DFSRA Chapter 8

Mr. Jian, You Are Here

Ch. 08 Mr. Jian, You Are Here

    There were at least seven or eight people on the other side, looking quite menacing.

    During this time in the morning, there were very few pedestrians on the road. Two or three of these people were standing side by side and blocking the eyes of people, while the others approached Qiao Mo and Su Shu in a make a semi-circle around them.

    The other party had a lot of people, and Qiao Mo’s pair of two little girls looked very weak in comparison.

    At least, Su Shu was already scared witless. Looking at those people nervously, she sneaked out her mobile phone and wanted to call for help.

    The person in the lead had sharp eyes and said while grinning at Su Shu, “Little sister, believe it or not, before you make the call, my brothers will do it for you first.”

    Su Shu’s face turned pale instantly.

    The atmosphere in the alley was about to explode, when an alpha’s aggressive pheromone suddenly rushed out, making the atmosphere even more oppressive.

    Su Shu was just an ordinary female omega, and she was already shaking under the attack of the pheromones.

    Qiao Mo glanced at Su Shu, stepped forward to stand in front of her, and said lazily, “If you have anything to say, just talk about it. Looking at this, it seems that you are only capable of scaring others?”

    “Okay, Qiao Mo, you have got guys. You dare to yell at us, but still want to act as a hero saving the beauty, right?”

    The scarred-faced man who took the lead said in a fierce tone, but inwardly he was a little surprised.

    This girl, Qiao Mo, was obviously a coward. Since when did she become so courageous, daring to yell at them?

    And some time ago, she dared to not give them money, causing them to wait like an idiots for hours.

    Qiao Mo didn’t respond to the scar-faced man’s words, she suddenly remembered something, and asked instead, “Are you the ones who sent me a message some time ago?”

     Seeing that she was taking the initiative to mention the money, he was relieved in his heart. He squinted his eyes and looked at Qiao Mo, “Yes, you finally remembered it. Didn’t you know that you have yet to pay us compensation”

    “It’s just a hundred thousand yuan. Well, we don’t want you to go to the bank to withdraw money, just scan the code and transfer it.”

    Seeing the familiar QR code, Qiao Mo sighed in her heart.

    When she was shopping online before, she had felt that this world was really similar to the earth before the Zerg invasion. If it wasn’t for the subtle discomfort in her heart, Qiao Mo would have really thought that she had returned to the past.

    She tilted her head and thought for a while, then Qiao Mo smiled at the scarred-faced man, and waved at him.

    The scar-faced man was stunned by that smile, thinking that Qiao Mo was still that weak rabbit from before.

    The scar-faced man just thought Qiao Mo was scared, so he walked up to Qiao Mo and stretched out his mobile phone, waiting for Qiao Mo to scan the code, but only until for Qiao Mo kick him hard.

    He jumped up from the ground and glared at Qiao Mo fiercely, “You are courting death.”

    Qiao Mo smiled, looking extraordinarily pure and harmless, showing her front teeth, “You want money, but I have an iron fist. Do you want it?”

    The scar-faced man instantly became angry, and he turned to look at his brothers as if to signal them. After seeing that look all of them immediately rushed over, and seven or eight alpha pheromones rushed towards Qiao Mo, pressing on her like a boulder.

    Qiao Mo felt the fluctuation of the pheromone, and slightly stepped sideways to avoid the attack, and the next second a more powerful pressure attacked the scar-faced man and his lackeys.

     In fact, when these people appeared, Qiao Mo had already felt strange, as she had actually sensed mental power from these thug like looking men.

    So she deliberately angered these people, just to see what the mental power of these people was, and whether it was the main reason why this world was different from the pre-apocalyptic earth.

    Besides, Qiao Mo also wanted to know what the secrets they were talking about.

    Qiao Mo increased the release of her mental power, and at the same time remained beware of the physical attacks from those men.

    However, something unexpected happened, as those people did not continue to besiege them.

    When Qiao Mo released her mental power, the group of thugs fell on the ground with a snap, their faces flushed red, and looking as though they were experiencing some great pain.

    The scarred-faced man at the head pointed at Qiao Mo and scolded her with an expression as if he was about to vomit blood, “Okay, Qiao Mo, you are so cruel. I telling you, since you don’t want the thing, I am just going to throw that thing down the drain and won’t give it to you. You can just wait for your patron to find out the truth!”

    “Let’s go!”

    Before Qiao Mo could say anything else, these gangsters disappeared instantly, almost the same way they appeared, it’s just that, they went away while supporting each other.

    Qiao Mo: “???”

    They ran quite fast.

    Wait, why are you running away? I haven’t asked you yet.

    Behind her, Su Shu burst out laughing, breaking Qiao Mo’s embarrassment of being speechless, “Qiao Mo, you are amazing.”

    Qiao Mo is so strong, but she is not the least bit arrogant as those stinky alphas. Now her favorability for Qiao Mo is very high, especially after guessing Qiao Mo’s sexuality, and being friends with Qiao Mo is also very safe.

    “It’s okay.”

    Qiao Mo rubbed the tip of her ear awkwardly. She really didn’t expect the other party to be such a waste.

    After such a incident, the two of them were no longer in the mood to drink milk tea, and chose to go directly to the school to listen to the lecture.

    The lecture was quite interesting. A top biology professor gave some ideas about gene research and it’s development.

    Qiao Mo had led a team to make a pineal gland jammer in the laboratory during her previous life, and her research was in the direction of genes and their development, so she was very interested in the content of the biology professor’s speech.

    It’s just that the professor used a lot of proper nouns that she was not familiar with during his speech. Qiao Mo really didn’t understand it, guessing that it might have something to do with the material composition of this world.

     Therefore, Qiao Mo asked the professor a few questions that she had doubts about.

    After discussing with Qiao Mo, the biology professor’s eyes lit up, “Which major are you, and are you interested in doing research under me in the future?

    Even after doing research for her whole life, after hearing the professor’s words, Qiao Mo’s heart moved.

    But in the end, she smiled politely and said, “Thank you for the invitation, professor. But I would like to wait, and see how the situation goes later on.”

    “Okay then.”

    The biology professor felt a little regretful, but he did not force her, but he still left her his business card and told Qiao Mo that she can come to him if she changed her mind.

    After the lecture, Qiao Mo and Su Shu were about to leave the amphitheater to go out for a walk, when two men and a woman came towards them.

     The young man at the head was gentle and delicate, wearing a clean shirt, as he generously stretched out his hand towards Qiao Mo, “Hello, junior, I’m Ke Mo, a first-year graduate student in the Department of Biology, can we be friends?”

    Qiao Mo was not a person who liked to be alone. She wanted to make more friends of the same age, so she did not refuse to shake hands with each other.

    Ke Mo smiled slightly, his smile was clean, and his temperament was also very comfortable and a bit bookish, “I just heard the issue you discussed with the professor, and it was very insightful. I am also working under Professor Wang, and I couldn’t help but feel itchy while thinking about it. So I wanted to talk with shimei [1]A female Junior.”

    The person next to Ke Mo said in a loud voice, “Senior Ke Mo is Professor Wang’s favorite student.”

    “Yes, Senior Ke Mo has made great achievements in research and is crazy about it. Well, we are all led by Senior Ke Mo, shimei, what you said then was very amazing, so you and Senior Ke Mo must have a common language.”

    Now that they have already spoken so much, Qiao Mo could not refuse. So, Ke Mo took the initiative to say, “I know a café next to the university, and it’s pretty quiet inside. Let’s talk there.”

    The group had no objection and went to the café that Ke Mo told about together.

    While walking on the road, Su Shu winked at Qiao Mo, “Momo’s charm is really great. I had also heard about Ke Mo’s fame at the University, and he is also one of the top students of the University

     She was very familiar with the gossips. After all, when she was studying, everything was the same as this world. She slapped Su Shu’s shoulder abruptly, “What are you talking about, it’s obviously a friendly and pure academic exchange.”

    Su Shu was slapped, but she did not get angry and instead laughed. Dodging Qiao Mo’s hand, she said, “I understand, I understand.”

    After all, engaging in AA and OO romance are both taboo romances that need to be covered.

    But Qiao Mo’s pheromones are very weird. Did she use any special restraint stickers? Except when she fights with people, will they burst out. Usually, one can’t detect the other party’s pheromones at all. It’s quite strange.

    However, thinking of the terrifying pheromone that Qiao Mo revealed during the fight, Su Shu had some understanding. It should be because Qiao Mo was afraid of scaring her dream alpha, so she deliberately did not reveal her pheromones.

    In the café, everyone was talking very happily. Qiao Mo also talked freely about the questions raised by Ke Mo.

    Hearing Qiao Mo’s opinion on the problems, Ke Mo’s eyes became more and more soft. He stared at the girl’s delicate face that seemed to emit light, and his body involuntarily leaned towards Qiao Mo’s side.

    Su Shu and the two students brought by Ke Mo looked at each other, and they smiled. One of the girls secretly took pictures of Qiao Mo and Ke Mo, and posted it on the forum, ‘Witness the greatness between the scholars.’ ‘Friendship (/Love)’ begins”.

    Just as everyone was laughing, Qiao Mo’s cell phone rang, and Jian Luozhi’s voice was heard, “Qiao Mo, I have arrived at Xicheng University. Send me your location.”

    Qiao Mo only then remembered that Jian Luozhi had told her about it. After sending a message saying that she is not at the University, Qiao Mo immediately sent her location.

    The sound of the phone interrupted everyone’s communication. Several people looked at Qiao Mo inquiringly. Ke Mo, who heard Jian Luozhi’s voice, asked calmly, “Is that your brother?”


    The question stumped Qiao Mo. What should she say about the relationship between her and Jian Luozhi? After thinking about it, Qiao Mo smiled and simply replied, “It’s my boss.”

    Su Shu was also a little surprised, “Momo, do you have a part-time job outside? What is your boss doing here?”

    Qiao Mo was also a little curious about what was so important that made Jian Luozhi directly come here, “The boss said that he would come to pick me up, so I might have to leave early.”

    Her answer was too ambiguous and subtle, causing the several people present to suddenly look at each other, as their expressions became a little strange.

    At this moment, the wind bell at the entrance of the coffee shop rang. A gust of wind blew in from the half-opened door, and a tall and handsome man in a black slim trench coat walked towards Qiao Mo’s table.

    The man’s appearance was very magnificent, and his aura was also very strong, his irises were pitch black, and they were so deep that if one wasn’t careful, they would fall in it forever, never to jump out again. Those people suddenly sat upright involuntarily, no longer as active before.

    Seeing the person coming, Qiao Mo stood up happily, “Mr. Jian, you are here.”





1 A female Junior
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Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O

Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese

   Forever dedicated to the laboratory, Qiao Mo, who had exhausted her mental power and died, transmigrated into the female supporting role of a sadomasochistic novel. That female supporting role is vain, superficial and stupid, whom everyone hates.

       The female supporting role counterattack system that got bounded to Qiao Mo encouraged her, “Host, it’s time to prove that you have the legendary transmigrator halo, become a successful female supporting role in your career and love, and reach the pinnacle of your life. You can do it.”

       Lying on the luxurious big bed, counting the several months salary while eating seafood freshly transported by air, Qiao Mo said, “I don’t want to work hard anymore. People get teeth problems when they are old, and soft rice is still the most delicious.”

       Seeing that Bai Yueguang was about to return to China, the system urged Qiao Mo, “Host, using the training volume ‘Little Three Substitute Training Volume' will allow you to crush Bai Yueguang in all directions and become Mrs. Jian who is envied by everyone.”

      Qiao Mo, “I am a very delicate person, so you should enjoy this training volume yourself.”

      Bai Yueguang finally returned to China, and Qiao Mo planned to take the opportunity to ask for a sum of hush money, so that she could happily retire.

      Unexpectedly, when the door of Jian Luozhi’s room was pushed open, a strong fragrance assaulted her face, and Qiao Mo was immediately stunned.

    Something seems wrong???

    This turned out to be a world of abo. The boss, Jian Luozhi was actually a weak omega, and she was actually an alpha!

    Jian Luozhi always acted resolutely and was steadfast. He was indifferent towards everything, and everyone in the business world was afraid of him. He did not match the image of an omega at all, so no one ever doubted his identity.

    Until that day when his pheromones got out of control, and Qiao Mo rashly pushed open the door.

    Looking at the alpha who pretended to be a pure, innocent, docile and well-behaved omega at the door, Jian Luozhi closed his eyes and sneered, he had miscalculated.

    No matter what the intention of this alpha disguised as a omega is, Jian Luozhi had the confidence to control the other party.

    Jian Luozhi never imagined that a long time later, he would take omega bridal courses for Qiao Mo and learn how to grow flowers and even cook.

    In order to please Qiao Mo, he will secretly ask other omega wives for tricks.

    Because he was worried that he was not a good omega, he tried to learn each and every art that a omega should know, trying to become the perfect omega that could attract Qiao Mo.

[A delicate and beautiful salted fish FL X A fake gaoling flower ML yearning for love] Ps: Female A, Male O, no counterattack, no female attacking boys Eating soft rice means that person is relying on someone to feed him/ in short a kept person A salted fish is a metaphor for a person who has no intension of doing anything. A gaoling flower is a metaphor for a cool handsome/ pretty guy out of reach to ordinary/most people.  


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