DMPS Chapter 7

“Fortunately, it’s better than the cafeteria I’ve eaten in before.” Yu Qian replied to Lin Niannian’s words.

Yu Qian is still very satisfied with this canteen. The ingredients are sufficient, the food is delicious, and the aunt does not shake. It is an ideal canteen for students.

It’s a pity that the students of this school are accustomed to eating delicacies from mountains and seas, so the large canteen is not crowded at all.

Looking at Yu Qian’s delicious food, Lin Niannian couldn’t help but start eating his own food.

Seeing this, Bai Qiming raised the corner of his mouth slightly. Thinking about it in my heart, it’s okay to let Lin Niannian and Yu Qian have dinner together often in the future.

Lin Niannian is a very picky eater. She usually eat a little bit and then full. She doesn’t like meat, the only thing she likes is sweet. Every time he want her to eat more, he have to persuade her for a long time.

Today, together with Yu Qian, she ate more than before, Bai Qiming kept thinking about it.

“Ah… full.”

Yu Qian sighed contentedly after drinking the soup.

Seeing that Lin Niannian still had more than half of the food left, she hesitated. After a while, she couldn’t help but say, “Niannian, are you full?”

It was obvious that she had eaten more than usual, but under Yu Qian’s curious eyes, Lin Niannian was still a little embarrassed, especially when he saw Yu Qian’s clean plate with not a single leaf left, the feeling was indescribable.

Yu Qian now has a clear idea of ​​the fairy’s stomach.

In the past, she used to eat with Qi Yu and several others. Everyone’s appetite was similar. Fang Yan was the one who ate the least, but Fang Yan had at least one bowl of rice every time. Lin Niannian probably didn’t even finished half a bowl of rice.

“It seems that you will have to eat with sister Yu Qian more in the future. You can eat more than these dishes.”

Jiang Zheng wiped his mouth, there was still a small amount of vegetables on the plate, and he only drank two mouthfuls of soup.

Yu Qian: Let’s take this as a compliment, but…

“No, I don’t want to use you guys to set off my appetite.” Yu Qian refused to accept the fact that she could eat more than a 1.8 meter boy.

“Don’t.” Jiang Zheng looked up a pair of peach blossom eyes and said with a smile, “We really like to have lunch with sister Yu Qian, right? Nian Nian.”

“Well, it’s very delicious to watch Qian Qian eat.” Lin Niannian nodded, trying to prove the credibility of this sentence.

Yu Qian looked at the two of them speechlessly. Did they take herself as a meal to eat?


“Classmate Jiang, can you stop calling me sister Yu Qian.”

Every time Yu Qian heard Jiang Zheng call her like that, she got goosebumps all over her body.

“Since you want me to change your nickname so much, I’ll call you Qian Qian in the future.” Jiang Zheng looked like he was very interested.

“Actually, I prefer you to call me by my full name.” Yu Qian choked at his Qian Qian’s name. It was obvious that other people called her by like a normal name, so why does it changes when it comes from Jiang Zheng’s mouth?

“When will you call me brother Zheng, and when will I call you Yu Qian?”

Jiang Zheng raised his eyebrows and looked at Yu Qian, with the words “You have too many demands” written all over his face. He thought Yu Qian’s expression was really funny, so funny that he couldn’t help teasing her again and again.

Brother Zheng, Yu Qian felt nauseated.

This is not a Qiongyao drama, what kind of brother and sister relationship are you doing?

“As you wish.” Yu Qian gave Jiang Zheng a smirk and no longer struggled with this issue.

After eating, Lin Niannian dragged Yu Qian around the school again.

When passing by the school supermarket, Yu Qian involuntarily went in and bought a large bag of snacks, which she planned to put in the classroom. This was a habit she had formed for a long time.

In the afternoon, before the first class after lunch was over, Yu Qian felt a throbbing pain in her stomach. She looked at her watch.

There were ten minutes still before the class ends, Yu Qian rubbed her stomach hard, trying to relieve her turbulent stomachache.

After the teacher finished saying “Class ends here.” Yu Qian grabbed the paper and ran out of the classroom at a sprint speed of 100 meters, so fast that even Lin Niannian didn’t recover.

Thank goodness for the teachers at this school who never procrastinate.

Yu Qian ran to the toilet, her expression slowly changing from pain to relaxation.

“Dong dong dong.”

Yu Qian was startled by the knock on the door, and then she heard a clear female voice from next door.

“Sister, the paper you use is so fragrant, can you show me what brand it is?”

Yu Qian: ? ? Looking for someone to chat with when you go to the toilet?

Yu Qian looked at the paper in her hand. It was prepared by the Bai family. She had never seen this brand before.

She also likes this paper very much. It smells fragrant but not irritating. Every time she wipes her butt, she feels that her shit is fragrant.

Seeing that Yu Qian didn’t answer, the next door said again, “Sister, I really like the smell of this paper. Could you lend me a look, just take a look—”

“Okay.” Yu Qian looked at the paper, hesitated for a moment, and handed it over through the crack of the door below.

It always feels like something is wrong.

Yu Qian felt a little uneasy in her heart, just as she was thinking, Yu Qian heard a “Zi” sound from the next door.

That was the sound of the tissue package being opened.

And then there’s the sound of paper being drawn out…

There are only two papers left for her….


Yu Qian’s pupils dilated sharply. Before she could recover, the next door spoke again, “I’m sorry, sister, I’ll borrow you some paper to use first. Wait, I’ll get the paper for you right away.”

After saying that, there was the sound of the door opening and the sound of footsteps walking away.

“anyone here?”

The stagnation in the air answered Yu Qian, who is now the only one in the toilet.

Yu Qian felt a chill in her heart, thinking that she was so wise that she was tricked into for  toilet paper by a little girl in the toilet.

Your uncle , at least leave me one.

Yu Qian scolded the unknown girl next door in her heart.

After another two minutes, Yu Qian felt that her ass was cold. She had to consider the possibility of asking for help off the court.

Fortunately, she developed a good habit of keeping her mobile phone away with herself, otherwise she would have to wait for the next person to come to the toilet to save her.

Yu Qian looked at the contacts on her mobile phone. The only person she could call for help now was her stepbrother, and she hadn’t had time to save Lin Niannian’s number.

“It must be connected!”

Yu Qian recited in her heart, hoping that Bai Qiming’s phone would not be silent.

one two Three…


“Brother Ming… Please pass your phone to NianNian.” Thank God, Yu Qian suppressed her joy and said to Bai Qiming.

Bai Qiming looked at his phone, and it was indeed Yu Qian, but wasn’t she at school? Why are you calling.

He frowned, but still handed the phone to Lin Niannian.

Lin Niannian took the phone in confusion, and just called Qian Qian when she heard Yu Qian’s excited voice inside.

“Nian Nian, come to the toilet on the right to save me with a piece of paper! I’m trapped in the toilet.”


“Quick, quick, I can’t even squat anymore.”


Lin Niannian was still a little puzzled, but hearing Yu Qian’s voice was so excited, she hurriedly took the paper and went to the toilet.

Lin Niannian brought the paper, and Yu Qian was finally saved.

“Qian Qian, why haven’t you come out yet?” Lin Niannian was a little nervous when she heard that there was no movement inside.

“Hey… let me slow down, my feet are numb.”

Yu Qian felt the numbness of her feet, and once again scolded an unknown girl in her heart. The students of this school really has no manners!

After a while, Yu Qian regained her strength and walked out of the toilet slowly.

She was just here to go to the toilet, but the moment she opened the toilet door, she actually felt as if she had ended up in prison?

“Sissy, why did you come here to use the toilet?”

Lin Niannian asked Yu Qian curiously as she watched Yu Qian wash her hands. The toilet here is a little old, and few people come here on weekdays. Everyone goes to the new toilet on the left.

Why else, because I was afraid that there were too many people over there, I couldn’t hold back the squirting!

Yu Qian wiped her hands angrily.

When the two returned to the classroom, they were not unexpectedly late.

After class, Jiang Zheng asked Lin NianNian about Yu Qian’s disappearance during the recess, and laughed until tears almost came out.

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