DMPS Chapter 14

A little sour

Yu Qian took the phone and saw that “Jiang Zheng” was displayed on it. She breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was a number she knew, otherwise she would have been so scared that she would have thrown the phone away.

Yu Qian: “Hello—”

Jiang Zheng: “I know you haven’t slept yet. How about you? Are you particularly afraid of being in the hospital alone?”

Yu Qian: “I’m not a coward, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Yu Qian said that, but when she heard Jiang Zheng’s familiar sarcastic words, she unconsciously calmed down a bit.

Immediately, she was a little curious, “How do you know that I’m not sleeping yet?”

Jiang Zheng on the other end of the phone sneered: “I live across from you, don’t you turn off the lights at 10:30 in the evening? It’s only after 8:00, maybe you would like to have a late night snack.”

Yu Qian: How could he guess so accurately? Didn’t she let her nurse go out to buy supper just because she was hungry?

After being silent for a while, Yu Qian said in a difficult tone: “To be honest, Jiang Zheng, have you peeped ( stalked ) at me?”

Yu Qian swore that even if he admits it, she won’t kill him, at most… a karate chop.

“Chee…., do you think you are Xi Shi or Diao Chan? What’s worth peeping at you? Watching your two ugly dogs fighting outside is more interesting than watching you.”

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Yu Qian: “…” I feel offended.

But she has to admit, chatting with Jiang Zheng, the fear in her heart slowly dissipated.

After a long time, the accompanying nurse finally came back with a late-night snack, and Yu Qian hung up the phone.

Just after 10:30 , Yu Qian yawned uncontrollably. Although her toes were always aching, it was still within the acceptable range, and she slowly fell asleep.

After she fell asleep for a long time, Wang Hui came over, saw Yu Qian sleeping peacefully, helped her tuck the quilt, and fell asleep on the same bed.

Early in the next morning, Wang Hui took a wheelchair and planned to push Yu Qian back.

“Mom…I don’t think a wheelchair is needed. I still have one foot to jump on.” Yu Qian felt that she just had a fractured bone, and she was far from being able to use a wheelchair.

“And then cripple the other foot?” Wang Hui absolutely did not allow Yu Qian to come around in these aspects, forcing her to sit in the wheelchair and pushing her into the car.

Wang Hui originally planned to ask Yu Qian for a month’s leave, and then when she was completely healed, she attend her class again.

But Yu Qian refused, and after a long stalemate, Wang Hui offered her a week instead.

Yu Qian was lying in her room exhausted, waiting for her tutor to come to class. What is her mother kidding about, she is now in the third year of high school!

Asking for a month’s leave, maybe she will miss out with Beijing University, she is under a lot of pressure.

Yu Qian tried her best to listen to her tutor teach mathematics to her. Although she had learned it once, she still felt that mathematics was the most terrifying thing in the world.

In her last life, Qi Yu helped her make up her class, but now Qi Yu is only a sophomore in high school. She sometimes asks Qi Yu a question unconsciously, but she can only get an ellipse from the other side.

After a week of sick leave, Yu Qian couldn’t wait to go to school with a cane.

Although the tutor said she is getting good in her studies, but it is always a little more competitive atmosphere to study in school.

Yu Qian’s return has attracted the attention of the whole school.

The video of her throwing the shot put is now the hottest video on the campus forum.

Yu Qian once again watched the two girls whispering in front of her, what could she do. Only smile and smile again, as long as she is not embarrassed, it is others who are embarrassed.

[ T/N:- This logic…… ]

As soon as she entered the classroom, the classmates immediately surrounded her.

“Sissy, Is your feet better now?”

“Yu Qian, I heard that your foot is broken?”

“Yu Qian, did you know? The Internet gave you a nickname, the lead girl.”

“Yu Qian…”

Yu Qian was surrounded by the door of the classroom, listening to the chattering voices around her, her ears almost burst.

Jiang Zheng came over, stretched out his hand to pull away the boys around him, and made a way for Yu Qian. He turned around and said, “Didn’t you see her jumping on one foot, so why don’t you make way for her.”

Saying that, he supported Yu Qian with both hands, and took her to the seat.

The rest of the students looked at each other.

“I’m sorry Yu Qian, I was a little excited to see you just now, and didn’t pay attention to your feet for a while.”

A girl looked at her a little ashamed.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, my feet are almost fine, it’s okay.” Yu Qian hurriedly shook her head.

“Yu Qian, here this is for you.” Yu Qian’s tablemate Lin Li handed her a box of chocolates.

Yu Qian took it in surprise, and saw Lin Li smiled shyly and said, “I originally wanted to visit your house, but I was afraid of disturbing you. This is a gift from me.”

“Thank you.” Yu Qian looked at Lin Li and sighed in her heart, look at this warm man, he is warmer than a innocent baby.

Usually she will be reminded in class, and she will answer questions patiently. She smiled shyly and refreshingly, just like as if she is looking at an innocent child.

Yu Qian thought about it, if she had such a younger brother or son, she would definitely want to join the ranks of the circle of friends.

Jiang Zheng watched Yu Qian take Lin Li’s things with a wide-eyed smile, and his heart was sour.

Isn’t it just a box of chocolates? She smiled so brightly like HeiHei. Sure enough, the owner and pet has the same virtue, and he usually buys her things too often. Why haven’t he seen her smile so much to him.

And that Lin Li, don’t you know what chocolate means? At first glance, he was feeling so uneasy, doesn’t he know that Yu Qian is still underage?

Just when Jiang Zheng was slandering in his mind, Lin Niannian and Bai Qiming were coming in from the door.

“Sissy, these are for you.”

Lin Niannian handed a bag of snacks to Yu Qian, “Ah-Zheng has eaten all the things I bought before, so I had to go add something for you.”

“Thank you, Nian Nian.” Yu Qian happily took the snacks, not surprised that Jiang Zheng ate her snacks.

Before Jiang Zheng used to get snacks from her, and often bought her snacks, and when he went back, he would tell her that he took her snacks.

“I say Nian Nian, everyone has given gifts, who cares about your snacks.” Jiang Zheng was very disgusting as soon as he opened his mouth.

Lin Niannian glared at him, Jiang Zheng turned his head a little unnaturally.

Bai Qiming looked at Jiang Zheng. In the past, although Jiang Zheng had a cheap mouth, he would never do this to girls, but today, why is his expression and tone more like jealousy? Bai Qiming had a thought in his heart…

[ T/N:- Haha ]

There was a physical education class in the afternoon, and Yu Qian still had a foot injury, so the teacher let her move freely.

When half the class was over, the teacher announced that they could move freely, and the students cheered for a while.

Jiang Zheng was sweating finely on his forehead. He pulled up the corner of his shirt and shook it, trying to cool himself.

“Where’s Yu Qian?” Jiang Zheng looked around and didn’t see Yu Qian, so he reached out and pushed Bai Qiming beside him.

Bai Qiming didn’t answer directly, but asked, “Have you been paying attention to Qian Qian lately?”

Obviously it is a question, but Bai Qiming said it more like a declarative sentence.

“Is it?” Jiang Zheng’s hand stopped, his expression a little stunned.

“Qianqian and Niannian, both aren’t here, but you’re only concerned about Qianqian.” Bai Qiming looked directly at Jiang Zheng. After all, they had been friends for more than ten years.

As a bystander, he discovered his thoughts earlier than Jiang Zheng himself, just as Jiang Zheng discovered early that his thoughts about Niannian were unusual. ( Referring how Jiang Zheng realised Bai Qiming’s feelings for Lin Niannian before himself )

“Isn’t she your sister? It’s equivalent to my sister. It’s not surprising that I pay more attention.” Jiang Zheng was a little flustered, but he still stubbornly denied it.

Bai Qiming didn’t refute his words, just said, “You know what you are doing.”

Bai Qiming didn’t have to force him to admit that he liked Yu Qian, he just knew Jiang Zheng’s temper too well, and sometimes his emotional intelligence was as low as a little boy’s mental retardation.

When he didn’t understand his intentions, he acted like those children who deliberately made little girls angry.

In order to prevent Jiang Zheng from killing his own way, as a brother, he had to remind him, lest he regret it in the future.

Jiang Zheng tried to justify a few more words, but found that he couldn’t say anything. Until Yu Qian and Lin Niannian came back, he stayed silent. This performance attracted Yu Qian and Lin Niannian’s eyes……


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Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021-12-15 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Qian entered a novel written for her by her best friend. However, she is not the heroine, but a drag bottle who married her mother to the Male lead's house . Yu Qian said that none of these matters! The important thing is that in the book, her mother is still alive, and she has finally become a child with a mother again! All her life, she just wants to have a good mother and daughter relationship , and occasionally watch the male and female protagonists fall in love, which is simply beautiful. But then—

Who, aren't you a good brother to the male protagonist? Why are you sticking to me? What? You like me? What? You want to marry me ? Damn it! You stole my household registration book! ! !


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