DP 1

Chapter 1


I’m a dirty filth.


A disgusting illegitimate child born under the noblest man.


People always looked at me with contempt as they point their fingers on me in disgust.


That was me.


But I also had one talent, which was so happened to be a healing power.




The power of blessing made heaven pity a man suffering from the disease.


The healers who knew how to use their healing powers were treated highly regardless of their status and enjoyed wealth and prosperity.


To survive as a dirty illegitimate child, I desperately tried to be recognized as one. But it also so happened that I was also a pathetic healer.


Grade F and below.


That was the level of my healing power.


I tried desperately, but I couldn’t overcome the barrier of talent.


I wasn’t able to escape apprenticeship for five years. In fact, as of now, I only had been doing chores for the other therapists.


I am a very ugly fellow;


A dirty man;


A pathetic healer.


Those were the words that referred to me.


But one day, a miracle befall me eventually.


[He’s awakened as a player!]


[Occupation: Surgeon]


The art of medicine in a place called the Earth


The miraculous ability was embedded in my body as a class F failed healer.




[He woke up as a player]


Raymond thought the message was only a dream.


Huh? What was that? He was not a healer, but a surgeon?


“Surgeon? What’s that?” Raymond smirked to himself.


It’s a word he had never even heard of.


‘If you’re going to dream, just dream of making money. What a strange dream.’ He thought to himself to shrug it off.


But that night, he had an amazing dream about it again.


It was the first time he saw the scene before him.


It was a gray inorganic space.


“A patient?”


A patient was lying and bleeding on the tall bed in the middle of the room.


“What about his vitals?”


“He is bleeding so bad!”


“Get a blood transfusion here faster! No, squeeze it with your hands!


In that dream, Raymond was a healer in a blue surgical suit.… No, he was ‘doctor’. And surprisingly, he understood the meaning of the terms that people used in that dream of his.


Like the words vital and transfusion. Even though they were all new terms to him.


“Doubled the Levophied capacity!”


“Yes, sir!”


It was that moment when suddenly, the iron door of the inorganic room opened, and a new figure appeared.


He was a small man in a surgical suit. As soon as his eyes fall into the patient, it showed a will of steel.




With the man’s words, Raymond in the dream passed an iron tool.


“Yes, professor! Here you go!”


The man with the impression of steel moved the iron tool.




The mouth of the artery that was pouring out blood was tightly ligated. The patient managed to survive the crisis of death with the hand movements he thought to be a miracle.






Raymond woke up from his dream, completely startled.


“What is it? Is it a dream?”


It was a dream too vivid to be true.


Even those terms: vital signs, transfusions, Kelly, etc.


The concept of the terms Raymond heard in his dream was still vivid in his head.


But that was not all.


It was a splenic resection that operated on a splenic rupture patient.’


Surgery. Spleen resection.


Raymond, who recalled the terms, looked perplexed.


“It’s not some kind of pseudo.”


All the treatments on the continent of Leyfentina, where Raymond lives, was healed through healing powers.


But to undergo surgery to open the patient’s stomach?


Raymond never heard of such a cure.


But he could feel it instinctively.


The cure he saw in his dream was never a pseudo.


Rather, it’s much better than the existing healing prowess he has since it’s a sure cure.


“What the… What the hell happened to me?”


It was a moment when he was so confused.


But only more and more unbelievable things are bound to happen to him.


Before he could question further, messages came to his mind in front of his eyes.


[Congratulations on becoming a player!]


[The player’s job is a surgeon (job grade: SSS)]


[Check out the status window!]


“Status window?”


As he murmured to himself, the following messages came to his mind.


[Player status]


Name: Raymond


Class: Surgeon General (SSS)


Occupational grade: Novice Resident


Level: 1


Experience value: 0/50


Skill points: 0


Name: Dirty illegitimate child


Assistant occupation: not active




Physical strength: 3


Sense: 2


Intellectual power: 17




Extra start point: 0


[Academic Skills]


Surgical Science (D), General Medicine (C), Basic Medicine (C), Herbal Medicine (S), Endemic Medicine (A)


[Attribute Skill]


Heart of Steel (D)


[Support Skill]




[The player’s level is low, so there are many limitations in using the surgeon’s ability!]


[Cure patients and gain experience!]


[As your level goes up, you will be able to achieve infinite growth in the future!]




Raymond blinked at the messages.


He doesn’t know how, but there was one thing for sure.


An unbelievable miracle has arrived for him.




Beland Clinic.


It was one of the most prestigious treatment centers in the kingdom’s capital. Raymond is a personnel there, who was being taught as an apprentice.


However, the people from the treatment center’s gaze toward Raymond was not favorable at all.


“What is he doing here? I see that the pathetic guy hasn’t left yet.”


“I know, right? How long is he going to stay at the treatment center without knowing the basics well?”


Raymond is a dirty illegitimate child. And his talent is even worse than the grade F.


He was a pathetic rascal who was despised by all.


At least, he was able to enter such a prestigious treatment center thanks to his father’s halo.


But of course, the halo effect did not last long.


“Be careful. What are you going to do if the gossip gets into his ear?”


“Why do you care? He is really and is still an illegitimate child. That’s the kid you want to put up with. I don’t think he cares.”


“Oh, the smell of a dirty gutter. I wish I  could go somewhere and die”


There was an unreasonable curse as if to listen openly.


Raymond, who would normally have cringed up at the bad words, did not even flinch today. But not this time around.


Because he is distracted by other things.






Classification: Academic Skills


Proficiency: D


– It refers to medicine that focuses on surgical treatment when treating patients.


– You can treat patients through surgery


– Due to low academic level, there are limitations in accordance to performing high-level surgery.


Raymond’s countless “surgical knowledge” came to his mind.


Supplemental resection, bedsore treatment, burn disinfection, fluid treatment, etc.


It was a total info dump, it was no surprise that his head started swirling already.


It was stated before that Raymond should expect limitations due to his low level, but the knowledge that is simply rushing to his mind now was astonishing.


Does that mean that if he raises his level, he’ll have a better ability? 


“And I’ll be needing to treat patients for that?” He asked himself softly.


[Experience: 0/50]


[Skill point: 0]


As if on cue, an explanation kindly came up to his mind.


[Each time you treat a patient, you get experience. The current experience you need to level up is 50!]


Once Raymond saw the explanation, his heart fluttered.


“I might be able to become a great healer.” He muttered to himself yet again.


All his life he has been treated as a disgusting filth.


So how hard does he have to try to be a character who is recognized by others? So that he won’t be ‘dirty’ or ‘pathetic’ Raymond anymore?


Now the possibility has opened up, he must not let it go.


“I can do it too. I’ll definitely be a great healer and get my hands on fame and fortune!”


But the happy moment of contemplation was cut short.


Suddenly, he heard a voice filled with irritation from behind him.


“Hey, Lemon. Chief healer Lance is calling.”




“Oh, I can’t heal, and I am slow. I was born short and now I’m deaf! I said, go!”


Raymond hurried to the room where the Chief healer Lance is.


“Welcome, senior.”


A young-looking therapist greeted him.


He joined the clinic a year later than Raymond, but with overwhelming talent, he grew into a B-class senior healer and became the chief healer at the Beland Treatment Center.


“It is nice to see you, Chief healer.”


Raymond bowed in greeting.


Between 45 and 90 degrees to show the utmost respect.


Lance is a healer who treats Raymond the most viciously, and he would make all kinds of accusations against him when he is bored. He would bother him to the point where his soul would be more than broken.


“I’m calling to tell you something, senior.”


Raymond was not fooled by the word ‘senior’. That word ‘senior’ was just an expression of contempt.


“It’s already been 5 years since you became an apprentice, right?”


Raymond’s heart was filled with anxiety.


“Yes, that is true.”


“Others usually don’t do a five-year process instead only ends in two years.”




Lance sighed.


“Today, I spoke with the other healers. This is going to be difficult, but Beland Clinic won’t take care of you anymore.”


“……what do you mean?”


“I’m asking you to quit your apprenticeship and leave the treatment center permanently.”




“It seems forever impossible for you to become a healer with your pathetic talent.”


Lance spoke coldly in a voice full of derision.


“As of today, I will disqualify my senior from his apprenticeship. You are not qualified to be a healer, so please pack up and leave the clinic.”


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