DMPS Chapter 10


Yu Qian’s study and life gradually got on the right track.

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But after class today, Yu Qian didn’t read or sleep, but frowned and kept swiping her phone.

“Qian Qian, what are you looking at?” Lin Niannian came over curiously.

“I’m looking for tickets to Yulei’s concert.” Next Friday night is Yure’s concert.

Yu Qian’s face was full of sadness. She searched for three days and couldn’t find a single ticket.

Before she came here, she promised Fang Yan to go to her idol’s concert, how could she break her promise.

The promises to Wang Jiajia and Qi Yu are all done, and the only thing left is Fang Yan’s idol concert.

If she hadn’t gone, she could imagine Fang Yan crying.

Thinking of Fang Yan’s madness as an idol fan, Yu Qian couldn’t help shivering.

“Yulei? his concert tickets seem to be gone two months ago.”

There are many girls in the class who are fans of Yulei, even Lin NianNian knows a little about this.

“I paid five times the price on the Internet still no one sold me.” Yu Qian was already thinking about how to write a sorry letter for Fang Yan.

[ T/N:- If I got my fav idol’s concert, even if they provide me 5 times the price, I would sell it ]

“Anyway, they are also at the level of kings, and concert tickets are of course very popular.”

Looking at Yu Qian’s frown, Lin Niannian suddenly thought of something.

“By the way, Qian Qian, I remember that Yulei seems to be an artist of Shengkang Media. Shengkang Media is the property of the Ah-zheng’s family. You can ask him to see if there are any tickets.”

“Huh? Really?”

“I remember it like that.”

What is the willows and flowers, what is this help in the snow, this is it! For the first time, Yu Qian couldn’t wait to see Jiang Zheng.

When Jiang Zheng returned to the classroom after using the toilet, he immediately noticed Yu Qian’s scorching gaze.

This is a problem! Jiang Zheng paused his footsteps.

He touched his pants , everything without a trace, and it was also good, the zipper was not opened, and the clothes were neat.

[ T/N:- perhaps by ” it ” did he meant his…..**? ]

Jiang Zheng raised a bright smile, walked over to Yu Qian and said, “Sister Qian Qian looking at me like this will make me think you are fascinated by my handsomeness.”

“Well, classmate Jiang, you are handsome and compelling, I can’t help but look at you.”

Jiang Zheng: Did you take a wrong medicine?

Seeing Yu Qian’s look of anticipation, Jiang Zheng was a little puzzled, “Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

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“Student Jiang, I heard that Yulei is an artist under your company. I wonder if you have any tickets for his concert there?”

When Yu Qian asked for help, she was very well-behaved.

At this moment, Jiang Zheng felt a little uncomfortable with her expectant innocent expression.

“I have a ticket, but why should I give it to you, classmate Yu?”

Yu Qian: …

Jiang Zheng knew the reason, and immediately turned into an uncle and said, “I don’t know classmate Yu, right? Why should I give you tickets for no reason, and do you treat me as a charity?”

“It’s not free, I’ll pay, you can tell how much you want.”

When Yu Qian heard him calling her classmate Yu for the first time, a warning light flashed in her mind, and she hurriedly answered the call.

“Do I look like a idiot? It seems that not only is Yu’s brain not very good, but her eyes are not very good too as well.”

Jiang Zheng saw that Yu Qian’s face was flushed with anger when he teased her, watching it the smile on his face became a little bigger.

“Then how come classmate Jiang is willing to sell me a ticket?”

Yu Qian took a deep breath, comforting herself to be calm, she was asking for help, and she had to correct her attitude of asking for help.

“I don’t ask much. You call me brother, and I’ll send you a ticket.”

What the hell is this request, is Jiang Zheng treating himself as the hero of a brain-dead drama?

If he didn’t open his mouth and shut his mouth, he would be his brother and sister. If he wasn’t only seventeen years old, Yu Qian would have beaten him long ago.

Complaining in her heart, Yu Qian showed a sweet smile on her face and shouted, “Hello brother Jiang Zheng.”

“Call again.”

“Brother Jiang Zheng.”

“Call again.”

Yu Qian stopped answering, her fingers could not help clenching into fists.

Jiang Zheng saw that Yu Qian’s face was changing , he didn’t dare to play too much, so he quickly said, “I’ll give you the ticket tomorrow.”

“Thank you…Student Jiang.”

Yu Qian took a deep breath and thanked Jiang Zheng. Thankfully, she didn’t need to write her sorry letter.

Jiang Zheng still regretted not hearing Yu Qian call her brother again.

Obviously, there is a younger brother in his family who calls his brother all day long, but the word “brother” comes out of Yu Qian’s mouth, why does it feels different?

Early the next morning, Jiang Zheng handed the concert tickets to Yu Qian, along with a work permit.

“What’s this?” Yu Qian held her work permit and was a little confused.

“This is the work card for the staffs to enter backstage of Yulei’s concert. You can use this to go in and take a photo with him.”

Of course, with this premise he has to say hello.

Yu Qian didn’t expect Jiang Zheng to be so considerate, even thinking about this, she was stunned for a moment, then smiled sincerely at Jiang Zheng and said, “Thank you, Jiang Zheng.”

“You’re welcome.” Jiang Zheng said in a condescending manner: “If you have any problems, you can call me.”


“But as a student, you should focus more on your studies.”

“I know, not in the future.”

She just helped her friend see it once, and she doesn’t chase stars.

Jiang Zheng looked at Yu Qian, who suddenly became well-behaved in front of her, and felt a strange feeling in his heart. He always felt that now Yu Qian had suddenly changed from a little tiger to a kitten, which made people want to get started and give it a shot.

“Do you want me to accompany you? It’s not safe for a girl to be outside.”

“No need, no need, I’ll let the driver pick me up when the time comes.”

Yu Qian quickly refused.

“Okay.” Jiang Zheng felt a little regretful.

The concert time is from 7:00pm to 9:30pm. Yu Qian came to the stadium before it starts.

As soon as she entered, she heard the deafening cheers.

Yu Qian took the ticket and went all the way to the front to sit down. She sighed a little, Jiang Zheng gave her a position in the front row, this view, the video will be super good!

“Hello, my name is Yu Lei.”

“Ah ah ah…”

“Thor I love you…”

“Look here look here.”

Not long after Yu Qian sat down, Yu Lei appeared. Her ears hurt by the screams, but she couldn’t care about it anymore, and hurriedly took out her mobile phone and started recording.

Those who came to Yu Lei’s concert were all Yu Lei’s fans. Among the many fans, those who can grab the front row position are said to die hard fans.

For these fans, Yu Lei’s every move can cause them to scream again and again, so in the obsessive atmosphere, Yu Qian’s calm face is particularly dazzling.

The girls sitting around Yu Qian watched Yu Qian hold her mobile phone and take pictures meticulously.

They screamed, Yu Qian filmed.

They shouted support slogans, Yu Qian filmed.

They all waved glow sticks, and Yu Qian took the photo.

I’m afraid this is a fake fan…

“Sister, are you a Thor fan?”

A girl sitting next to Yu Qian finally couldn’t bear it anymore and looked at Yu Qian up and down.

“That’s right.” Yu Qian took the time to reply.

“You don’t look like it, where’s your cheer card?”

“Do you know what the song Thor just sang was called?”

“Do you know what Thor’s favorite food is?”

“Do you know what Thor’s dog is called?”

Yu Qian: With all due respect, I don’t know all about it.

Seeing Yu Qian’s confused look, the girls around her instantly understood.

Looking at Yu Qian’s shooting posture, I’m afraid this is either a paparazzi or a black (anti) fan! These two are the things that all fans hate the most.

Yu Qian saw the eyes around her getting worse and worse, she was speechless for a while. After thinking about it, she silently took out the work card that Jiang Zheng gave her.

“Actually, I’m a backstage employee to monitor the stage effect.”

As soon as the work card came out, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly changed.

The girls’ faces began to warm again, and they consciously classified Yu Qian as an employee of Thor’s company boss, and began to keep favoring Yu Lei in front of her.

In order to bribe her, the girls around shared with her their snacks, as well as Yulei’s various figurines, and some people personally started to guide her, trying to make Yu Qian shoot her idol in all directions without dead ends.

Yu Qian had to sigh, this identity is really useful.

After a concert, Yu Qian enjoyed it quite a bit. She waved goodbye to these enthusiastic girls, and walked towards the backstage with the surrounding that they gave away.


Yu Qian was suddenly patted on the shoulder, almost making her legs weak.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw Jiang Zheng’s unbridled smile magnified in front of her eyes.

“Jiang Zheng!” Yu Qian covered her little heart, which was beating like a heart attack, with a look of fear on her face that it was too late to recover.

“You want me to go straight to heaven.” Yu Qian looked at Jiang Zheng angrily.

“I’m sorry.” Jiang Zheng didn’t have the slightest regret in his tone, “I just finished the party with my friends, do you want to go back together?”

“I have to go backstage to get his sign.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Jiang Zheng said it directly, and there was a hint of annoyance in his heart. What was wrong with him, and why did he came here to wait for her in time.

Yu Qian looked at Jiang Zheng suspiciously, didn’t he come to her on purpose?

Yu Qian followed Jiang Zheng all the way to the backstage without any disturbance.

Yu Lei had obviously been notified, and was not surprised by Yu Qian’s arrival at all. He very gently signed the photos and posters that Yu Qian brought.

It was only when he was taking pictures that he was still shocked.

He saw Yu Qian silently took out a photo about ten inches in size from her schoolbag, and said to him sincerely, “Can I ask you to take this photo and let me take a photo?”

She considered it as a disguised way to let Fang Yan and her idol be in the same frame.

Yu Lei took the photo from Yu Qian’s hand in a speechless manner, and put the photo on his chest with both hands upright.

Yu Qian: Why do I feel that something is not right…

Jiang Zheng: Pfft hahaha….

“Fortunately, this photo of yours is in color. If it was black and white, it would be… poof.” Jiang Zheng covered his stomach with a quivering smile.

Black and white… a posthumous photo.

Bah, Bah, Yu Qian glared at Jiang Zheng and hurriedly asked Yu Lei to change his posture.

After taking the photo, Yu Qian thanked Yu Lei again and again, and she was still sighing when she walked out of the stadium. She is indeed the idol that Fang Yan is crazy about. He is gentle and polite.

“It’s ten o’clock, do you want to eat something, or go straight home?”

“Just go home.”

Yu Qian touched her stomach. She was fed at the concert, and she was not hungry at all.

Seeing this, Jiang Zheng asked the driver to drive directly to Shengyuan.

This is the first time Yu Qian has been alone with Jiang Zheng, and it always feels weird.

She didn’t know what to say for a while, so she pretended to be sleepy, narrowed her eyes, and leaned back.

Jiang Zheng watched Yu Qian relax little by little, and really fell asleep. Only then did he turn his head sideways, admiring Yu Qian’s sleeping face openly.

He slept like a piglet, stupid.

Jiang Zheng commented in his heart, and then he couldn’t help but curse himself in his heart. He was really crazy. He was lying well at home, why did he come to pick her up inexplicably.

But… her face is chubby and a little cute.

Jiang Zheng looked at Yu Qian’s fleshy face, and couldn’t help but take out his phone and took a picture of her.


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Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021-12-15 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Qian entered a novel written for her by her best friend. However, she is not the heroine, but a drag bottle who married her mother to the Male lead's house . Yu Qian said that none of these matters! The important thing is that in the book, her mother is still alive, and she has finally become a child with a mother again! All her life, she just wants to have a good mother and daughter relationship , and occasionally watch the male and female protagonists fall in love, which is simply beautiful. But then—

Who, aren't you a good brother to the male protagonist? Why are you sticking to me? What? You like me? What? You want to marry me ? Damn it! You stole my household registration book! ! !


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