DFSRA- Chapter 45



    The fact that Mr. Jian changed from a macho alpha to a delicate omega caused a little shock and curiosity at the Chuangshi headquarters.

    However, day by day, everyone found out that Mr. Jian, who no longer concealed his gender, seemed to be more gentle and approachable than before, and the curiosity of the group employees gradually faded.

    Now their daily routine becomes watching the show of affection between President Jian and Mrs. Jian, guessing whether Mr. Jian will pick up Mrs. Jian today or whether the Mrs. Jian will come to pick up Mr. Jian.

    Originally, they were just as curious as everyone else about what kind of person would marry President Jian. Later, after seeing Qiao Mo, they felt that there might be no more suitable alpha for President Jian than Professor Qiao.

    Maybe only a person like Professor Qiao has the kind of magic and charm to soften the iceberg like President Jian.

    So the Chuangshi’s decline in productivity that others guessed did not happen. On the contrary, because of their daily sugar intake, the employees of Chuangshi Group became more motivated, and they spontaneously formed the support group of the President and his wife who were throwing dog-food everywhere.

    After all, after having a competent and fair boss like Mr. Jian, they will only be crazy if they want to change jobs, and it seems that Mr. Jian is still wise and impartial even after his marriage, and there are no mistakes that an omega might make as others say. Because of which they will not be easily dug away [1]Here ‘dug away’ refers to the poaching of employees by rival companies..

    So no matter how angrily Jian Luozhi’s father jumped around, there was no way to stop Jian Luozhi from walking steadily and making Chuangshi bigger and bigger. In the end, nobody remembered him as the old boss at all.

    “Jian Luozhi, sometimes I really envy you.”

    In a cozy bar, Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo pushed open the door and came to a dining table. Ouyang Ming stepped forward and led the two to the dining table as Bai Yueguang immediately began to feel bad for herself seeing Jian Luozhi.

    “You don’t know, no matter how much I do, my dad won’t take it seriously. He also said that even if we are all omegas, there’s only one of you, so let me not be delusional and give birth to thoughts that I shouldn’t have.”

    In front of the hotel, Jian Luozhi’s remarks to the reporter caused a huge shock to the omegas.

    Although today’s modern society is a civilized society, and there are already some omegas who are dissatisfied with the status quo and are fighting for their own interests. For them, Jian Luozhi’s words are tantamount to a huge support, and Bai Yueguang was a little unwilling because of this.

    Jian Luozhi smiled lightly, “It’s not something that can be done in a day. The reason why I succeeded is because I caught them off guard.”

    Bai Yueguang gloomily took a sip of wine.

    Seeing that she was about to drink again, Ouyang Ming hurriedly stretched out his hand and took away her wine glass, “Okay, Yue, don’t be depressed. It’s not a big deal. I’ll start a business with you, and I’ll invest all my money in you.”

    Bai Yueguang rolled her eyes, “Are you looking down on me, why will I need your money? I’m just not reconciled, we are the children of the same Bai family, just because I’m an omega, I am excluded from the right of inheritance.”

    Seeing the interaction between the two, Jian Luozhi was a little surprised, “Are you two together?”

    “That’s right.” Bai Yueguang, “Without the right of inheritance, can’t I even be in charge of my own marriage? I don’t care now, what about being an omega, I can be with whomever I want, and I don’t have to find an alpha..”

    Ouyang Ming held Bai Yueguang’s palm, “Ayue has also sacrificed a lot for me, but it is you who shocked me the most, Lao Jian.”

    Jian Luozhi held the glass and did not speak, but a smile flashed across his eyes. He was very happy that his two old classmates could get married.

    Ouyang Ming and Bai Yueguang were startled when they saw Jian Luozhi’s expression, as Bai Yueguang softly said, “Aluo, you have changed a lot now.”

    Jian Luozhi looked up at her, “Really?”

    Bai Yueguang said, “You didn’t notice it yourself…”

    Without waiting for Bai Yueguang to say anything, Qiao Mo, who had been sitting quietly beside Jian Luozhi, coughed lightly, glanced at Bai Yueguang alertly, and calmly moved towards Jian Luozhi, “Luoluo, this is your favorite shrimp, try it.”

    Seeing that, Bai Yueguang and Ou Yangming couldn’t help laughing. Bai Yueguang even jokingly said, “Qiao Mo, didn’t you say before that you were not interested in Aluo, and you planned to give him to me?”

    Qiao Mo couldn’t help but snort, “That was the past, he is now a married man, you cannot make fun of him casually.”

    Bai Yueguang snorted, “Some alphas are really scary, they can even get jealousy of omega friends. Amin, fortunately you are not such a person. Jian Luozhi, you are too tightly controlled by your alpha.”

    Qiao Mo grabbed Jian Luozhi’s hand and said, “He is happy with me and you don’t have to care about the matter between us husband and wife.”

    Hearing that, everyone suddenly laughed. Ouyang Ming couldn’t help but say, “Ayue, Qiao Mo is still remembers your marriage with Lao Jian.”

    Jian Luozhi’s eyes were warm and gentle, staring at Qiao Mo with a smile.

    Bai Yueguang and Ou Yangming both showed expressions that they couldn’t bear to look at them directly.

    Just when everyone was joking, Jian Luozhi’s lips just touched the shrimps sent by Qiao Mo, when he suddenly frowned and couldn’t help but retch.

    Jian Luozhi’s appearance frightened everyone, and they immediately gathered around, Qiao Mo’s voice sounded even more nervous, “Luoluo, what’s wrong with you, I’ll take you to the hospital…”

    Jian Luozhi waved his hand, “I’m fine, maybe I forgot to eat breakfast in the morning, so I got nauseous.”

    Qiao Mo was a little angry as well as worried, “Before I left, I had put the bread and milk in the steamer to warm up, don’t be lazy next time.”

    When Qiao Mo told the details of their relationship, Jian Luozhi blushed a little.

    Bai Yueguang stared at Jian Luozhi for a while, and then suddenly said, “You two have been together for so long, Jian Luozhi, are you not using contraception?”

    After Bai Yueguang’s words sounded, Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo were both stunned, and Jian Luozhi’s ears were even more red.

    There was no need for the two of them to say anything else, Bai Yueguang looked at the ignorant novice couple speechlessly, “Go to the hospital to check. Jian Luozhi, maybe you are going to be a father.”

    “I-I’m going to be a mother?”

    Unexpectedly, it was not Jian Luozhi but Qiao Mo who reacted first. When she heard Bai Yueguang’s words, Qiao Mo stood up first and looked at Jian Luozhi excitedly and nervously.

    Jian Luozhi turned his face away slightly, “It’s just a guess that hasn’t been confirmed yet. What are you so excited about?”

    However, Qiao Mo just grinned stupidly, and everyone at the table looking at her couldn’t help but laugh.

    Qiao Mo, who had dedicated her life to the pineal gland jammer in her previous life, never imagined the current situation, where a man had conceived a child for her.

    “I’m going to have a family again, Luoluo, you said that you are going to give me a family.”

    Jian Luozhi raised his eyes and stared at Qiao Mo’s smiling face, his heart melted immediately, and he also couldn’t help showing a smile.

    Since it has developed to the current situation, it is natural that this meal cannot be eaten. Bai Yueguang and Ouyang Ming bid farewell to them, and then told Jian Luozhi to take some precautions.

    Qiao Mo took Jian Luozhi’s hand and was about to rush towards the hospital, but Jian Luozhi didn’t go to the hospital, but made a phone call and made an appointment with the family doctor directly.

    Soon the results of the family doctor’s test came out, and Jian Luozhi was indeed pregnant.

    The family doctor left a bunch of instructions, which made Jian Luozhi frown, but Qiao Mo was even more nervous than him.

    Jian Luozhi held the nervous Qiao Mo’s hand, “I am just pregnant, it’s not a big deal.”

    “Why is it not a big deal?” Qiao Mo couldn’t help raising her voice, then she slammed into Jian Luozhi’s arms, and muttered in his ear, “I’m just too happy and worried.”

    When she was on Earth, Qiao Mo has seen many videos of childbirth. At that time, Professor Qiao had made up her mind that even if she got married, she would not have children, because the childbirth process was too terrible. Now that Jian Luozhi is pregnant with her child, how could Qiao Mo not be worried when she thought of those videos and texts she had seen.

    Qiao Mo’s nervousness made Jian Luozhi stunned for a moment. Originally, Jian Luozhi couldn’t accept that he was pregnant, but Qiao Mo’s reaction made him unable to help but comfort Qiao Mo.

    “It’ll be all right.”

    However, as time passed, Jian Luozhi began to show strong pregnancy symptoms, immediately slapping himself in the face.

    He started vomiting as soon as he ate, and lost a lot of weight, though he looked more handsome. As the months were not long, his stomach was not yet showing, so he still looked in good shape. He was even teased by his friend about whether he wanted to join any omega bodybuilding classes.

    However, Qiao Mo was so anxious that she studied recipes every day and tried every means to make Jian Luozhi eat more.

    After finally getting through the initial pregnancy stage, Jian Luozhi’s hands and feet began to swell, and his stomach also began to show his pregnancy. His original clothes and shoes could not be worn, so he had to buy new ones.

    Qiao Mo was so distressed that she massaged Jian Luozhi every night, trying to relieve his pain.

    They finally made it to the day of labor, and when Jian Luozhi was pushed into the ward, Qiao Mo insisted on going to the delivery room to accompany him. As she heard Jian Luozhi crying in pain, her eyes reddened.

    The doctors and nurses next to her were laughing at Qiao Mo, saying that the omega didn’t cry, but Qiao Mo, the mother of the child cried first, she really was a good wife who loved her husband.

    But Qiao Mo couldn’t feel happy listening to these comforts, because the delivery process was so painful that even someone like Jian Luozhi cried out in pain.

    Seeing her, Jian Luozhi struggled to hold Qiao Mo’s hand and gave her a comforting smile, “It’s okay. For Momo, I’m very happy.”

    Looking at Jian Luozhi’s thin and pale face, Qiao Mo finally couldn’t help choking up, “Luoluo, we don’t want it anymore, I don’t want children anymore, I have you, it’s enough. You don’t know how scared I am.”

    The medical staff all laughed kindly. Jian Luozhi looked at the pair of lovely children and Qiao Mo, who was crying for him, and felt his heart soften into a puddle of water. All the hardships and sorrows before seemed to become insignificant at this moment.

    They have a pair of lovely children, the boy is the older brother and an omega, and the girl is the younger sister and an alpha.

    One is Jian Xin and the other is Qiao An.

    Jian Luozhi was lying on the delivery bed weakly. Qiao Mo looked down at the child, and couldn’t help poking his face, as she whispered to Jian Luozhi, “Luoluo, I have good news for you. The research and development product that I told you about which can prevent the susceptible period has been developed, but in fact it cannot be regarded as preventing the susceptible period. It can only be said that it will no longer make omegas disturbed by the susceptible period. Though people can still smell each other’s pheromones and become emotional because of them.”

    “Luoluo, this is a gift from me, a gift to our children, and a gift to many people in this world, do you like it?”

    Jian Luozhi raised his eyes and looked at Qiao Mo. He looked at this lover who had gone through two lives, was used to seeing countless wars and sufferings, but still had a pure heart. He held Qiao Mo’s hand and smiled, and replied softly, “Okay, I will distribute this medicine as a free supplementary medicine. This is what I promised to give my sister, a better world.”

    Their eyes met as they laughed together.

    The happiest thing in this world is not only having each other, but also having their hearts close to each other.

    They are the closest and most familiar soul lovers.


T/N: And here we are, at the end, after completing the journey of almost 160 days. Hope everyone enjoyed reading the novel. This is actually my first ever fully translated work and was the 2nd novel I was working on (the first being TVVSH which is still ongoing).

A very big thank you to Author-sama for writing this wonderful piece of art and to all my dear readers who have been with me in this journey of DFSRA (and of course to the future readers).

I would especially like to thank my supporters who supported me on Ko-fi, as every cup of ☕ was a huge dose of motivation for me to keep going.




1 Here ‘dug away’ refers to the poaching of employees by rival companies.
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Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O

Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese

   Forever dedicated to the laboratory, Qiao Mo, who had exhausted her mental power and died, transmigrated into the female supporting role of a sadomasochistic novel. That female supporting role is vain, superficial and stupid, whom everyone hates.

       The female supporting role counterattack system that got bounded to Qiao Mo encouraged her, “Host, it’s time to prove that you have the legendary transmigrator halo, become a successful female supporting role in your career and love, and reach the pinnacle of your life. You can do it.”

       Lying on the luxurious big bed, counting the several months salary while eating seafood freshly transported by air, Qiao Mo said, “I don’t want to work hard anymore. People get teeth problems when they are old, and soft rice is still the most delicious.”

       Seeing that Bai Yueguang was about to return to China, the system urged Qiao Mo, “Host, using the training volume ‘Little Three Substitute Training Volume' will allow you to crush Bai Yueguang in all directions and become Mrs. Jian who is envied by everyone.”

      Qiao Mo, “I am a very delicate person, so you should enjoy this training volume yourself.”

      Bai Yueguang finally returned to China, and Qiao Mo planned to take the opportunity to ask for a sum of hush money, so that she could happily retire.

      Unexpectedly, when the door of Jian Luozhi’s room was pushed open, a strong fragrance assaulted her face, and Qiao Mo was immediately stunned.

    Something seems wrong???

    This turned out to be a world of abo. The boss, Jian Luozhi was actually a weak omega, and she was actually an alpha!

    Jian Luozhi always acted resolutely and was steadfast. He was indifferent towards everything, and everyone in the business world was afraid of him. He did not match the image of an omega at all, so no one ever doubted his identity.

    Until that day when his pheromones got out of control, and Qiao Mo rashly pushed open the door.

    Looking at the alpha who pretended to be a pure, innocent, docile and well-behaved omega at the door, Jian Luozhi closed his eyes and sneered, he had miscalculated.

    No matter what the intention of this alpha disguised as a omega is, Jian Luozhi had the confidence to control the other party.

    Jian Luozhi never imagined that a long time later, he would take omega bridal courses for Qiao Mo and learn how to grow flowers and even cook.

    In order to please Qiao Mo, he will secretly ask other omega wives for tricks.

    Because he was worried that he was not a good omega, he tried to learn each and every art that a omega should know, trying to become the perfect omega that could attract Qiao Mo.

[A delicate and beautiful salted fish FL X A fake gaoling flower ML yearning for love] Ps: Female A, Male O, no counterattack, no female attacking boys Eating soft rice means that person is relying on someone to feed him/ in short a kept person A salted fish is a metaphor for a person who has no intension of doing anything. A gaoling flower is a metaphor for a cool handsome/ pretty guy out of reach to ordinary/most people.  


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