DFSRA Chapter 5

Ch. 05 Crying? He is so fragile?

    Hearing the familiar voice, Qiao Mo was stunned, and then the smart voice-activated lights of the villa turned on completely under Jian Luozhi’s operation.

    The living room instantly became brightly lit, and the bright lights illuminated every corner of the living room of the villa, and also fell on Jian Luozhi, revealing his black eyes full of anger and his pale skin.

    Jian Luozhi was pressed to the ground by Qiao Mo. The couture suit, which had always been neat and tidy, became wrinkled due to the impact of the external force. His skin was looking even paler.

    Qiao Mo had instinctively counterattacked, and used quite a bit of force. Jian Luozhi was pressed to the ground by Qiao Mo, his hands were clipped behind his back, and Qiao Mo was sitting on his waist.

    If it wasn’t for Jian Luozhi’s voice in time, Qiao Mo would have already tied both of his hands behind his back by ripping apart a cloth piece from her skirt.

    “Mr. Jian, why are you here?”

    Qiao Mo was also a little surprised when she saw Jian Luozhi with anger burning in his eyes.

    What she wanted to ask was why was he sitting alone here in the dark, won’t he accidentally get injured by not turning on the lights.

    However, she didn’t know what was going on at the moment, maybe the lights above her head were too dazzling, or maybe because it’s late at night that can lead to strange thoughts, Qiao Mo felt that the current situation was a bit strange.

    Previously, she and Jian Luozhi, the male protagonist, had only briefly met and had a conversation once. She only felt that Jian Luozhi was worthy of being the male protagonist.

    The deepest impression that the other party left on Qiao Mo was the lavish act of swiping the card at will.

    It even made Qiao Mo sigh that the male protagonist was really the son of the heaven, having power, status and wealth.

    However, in the quiet and cold villa at this time, under the bright light reflected by the crystal lamps, Qiao Mo only felt that Jian Luozhi’s skin was as tender as a freshly plucked peach, and the black eyes glowing with anger were no longer deep and indifferent, but seemed to be burning with flames.

    Jian Luozhi’s eyes are very beautiful. They are big, but their ends are long. At the end, at the corner of his eye there is a small, almost invisible mole, below the eyelid.

    The color of his pupils is very deep, but they usually don’t have any emotional ups and downs. He is as cold as the snow in the mountains, making it difficult for people to approach him.

    Now, because of his anger, his eyes looked like they were burning with fire, making his whole being come alive. The slightly curved end of his eyes have a different seductive charm, and even the black mole on his lower eyelid has a different charisma.

    His face was also vey delicate, not as sharp and handsome as Qiao Mo thought.

    When the indifference and alienation faded, Jian Luozhi’s face showed a fragile and translucent beauty instead, and even his drooping lips which were often tightly shut, were slightly open as if gasping for breath, even his lips were pink like rose petals.

    What was even more strange was that there seems to be a wonderful and indescribable fragrance on Jian Luozhi’s body. She didn’t know where it came from. Qiao Mo only smelled it twice, and there was something strange bubbling up in her heart. She couldn’t help it but want to trace the source of that fragrance.

    “Mr. Jian, which perfume do you use?”

    As a biology professor who had fought against Zerg all her life, Qiao Mo was also sensitive to these smells that can cause instinctive reactions in people. She had studied the structure of Zerg, and knew that some of the stronger Zergs could control the ones below them using their smell.

    Jian Luozhi’s face was flushed red, but hearing this, his heart sank instantly, his tone becoming cold and sharp “Get down!”

    She didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, when Jian Luozhi scolded her and turned his face away coldly, Qiao Mo always felt that the corner of Jian Luozhi’s eyes seemed to be glittering.

    Qiao Mo was dumbfounded, and stood up quickly, feeling at a loss.

    What was that at the corner of Jian Luozhi’s eyes just now, were they tears?

    She didn’t expect the male protagonist to be so vulnerable, didn’t she just accidentally misunderstand him as a thief, and then pressed him on the floor to restrain him? He was scared so much?

    After all, he was also a business man taking care of a huge business empire. He cried after being pressed down by her. What exactly happened?

    But now that she has beat her boss like this, will Jian Luozhi fire her?

    Then will the job where she can get a monthly salary of 50,000 while just lying down be gone?

    However, before Qiao Mo could think of a way to make up for her mistake, Jian Luozhi stumbled to his feet, and then walked back to the bedroom without saying a word.

    Qiao Mo eagerly wanted to apologize to him, but Jian Luozhi unceremoniously slammed the door, shutting Qiao Mo out.

    Qiao Mo lingered outside Jian Luozhi’s door for a while, and finally had to go upstairs in embarrassment.

    Forget it, now Jian Luozhi doesn’t seem to want to communicate. She is afraid that saying anything now will hurt his self-esteem, so let’s just apologize to boss Jian tomorrow.

    After all, the treatment given by Jian Luozhi was really good, and Qiao Mo really didn’t want to be fired by Jian Luozhi because of a misunderstanding.

     In the bedroom on the first floor, Jian Luozhi was leaning against the door, listening to Qiao Mo’s footsteps gradually receding, he finally couldn’t hold back, and knelt down beside the bed.

    Jian Luozhi’s face colour was alternating between white and red, his expression showing how much pain he was bearing while beads of sweat were continuously oozing, wetting his forehead.

    He bit his lip, but his dark eyes were full of watery mist, as he kept on gasping for air.

    The cold breath with a bit of sweetness unscrupulously spread in the bedroom, like a icy snow-capped mountain, with a few juicy and bright peaches a top the mountain.

    If the previous Jian Luozhi was an inaccessible abyss, pool of ice, or a snow-capped mountain with daunting ice peaks, where he was the master who controlled others.

   Then at this time, Jian Luozhi was like the snow that had melted into a pool of spring water. With every move, his eyes seemed like they were full of a fascinating poison that will make anyone willingly drown in it.

    Jian Luozhi looked at himself in the full-length mirror coldly, and a feeling of nausea welled up again from the bottom of his heart.

    Such a shameless, despicable, and only able to survive by clinging to a powerful alpha body, makes Jian Luozhi feel absolute disgust.

    As physical discomfort was getting stronger and stronger, the redder Jian Luozhi’s face was getting, and the colder his expression was becoming.

    He forcibly propped up his weak body and touched the bedside table.

    Tonight, he was sitting in the villa waiting for Qiao Mo to come back. Originally, he wanted to teach Qiao Mo a lesson. He didn’t expect that by accident, he would be mistaken by Qiao Mo as a thief, and because of Qiao Mo’s actions, the long been suppressed susceptibility period had been triggered.

    No, Qiao Mo couldn’t be blamed for this either, it’s his physique that’s so messed up that even the touch of an omega can trigger his susceptibility period.

    Jian Luozhi closed his eyes slightly, and when he opened them again, his eyes were still as charming as spring water, but the bottom of his eyes was icy cold.

    He struggled to find the injection from the bedside table and stabbed it hard against the back of his neck.

    The drug was injected into his body, and the overbearing medicinal properties instantly suppressed his susceptibility period.

    Ordinary suppressant patches and suppressants available on the market have long been useless to him. This is the medicine that his mother personally looked for a pharmacist to prepare for him.

    Not only can it suppress his omega instincts, but when mixed with other drugs, it can also help him to disguise as a powerful alpha.

    Of course, the side effects are also very obvious, that is, his susceptibility period is now completely disordered.

    After completely calming down, Jian Luozhi tiredly took a shower, and weakly laid on the bed while looking at the phone number displayed on his mobile screen.

    Thinking about the earlier incident, his heart turned cold, and he clicked on the hidden number in the list.

    It was time to make up his mind.

    This kind of out of control behavior, he doesn’t want to have it nor will allow it to have a second time.


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