DMPS Chapter 1

It's not a Rebirth , it's wearing the book

“Qian Qian, do you really plan to move to Beijing with your mother?”

A girl with short ear-length hair with the face of a well-behaved student looked at her friend next to her and said.

“Well, my mother said that they will come to pick up the day after tomorrow.”

Yu Qian was eating potato chips without any reluctance in her tone.

“Qian Qian, you…really don’t object to your mother’s remarriage?”

Her another friend sitting across from Yu Qian spoke cautiously.

“Yes, I really don’t.”

Yu Qian sighed helplessly, “I really don’t plan to be rebellious now. Besides, my mother and Uncle Bai have both received their certificates. If I continue to toss, it will be difficult for my mother for her second marriage.”

She has said this for five days, why do her friends still look like they can’t believe it?

Looking at the three friends who are younger and more lively than in her memory, Yu Qian still occasionally shakes her head. This feeling is really amazing. She has never dreamed that one day she will be in a book with her friends and family and get together.

That’s right, in the book!

Five days ago, when she woke up, she saw her young mother and the old house where she used to live before high school. She was so shocked making her think, she was reborn. Just when she was about to go crazy, her mother suddenly threw a marriage certificate in front of her.

She also confronted that whether she accepted it or not, she had already registered with Bai Jin. With that tone, she really thought that she was like an evil mother-in-law who beats mandarin ducks with sticks, making Yu Qian almost vomit blood at that thought.

What’s going on, the rebirth also comes with a stepfather?

It took three days for Yu Qian to accept the setting of herself entering a novel—

A novel written with her as a template, but she is not the protagonist, but a vicious female supporting role in the book.

The female supporting actress “Yu Qian” had the same experience from childhood to adulthood as she did, and when she entered the book, she accidentally thought she was reborn.

Just when Yu Qian was distracted, her friend Wang Jiajia next to her wanted to secretly take a bite of the sausage in her hand.

Yu Qian raised her hand to dodge, and in front of Wang Jiajia’s disappointed eyes, she smiled smugly at her, and put the sausage to her mouth.

Just as she was about to start eating, she suddenly remembered that Wang Jiajia was the author of the book she entered, and she was also a major contributor to the book she entered.

Thinking of this, Yu Qian hurriedly handed the sausage in front of Wang Jiajia’s mouth and asked her to take a bite.

That’s right, she knew that the novel she entered was written by the friend next to her.

Because in the first twenty chapters of the book, the main content is the interesting stories of “Yu Qian” since childhood, as well as the daily interaction with her mother and friends.

Even some embarrassing things she never mentioned to outsiders were clearly written in the book. Only the three people in front of her knew this.

And why it’s Wang Jiajia, how can she become a female supporting role in the pen of her best friend, or the vicious kind, she also knows the reason.

The reason is very simple… She and Wang Jiajia quarreled.

The reason for their quarrel was that Wang Jiajia believed her boyfriend again and again, who cheated on her and cry in front of Yu Qian , resulting Wang Jiajia getting scolded which led to the quarrel between two best friends.

At that time, Wang Jiajia spoke harshly to her, “What do you know when you, yourself is single, and you still scold me now, I think if you run after boys, you might be worse than me. Believe it or not, I will let you try and get the taste of it”

She scolded her so harshly that Yu Qian thought she was going to make a big move until she saw the content behind this novel.

Originally thought to be the heroine of the book, “Yu Qian”, her mother suddenly married for a second time, married into the wealthy Bai Family in Beijing.

What’s more terrifying is that “Yu Qian” fell in love with her step-brother Bai Qiming at first sight. Since then, she started stalking her step-brother, running on the road of breaking up Bai Qiming and his little green plum.

In the more than 70 chapters that followed, “Yu Qian” was constantly dying, and eventually became a piece of dog shit that could not be wiped clean on Bai Qiming’s love path.

After reading the entire novel, she just wanted to ha ha!

Wang Jiajia’s revenge method is better than primary school students cursing you in circles.

But these are not important to Yu Qian. What is important is that her mother is alive in the book until the end!

Compared with the mother who has been dead for five years because of her stomach cancer in reality, the mother in the book who just remarried, is really no big deal.

“Seriously, Qian Qian, it’s quite unaccustomed that you suddenly become a good daughter.” Fang Yan reached out and touched Yu Qian’s hair and started combing her hair smoothly.

Fang Yan was very emotional when she thought of the explosive hairstyle that Yu Qian had made in order to anger her mother in the past, but now it looks much more pleasing to the eye.

“I really really don’t plan to be rebellious anymore.” Yu Qian let Fang Yan’s hand mess up her head and continued to eat the sausage in her hand, her tone a little vague.

Her image of going against her mother in the past was so deeply rooted in the hearts of her best friends that now everyone felt that she was holding back.

“Qianqian, let us help you pack your luggage tomorrow.” Her another friend, Qi Yu, who was sitting opposite Yu Qian, said, “You can’t pack well by yourself.”



Yu Qian said goodbye to her three friends and walked home with a smile on her face.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw her mother sitting in the living room on the phone, with a serious look on her face.

Yu Qian sat down next to her mother with a big smile on her face. It’s so good that after those long five years, she can finally see her mother again. She can be a child with a mother again.

“Qian Qian, mom will go out later. Auntie will come to cook dinner. You must have dinner at night, did you hear me?”

After Wang Hui finished the phone call, she turned to look at Yu Qian with a serious tone.

Wang Hui was very surprised by Yu Qian’s transformation in the past few days, but she was used to being serious, and for a while she didn’t know how to treat Yu Qian, who suddenly became obedient.

“I know Mom, you have to remember to eat at night, don’t go hungry.”

Yu Qian replied very obediently. She sighed a little in her heart. It really was a amazing feeling. Before, she would only feel that her mother was annoying and would only argue. But now, she could feel her mother’s serious concern.

Wang Hui cared about Yu Qian with a few more words, and hurried out the door.

Yu Qian kept watching her mother get into the car, and then she looked back at the small black and white spotted dog that had been spinning around her feet.

“Bai Bai, the day after tomorrow we are going to our new home.” Yu Qian reached out and touched Bai Bai’s head.

Bai Bai was still a small puppy when he was brought home, two years after her mother died. It was born from her previous dog , DaBai.

DaBai had been with her for fourteen years, but one morning in the second month when BaiBai was born, she never woke up again.

Only then did she know why Dabai, who was never seen with other dogs, suddenly brought back a puppy from outside and was willing to keep him by her side.

Da Bai is entrusting the orphan, BaiBai to her. Dabai knew that she was going to die, so she entrusted Baibai to her.

Unfortunately, in this book, Da Bai is still dead. Even though she still misses Da Bai, but he died of old age, so she really has no regrets.

Perhaps because of this reason, Wang Jiajia only mentioned BaiBai in the book.

After playing with the dog for a while, Yu Qian went upstairs to sleep after eating the dinner made by her aunt. Before going to bed, she devotedly worshipped the gods and… Wang Jiajia.

She is really not cursing her friend, just out of respect for the author, I hope this really is not a dream, even if it is a dream, please let her finish it.


T/N:- I started editing the chapters again, I found that the updates are moved out from NU but I will also try to solve the problem as fast as possible , so please bare for the time being , update will be a bit slow as I will be updating and editing the rest chapters in the process.


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Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021-12-15 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Qian entered a novel written for her by her best friend. However, she is not the heroine, but a drag bottle who married her mother to the Male lead's house . Yu Qian said that none of these matters! The important thing is that in the book, her mother is still alive, and she has finally become a child with a mother again! All her life, she just wants to have a good mother and daughter relationship , and occasionally watch the male and female protagonists fall in love, which is simply beautiful. But then—

Who, aren't you a good brother to the male protagonist? Why are you sticking to me? What? You like me? What? You want to marry me ? Damn it! You stole my household registration book! ! !


  1. Just a passerby says:

    [ Translator’s Note ] I have read this novel in MTL and had the sudden urge to translate it . Tbh I recommend it , if you prefer Rebirth genre along with fluff and cute couples and characters with a twist of fun , comedy and humour . It’s the one for you !

    Let’s dive into the journey with Yu Qian !

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