DP 11

DP 11

Chapter 11


Just a little bit more.


Is it after the patient is treated? A timid instinct came into Raymond’s mind.


‘What if I misunderstand?’


The situation was so urgent that he couldn’t decide what to do, but how strange must it have seemed to the people here?


People who misunderstood may falsely accuse him of royal murder.


He hastily excused himself for his actions.


“Oh, this is an act of trying to save Princess Sophia. It was never meant to hurt the princess. Now that she’s recovered, you can move her to the treatment room…”


Fortunately, the situation that Raymond was worried about did not happen.


He heard this voice.


“Never mind. I know you do not intend any harm to the princess.”




Raymond’s eyes grew as big as a lamp.


As much as Seytil and Sophia.


No, because it was a voice that he could never forget.


It was King Oden’s.


Raymond’s father and the culprit of all his misfortunes stood before him.


His heart is pounding!


Raymond’s heart beat wildly.


Anger? Hate? An emotion that he doesn’t understand exactly swirled out of control.


“… Greetings to the great king.”


Raymond knelt hastily, forcing his emotions to the bottom of his heart.




King Auden looked down at Raymond for a moment without a word.


‘Why is he looking at me like that?’ Raymond questioned himself.


The king opened his mouth when a moment of wonder passed by.


“This is the end of the banquet.”


And said to Raymond.


“Raymond, you stand by until Jim calls you back.”


The eyes of the banquet hall were on the king.


“I will give you a prize for saving the princess.”




When Raymond reunited with his biological father for the first time in years, his indescribable emotions burst into tears.


It was never a good feeling.


Rather, it was more like hatred.


Because King Oden was the fundamental cause of all the misfortunes Raymond had to suffer.


Raymond would not have had to suffer so much if he had not been born only as the illegitimate child of the noblest king.


‘If he had rather let me die then why did he have to save me?’


When Raymond, who was left alone after losing his mother, was dying in the slum, Oden came.


Oden looked silently at his son, who was dying as thin as a skeleton, and brought him to the palace.


“Let’s save him.”


“Your Majesty?”


“It doesn’t matter how you do it. Just make sure you save him!”


‘It was the warm voice of my father, It was the first and the last time I heard it. I’ve never heard such a voice since then.’


Raymond is an unclean child who exists but should not exist. When he grew up, he had never had a proper conversation until the moment he left the royal palace and became independent.




Raymond breathed in to calm his trembling heart.


Just in time, the message came up in the air.


[Quest: “Guardian of the Banquet” has been successfully completed.]


[You will be rewarded!]


[Level Up!]


[Level Up!]


[Level Up!]


[30 Skills points acquired!]


The promised quest reward!


It was a skill point of 30 points and a whooping 3 levels higher.


Also, it wasn’t just that.


[Achievement: Achieved ‘The One Who Saved the Noble’]


[Bonus level up!]


[30 Bonus skill points are given.]


[Bonus: Reputation rises!]


He got level-ups and skill points again.


With this incident, Raymond felt his heart warm as he gained four levels up and 60 points of skill points.


‘Yes, Father…… No, my father is a dog. There’s no reason to care about meeting the King. My Royal Highness and I have nothing to do with each other.’


Yes, the king is not his father.


‘I had to suffer unilaterally just because I inherited blood, but it worked.’


‘I didn’t want to be a nitpicker, nor did I want to be pathetic.’


‘I should eat well and live well without looking at the royal palace.’ 


‘I will be the best healer and live as well as the king.’ 


‘No, I will eat much better than the king. I’ll enjoy all the wealth in the world.’


Raymond thought so in his mind, feeling so determined.


‘Anyway, the important thing is the future. We need to get the most out of this.’ Raymond was not going to be a pushover this time.


He didn’t intend to move on, saying, “I’m satisfied with that because the princess is safe, huh.”


He was going to pull out the stick as much as he could.


‘What kind of compensation should I ask for? After all, money is money too, right?’


But Raymond soon shook his head.


‘No, it’s a waste to just get paid. If I become a recognized healer, I’ll save money.’


‘You have to ask for something else, not money.’


A special reward that only the king can grant.


‘What would be good?’


Raymond’s head went round and round.


It’s an opportunity that won’t come again, so he has to think carefully.


Then as if on cue, a servant approached Raymond.


“Your Highness is calling.”


As he followed the temple bell, a magnificent audience room appeared.


Raymond swallowed his saliva because he was nervous to face the king.


The door squeaked open.




A king with a steel impression was waiting for him.


“Greetings, your Highness. I am Raymond, a lowly servant of the King.”


“Raise your head.”


“Thank you.”


It was fortunate that he had calmed himself down in advance since there was no agitation of emotion evident in his voice.


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Raymond was just nervous about the fact that he had to face the most powerful king of the kingdom.




There was a moment of silence in the audience room.


It is the first time in five years that the two of them face each other again.


He had never met Raymond since he left the palace. No, even when he was in the royal palace, he never had a separate seat for him. So it could be said that it was the first time in decades for them to face each other like this.


Nevertheless, there was no friendly conversation.


Raymond waited with a stiff face for the king’s order, and the king only asked about the business.


‘Maybe the king is forgetting whether I’m his own child.’


Raymond shook his head at the fleeting thought. That sort of thing didn’t matter now.


At this meeting, he only needed to receive the compensation he wanted.


“Why did you treat the princess like that?”


“That is…”


Raymond opened his mouth carefully.


‘You have to explain it well.’


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was a very rude treatment for strangers.


It was just right to be caught and sent to prison if there was a misunderstanding.


“Given Princess Sophia’s condition, I thought heals could not cure it, so I used another treatment that I knew.”


“A cure other than heals?”


King Oden frowned as he could not understand.


Because the only treatment for Laipentaina here was healing.


“Yes, it’s a mysterious treatment called ‘medicine’. I was able to visit the ancient ruins by chance and learn them with the secret art that was handed down in far ancient times.”




The amazing story stirred the figures next to the king.


The ancient world that shone brilliantly in the distant past!


It was interesting that it was an ancient treatment that was veiled.


‘……a lie’ Raymond thought, but it’s very plausible. ‘It’s an ancient remedy, but who’s going to say something?’ Raymond admired his lies, seeing the reactions of people who worked again this time. “There was a cure like that in ancient times?”


Raymond looked slightly surprised at the person who brought it up.


Chancellor, Duke of Gallman!


He was a close friend of King Oden and the second-in-command of the Houston Kingdom.


“Yes, with the help of heaven, I was able to learn it.”


“That’s amazing. There was nothing like that in the ancient books I read.” 


Raymond said slightly but roughly wrapped it up like this. “It’s a secret skill, so I think it was lost over time.” 


Fortunately, he did not weigh further.


“Anyway, I get it. Then we’ll give you a prize because you saved Princess Sophia. Your Highness, what award would you give him?”


“Is there anything you want?” King Oden asked briefly.




“If you want gold and silver treasure, I will give you goods that you can live on for the rest of your life.”


Raymond shook his head.


‘As I thought before, it is nonsense to ask for money at a time like this.’


‘Money can be swept away if you become a successful therapist anyway.’


He had to receive a reward that only the king could give.


“I’m a therapist. So the only thing that matters to me is to be able to take care of my patient. I don’t need gold and silver treasure.”


Of course, it’s a 100% lie.


But Raymond opened his mouth, trying to be as truthful as possible.


Fortunately, he could feel the admiration of the people around the king.


Whether it worked or not, he is not sure yet.


“Haha, what a young man. You’ve got this opportunity, and I can’t believe you only care about patients.”


“He’s the true healer of this age.”


But Raymond’s story didn’t end here. The story just now was just an excuse to get to the point.


“So I want to do my best for my patients all my life. I want your Highness to ensure that I will be able to work for the patients.”


People tilted their heads at Raymond’s request.


He wants the King to guarantee he’ll see a patient?


Only two people understood this request.


King Oden and Chancellor Galman understood what Raymond meant.


“You want me to guarantee under the King’s name that medicine can be used for patients.”


“That’s right.”


Raymond bowed his head.


“To be exact, please acknowledge medical technology as a formal treatment in the name of your highness.”


Medical technology being recognized under the name of the king is a very important matter.


There is no friction now, but if Raymond continues to treat patients in the future, the story will always come out.


‘There would be some people who’d protest. Especially the existing therapists.’


In the worst case, it might be considered bizarre “magic” and a ban could have been imposed at the level of the healing tower.


No, it was definitely something that would happen/


The Tower of Healing has always rejected new treatments and driven them to heresy.’


That was why other treatments remained at a primitive level.


When someone came up with a cure other than healing, the healing tower rushed in and pressed it.


To maintain their vested interests.


‘In places like the Iron Empire, where the influence of the healing tower is relatively weak, other treatments are said to be developed. But the Iron Empire is not a place where other people can go.’


So if Raymond doesn’t prepare countermeasures in advance, he will be subjected to intense checks from the Healing Tower.


Fortunately, King Oden nodded willingly.


“It’s not difficult. If the treatment that saved the princess is not acknowledged, no treatment will be recognized. So long as it does not harm patients, I’ll recognize your ‘medical technology’ as a formal treatment in the name of the King, Oden de Houston.”


Raymond clenched his fist at the consent.


‘It’s fine now!’


A very important issue has been resolved as such.


Now, I can use medicine without looking being too anxious in the future.


“But I don’t think this is enough to compensate for saving the princess. Do you want anything else?”


Of course, I do.

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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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