DMPS Chapter 8

Green chilli pepper

“Hahaha, sister Qian Qian, you are really talented.”

Jiang Zheng laughed so hard, “You’re going to the toilet, so you’ve lost your mind.”

“Would you like me to set up a monitor for you to see which immortal is the one who lied to you.”

[ T/N :- Yes please I want to know ! ]

—Jiang Zheng thinks this joke is enough for him to laugh for a year —

“No, thank you.”

Yu Qian listened to Jiang Zheng’s ridicule with a numb expression, and in the way, she scolded the unknown person again in her heart.

“Come on, let’s add contact information. If you are trapped in the toilet again in the future, I will send someone to rescue you.”

Jiang Zheng took out his phone and shook it in front of Yu Qian.

Yu Qian wanted to seriously refuse, but she thought of the consequences of not adding other people’s contact information in time. She still silently added Jiang Zheng’s WeChat and saved his phone number.

Jiang Zheng’s WeChat avatar is a letter Z, Yu Qian flipped through Bai Qiming’s avatar again, it was an M, and Lin Niannian’s avatar was a very cute cartoon avatar.

Holding the phone, Yu Qian asked Jiang Zheng for advice sincerely, “Is the WeChat profile of you and Brother Ming a couple’s avatar?”

The same black letters on a white background are also abbreviations for names.

“Didn’t you already know about my relationship with your brother?”

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Jiang Zheng put his hand on Bai Qiming frivolously, and didn’t want to tell Yu Qian at all that Bai Qiming’s name is not just the initials of his name. If you enlarge the picture, you can see that it is actually two N’s…..

[ T/N :- Two ” N ” for NianNian? Nice (0////0)  ]

“Ah-min, it turns out that you are using a couple’s avatar.”

Lin Niannian looked at Bai Qiming in shock, as if she just heard a great secret.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense.” Bai Qiming patted Jiang Zheng’s hand away, frowning in displeasure.

Jiang Zheng didn’t think the matter was big enough, so he leaned over and said to Lin Niannian, “Niannian, you are too naive, you can see that Qian Qian at a glance can see that my relationship with Ah-ming is not normal, and you are the only one who is stupid. “

“Jiang Zheng, shut up for me.”

Bai Qiming finally scolded unbearably.

Yu Qian watched the misfortunes succeed, Jiang Zheng no longer grabbed her and laughed, and the corner of her mouth secretly raised a smirk.

The day’s course is over. The classmates in the classroom walked out noisily.

Lin Niannian pulled Yu Qian and chatted all the way.

Arriving outside the school gate, a problem arose.

Looking at the car in front of her, Yu Qian thought, where should she sit?

On the one hand, Lin Niannian’s eyes full of anticipation, and on the other hand, Bai Qiming’s frown that can be seen without a trace, it’s really a dilemma.

“Sissy, can we sit in the back together?”

Lin Niannian has always been in the same car with Bai Qiming. Bai Qiming didn’t say it, but he was very happy in his heart. The time he and Lin Niannian were in the car every day was a rare alone time for the two of them. Occasionally, Lin Niannian would get very close to him…

Yu Qian glanced at Bai Qiming again, and found that he was turning his head aside pretending not to care.

Seeing Bai Qiming, who seemed to not care, but refused to get in the car, Yu Qian was about to laugh like crazy. Bai Qiming, he is really boring and coquettish.

Facing such a stepbrother, Yu Qian of course chose to sit in the back seat with Lin Niannian!

[ T/N :- Hahahahaha ]

Seeing Yu Qian open the car door in the back seat, Lin Niannian’s eyes lit up, she hurriedly sat in, and after closing the car door, she looked at Bai Qiming who was still outside, Lin Niannian was a little puzzled, “Ah-min, why haven’t you entered the car yet?”

Bai Qiming glanced at Lin Niannian angrily and stepped into the passenger seat.

Today is Yu Qian’s new school transfer, and it is rare for Wang Hui to come back early.

“Sissy, how are you doing at school today?”

Seeing Yu Qian coming in, Wang Hui hurried up to meet her.

“Mom, don’t worry. I like the current school very much. I can understand what the teacher said. Brother Ming also takes good care of me. The classmates are very good.”

Yu Qian sat beside Wang Hui. Talking carefully about the fun things that happened today.

Seeing the surprised look on her mother’s face, Yu Qian felt sour in her heart. She had never spoken to her mother so patiently before, and until later, she never had the chance to say what she wanted to say.

“Just be happy.” Wang Hui reached out and touched Yu Qian’s head, her eyes filled with relief.

My daughter has passed the rebellious period, but she looks more and more like when she was a child. Wang Hui still remembers that a long time ago, whenever she and her husband were tired, little Yu Qian would massage their shoulders and pour water for them.

Every time she came home late, little Yu Qian would carry a stool and wait for her at the door with Da Bai.

But later, her husband died in an accident at the construction site. In order to give her daughter a good life, she had to put Yu Qian in the countryside and let her grandparents take her with them for three years.

When she finally had the conditions to bring Yu Qian with her, Yu Qian had become rebellious, and every time she talked to her, it was thorny. She was often distressed by Yu Qian’s anger, but she never regretted leaving her for those three years.

She doesn’t want her child to just watch other children eat, and she doesn’t want her child to get sick. She has to borrow money to see her doctor, thinking about money…

“Qian Qian, do you have enough money? Mom will give you some more.”

When Yu Qian heard her mother’s words, the sourness in her heart disappeared without a trace.

“No need to transfer, I still have money, Mom.”

Her mother is still same, Every time she talks to her, she always ask if she had enough money.

Even every time she called her mother, her mother’s first sentence was “Are you out of money? I’ll transfer it to you if you don’t have money.”

It was as if she only wanted money.

In fact, Yu Qian never spends money lavishly. In the past, she just deliberately angered her mother. As long as her mother gave money, she would accept it. Even when she was thinking of her mother, she would deliberately pretend to call and ask for money, but in fact she never spent it indiscriminately. Saved upto at least there are six figures.

Although Yu Qian refused, Wang Hui still thought about transferring some money to Yu Qian after a while.

After all, she worked hard to make money so that Yu Qian could live as she wanted.

Not to mention that Yu Qian has become more well-behaved and sensible now. She found another life partner, and she now has no worries in her heart for a long time.

Once people are happy, they can’t wait to be more good to their children.

“Qian Qian, what do you want to eat today, mom will cook it for you.” Wang Hui stood up happily and looked at Yu Qian with a smile.

Mom cooks…

Yu Qian swallowed her saliva, her mother’s craftsmanship was good in the early years, but then she was busy with her career and rarely cooked. Now she hopes the food she cooks is edible.

“Mom, it’s hard for you to rest, so don’t be too tired.”

Yu Qian looked at her mother with an obedient expression.

“It’s okay, mom hasn’t cooked for you for a long time.”

Yu Qian looked at her mother’s look of anticipation, and her brain quickly began to think.

“Then… make a tiger skin green pepper.”

This recipe is so simple. It can’t go wrong after all.

“anything else?”

“No, no, I haven’t eaten this for a long time, so I want to eat this dish.” Yu Qian hurriedly refused.

“What would Qiming want to eat? Auntie will make it for you.” Wang Hui turned to look at Bai Qiming, who had been silent.

Bai Qiming looked at Yu Qian’s terrified expression, and said without a trace: “Don’t bother Auntie, it doesn’t matter what I eat.”

“You kid, why don’t you even have any hobbies?” Wang Hui felt a little helpless towards this stepson who always seemed a little indifferent.

In the end, Wang Hui still cooked four dishes and one soup, including the tiger skin green pepper named by Yu Qian.

“The dishes are a little different today.”

Bai Jin came back from work and looked at the slightly crude dishes with a gentle smile on his face.

“I’m cooking today. You have never tasted my cooking. Today, Mr. Bai has to make a good evaluation.”

Wang Hui smiled and looked at Bai Jin.

Yu Qian huddled on the sofa, looked at her mother, and looked at Uncle Bai. I always feel that there is a smell of dog food between the two.

When Bai Jin heard Wang Hui’s words, he immediately showed an expression of surprise: “Then I will have a good time today.”

Bai Jin put down his briefcase, went to wash his hands, and sat directly at the dining table.

Yu Qian and Bai Qiming also sat down.

Yu Qian picked up a green pepper and took a careful bite.

Fortunately, her mother’s skill in choosing peppers is still there. The green peppers are only slightly spicy, and they taste quite fragrant.

“The tiger skin green peppers made by my mother are the best.”

Bai Jin also picked up a small piece of fried pork, and nodded to Wang Hui in admiration.

Bai Qiming silently bit a green vegetable, always feeling that the vegetable was too fried.

But looking at the two fancy flattering people around him, he wondered if his sense of taste was wrong.

Bai Qiming: Suddenly I feel that I am out of tune with this family.

The father and son of the Bai family took every dish, but avoided the tiger skin green pepper. Both of them are not spicy eaters.

Yu Qian had no one to help share the burden, so she just had two bowls of rice and ate all the green peppers in that plate.

Bai Qiming, who was eating, looked sideways, and even had the idea of ​​wanting to make a video of her to stimulate Lin Niannian to eat.

Yu Qian finally left the dining table with her stomach stretched out.

It’s really not easy to be a mother’s beloved daughter, and you have to be careful to maintain the self-esteem of the old mother who has nowhere to put it.

Yu Qian looked at Uncle Bai who was still talking to her mother with a gentle face.

She sighed again in her heart, what kind of peerless husband did Wang Jiajia find for her mother?

As a high-ranking person, he can actually put down his body like this to praise her mother.

However, Uncle Bai, can you stop talking about cooking with my mother?

Yu Qian watched her mother being praised as if she was going to contract to cook dinner more in the future.

There is a whimper in my heart.

It’s enough for mother’s love to come once in a while. On weekdays, she should enjoy the aunt Yu’s food full of lavish taste.

The next morning, Yu Qian found out that they were in a different car.

Originally their car was a five-seater car.

But now it’s replaced by a car that sits opposite each other in the back two rows.

Yu Qian didn’t know what the car was called, but she silently glanced at Bai Qiming. Could this intention be any more obvious?

“Three people, this car is convenient.”


Lin Niannian came out of her house and waved to Yu Qian. Looking at the changed car, she was also curious, but did not ask any questions.

On the contrary, Jiang Zheng, who had also just left his house, saw the car, light up.

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Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021-12-15 Native Language: Chinese
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