DMPS Chapter 3

When they entered the dinning room, Yu Qian looked at a few of her favorite dishes on the table, and added a few points to Uncle Bai’s goodwill in her heart.

“I was supposed to pick you up today, but something happened to the company two days ago, so I can only ask your brother to pick you up. Did Qian Qian and her brother chat happily along the way?”

Bai Jin sat on Yu Qian’s left and didn’t move his chopsticks, just watched them eat.

“Uh…this.” Yu Qian glanced at Bai Qiming, who seldom spoke along the way, and didn’t know what to say, “Brother Ming is pretty good.”

Bai Jin glanced at his silent son. He knew his son’s temper, but when he heard Yu Qian say that, his smile became milder.

During the entire meal, Bai Jin chatted with Wang Hui and Yu Qian, and only Bai Qiming was silent from beginning to end.

Just as they were eating, a servant had already helped to take Yu Qian’s luggage to the room on the second floor.

“Qian Qian, your brother specially gave you his room for your arrival and moved it to the left.” Wang Hui pulled Yu Qian, wanting to give her stepson a good impression.

“He said that there is a garden outside his room, and there is a begonia tree, you will like it.”

When Yu Qian heard her mother’s words, the corner of her mouth twitched. If she hadn’t read the novel and her mother said so, she would have thought that the male protagonist was someone who was cold on the outside and warm on the inside, and welcomed her very much.

But in fact, the male protagonist moved to the room on the left just because the window of that room was opposite the female lead’s bedroom!

On the opposite side of his original room, is the room of the second male lead, the good brother of the male lead.

The male protagonist, the female protagonist, and his good brother , these three have grown up together since childhood, and the family relationship is also excellent. The villas of the three families are all side by side.

Yu Qian was in a very complicated mood. Looking at Bai Qiming, who had nothing to do with it, she suddenly wanted to play a prank, “Brother Ming lived in the bedroom since he was a child, how can I be so shameful to take people’s favor? If you don’t want, you should move back, I can live anywhere.”

“No, it has been replaced, so there is no need to trouble.”

“But so…”

“That’s the decision, no need to change it.”

Bai Qiming’s tone was cold, and his answer was neat…

Yu Qian saw that his expression did not change at all, and sighed in her heart, as expected of the male protagonist, with this psychological quality, she wanted to hit him.

Seeing that she couldn’t trick him, Yu Qian showed a fake smile and said, “Then I can only thank Brother Ming.”

After dinner, Bai Jin wanted to ask  Aunt Wu to help Yu Qian clean up the room, but Yu Qian firmly refused.

[ T/N :- ” Aunt Wu ” possibly is the worker at home . ]

In her own room, she still likes to plan the arrangement of everything by herself, and she always feels awkward when others help.

Bai Jin saw that Yu Qian really didn’t want others to help, so he stopped forcing it, and just said to her, “Your mother and I are often away from home. If you have something to do, you can call your brother.”

He and Yu Hui are usually busy with work, and they may not be able to come back in time if there is something at home.

He had already instructed Bai Qiming to take care of Yu Qian, who was not familiar with the surroundings. Although his son’s personality was a little cold, he could still take care of his sister.

Yu Qian quickly nodded.

She kept packing until eight o’clock in the evening, and Yu Qian finally arranged most of the things she brought. Looking at the remaining packages, she decided to do it tomorrow.

After taking a comfortable bath and changing into a set of pajamas prepared by her mother, Yu Qian sneaked up to the first floor and looked at the snoring Bai Bai sleeping in the new nest, Yu Qian shook it mercilessly.

Seeing the dog’s somewhat confused look, Yu Qian smiled and showed her teeth.

“Bai Bai, good night.”

After speaking, Yu Qian patted the dog’s head and went back to her room contentedly.

Lying on the bed, Yu Qian took out her mobile phone and opened the WeChat pinned group “Fairy Squad on Earth” to chat happily with the little sisters.

[It’s Yu, not She: This is the “picture” “picture” of my new room]

[Yuyuyu: It looks very good]

【My husband is Thor: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]

[My husband is Thor: I like that dresser! 】

[It’s Yu, not She: I met Uncle Bai today, and I feel that he is not bad. 】

[Beautiful Beauty: Please take a photo, I haven’t seen what Mr. Zhenba looks like! 】

[My husband is Thor: +1, I also want to see the real photo of President Bai. 】

Yu Qian held her mobile phone and happily chatted with the little sisters, chatting and chatting, and fell asleep unconsciously.

When Yu Qian woke up the next day, she saw a series of unread messages on her phone, as well as good night messages from her friends.

She glanced at the time, it was already nine o’clock in the morning, and after struggling in bed for more than ten minutes, she slowly got up.

Anyway, I’m fine today, or I’ll go to Beijing University to check in and help Wang Jiajia check in.

Yu Qian tidied up and walked downstairs. There were only a few servants at home. When she saw her, Aunt Wu, who was cooking, hurriedly brought her a breakfast.

She smiled at Aunt Wu, thanked her, and started to eat.

Since Yu Qian went downstairs, Bai Bai kept circling around her. After Yu Qian finished eating breakfast, she played with him for a while. Seeing how the dog wanted to go out, she hesitated for a while, and finally decided to let it stay at home.

People are unfamiliar, and if dogs are not allowed in public places, it will be troublesome.

Yu Qian refused the housekeeper’s arrangement to call a driver for her, and drove the navigation alone, walking towards Beijing University while watching.

one hour later…

Yu Qian still hadn’t walked out of Shengyuan.

Is it too late to ask the housekeeper for a driver now?

But she didn’t have the housekeeper’s contact information, so she didn’t know if she could receive the idea call.

Yu Qian sat on the edge of the green belt, wanting to cry without tears, rubbing her slightly sore calf. This is a famous wealthy area in Beijing, and she couldn’t even get a taxi if she wanted to.

Just when she was desperate, a black car stopped in front of her, and the rear window slowly rolled down.

“Are you going out?”

Bai Qiming looked at Yu Qian outside the window with a cold tone.

“Brother Ming, can you let me take a car back?”

This statement can be described as extremely willing.

Yu Qian stood up in surprise, and sent out a distress message with anticipation.

“Aren’t you going out? We’re going back…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll sit back with you, and then get out in the car.”

Yu Qian hurriedly interrupted Bai Qiming’s words, and she didn’t expect him to take the initiative to give her the car, anyway, it only took ten minutes to go back by car, which was better than her current dilemma.

“Don’t be so troublesome, let’s get off here and give the car to Qian Qian.”

Yu Qian was startled by the sudden appearance of a female voice.

* T/N = Translator’s notes
I might few ” T/N “s in the future here and there in between the context

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