awarded a knighthood, albeit a single-win honorary position.




After Raymond leaves.


Only King Oden and Chancellor Galman were left in the room.


“A lot has changed” Chancellor Galman glanced at the spot where Raymond stood earlier and said.




King Oden had no answer.


Perhaps he didn’t say it for an answer, so Chancellor Galman continued his story.


“He really changed beyond recognition.”


Chancellor Galman, of course, knew Raymond existed.


‘He was such a pitiful kid.’


A child born as an illegitimate child of the king and treated as dirty filth and had to suffer countless times.


Chancellor Galman secretly had compassion for Raymond.


But because he is the illegitimate son of the noblest king, he could not help at all.


Raymond wouldn’t have suffered this much if he was the illegitimate child of an aristocrat in the poor countryside.


He had to suffer even more because he was the filthy trace of the noblest person who was respected by everyone.


I heard that even entering the apprenticeship, he was mistreated because he lacked talent. But it sees that he met Ki-yeon with heaven’s help. Thank God.”


Chancellor Galman recalled the image of Raymond he had just seen.


It was impressive to tell his story with conviction even though he was very nervous.


In particular, he was greatly impressed by the way he treated his patients.


These days, there are only greedy healers. It was hard to find a therapist like Raymond who had a heart for the patient.


……It was a misunderstanding, of course, but Raymond’s facial expression was so excellent that even Galman slipped over.


‘It’s just a pity that his healing talent hasn’t been awakened. I don’t know exactly what medical treatment is, but it’s probably not as good as heals. There must be a limit to it.’ He thought to himself.


There is no way that treatment other than heals is outstanding.


It was the natural common sense and belief of the people of this world.


He saw Raymond saving the princess in front of his eyes, but it was not enough to break the walls of prejudice that had been formed for hundreds or thousands of years.


‘It was roughly a low-level spell… Wouldn’t it be similar to an intermediate-level heal if you hit it well?’ Chancellor Gallman guessed so.


‘Still, even if it’s that much, Raymond won’t have a problem in terms of eating and living. I’m glad.’


Just being able to eat and live alone is just fine.


That was a great success for an illegitimate child.


It was difficult to get a job because illegitimate children were rejected wherever they went.


“Anyway, it’s a bit bizarre, but I’m glad he got the ability. Isn’t that right?”




King Oden still had no answer.


Galman kicked his tongue.


‘If you do that, you’ll get punished.’


Galman was a longtime friend of King Oden.


Therefore, he knew Oden’s inner feelings better than anyone else.


It was not that King Oden had no affection for Raymond.


No matter how illegitimate a child has inherited his own blood, how can he not have any affection towards him?


Nevertheless, Raymond was completely neglected because it was the right thing to do as a king.


“Of course, your Highness was not wrong.”


The king is in a position to set an example for everyone.


The king’s behavior of neglecting Raymond was not wrong, as he would have faced great criticism if he covered his illegitimate child privately.


‘But that doesn’t excuse Raymond’s wounds,’ thought Chancellor Gallman bitterly.


“Will there be a day when your Highness will regret his actions?” 


No one knows.


Chancellor Galman shook his head.


Chancellor Galman hoped to himself.


‘I hope that someday the foolish king will reflect on his actions at least a little.’


‘For the sake of the king himself.’




Raymond never met Princess Sophia again.


All visits are prohibited for stability.


‘Well, the royal healers will take care of it. There’s Count Helien to take care of her too.’ 


Count Helien!


He is the best healer in the Kingdom of Houston as a “triple A-class” healer.


The great Count Helien will treat her closely, so he won’t have to worry too much.


“It’s hard to get any further treatment at my surgeon’s level anyway.” Raymond told so himself.


He doesn’t know what caused Princess Sophia’s heart attack.


Was it just a one-shot event, or does she has a heart problem?


He had to level himself up higher to figure it out and treat it.

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It’s only possible if he reached at least the experienced and then achieves the professional level.


In other words, Raymond had no choice but to level up by hook or by crook.


“Let’s continue to work hard.”’


Raymond clenched his fists and went back to Beland’s Treatment Center.


When he returned, he had become a completely different person.


From the ugly one to the hero who saved the princess!


“Re, Lord Raymond.”


The people at the clinic were struck by Raymond in bewilderment.


Now Raymond was a decent aristocrat.


Of course, it is only a single victory and an honorary position, but it has become an existence that cannot be compared with ordinary people.


His position was quickly reversed, so those who had previously bullied him were at a loss.


‘I like the aristocracy. It is nice to be a noble.’


Honestly, seeing that people who always looked down at them with contempt are worried…… It was a real complaint.


‘Well, I don’t mean to retaliate.’


Raymond was well aware of his position.


He was granted a noble title only in name. There was no power, no authority.


In such a situation, even if you try to get even with it, you’ll only get a headwind.


‘I’m still not officially qualified as a therapist, so I’m going to take care of myself. If I manage to get a therapist’s license, I’ll leave this clinic right away.’


Lance then calls him quietly and gives him a pat on the back.


‘Of course, that didn’t mean that I didn’t get back at all.’


I got my own timid revenge.


“Don’t worry. I’m just always grateful for the therapists’ teaching.”


“Ahhh, thank you.”


“But don’t you know how to properly say hello?”




“I don’t care much, but I think it’s against the kingdom’s etiquette.”


The healers hurriedly bowed their heads as they were truly worried now that the tables had been turned.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”


Raymond grinned at the sight.


‘That’s why I’m a nobleman.’


Raymond deliberately shot around the clinic, and people were forced to duck their heads whenever Raymond appeared.


“Lord Raymond.”


“Greetings, Lord Raymond…….”


“Lord Raymond…….”


I can’t get enough of it!


In particular, it was so delicious to see the people who bullied him in the past bow their heads with red and blue faces.


The most overwhelming response was from his chief, Lance.


He lowered his head to Raymond with a really bursting red face.


“Ray……Greetings, Sir Raymond.”


“Huh? What did you say? I can’t hear you well.”




“What? Can you make it bigger and more polite?” Pfft.


He could hear the grinding of his teeth from outside.


‘What? What are you going to do if I keep staring at you?’


Raymond felt like he was frying meat with sesame oil. It was very savory.


So Raymond received a hearty welcome. 


Until now, the more vicious the military figures were, the more he received greetings from them. In fact, Lance gives him the most greetings.




Lance grinds his teeth to the point where he’s worried about breaking his teeth, but what can he do?


Now Raymond wasn’t the small apprentice he used to be. There was nothing he could do to get angry at him.


Raymond, who relieved his anger so moderately, focused on looking at the patient.


“Can’t I see this patient, therapist?”


“Ah…… It’s…….”


“I think I can treat this patient.”


Thanks to the knighthood, the therapists could not reject Raymond as blindly as before.


Thanks to this, he has plenty of opportunities to treat patients now.


[Experience points are accumulated!]


[Experience points are accumulated!]


[Level Up!]


[Level Up!]


[Level Up!]


Raymond was able to build up his abilities smoothly.


[Player status]


Name: Raymond


Class: Surgeon (SSS)


Occupation Level: Novice Resident


Level: 15


Experience value: 25/50


Skill points: 85


Name: Dirty Illegitimate Child


Auxiliary Occupation: Inactivated




His level has already reached 15.


‘I have to hurry and get to level 40 to raise my occupation level.’


His stats have also improved a lot.




Physical strength: 3


Sense: 16


Intellectual power: 17


??: 1


His sensory level has already risen to 16.


It definitely feels like his hand movement is better than before. He was able to do it much better whenever he does this and that.


‘Should I slowly raise the other numbers now? I can’t just keep raising my senses.’


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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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