DMPS Chapter 12

Shot put

It was the monthly exam that was held once a month again, and Yu Qian’s grades had greatly improved, from the fourth from last in the original class to the twenty-eighth position.

Finally everything is stable! Yu Qian was full of confidence in herself.

Just as Yu Qian was cheering for herself, the sports committee member Fang Xue came over with a registration form.

“Qian Qian, next week, our school will hold the autumn sports meeting. Do you want to sign up?”

“I’m not good at sports.”

Yu Qian is a little embarrassed. Her sports is really not good. She is tired from running 800 meters. If she goes to the sports meeting, isn’t that a gift to other classes?

“Please, you can just choose one, there are still many projects that no one is running for.”

Fang Xue looked at Yu Qian with a begging face. Half of the items on her registration form were blank.

Yu Qian would never reject a girl. Under Fang Xue’s stalking, she finally chose shot put.

No time-consuming, no effort, just throw the ball out, you can’t go wrong.

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Yu Qian glanced at it as she filled in her name. Lin Niannian and Bai Qiming participated in the men’s and women’s relay race, but Jiang Zheng did not participate in anything.

She turned her head and glanced at Jiang Zheng, who was sleeping on the table. She was a little puzzled. Shouldn’t Jiang Zheng be very happy to participate in the sports meeting?

After all, he himself is a hunk character, plus he is a popular figure on campus and has many fans. How can he be so rare when he is attracting attention?

After thinking about it, Yu Qian didn’t ask anything, on the contrary, Lin Niannian knew that she had reported the shot put, and said excitedly that she would come to support her when the time came.

After Jiang Zheng learned from Lin Niannian that Yu Qian had reported the shot put, he mocked her mercilessly: “Then sister Qian Qian has to work hard, but don’t say that you won’t win glory for the class, and let our class become a laughing stock.”

Yu Qian: “Atleast I signed up anyway, unlike some people who didn’t even sign up.”

Jiang Zheng: “I’m really sorry. I’m a scorer appointed by the PE teacher, so I can’t compete.”

Yu Qian: Huh?

Seeing that Yu Qian was speechless by him, Jiang Zheng raised his eyebrows proudly, “Maybe I will be the one to score the shot put team at that time, and I hope that classmate Yu will play better then, don’t make me feel embarrassed to even write the scores.”

Yu Qian was so annoyed that she didn’t want to speak, she turned out the book and carried it on her back, trying to block the noise around her.

Two weeks passed quickly, and the sports meeting officially began.

Yu Qian put on a sports suit and tied her hair into a pony tail. Seriously Looking at it this way, it seemed that she had not seriously prepared for the competition.

At this moment, Yu Qian stood by the track of the men’s and women’s relay race, cheering for Lin Niannian and Bai Qiming along with the girls in the class.

Lin Niannian was the third one. When she took over the baton, she was behind the other groups. Fortunately, the last one was turned by Bai Qiming.

When Bai Qiming reached the finish line first, Yu Qian couldn’t help cheering along with the people around her.

“Niannian, that’s great, we’re number one.”

“Our class won another first place!”

“Bai Qiming looks so handsome running!”

Listening to the praise from the girls around, Yu Qian handed the water to Lin Niannian, “Niannian, you ran so fast just now.”

Yu Qian’s praise was sincere, and Lin Niannian ran really fast.

If it hadn’t been accidentally dropped when the first baton was passed, their class would have surpassed the other classes by a large margin from the very beginning.

“It’s okay, I like running.” Lin Niannian smiled. She used to run with Bai Qiming in the morning for exercise, and she has been learning dance since she was a child, and her physical fitness has always been good.

“Sissy, when does your shot put starts?”

“When the rope skipping competition is over, it will be the shot put.”

The two walked to the shot put competition area together, and several people were already warming up.

In these crowds, there is also a very conspicuous back.

“Hey, Zheng is here.” Lin Niannian saw Jiang Zheng holding a pen and paper with sharp eyes, and hurriedly shook Yu Qian.

Yu Qian looked in the direction Lin Niannian pointed, and sure enough she saw Jiang Zheng.

Today, Jiang Zheng is wearing a white hat and a black baseball uniform, and his whole person is full of the handsome and sunny taste of a teenager.

Yu Qian had to admit that Jiang Zheng had beaten a lot of people just based on appearance.

Jiang Zheng also found the two of them, with a pair of peach blossom eyes smiling especially, “Where’s Qiming?”

Lin Niannian: “Ah-min sweated and went to change clothes.”

Hearing this sentence, Jiang Zheng pouted in disgust: “It’s really a stinky problem.”

After he finished speaking, Jiang Zheng looked at Yu Qian again, with a swaggering smile, “How about sister Qian Qian, are you surprised? I’m the scorer of the shot put team.”

“Chee…, are you helping me cheat or something? What should I be surprised of?”

Not long after the three quarreled with each other, they heard the announcement on the radio that the shot put team was preparing for the game, and the teachers also blew their whistle not far away.

Lin Niannian hurriedly cheered for Yu Qian.

Yu Qian waved at her and walked to the crowd in the shot put group. Jiang Zheng also walked to the teacher.

Yu Qian was the fourth one. Seeing the people in front of them throwing farther than the other, Yu Qian couldn’t help but get nervous.

Although she was ready to participate in the early morning, but when it came to the end, her heartbeat still accelerated unconsciously.

“Number four, Prepare yourself.”

Hearing the cry, Yu Qian swallowed nervously, walked into the circle, picked up the lead ball from the ground, and moved the ball with both hands behind her right ear.

Yu Qian’s feet were slightly bent, and she felt that the strength in her hands was not enough. She couldn’t help but leaned back a little, trying to use inertia to throw the ball out.

Jiang Zheng on the side frowned at Yu Qian’s actions.

Yu Qian felt that she was in a good position, took a deep breath, and slammed the ball forward.

But she never thought that after she leaned back a little bit, and when she threw it forward, causing her waist to accidentally flashed.

Yu Qian’s hand trembled from the pain, and the shot put in the high position immediately landed vertically and slammed into Yu Qian’s foot.

Everyone was taken aback by this change.

[ T/N:- I say Yu Qian , were you this unlucky before too ? ]

“Yu Qian, are you alright?” Jiang Zheng was the first to react, stepped over to Yu Qian’s side, bent over to pick up the shot put ball, and threw it aside.

“Qian Qian, did you hit your foot?” Lin Niannian looked a little flustered.

The scene began to panic.


Yu Qian felt a huge pain in her feet, and she trembled from the pain, her fingers clenched into fists, her teeth clenched tightly together, and only heavy breathing came.

Seeing Yu Qian’s face turning pale, Jiang Zheng’s heart suddenly tightened. He didn’t have time to think about it, he bent down and hugged Yu Qian and ran towards the infirmary.

Yu Qian stayed in Jiang Zheng’s arms trembling all over, cold sweat dripping from pain on her forehead.

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“Hurry up, doctor, she got hit in the foot with a shot put.”

Jiang Zheng panted and put Yu Qian on the hospital bed.

The school doctor hurried over and took off Yu Qian’s shoes carefully. The back of Yu Qian’s feet was already red and swollen.

The school doctor’s hand pressed lightly on Yu Qian’s feet.

“It hurts…hush…hu, huh, it hurts.” Yu Qian felt the trembling from her soul again, her fingers grabbed the sheets, and her whole body began to change beyond recognition.

“She still needs to go to the hospital to take a X-ray, the possibility of bone fracture or fracture cannot be ruled out.”

The school doctor has a serious face. The school doctor’s room has limited equipment, so he can’t carry out a more in-depth examination, so he can only give her a simple treatment first.

“Then we should go straight to the hospital.”

Bai Qiming received a call from Lin Niannian and rushed over quickly. Hearing what the school doctor said, he immediately took out his mobile phone to contact the driver.

Lin Niannian watched Yu Qian’s painful sweat dripping down, and hurriedly took out a tissue to help her wipe it.

Bai Qiming called and contacted the driver and the hospital. He was ready to come over and carry Yu Qian.

After all, the two of them are now brother and sister in name, and he is still a little responsible for Yu Qian.

Unexpectedly, he was blocked by Jiang Zheng before he reached the bedside.

“I’ll do it.” Jiang Zheng frowned and looked at Yu Qian’s sluggish appearance, with a heartache that he didn’t understand.

Bai Qiming looked at Jiang Zheng in surprise, Jiang Zheng’s attitude was unusual…


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Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

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