DFSRA- Chapter 43

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Ch. 43 Jian Luozhi is my family

    When Jian Luozhi returned to the room, Qiao Mo had just finished washing up and put on her dress and planned to go out to find Jian Luozhi.

    Seeing that Jian Luozhi was back, she was a little surprised, “So fast?”

    Jian Luozhi raised his eyes to look at her, and a smile formed at the corner of his mouth, “I said it won’t take too long, don’t you believe it?”

    Qiao Mo looked at Jian Luozhi up and down, and did not answer Jian Luozhi’s words, but said softly, “Is there anything you want to say to me, Luoluo?”

    Jian Luozhi looked at her, his dark eyes were like an abyss that could swallow light as he smiled without any emotion, “It’s all those boring media people, they just want to make big news if they see something. I’ve already dismissed them, Momo, don’t worry.”

    Qiao Mo stared at him for a while, watching Jian Luozhi dodging and avoiding her sight, Qiao Mo smiled lightly, and took Jian Luozhi’s hand to sit at the side of the bed, “Luoluo, sit down first.”

    Jian Luozhi was dragged by Qiao Mo and sat down beside the bed. His eyes were lowered and his expression a little gloomy. He whispered, “Qiao Mo, I don’t want to…”

    Qiao Mo flicked Jian Luozhi’s forehead in anger when she heard the words, “Mr. Jian, what are you thinking of, am I this kind of person in your heart? If you see your lover uncomfortable, you have to force it on him. I remember you complained that I never took the initiative before. After taking the initiative, it’s only been one night, and you stuck another label on me.”

    Jian Luozhi felt guilty and stopped when he heard the words, “I’m sorry…”

    Qiao Mo shook her head, “I don’t want to hear you say sorry, Luoluo, close your eyes.”

    Jian Luozhi glanced at her, closed his eyes obediently, and then felt a soft hand gently lift his face, and a gentle kiss like a butterfly’s wings swept across his eyes, as if it was an angel who landed and gave him a light blessing.

    Jian Luozhi’s heart trembled slightly, and then he heard Qiao Mo’s gentle voice, “Luoluo, this is my love kiss for you. Since you don’t look happy, then I’ll kiss you, and help you drive away all your unhappiness.”

    Jian Luozhi froze all over, and then gentle and soft kisses fell on his face one by one, like an angel flapping it’s wings and softly falling on his heart, just like a gentle beam of sunlight. The faint light came in, making his dry world grow out green shoots.

    He couldn’t help but lightly pursed his lips, the corners of his eyes were a little wet, and he said in a low voice, “Qiao Mo.”

    “I’m here.”

    His gentle lover quietly responded to him. Although he didn’t open his eyes, Jian Luozhi could feel that Qiao Mo’s eyes were also falling on him gently, soothing the cold and chaotic him.

    It was as if whenever he came back, whenever he opened his mouth, Qiao Mo would stand there watching him talk to her.

    Jian Luozhi finally couldn’t help it, and stretched out his arms and hugged Qiao Mo tightly. He opened his eyes, one could see water in the bottom of his eyes.

    Qiao Mo just stared at him tenderly and tolerantly, as if she could accommodate all of his dark and unyielding ruggedness.

    He locked Qiao Mo in his arms, hugging her as if he wanted to grind her against his body and make her one with him. He buried his face beside Qiao Mo’s neck, sniffed the smell on her body, and suddenly felt as if everything, those grievances and pains buried in his heart throughout the years have been smoothed out, as if everything he once cared about in the past was as insignificant as floating dust.

    “Qiao Mo.”

    He called out to his lover in a low, hoarse voice.


    However, this time Qiao Mo couldn’t finish her words, because Jian Luozhi had already raised his head and kissed her lips, as if trying to put all of his emotions in that crazy and passionate kiss.

    Qiao Mo was slightly stunned at first, her eyes widened in surprise, but then she became quiet and let Jian Luozhi bite her lips, she just stretched out her hand and hugged Jian Luozhi back, gently stroking his soft black hair.

    While kissing her, Jian Luozhi shivered slightly in her arms, and after a while he let go, resting his chin on Qiao Mo’s shoulder and panting messily.

    Qiao Mo said warmly, “You said you wanted to give me a home, Mr. Jian, you have said it yourself. If you give me a home, then we are family. Luoluo, you are not only my omega but also my family, and my best friend. Any important thing, I hope you can share with me, be it a happy or a sad thing. I am willing to care about you, love you, protect you, and regard you as the most important part of me, but I will not force you. I’ll listen to you when you want to say it.”

    Jian Luozhi lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes trembling violently, as he whispered in Qiao Mo’s ear, “Momo, give it to me.”

    Qiao Mo paused, she didn’t say anything, but turned her face, raised Jian Luozhi’s chin, and gently kissed his lips.

    Qiao Mo’s pheromones infiltrated Jian Luozhi’s body softly but also domineeringly. Jian Luozhi trembled and cried in Qiao Mo’s arms. In the end, he seemed to holding onto that drifting wood wandering in the ocean. He grabbed Qiao Mo and let himself indulge in Qiao Mo’s pheromones, panting messily.

    In the end, Qiao Mo carried him into the bathroom to clean up. He lay on the side of the bathtub and looked up at Qiao Mo, his voice hoarse, “I’ll take you to a place later.”

    Qiao Mo didn’t ask more, just nodded slightly.

    The two quickly washed up again, and then finished breakfast in the hotel. It was almost noon, when Jian Luozhi drove Qiao Mo to a cemetery in the suburbs.

    He led Qiao Mo into the depths of the cemetery, and came to a quiet and lonely grave. There was a black-and-white photo on the tombstone. The person in it looked only ten years old.

    “She’s my sister, my biological sister, and an Omega.”

    Jian Luozhi looked down at the tombstone and whispered.

    The lonely and cold winds blew slowly from the depths making the cemetdesolate cold and desolate. Jian Luozhi’s sister lies quietly in such a cemetery, the once fresh life has long since withered, and only the tombstone remains, with a black and white photo on it.

    Qiao Mo didn’t ask any further questions, just leaned against Jian Luozhi’s side and gently held his hand.

    Jian Luozhi’s hand was very cold, so she put his hand in the palm of her hand and covered it, wanting using her own body temperature to warm the him.

    Jian Luozhi still didn’t look up, but instead just looked at the tombstone, “My mother gave birth to her after a period of time after giving birth to me. During that time, my mother was troubled by the fact that I was differentiated into an omega. Wanting to reverse my gender, she used many methods and painstaking efforts, and finally temporarily suppressed my real gender, but unfortunately, my sister also differentiated into an omega at the same time.”

    Jian Luozhi hooked his lips, as if he wanted to laugh, but there was only a hint of sarcasm in his dark eyes.

    Qiao Mo clenched his hand quietly, “Gender doesn’t mean anything, and it’s not something you can decide by yourself.”

    “Yeah.” Jian Luozhi sighed in a low voice, “I was really guilty at the time, because I didn’t meet my mother’s requirements, and because of me and my sister’s differentiation into an omega, my mother was very irritable. My sister used to get ridiculed by her at every turn but she used to ignore it, and in the end she fell in love with an alpha with a low character. That alpha abandoned her after playing with her. She was still pregnant when she died. I kept thinking, if I could have differentiated into an alpha, would everything have been different.”

    Jian Luozhi has been thinking about this issue for many years. Whenever he sees the photo on his sister’s tombstone, he can’t help but think back, if he had differentiated into an alpha according to his mother’s expectations, would his mother treat his sister a little better? Would she be more patient and caring towards his sister, would he not have to worry about his gender exposure, or would he be more capable and treat his sister better so that her best age wouldn’t have withered away in this cold grave.

    “Don’t think about it.” Qiao Mo reached out and hugged Jian Luozhi, her eyes were full of gentleness as she stared at him, “There is no if in this world, instead we should look forward.”

    Jian Luozhi did not speak.

    Qiao Mo whispered in his ear, “If you feel that there is injustice in this world, then do your best to change it.”

    Jian Luozhi raised his eyes to look at her, and Qiao Mo said gently, “Luoluo, do you know that there is a legend in the place where I once lived, that there is a place like the underworld in the world, and whenever a person dies, his or her pure soul will enter the underworld, and that pure soul will soon be reborn and live in a better world.”

    “Maybe your sister has already returned to this world now, but you don’t know where she is, but no matter who she is now, we can all work hard to make this world a better place to live. Become a world without discrimination and harm, and let her come back to live in such a world.”

    Jian Luozhi’s eyelashes trembled.

    Qiao Mo held his hand, and smiled lightly, but her eyes were firm, “Luoluo, you are so good, I believe you can do it, work hard to change this world, and also work hard to give your sister a beautiful future.”

    After hearing her, Jian Luozhi dashed into Qiao Mo’s arms, and Qiao Mo’s shoulders were soaked wet after a while, as his hot tears fell on her shoulders.

    Qiao Mo hugged him quietly, letting him pour out the sadness buried in his heart.

    They stood quietly in front of his sister’s grave for a while. Jian Luozhi put down the chrysanthemum in his hand, and finally said goodbye to his sister softly, “Sister, goodbye.”

    He said goodbye to his sister and to the past.

    As Qiao Mo said, he will try his best to provide a better world for his sister.

    They walked out of the cemetery holding hands.

    The cold late autumn wind blew, and the outside of the cemetery was quiet as usual. Walking on such a small road, neither of the two spoke, but their hearts were already close to each other.

    Just as they were walking towards the parking spot, the eldest lady in a long black dress came out, as she looked at Jian Luozhi angrily, and coldly said, “I called you several times, didn’t you see it?”

    Of course Jian Luozhi didn’t see it, because he came here to see his deceased sister, so naturally it was impossible for him to let the phone’s ringtone disturb the calm surrounding his sister.

    Seeing that Jian Luozhi didn’t speak, the eldest lady’s expression became even more angry, her sharp eyes swept across the hands held together and she roared with suppressed anger, “You are still with this wild alpha, and even came here together. Jian Luozhi, you disappointed me so much. Come here and follow me now.”

    However, neither Qiao Mo nor Jian Luozhi responded to the eldest wife.

    The eldest wife was so angry that she raised her hand, as if she wanted to slap him and scolded, “Do you know who you are now, you are the person in charge of Chuangshi, everyone’s eyes are on you now, and you are still playing along with this wild alpha, can’t you change your omega’s inferior nature in your bones?”

    “When are you going to do the surgery, you don’t really want to be an omega who gets married and has children? Are you worthy of my hard work for so many years, Jian Luozhi, since you choose to expose your omega identity, then you can no longer do things that other ordinary omegas can’t do, and till now, you have been even more ruthless and heartless than other alphas, do you understand?”

    Jian Luozhi just raised his eyes and stared at the eldest wife coldly.

    After so many years, his mother still refuses to admit his omega gender, and still feels angry and ashamed that he is an omega.

    In the past, he just didn’t want to entangle with the eldest wife, because after the death of his sister, the only person by his side was the eldest wife, and she really did her best for him.

    But now Jian Luozhi knew that his mother never regarded him as her child, but only as a tool.

    He didn’t want to respond to the other party’s unreasonable requests any more.

    Jian Luozhi’s expression stung the eldest wife’s eyes, and she suddenly felt as if something had slipped away from her palms, and she was flustered, and because of the fluster, her voice became more and more sharp, “Okay, Jian Luozhi, you have now hardened your wings. You don’t even care about your own mother, do you think those alphas will like omegas like you? It’s just because of the huge financial resources behind you. They are just playing a round with you for your money. When you…”


    The eldest wife’s slap didn’t fall on Jian Luozhi. Qiao Mo directly raised her hand and grabbed her wrist. Qiao Mo, who had always been gentle and pure and looked very weak, lifted her face and looked directly at the eldest wife with sharp eyes, “There are many kinds of mothers in this world, and you, eldest wife, you are the one who is the least worthy of being a mother.”

    The eldest wife blushed, “Who are you, a person whose identity can never see the light of the day…”

    Qiao Mo smiled coldly, “I am your son’s lover, and I am also his family from now on. You have no right to humiliate Jian Luozhi like this. I finally understand where Jian Luozhi’s thoughts came from. Mrs. Jian, If you don’t treat Jian Luozhi as your family, then you should stay away from him. Luoluo is a soft-hearted person, and he will not forget about you in glory, wealth, and honor, but if you dare to treat him like this again, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

    The eldest wife and Qiao Mo looked at each other. This petite alpha girl from a humble background was not as tall as her, but when she held her wrist and stared at her, she gave the eldest wife a feeling of being looked down upon and despised, as if she, in her eyes, was just a speck of dust. The overwhelming aura made the eldest wife blush, but she couldn’t shake off Qiao Mo’s restraint.

    “He’s my son!”

    Qiao Mo smiled, “From now on, he is my omega, but our relationship is by no means as dirty as you say. He is my soul mate, my heart-to-heart lover, and even more so to me, a person, whom I will always respect.”

    Jian Luozhi’s icy eyes flashed, and before Qiao Mo could speak again, he looked at the eldest wife, “Mother, do you know?”

    The eldest lady looked at him, and an ominous premonition rose in her heart.

    Jian Luozhi showed a sarcastic smile, and said coldly, “I have never called you mother, because you asked me to abide by etiquette, so as to show that I am different.”

    “But sometimes I envy that idiot Jian Yuezhi. At least the second wife really loves her son, no matter what kind of crime Jian Yuezhi committed.”

    The eldest wife scolded and said sharply, “Don’t I love you, I paid so much for you, I…”

    “You did it for yourself.” Jian Luozhi cut off the eldest wife’s words coldly, “Mom, goodbye.”

    After he finished speaking, he took Qiao Mo and got into the car. As the car drove away, the eldest wife collapsed and slid down to the ground. Tears were streaming down her face. Her son won and became the biggest winner in the Jian family, but she lost, and became the most failed and ridiculous mother in the world. She had two children, but in the end she didn’t even have a child left, and she became the most pitiful orphan, abandoned by everyone.

    The eldest wife covered her face, knelt on the ground and cried bitterly.


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