DMPS Chapter 6

Live Broadcast

“Aunt Wang said that she was afraid that she would be bullied at the new school by herself, so she deliberately transferred her to the third year of high school, hoping that I could take care of her a little bit.” Bai Qiming didn’t look back, still flipping through the calculus book in his hand.

“Huh? You take care of her?” Jiang Zheng seemed to hear some kind of joke. “Then it’s better to go to the Buddha and ask for the blessing of the Buddha, which is more effective than you.”

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Bai Qiming did not answer.

“Hello everyone, my name is Yu Qian, I just came over from Jiangshi.”

On the podium, after a brief self-introduction, Yu Qian stopped talking. She glanced at random and saw Bai Qiming, Jiang Zheng, and Lin Niannian sitting by the window.

Lin Niannian and Bai Qiming were at the same table, lying on the table sleeping in the dark, not even the loud noise in the class woke her up.

Jiang Zheng sat behind the two of them, with a boy at the same table.

“Let’s see where you can sit.” Teacher Xu glanced back and forth in the class, and finally stopped at the middle group at the back.

“Just sit next to Lin Li, Lin Li!” Teacher Xu raised his voice and a boy stood up.

Yu Qian looked over and saw that the vacant seat next to Lin Li was right next to Jiang Zheng, and there was an aisle between them.

Yu Qian thanked the teacher and went to that position.

“Hello, classmate Yu Qian.” Lin Li greeted Yu Qian shyly, and quickly cleared the books on the table. Before, he was sitting alone, so he left the books randomly.

“Hello, please take care of me in the future.” Yu Qian gave him a big smile.

“Yo, sister Yu Qian, why didn’t you say hello to me?”

Yu Qian felt a little numb when she heard this dangling voice. She took a deep breath and turned to look to the left.

“Hello, Brother Ming.”

“Hello, classmate Jiang.”

Yu Qian looked at Jiang Zheng and said hello at random.

“Why don’t you call me Brother Zheng? Sister Yu Qian, it’s really sad that you treat me so differently.”

“Anyway, I’m also your neighbor and classmate. It’s not good for Sister Yu Qian to have such a life.”

Yu Qian took a deep breath, automatically blocked Jiang Zheng’s voice, and began to organize her desk.

Regarding Jiang Zheng, she is still very self-aware. She can’t stop him, and she doesn’t really want to provoke this person.

“Jiang Zheng, shut up.” Bai Qiming turned his head and glanced at Jiang Zheng in disgust.

Jiang Zheng was about to say something when the class bell rang.

Bai Qiming gently pushed Lin Niannian and asked her to wake up and listen to the class.

Lin Niannian shook her head sleepily, and when she turned her head, she saw Yu Qian sitting diagonally behind her, her eyes lit up in surprise.

Taking into account that it was class now, Lin Niannian didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. He just looked back at Yu Qian from time to time, and then smiled. The bright smile made Yu Qian feel a little nervous.

Bai Qiming helplessly reminded Lin Niannian to concentrate on listening to the class.

Jiang Zheng, who was sitting on Yu Qian’s left, didn’t intend to attend the class, so he turned his head during the first class and looked at Yu Qian openly.

Yu Qian, who was constantly glanced at by the two of them, said: ……

Both are faulty.

Forget it, Lin Niannian, doesn’t Jiang Zheng have to pay attention to class? From the start of the class, he didn’t even turn a page of the book.

Yu Qian secretly complained in her heart, and attentively followed the teacher to take notes.

But it seems that he really does not need to pay attention to class. Yu Qian suddenly remembered that Jiang Zheng and Bai Qiming had been recommended to Beijing University when they were freshmen in high school.

Bai Qiming stayed in this class to accompany Lin Niannian, while Jiang Zheng came to class because he was bored…

Hiss… suddenly she felt a little sour.

Yu Qian listened to the class with there was no expression on her face, but the speed of her writing couldn’t help but intensified.

Jiang Zheng looked at Yu Qian and thought of her as a good student, who listened carefully to the class and took notes without being disturbed by him, his eyes were full of interest.

Finally when the class was over, Yu Qian rubbed her sore wrists. Math is really her natural enemy. After a class, she is completely dumbfounded.

“Qian Qian, you have become my classmate.” Lin Nian couldn’t wait to walk to Yu Qian’s side after class, and looked at her with a look of surprise.

“It’s great, we can go to school together in the future.”

Lin Niannian’s face was full of joy. She used to go to school with Bai Qiming and Jiang Zheng, but she can go to school with Yu Qian in the future.

For a while, Lin Niannian already thought of her and Yu Qian holding hands, talking and laughing and going home together, going shopping, shopping, and eating together.

Yu Qian looked at Lin Niannian, and her tone became softer involuntarily: “Well, we can go to and from school together in the future, and I will rely on Niannian to take care of you in the future.”

Sure enough, she still prefers girls to boys. Yu Qian gave Lin Niannian a big smile.

Bai Qiming looked at the two girls getting along very well, didn’t say anything, and continued to read his book silently.

After three more classes, the morning class was finally over.

“Sissy, let’s go eat.”

Lin Niannian excitedly took Yu Qian’s hand and walked out, Bai Qiming silently followed behind the two, Jiang Zheng wanted to put his hand on Bai Qiming’s shoulder, but he pushed him away with a look of disgust.

“Where are we going to eat?”

Yu Qian allowed Lin Niannian to lead her away.

“This… Qian Qian, do you want to go to the cafeteria, or outside?” Lin Niannian was a little confused.

Hengcheng Middle School is an open school, and students can go out at noon. There is also a cafeteria in the school, and the taste is also very good.

“Go to the cafeteria, I really want to try the food in the cafeteria here.”

“Let’s go then.”

Lin Niannian changed direction and continued to walk with Yu Qian.

After walking for more than ten minutes, several people finally arrived at the cafeteria, and Lin Niannian took Yu Qian directly to the third floor.

Yu Qian looked at the cafeteria on each floor, which was bigger than a basketball court, and the decorations inside. She couldn’t help but be stunned, feeling the crit of capital once again.

Yu Qian just arrived at school today and has not applied for a card yet, so Bai Qiming stepped forward naturally and swiped three portions of rice.

A serving of rice is a spoonful, Bai Qiming glanced at Yu Qian, hesitated for a moment, and brushed it again.

Yu Qian: What does this look mean? I always feel insulted.

“Is it enough?” Bai Qiming asked with rare thoughtfulness.

Although he hadn’t deliberately observed these days, he still had a little idea of ​​Yu Qian’s appetite.

Unlike Lin Niannian’s picky eater, Yu Qian likes to eat rice very much. Every meal starts from two bowls. When she finds a favorite dish, she can have another bowl.

“Enough, thank you brother Ming.” Yu Qian thanked Bai Qiming against Lin Niannian’s surprised eyes.

“I say Ah-min, you’re too partial. You’ve brought for both of them, so why don’t you help me get a copy?”

Jiang Zheng poked Bai Qiming with his finger, as if seeking fair treatment.

Bai Qiming took a step back silently. Ever since Yu Qian said that they were abnormal, he couldn’t look directly at his friends.

After a few jokes, Jiang Zheng took the card and swiped two rice dishes for himself.

He is different from Bai Qiming’s appetite. He is growing up now. If he doesn’t think the food in the cafeteria is not delicious, he can still have another serving of rice.

After preparing the meal and choosing the dishes, the four of them found an empty seat at will and sat down, and Yu Qian couldn’t wait to start eating.

Yu Qian chose three dishes, a spicy pork ribs, a shredded potato with green peppers, and a winter melon soup. Jiang Zheng and Yu Qian chose the same.

Lin Niannian only chose one fish-flavored shredded pork and one pork rib soup. Bai Qiming chose one more fried corn than Lin Niannian.

Yu Qian took a piece of spare ribs and put it in her mouth, her eyes lit up instantly, and the speed of her chopsticks was obviously a little faster.

“Can you not watch me eat?”

Those two eyes were so hot as if burying her, Yu Qian felt that the ribs were no longer fragrant.

“It’s a pity that Sister Yu Qian doesn’t eat and do live broadcast.” Jiang Zheng looked down at himself and Yu Qian’s dishes, how could he not eat as delicious as Yu Qian?

“QianQian, is it really that delicious?” Lin Niannian looked at Yu Qian’s dish in surprise, which obviously didn’t look delicious.

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Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021-12-15 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Qian entered a novel written for her by her best friend. However, she is not the heroine, but a drag bottle who married her mother to the Male lead's house . Yu Qian said that none of these matters! The important thing is that in the book, her mother is still alive, and she has finally become a child with a mother again! All her life, she just wants to have a good mother and daughter relationship , and occasionally watch the male and female protagonists fall in love, which is simply beautiful. But then—

Who, aren't you a good brother to the male protagonist? Why are you sticking to me? What? You like me? What? You want to marry me ? Damn it! You stole my household registration book! ! !


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