DMPS Chapter 20

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Wang Jiajia and the others stayed in Beijing for a week and planned to go back.

Knowing that they were leaving, Wang Hui came back from the company to see them off.

She has always been grateful to her daughter’s three best friends. When she had a conflict with Yu Qian before, it was thanks to these children that they helped Yu Qian. If they hadn’t dragged Yu Qian to accompany her since she was a child, she could never imagine what her daughter would become.

They were sitting at the airport, Qi Yu patted Yu Qian’s shoulder earnestly and said, “Qian Qian, you are now in the third year of high school, you must concentrate and work hard, don’t think about anything messy, understand?”

In the past few days, she and Fang Yan had clearly known that Jiang Zheng was interested in Yu Qian, but neither of them wanted to make it clear. After all, Yu Qian is now a senior in high school, and learning is more important than other things.

Yu Qian was speechless when she looked at Qi Yu, who looked like a dean of an education institute. Is this because of her parents’ influence on her was too much?

Qi Yu’s parents are teachers, and they like to preach at ordinary times. Under their influence, Qi Yu has been stable since childhood, and is the most reliable eldest sister among the four of them.

“I know, I will definitely try my best to be admitted to Beijing University.”

Although Yu Qian didn’t know that Qi Yu said these words to her on purpose, she still made a very firm guarantee.

“Good girl.” Qi Yu patted Yu Qian’s head with satisfaction.

“Qian Qian, study hard and make progress every day!”

Fang Yan also patted Yu Qian on the shoulder solemnly.

Seeing that both Qi Yu and Fang Yan were in the tone of adults, Wang Jiajia hesitated, ” Do you guys want to take a picture? “

Yu Qian sent her three friends away, and before she lose more time, she started the make-up schedule.

The only tutor Yu Qian asked for was a math teacher. Because this subject is the most difficult for her to conquer, and the rest are all back-to-back, there is not much difference between having a teacher or not.

Therefore, Yu Qian’s daily schedule is to study mathematics in the morning and memorize comprehensive and Chinese in the afternoon.


Yu Qian picked up the book again and stomped her feet irritably. Without the atmosphere of the classroom, it was really difficult for her to concentrate, and she always thought of other things unconsciously, or she took out her mobile phone unknowingly.

Obviously, she just wanted to take a look at the time on her mobile phone, but she would accidentally swiped to Weibo. And when she came back to her senses, half an hour had already passed.

No way, the room feels like a place to relax and play.

Holding her head in determination, Yu Qian went to the study room, intending to see if the effect would be better in another place.

Facts have proved that changing places without supervision is still not effective. In the end, Jiang Zheng saw Yu Qian frowning for several days, and took the initiative to ask the reason.

Knowing that Yu Qian was planning to hire a liberal arts teacher, Jiang Zheng hurriedly recommended himself: “Don’t you just want to find someone to supervise your study and test papers, I’ll come.”


“That’s right.” Jiang Zheng tried his best to restrain himself from showing an overly excited smile, “We are classmates, and I am usually bored, so I just found something to do.”

Seeing that Yu Qian was still a little hesitant, Jiang Zheng continued: “I can usually give you a lecture, don’t you know my strength?”

Yu Qian was moved by what she said. And finally accepted the offer.

“Then where are we going to study?” Yu Qian asked.

“Cough… This, then let’s go to your room.” Jiang Zheng tried his best to suppress the smile at the corner of his mouth and explained, “It’s convenient for you to take the book and find the test paper.”

He didn’t admit it, but all he just wanted to see her room.

Yu Qian didn’t think much, nodded in agreement. The two set a time, starting at 1:00 in the afternoon every day.

Jiang Zheng walked into Yu Qian’s room full of excitement, and kept looking around quietly like an idiot.

When this room belonged to Bai Qiming, he had come in countless times, but he had never felt so excited. It was still the familiar layout, but it was pleasing to the eye.

Jiang Zheng restrained his smile and sat at the desk.

Yu Qian took out the book and recited it carefully, Jiang Zheng looked at Yu Qian unscrupulously.

After one afternoon, both of them were very satisfied.

Yu Qian is being supervised, and she can finally enter a attentive learning state, and Jiang Zheng can finally be alone with Yu Qian.

[ T/N:- A win-win situation ]

Bai Qiming knew that after Jiang Zheng gave Yu Qian a supplementary lesson, knowing this he frequently showed a “powerful” expression to him. People who were too lazy to tutor even their own younger brother’s homework was now willing to sit and listen to Yu Qian’s study materials.

From this day on, Jiang Zheng began to urge Yu Qian to endorse and do exam papers on time every day. Even Yu Qian sometimes wanted to be lazy, was scolded by him.

Yu Qian looked at Jiang Zheng, who was so attentive and worried about her studies, that he didn’t even charged her tuition fees, almost felt that he was fully covered with aura of a holy father.

After lunch, Jiang Zheng came to Yu Qian for endorsement as usual, but happened to see her getting in the car and planning to go out.

Jiang Zheng hurriedly stopped her: “Little fish, where are you going?”

Yu Qian stuck her head out of the car: “I’m sorry Jiang Zheng, I won’t study with you today, I’m going to the company to find my mother to get something.”

Yu Qian went out last night and came back to find that her wallet was missing. The money is not much, but the main thing is that her ID card was also in it.

ID card is an important thing, and Yu Qian didn’t dare to delay it. As soon as she found out, she planned to re-apply, but her mother brought these things to the company, and now she has to go to the company to find her mother to get it.

Jiang Zheng opened the car door without saying a word, and sat directly next to Yu Qian, “I’m free anyway, I’ll accompany you.”

Yu Qian didn’t bother with him, and the two went to the building of the Bai Group by car. Wang Hui’s company had business exchanges with the Bai family from the beginning. Now that Wang Hui and Bai Jin are married, she plans to merge the company into the Bai family. Now she is in the transition stage, and her office was also moved to the Bai family.

This is Yu Qian’s first time here. Yu Qian called her mother before, and now the assistant below, was waiting for them.

Yu Qian followed the assistant upstairs, and as soon as they entered the office area, they were greeted with different looks from everyone.

“Go in, I’ll wait for you outside.” Jiang Zheng leaned against the wall, not planning to go in.

Yu Qian nodded and entered the office. As soon as the office door was closed, everyone outside immediately began to discuss with enthusiasm.

Two girls with delicate makeup sitting not far from Jiang Zheng saw the closed office door, and started discussing with eachother when one of the long-haired girls said in a sour tone, “Don’t you know a dog will be a dog , how much one try to change! Didn’t you see Wang Hui becoming one?”

The person next to her glanced at Jiang Zheng and quickly persuaded: “Shh… Be quiet, there are still people outside.”

The long-haired woman glanced at Jiang Zheng, sneered, and then raised her voice a little: “What are you afraid of, just a little brat. Could it be that he dare to complain about it in front of Mr. Bai.”

“If you want me to say, that Director Wang has at most turned from a pheasant into a phoenix, and even brought that little girl into as step-daughter, but she’s just a nouveau riche and nothing else.”

Jiang Zheng looked at the arrogant woman, snorted coldly in his heart, and then walked towards her.

“I say this… mother-in-law, your face is so well maintained. The hyaluronic acid hits your face so much that you don’t even have a wrinkle on your face. If I hadn’t seen the wrinkles on your neck, I would have thought you were an aunty.”

Jiang Zheng looked at the long-haired woman in a very arrogant tone, without giving her a chance to speak, and continued: “You guys deliberately made your skin so thick to keep yourself warm in winter?”

“You…” The long-haired woman was so angry that she couldn’t even say anything to counterattack. She stood up and seemed to want to reach out and hit Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng smiled sarcastically at her: “Looking at your sour face, plastic surgery can’t change your poor life, what else would you do with a mouth apart from being jealous of others all day long? Or perhaps you are searching for a sugar daddy? I’m afraid there is no man who would like an old woman to be his wife.”

In Jiang Zheng’s eyes, such kind of ladies never deserve his gentleman’s demeanor, and he doesn’t care what others will think.

Not to mention that she satirized Yu Qian and her mother in front of him, he would not be called Jiang Zheng if he could bear it.

The long-haired woman was about to cry angrily by Jiang Zheng. She had never been scolded like this before. She was gnashing her teeth and planning to fight back when the office door was suddenly opened.

Wang Hui stood by the door and asked Yu Qian again, “You really don’t want me to accompany you?”

Yu Qian hurriedly shook her head, took her ID and walked out of the office.

Wang Hui raised her head and looked at everyone in the office with a strange atmosphere, frowning slightly.

Seeing Yu Qian coming out, Jiang Zheng turned into a condescending look again. He stopped looking at the two women, and came over and said, “Have you got everything?”

“Yeah.” Yu Qian nodded at him.

Jiang Zheng politely said goodbye to Wang Hui, and the two left the Bai’s building. Jiang Zheng didn’t mention what just happened outside, and accompanied Yu Qian to re-issue her ID card with a natural face.


T/N:- What I like about Jiang Zheng, he has a unique character unlike those MLs with cold face and zero EQ!

♡ Thank you for reading~

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Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021-12-15 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Qian entered a novel written for her by her best friend. However, she is not the heroine, but a drag bottle who married her mother to the Male lead's house . Yu Qian said that none of these matters! The important thing is that in the book, her mother is still alive, and she has finally become a child with a mother again! All her life, she just wants to have a good mother and daughter relationship , and occasionally watch the male and female protagonists fall in love, which is simply beautiful. But then—

Who, aren't you a good brother to the male protagonist? Why are you sticking to me? What? You like me? What? You want to marry me ? Damn it! You stole my household registration book! ! !


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