DFSRA Chapter 4

Qiao Mo, Let Go!

Ch. 04 Qiao Mo, let go!

  “Hey, brother, how does it feel to have your backyard on fire, would you like to thank me for picturing this wonderful scene for you?” Ouyang Ming teased.

    Jian Luozhi frowned and replied directly: Boring.

    Immediately after, Ouyang Ming called, “I say buddy, you are too boring. I sent you such an interesting photo, and you are saying I am boring?”

    “Why are you there?”

    Ouyang Ming smiled and said, “Isn’t this where my family asked me to have a blind date recently? I just sent my blind date, but I didn’t expect it to be so coincidental. I saw Bai Yueguang, and your little lover drinking coffee together. How are you going to thank me? Do you want me to continue the live broadcast for you?”

    “Old Jain, your little lover is quite good. Young Miss Bai’s expression is not looking very good.”

    “It has nothing to do with me.”

    Jian Luozhi stared at The financial statement on the screen with a cold expression.

    “Come on, you’re quite ruthless. If you don’t need me to broadcast live, then I’ll leave.”

    Jian Luozhi didn’t answer, and hung up the phone.

    “Mr. Jian.” The secretary pushed open the door and sent the project materials in his hand to Jian Luozhi, “This is the next year’s plan sent by the marketing department. President Jian and second young master Jian said that the funds of the development department are not enough. If you can’t allocate the funds as soon as possible, the development department may not be able to carry out the next step of research and development, if this is the case, it will delay the launch of the product and affect the plan of Chuangshi Group to gain market share the next year.”

    Jian Luozhi’s eyes darkened, “The family did not raise him just to be a idle young master. If he can’t do it, he should go home. There are other people who can take over. The funds of the development department were approved last year. He is now asking me for funds again. Is it for development? Is the department short of money, or is he short of money?”

    The secretary fell silent for a moment, realizing that Jian Luozhi was in a bad mood.

    However, the things in the rich family were not something that a little secretary like him could talk about, so he lowered his head and said nothing.

    Jian Luozhi walked to the window, stood in front of the huge French window and watched the pedestrians move around like ants. He took out a cigar and lit it, watching the light of the cigar go out.

    After a long time, he sneered “Some people, if you indulge them a little, their appetite would increase, and they will forget their place.”

    The secretary thought that Jian Luozhi was talking about the second young master, so he lowered his head and did not dare to answer.

    Jian Luozhi snuffed out the cigarette butt, put on his coat and walked out of the door. When he got to the door, he looked back at the secretary with an indifferent expression, “Tell Jian Yuezhi that, if the new products cannot be launched on time next year, there is no need for him to stay here anymore.”

    The secretary nodded again and again.

    Jian Luozhi took the direct elevator to the company’s underground garage. As soon as he got in the car, he heard a arrogant whistle coming from the car next to him.

    He turned his head and saw Jian Yuezhi wearing sunglasses, was sitting in a red sports car and whistling at him, with a tuft of red hair fluttering in the wind, “Brother, was my request arranged properly.”

    Jian Luozhi stared at him lightly. Looking at Jian Luozhi, the happy smile on Jian Yuezhi’s face gradually faded, and he started feeling anxious.

    “If you are asking about business affairs, then follow the procedure. If you want to ask about private affairs, then don’t bring in business affairs. In the company, you and I are only subordinates, not brothers.”

     He rolled up the car window and drove away.

    Watching Jian Luozhi’s black Maybach go away, Jian Yuezhi snorted and said sarcastically, “What are you pretending for? If it wasn’t for the good luck of being born by a good woman, would it have been your position to sit in that place?”


  In the Café, Qiao Mo looked at Bai Yueguang, “Is there anything Miss Bai needs from me?”

    She was purely curious about the heroine, and had no other ideas, let alone the desire to slap her face and crush her as the system said.

    After all, it was not easy to be willing to be with a man who already has a substitute, not to mention that as a rich family’s eldest lady, it is not easy to be here with her, a substitute.

    In all fairness, Bai Yueguang has a very good temperament and also looks good. She is the kind of intellectual and generous goddess. At first glance, she is very capable, born and cultivated in the high society, which is completely different from the original owner, a greedy and vain girl.

    If she was the male protagonist, she will definitely like Bai Yueguang more, no matter her background or her abilities, she is the type that can match him and stand side by side.

    Qiao Mo was looking at Bai Yueguang, and Bai Yueguang was also looking at Qiao Mo.

    Bai Yueguang hadn’t seen Qiao Mo before, except when Qiao Mo sent a bragging photo and message, she had only seen Qiao Mo’s photos in the information given by others.

    Seeing the real person now, Bai Yueguang couldn’t help but compare themselves secretly.

    Since she was in school, Bai Yueguang has been the most eye-catching omega in the crowd. No matter her family background, abilities, or appearance, she is perfect.

    Seeing Qiao Mo now, even Bai Yueguang, who had always been proud, couldn’t help but think of competing.

    Contrary to her, Qiao Mo’s life is really good.

    Unlike Bai Yueguang’s perfect wealth and beauty, Qiao Mo’s beauty is a clean, and full of spiritual essence.

    Like the unrestrained natural elves, and like a beautiful and graceful fairy up in the sky.

    Even without a good family background, her every move is full of grace and mystery, which itself has indescribable natural beauty.

    In particular, she speaks and does things as she pleases, and doesn’t care about how others think. This is a carefree life that Bai Yueguang cannot have. It is no wonder that Jian Luozhi will take a fancy to her and keep her in his villa.

    But Qiao Mo’s flaw lies is precisely in this unrestrained beauty and attitude.

    After all, the circle of wealthy families in Xicheng is only so big. Usually everyone looks up to you, and is polite to you but that’s just on the surface. Everyone’s eyes will be on you.

    Qiao Mo will not survive for long in this circle.

    It is impossible for the Jian family to want someone like Qiao Mo to be Mrs. Jian

    After some comparisons in her heart, Bai Yueguang made a judgment. Although she felt that Qiao Mo was someone she didn’t need to worry about, but the current situation of the Bai family is forcing her to take her seriously.

    After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Jian Luozhi has been a very stubborn person since childhood. If Qiao Mo wins Jian Luozhi’s heart and asks Jian Luozhi to give her a status, Jian Luozhi may even be willing to overcome all difficulties and support Qiao Mo.

    Thinking of this, Bai Yueguang smiled slightly, and said generously, “It’s nothing, it’s just the photo that you sent me some time ago, I want to explain it to you.”

   “Actually, I have nothing to do with A Luo. When we were in high school, everyone was ignorant and likes to make jokes. I returned to China some time ago, and our mutual friends, whom we knew since childhood, they made a clamor and called us for a get together. After having a meal, we left. In fact, I have always regarded A Luo as a younger brother all these years, I hope you don’t misunderstand him because of the rumors, and affect your relationship.”

    Qiao Mo: “?”

    Why did Bai Yueguang tell all of this to her, explaining what she and Jian Luozhi were doing. She was just a substitute who was being paid money for doing her role.

    The system frantically jumped around, wishing to drill open a hole in Qiao Mo’s head to drain the water in it, “Host, are you stupid, she is mocking you, do you understand. Think about it, Ah, the person who has an open and honest relationship with Jian Luozhi is you, she is telling you about what she has done with Jian Luozhi outside, isn’t she just wanting to stimulate you?”

    “This heroine is a scheming green tea bitch [1]Green Tea Bitch is a female character who appears calm, kind, innocent, or charming on the surface, but is actually intelligent, cunning, and calculating underneath, usually for the purposes of … Continue reading , host, fight back quickly. Tell her that you have a black card from Jian Luozhi, which is unlimited and can be swiped anywhere.”

    Qiao Mo: Well, I’m but just a stand-in for money, the contract is signed by Jian Luozhi and me. He is paying me to be obedient.

    If the heroine returns one day and needs me to leave, I will immediately pack my bags and leave.

    The system hated it’s host for being so obedient and law-abiding, “Host, don’t you want to be a salted fish, how can you be willing to leave like this? If you leave Jian Luozhi, where can you get a job, where you can just lie down and get a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan.”

    Qiao Mo: You’re right, but I just checked my account yesterday and found that the original owner had left me a deposit of 500,000 yuan. Before the female protagonist comes back, I will try my best to save more. My expenses are low, so this much money is enough for me to find a rural property and live a happy life.

     System: “…”

     Bai Yueguang saw that Qiao Mo didn’t speak, so she sighed, “Miss Qiao, I know that you still have a misunderstanding about me and A Luo, so let’s go. I ordered a haute couture dress some time ago, for the Jian family’s banquet, so I will give this dress to Miss Qiao as an apology.”

    “Ah?” Qiao Mo came back to her senses and waved her hands when she heard Bai Yueguang’s words, “No, no need, I won’t be attending any banquets. You can keep the dress yourself, and don’t worry, I won’t be coming between your relationship with Mr. Jian.”

    Qiao Mo smiled sweetly at Bai Yueguang and stood up, “Miss Bai, I’m sorry, Mr. Jian has been urging me to go early, so I wont be able to talk to you anymore. You can drink coffee slowly, bye bye.”

    Bai Yueguang face immediately became ugly.

    Qiao Mo had already left the coffee shop in a hurry with her bag.

    After walking out of the coffee shop, the system silently gave Qiao Mo a thumbs up: “Host, I really didn’t see it coming. It was a one hit KO. You really deserve to be the famous Professor Qiao. The look on the female protagonist’s face before you went out is exactly like a slap in the face. A textbook example of face slapping.”

    Qiao Mo: “?”

    “Did I do anything? I was quite sincere when I said that I will quit. Bai Yueguang didn’t believe it?”

    The System choked for a moment, thinking, is this the power of a straight girl, a green tea bitch’s power? Or is she Bai Yueguang’s nemesis?

    “It’s alright, it’s alright, just keep doing what you do, host.”

    Qiao Mo frowned, “It’s better if the female protagonist didn’t misunderstand anything. If their marriage is broken, it will not be good. Next time, I will make it clear with Miss Bai.”

    The system laughed twice in his heart, thinking, ‘I’m afraid Bai Yueguang will think that you are showing off.’

    Qiao Mo, while talking with the system, soon returned to the villa. It was getting late, and the lights in the villa were all extinguished, leaving darkness everywhere.

    Qiao Mo said in her heart, didn’t Jian Luozhi send a message to urge her to go home? Why is there not even a single light on in the villa at this moment? Could it be that something had happened?

    Thinking of this, Qiao Mo cautiously and vigilantly walked towards the villa, holding an antique hairpin that she had just bought this afternoon.

    Although she wanted to be a beautiful salted fish girl, eating and drinking and living an ordinary life, the one where she just has to lie down.

   But in essence, she is still Professor Qiao who has experienced the end of the Zerg invasion of the earth, the desperate struggle of mankind and the creation of a new era.

    Her precautions and vigilance for danger are far beyond ordinary people.

    Qiao Mo did not enter through the door, but quietly pushed open a window. She looked around vigilantly, and then nimbly jumped in like a cat.

    Immediately afterwards, she stumbled upon a soft thing and touched the skin that was full of warmth.

    Qiao Mo’s heart froze, and she immediately grabbed the opponent’s arm and twisted it behind his back.

    Then a voice full of anger and a bit of embarrassment suddenly sounded, “Qiao Mo, let go!”




1 Green Tea Bitch is a female character who appears calm, kind, innocent, or charming on the surface, but is actually intelligent, cunning, and calculating underneath, usually for the purposes of manipulating others into giving them gain.
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Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O

Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese

   Forever dedicated to the laboratory, Qiao Mo, who had exhausted her mental power and died, transmigrated into the female supporting role of a sadomasochistic novel. That female supporting role is vain, superficial and stupid, whom everyone hates.

       The female supporting role counterattack system that got bounded to Qiao Mo encouraged her, “Host, it’s time to prove that you have the legendary transmigrator halo, become a successful female supporting role in your career and love, and reach the pinnacle of your life. You can do it.”

       Lying on the luxurious big bed, counting the several months salary while eating seafood freshly transported by air, Qiao Mo said, “I don’t want to work hard anymore. People get teeth problems when they are old, and soft rice is still the most delicious.”

       Seeing that Bai Yueguang was about to return to China, the system urged Qiao Mo, “Host, using the training volume ‘Little Three Substitute Training Volume' will allow you to crush Bai Yueguang in all directions and become Mrs. Jian who is envied by everyone.”

      Qiao Mo, “I am a very delicate person, so you should enjoy this training volume yourself.”

      Bai Yueguang finally returned to China, and Qiao Mo planned to take the opportunity to ask for a sum of hush money, so that she could happily retire.

      Unexpectedly, when the door of Jian Luozhi’s room was pushed open, a strong fragrance assaulted her face, and Qiao Mo was immediately stunned.

    Something seems wrong???

    This turned out to be a world of abo. The boss, Jian Luozhi was actually a weak omega, and she was actually an alpha!

    Jian Luozhi always acted resolutely and was steadfast. He was indifferent towards everything, and everyone in the business world was afraid of him. He did not match the image of an omega at all, so no one ever doubted his identity.

    Until that day when his pheromones got out of control, and Qiao Mo rashly pushed open the door.

    Looking at the alpha who pretended to be a pure, innocent, docile and well-behaved omega at the door, Jian Luozhi closed his eyes and sneered, he had miscalculated.

    No matter what the intention of this alpha disguised as a omega is, Jian Luozhi had the confidence to control the other party.

    Jian Luozhi never imagined that a long time later, he would take omega bridal courses for Qiao Mo and learn how to grow flowers and even cook.

    In order to please Qiao Mo, he will secretly ask other omega wives for tricks.

    Because he was worried that he was not a good omega, he tried to learn each and every art that a omega should know, trying to become the perfect omega that could attract Qiao Mo.

[A delicate and beautiful salted fish FL X A fake gaoling flower ML yearning for love] Ps: Female A, Male O, no counterattack, no female attacking boys Eating soft rice means that person is relying on someone to feed him/ in short a kept person A salted fish is a metaphor for a person who has no intension of doing anything. A gaoling flower is a metaphor for a cool handsome/ pretty guy out of reach to ordinary/most people.  


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