DP 10

DP 10

Chapter 10


Soon after, Raymond recommended for her to rest, she gets up from her seat.


“Why don’t you rest a little more?”


“Never mind. I’ll be fine. This is not a situation where I can rest.”


Sophia lets out a soft sigh and disappeared into the main hall, soon surrounded by countless people.


‘I’m so nervous.’


Raymond thought with a stiff face.


He felt like she was in danger for some reason.


After that, the banquet proceeded smoothly without any accidents or anything.


People laughed and chatted while dancing to the music and alcohol. It was definitely a lively atmosphere.


But Raymond felt uneasy as time went by.


‘I don’t know if I feel this way because I kept thinking that way. But I felt like I was about to explode before the calm before the typhoon.’ Raymond thought to himself.


Consequently, Princess Sophia took the podium.


As the only princess in the kingdom, she came up to give a speech to commemorate the birth banquet.


“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you who attended the birthday celebration.”


Princess Sophia, who said so, looked as beautiful and quiet as a flower, unlike the wickedness she always had shown to Raymond.


People who enjoyed the banquet shouted with bright faces at the beautiful appearance of the princess.


“Long live, your Royal Highness!”


Princess Sophia had a soft smile plastered upon her face.


“I came up here to congratulate all of you on a happy day.” 




Raymond’s heart thumped as soon as he heard her calm voice.


He doesn’t know why he kept feeling anxious.


“First of all, I pray for the infinite glory of the Kingdom of Houston…….”


But when she opened her mouth again, something unexpected suddenly happened!




Princess Sofia’s body suddenly became stiff!




A single groan came out of her mouth, and the people in the banquet hall looked puzzled.


“Princess Sophia, are you okay?”


A moment of silence.


And her body lost its strength and collapsed!


Like a broken doll.


People screamed at the sudden accident.




“Oh, my God! What are you doing?! Get a therapist right now! Come on!”


Just in time, the therapists nearby rushed to her.


They were the best healers in the kingdom in charge of royal treatment.




“Come on!”




The healer’s hand radiated a bright emerald light.


A white light enveloped her body.


All of them were brilliant, befitting Class A healers title.


But despite the heavy rain of heals, the princess’ state hasn’t improved.


The healers turned pale.


They instinctively felt it.


At this rate, the princess will die.


“Oh, no!”


“Use more heals! Come on!”


“Call Count Helien, the Royal Palace’s chief healer! Hurry!”


Other therapists also rushed in and poured their healing powers, but it didn’t work. The healers’ faces turned pale.


It was the moment when the banquet hall, which was so merry, turned into a chaos.


A strong voice crossed the healers.


“Get out of the way.”




The healers turned their heads in surprise.


It was Raymond! He was staring at Princess Sophia with his teeth clenched.


‘Damn. Princess Sophia was the star of the quest.’


It was a fleeting moment.


A deep conflicted thought passed through Raymond’s eyes.


‘What should I do?’


If the patient was an ordinary person, he would have stepped up without hesitation.


But of all people, she’s a princess.


‘Damn it. What am I supposed to do?’


A thousand thoughts ran through his mind.


a harrowing royal life


a miserable life as a healer


‘I’m finally getting a new ability and dreaming…… Maybe life could have ended unfairly.’ 


‘If you just pretend you didn’t see it, you can move on safely. I’m just here as an apprentice.’ 


‘But… If you pretended not to see it, Princess Sophia will die.’


“You used to be like an ugly rat.”


At that moment, Princess Sophia bit her lips as she remembered what she said earlier.


‘I haven’t heard a proper apology from you yet, and you’re going to die like this? No! Even if you are dying, you have to apologize for what you’ve done wrong and only then you can die!’


‘I don’t know.’


It wasn’t the time to think nor the situation to think rationally.


Raymond gave himself up to instinct.


“I’ll treat the princess.“


The therapists were taken aback by Raymond, who appeared suddenly, and recalled that he had been dispatched as a therapist.


“Wha- but you’re only an apprentice……!”


“I’m sorry, but I don’t have time! Please step aside!”


[Despite the difficult circumstance, you decided to treat the patient!]


[Heart of Steel’s effect intensifies!]


Raymond did something he would never have done normally. He broke between the therapists in front of him with brute force.


“Oh, my!”


“What are you doing?”


It was not a situation to question manners. He was in a hurry for a second.


“Leave it to me for now! Otherwise, the princess will die! I will make sure to save her!” Raymond cried out.






As they stopped towering, Raymond quickly grasped Princess Sophia’s condition.


‘There’s no pulse in the carotid artery! As expected, it’s acute cardiac arrest.’


Raymond turned pale.


Sudden cardiac arrest!


If the heart stopped and first aid was not given immediately, death or fatal brain damage would occur. In this case, Heals aren’t very helpful right now. I need blood circulating in my heart right now.’ 


Of course, the heals won’t work at all.


If they would continue pouring heals, then they may boost vitality and return her heart movement.


But it would take too long to do that.


If blood does not circulate in the body within a minute or two, it will cause fatal brain damage. So how can he promote vitality and make her heart movement to recover?


There was only one way at a time like this.


Raymond had to squeeze her heart from the outside.


“Oh, no”.


Raymond presses his hands on princess Sophia’s breasts. To be exact, both palms were paired on the top of her sternum.


At that very moment, everyone’s eyes are wide open.


His hand began to press hard against her sternum.


It was CPR!


“Huh? What the-…!”


People shouted in bewilderment.




“What are you doing with the princess’ body……?!”


The people screamed.


‘At this rate, I’m going to be dragged out before I can make proper treatment.’


Raymond screamed desperately with the help of the “Heart of Steel.”


“Please wait a moment! It is to save Princess Sophia!


But that sincere statement didn’t work.


The guards approached Raymond to beat him.


Then, an unexpected voice stopped them.


“Halt and wait!.”


“Your majesty!”


A man with steely eyes approached them.


The knight king Oden appeared and dissuaded the knights.


“Ha, but your highness?!”


“I ask you, can you revive Princess Sophia?”


“Well, it’s….”


The therapists were unable to reply.


They were experienced therapists and knew that such a heart attack would be so difficult to recover.


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“Then there’s no other way. Wait.”


Something amazing happened behind his back, but Raymond was completely out of his mind.


‘Oh, my God. Damn it! Why isn’t her heart beating?’


After some time, the princess’ heart did not regulate again as expected.


‘At this rate, Princess Sophia will die!’


Raymond’s face turned like a corpse.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation did not save all patients. There were many cases where the heart did not recover and died as it was.


‘No! We have to figure something out.’


Raymond agonized desperately.


There was no time. He had to find a way to recover her heart right now.


At that moment, a method came to mind like lightning.


‘We need to give an electric shock to the heart!’


Electric Shock!


It was the principle of resetting distorted electrical signals by giving a strong impact on the heart in a method called defibrillation.


But there was a problem.


‘Where do I get an electric shocker?’


In the “Modern Earth,” the manuscript of medicine, electric shockers were installed everywhere in preparation for this situation, but this was Laipentaina continent.


There was no replacement.


‘Think of something! There must be a way!’


Is it because we’re desperate?


A way came to Raymond’s mind.


‘There’s a way to give an electric shock.’


Raymond immediately summoned the status window.


“Buy skills! Auxiliary skills!”


[Auxiliary skills available for purchase]


-Basic (D-class) Flame Magic


-Basic (D-class) Water magic


– Basic (D-class) Wind magic


– Basic (D-class) Lightning magic


– Basic (D-class) Earth magic


The list flashed up, and Raymond immediately chose one magic.


“Buy, Lightning magic!”


[Basic (level D) Lightning magic has been purchased!]


[80 skill points have been used up!]


[Lightning Magic]


Classification: Auxiliary (Magical) Skill


Magic Rating: Basic


Proficiency: D


– You can use the Battle Magic.


– As your skill level goes up, the more skillful and intense you will be able to use lightning!


The moment the message came to Raymond’s mind, something surprising happened.


The magical knowledge flowed into Raymond’s head.


The principle of moving Mana and how it can be expressed.


Raymond stopped chest compressions as he stretched his hands up and down.


One of his hands was placed under the princess’ right collarbone and the other on her left armpit.


It was time for everyone to blink at incomprehensible behavior.


Raymond cast a low spell.




Due to his low proficiency, he could only use a very weak level of lightning, but that was enough.


It’s 220J.


‘I just need that kind of electrical energy, no more or less.’




An invisible blitz started with the princess’ right collarbone and ran under her left armpit.


The princess’ body shook like a tingle. The electric shock went in properly.


‘Will it be enough?’


Raymond waited with a stiff stare for a response.


After a couple of frightening seconds, Raymond could feel the vibration at the carotid artery against his fingertips.


His heart is pounding.


It was a pulsating sound.


She has recovered from her heart attack.


Then the princess began to breathe again.


“She’s fine now!”


It was close, but fortunately, it seems to have been treated safely. Now, as long as she rests, she will recover without any aftereffects.


Raymond stood up, wiping the sweat from his forehead.




And then he realized the astonished gazes towards him.


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Doctor Player

Doctor Player

닥터 플레이어
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korea

  Raymond, a lowly illegitimate son. He was born as the son of the noblest, but he was nothing but a filthy man in the eyes of many.   Even his qualities as a natural healer are the worst of the worse: Grade F.   It was an irredeemable talent that was worse than the lowest class, indeed.   But one day, a miracle happened to him.   [You awakened as a player!] [Occupation: Surgeon]   It was the beginning of a great legend.


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