DMPS Chapter 17

——In the room——

Yu Qian sat in front of the desk and worked on the test paper with concentration. After a long time, finally her one test paper is finished.

Yu Qian put down the pen, stretched herself planning to relax while planning to go down to play with the dog to relieve her fatigue.

“Bai Bai, Hei Hei.” Yu Qian called the dog as she went downstairs.

A dog with black and white patterns quickly appeared in Yu Qian’s line of sight, lovingly rubbing her head against Yu Qian’s calf.

“You good for nothing—” Yu Qian reached out and touched the dog’s head, and led it down.

“Hei Hei, Hei Hei…” Yu Qian called out a few times, but still Hei Hei didn’t appeared.

“It’s weird, where did it go?” Yu Qian was a little puzzled. On weekends, Hei Hei is more clingy than Bai Bai.  When the dog saw someone, it would automatically lie on the ground and open it’s naked belly.

Yu Qian searched everywhere, and finally found Hei Hei, who was squatting in the corner, silently, next to the garage bin.

As soon as Yu Qian saw it, she found blood on the corner of its mouth. She was so frightened that she thought it had gone to another dog to bite. After checking for a long time, she didn’t find any wounds on its body. It took Yu Qian a long time to find out that it was Hei Hei tooth that fell off.

Seeing Hei Hei, who was silent because of its tooth loss, Yu Qian reached out and hugged it in her arms, and said softly, “It’s alright, it’s just one tooth that’s lost, and there will be other teeth that will fall out after a while. “

Huh, that statement doesn’t seem right.

Watching Hei Hei who was still whimpering, even wagging its tail weakly, Yu Qian hurriedly changed her words: “When your teeth grow back, you’ll be able to eat more, and then I’ll buy you more chicken legs, buy duck necks and big bones, okay?”

Yu Qian continued to coax the dog, but while she was talking, she suddenly felt hungry.

Thinking that she hadn’t eaten duck neck for a long time, Yu Qian put down her dog decisively, took out her mobile phone, and ordered a takeaway for herself, including spicy duck neck, duck intestines, lotus root slices, and potatoes.

After ordering takeout, Yu Qian happily played with the two dogs outside.

Jiang Zheng, who had just taken a shower, heard the faint voice downstairs, walked to the window, when he lowered his head, he saw a scene of a person and two dogs fighting and chasing eachother.

Jiang Zheng’s eyes were struck on the stern back of Yu Qian, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, he put on his clothes and went out.


“Ma’am, please remember to give a five-star praise!”

The delivery boy was talking to Yu Qian, but his eyes stayed on the mansion behind her. This is the first time he has received an order from here.

“Thank you.” Yu Qian took the fragrant duck neck from the delivery boy, she started to drool unconsciously.

She was already impatiently planning to go into the house by herself while watching the drama and eating, when suddenly she heard the familiar ridicule behind her: “I’m so lucky, I can have snacks as soon as I come out.”

“Let’s go, I’ll eat with you.”

I’m out of luck! ! Holding the delivery package of duck’s neck, Yu Qian looked at the cheeky Jiang Zheng with a great reluctance in her heart.

Jiang Zheng strode into the Bai’s yard, and directly stretched out his hand and half pulled Yu Qian into the house.

Yu Qian was not willing in her heart, but she also knew that she could not drive this person away, so she could only follow him into the house reluctantly.

Jiang Zheng skillfully opened the duck neck packaging bag, handed a glove to Yu Qian, then put on disposable gloves on his own, picked up a duck neck, and put it into his mouth with enjoyment…

“Mhm ah—” Jiang Zheng only took a bite, and was stimulated by the extreme spicyness, making his face suddenly turned red.

“Xiao yu’er, can you eat this much spicy food?” Jiang Zheng felt that his mouth was getting hotter, he couldn’t help exhaling.

When Yu Qian saw him like this, her mood instantly improved. In front of him, she picked up a piece of duck neck and started eating it with great enjoyment. Fortunately, she ordered it spicy, no one can eat it from her now.

“Look how delicious the duck neck is, you really don’t want to eat a piece anymore?”

Yu Qian deliberately picked up a piece of duck neck and swayed it in front of Jiang Zheng, with the expression of a smug child.

Jiang Zheng turned his head away a little embarrassed. He just wanted to tease her from the beginning. What’s so delicious about these things.

Watching Yu Qian taking one bite after another, and watching her eat while enjoying herself, Jiang Zheng looked at her stomach with some worry. Is it really okay to eat such a spicy meal?

“Xiao Yu’er, these things taste heavy and too oily, you should eat a little less, and be careful to not get your stomach upset later.” Jiang Zheng looked sideways at Yu Qian, and said his words of concern like a joke.

“Just admit you can’t eat such spicy food, don’t worry I like spicy food and is used to it.” Yu Qian raised her eyebrows at Jiang Zheng proudly.

Jiang Zheng: “…”

Seeing that most of the food had been eaten, Yu Qian didn’t intend to shut her mouth when Jiang Zheng suddenly approached Yu Qian with a very mysterious tone: “Would you like me to tell you a little secret?”

“What.” Yu Qian was attracted by his words, her voice lowered a little unconsciously.

“Do you know why Qiming is usually called Bai Bai but not Hei Hei?”

Yu Qian looked at Jiang Zheng’s face full of “keep asking”, and replied with a very expressive face: “I don’t know, why?”

“Because Hei Hei screamed like hey hey laughter, which doesn’t fit his aloof personality.”

Yu Qian: “…”

To be honest, the answer still shocked her.

On weekdays, Bai Qiming would occasionally call Bai Bai twice, but he had never called Hei Hei. She thought it was because he disliked Hei Hei, but she didn’t expect the truth to be like this. Is Bai Qiming’s facial paralysis is that much serious?

Watching Yu Qian’s shocked appearance, Jiang Zheng did not feel ashamed of betraying his brother at all. Instead, he talked to Yu Qian about Bai Qiming’s dark history with even more interest.

Jiang Zheng: “Do you know why Bai Qiming has to change his clothes when he sweats?”

Yu Qian: “Because he has a cleanliness addiction?”

Jiang Zheng: “Come on, he doesn’t have a cleanliness addiction, it’s because he admitted before that he smells bad after sweating…”

Jiang Zheng and Yu Qian were getting closer and closer, the two talked so deeply that they didn’t realize that there was a black-faced person who was about to jump on them.

“Jiang! Fucking! Zheng!” Bai Qiming clenched his fists tightly, and his voice came out word by word from between his teeth.

When Yu Qian heard Bai Qiming’s abrupt voice, she stood up suddenly in fright. Turning her head and watching Bai Qiming’s uncontrollable expression, she quickly said, “It’s none of my business, he told me that! I’m going to bed, good night, brother Ming!”

After speaking, she even forgot to take off her gloves, ran upstairs slamming the door.

Jiang Zheng watched as Yu Qian left him in a hurry, he then turned to look at Bai Qiming face which had a very angry look on his face, his face was a little embarrassed. Even Bai Qiming called him by his full name, he didn’t dare speak more unless it makes him more angry.

“It’s time for me to go home too, hahaha, see you tomorrow.” After speaking, Jiang Zheng planned to slip away, but how could Bai Qiming let him go, he stretched out his hand to lock Jiang Zheng’s neck, and the two scuffled together.

Yu Qian quietly opened the door, and when she heard the sound of fighting and screaming from below, she patted her little heart in relief. Fortunately, she ran fast, otherwise she might have been the one getting beaten by now.

In the end, Jiang Zheng left Bai’s house with a grin, but looking at the leftovers of duck neck and lotus root slices left on the table, he still sighed. It seems that this method of diverting attention is still feasible, but it might depend more on the location! !

[ T/N:- Jiang Zheng is such a black belly hahaha… ]


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