DFSRA- Chapter 37

Ch. 37 I would like an Anti-Bite ring

    The chaos that swept the entire Technological building finally subsided. Qiao Mo also regained her calm, and walked out of the building together with Jian Luozhi while holding hands.

    Surrounded by the ruins, they only had each other in their eyes, occasionally smiling sweetly, as if there were the only ones in this world.

    When they walked out together, the person in charge hurried over with a team of elite soldiers and said anxiously, “Mr. Jian, are you alright, Mr. Jian.”

    Jian Luozhi is the heir of the Chuangshi Group. Thinking of the consequences if Jian Luozhi’s had an accident at their place, the person in charge has a headache.

    However, when the person in charge rushed over nervously with carefully selected reinforcements, he saw Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo’s interlaced fingers as they walked out of the Technological building with smiles on their faces. Looking at them, the person in charge was dumbfounded.

    Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo also saw a group of soldiers behind the person in charge.

What orders had these soldiers received before coming over? When the two of them looked over, the group of soldiers suddenly became nervous, and under conditioned reflex, they suddenly raised the guns in their hands.

    Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo: “…”

    The smile on Qiao Mo’s face disappeared. She looked at the soldiers who surrounded them the circle, then looked at the person in charge, and asked indifferently, “What charges are you planning to arrest me on?”

    “Ah, this…”

    The person in charge was speechless for a while.

    The fact that Qiao Mo was able to turn on the pineal gland jammer was now known to almost everyone at the upper echelons , including the mysterious audio on the pineal gland jammer.

    Qiao Mo’s matter has already attracted the attention of those people, and she is a person who needs to be treated at the highest level.

    Not to mention that the origin of Qiao Mo’s identity is a mystery, but that Qiao Mo’s strength has been seen by everyone in the building. This dilapidated laboratory building is the proof that no matter how powerful they are, they can’t compare with the little girl in front of them. It is very likely that their result will also be the same as the building behind them. The person in charge really didn’t want to try to feeling of being beaten to pieces.

    Qiao Mo followed the eyes of the person in charge, and took a look at the building behind her. Looking at the damaged laboratory, Qiao Mo paused and was about to say something, when Jian Luozhi next to her suddenly said, “I will compensate for all the losses caused by Momo today. I will donate a new building to you, including all kinds of high-end experimental equipment in the building. You can make a list and send it to me.”

    Jian Luozhi’s words made the people suddenly realize the charm of the God of Wealth, Jian Luozhi, and the person in charge’s expression instantly changed. Qiao Mo couldn’t help but glance at Jian Luozhi several times.

    Jian Luozhi clenched Qiao Mo’s hand and smiled at her, “Don’t be afraid, Momo.”

    Qiao Mo looked at Jian Luozhi and couldn’t help laughing.

    Yes, her Mr. Jian is a rich boss. The biggest talent of the his is to spend money on various people and things. Even at the very beginning, she was almost shaken by her Mr. Jian’s ability to give money.

    Seeing the smile on Qiao Mo’s face, the faces of the person in charge and the soldiers in the rear all showed relief, as they looked at Jian Luozhi with great admiration.

    Fortunately, there is Mr. Jian, the God of Wealth, who can hold the mysterious Miss Qiao down, otherwise they would really not know what to do in this situation.

    The expressions of the person in charge and the soldiers were too eye-catching, and Jian Luozhi, who was at the center of attention of these people, couldn’t help frowning, feeling a little strange in his heart.

    The little girl in his family is so simple and easy to deceive, she is a well-behaved and sensible person, why do these people act as if they have seen some kind of super terrifying big devil.

    What Jian Luozhi doesn’t know is that he has now merged with Qiao Mo’s pheromones and mental power. Qiao Mo used her mental power to capture his pheromone, so he was automatically recognized as an ally by Qiao Mo’s pheromone and mental power, and naturally he didn’t feel the pressure emitted by it and how much coercion it brought to others.

    Facing Qiao Mo, the others could only feel that she was a mysterious existence like the vast ocean. When they unconsciously made eye contact with Qiao Mo and looked into her eyes, they only felt as if they could see the endless, deep and cold starry sky in the eyes of the other party.

    That deep, mysterious and ever-changing starry sky, like a seductive abyss, will ultimately end up swallowing you if you are not careful.

    What they felt from Qiao Mo was also mysterious and unpredictable. On the surface, it was like the wind which looked calm, but was actually a boundless ocean-like airflow that would drown them along the violent storms at any time.

    This was also the reason why the person in charge and the pair of soldiers couldn’t help but feel nervous when they saw Qiao Mo.

    Now that the compensation has been agreed upon, Jian Luozhi doesn’t want to stay here any longer. Although he doesn’t know what happened to Qiao Mo in the Technological building, he instinctively doesn’t like staying here.

    As if out of an omega’s instinct to sense his alpha, he could perceive his little girl’s feelings of indifference, loneliness, disappointment and even guilt here.

Although these negative emotions were only passed on to Jian Luozhi’s heart in a shallow and hazy way, just a little bit of it was enough to make Jian Luozhi’s heart ache. It is conceivable how much pain Qiao Mo should be feeling now.

    He couldn’t wait to pull his little girl out of this Technological building, and then turn Qiao Mo back into that simple, straightforward and happy little girl.

    The compensation can be considered clear. Jian Luozhi didn’t want Qiao Mo to stay here any longer, so he took Qiao Mo and started walking outside.

    However, as soon as the two moved, the person in charge blocked their way again. When Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo’s eyes both fell on him, the cold sweat on the his forehead fell down.

    “What’s the matter, are you not satisfied with the compensation?” This time Jian Luozhi also lowered his face, looked at the person in charge with a stern expression, and said lightly mockingly, “Then I’ll double it.”

    “Actually… it’s not really about the money.”

    The person in charge replied cautiously.

    “Oh, then that means the money is not enough, triple it.” Jian Luozhi’s tone was succinct.

    The person in charge: “…”

    The person in charge’s expression swayed for a moment, the charm of this God of Wealth is too great, so he took a deep breath, listened to the lazy voice coming from the headset, and said carefully, “Really… it’s not about money, Mr. Jian.”

    Jian Luo said with a succinct ‘ha’, although his expression did not change, his eyes contained a bit of condescending contempt, “If it’s not about the money, then it means that the money is not enough, so, Chuangshi will increase the amount every year. The 1% tax is specially used to supplement the funds for science and technology, and each investment for biotechnology can be higher than that of other projects, how about it?”

    He stood quietly outside the ruins of a building, surrounded by dust and smoke, with his meticulously combed hair, a calm but serious expression, a very simple suit with diamond cuffs embroidered on it, and his indifferent thin lips spitting out a life-saving check in an understatement.

    The rich smell of money was overwhelming and smashed towards the person in charge.

    Oh, how sweet!

    The person in charge’s expression was dazed, and for a moment he didn’t notice the commander’s voice in the headset.

    Before he could react, he listened to Jian Luozhi who said lightly, “If it doesn’t work, make it 2%.”

    This time, the commander talking in the headset also took a breath of air, and the lazy yet powerful voice seemed to be laughing as well as gnashing his teeth, “He is really good, heh! You ask him if he can make some special funds for the military department. Military expenses.”

    The person in charge: “…”

    He was furious as he muttered in his heart, don’t think that just because your rank is one level higher than me, you can rob us of our funds. Our scientific research department is not a vegetarian, and it’s a dream if you want to grab the special funds from us!

    The two almost quarreled in the headset in front of Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo.

    This is probably the irresistible charm of boss Jian.

    Seeing this familiar scene, Qiao Mo, who was standing beside him, finally couldn’t help laughing.

    It turned out that when Luoluo smashed her with money, she looked like this, it really looks cute!

    Hey, this is the charm of the money, no not money, but boss Jian.

    It’s looks so pleasing to throw money on people’s faces.

    If one doesn’t agree, then you must not have given enough.

    Luoluo way of thinking is really cute and makes you want to laugh.

    It’s no wonder that when she was not moved by money, Luoluo was at a loss.

    Qiao Mo laughed suddenly, which made the person in charge and the commander arguing in the headset stunned for a moment, and even Jian Luozhi couldn’t help but stare at her.

    Then they heard Jian Luozhi indifferently saying, “I am willing to pay this for Momo, but if you dare to embarrass her, then this special fund…”

    Jian Luozhi’s words were not completely finished, but the hidden meaning in his words made the person in charge look a little ugly in an instant.

    Qiao Mo took Jian Luozhi’s hand and said softly, “Luoluo, you don’t need to do this for me. I… I shouldn’t belong here, but you… are from this world.”

    The smile on Jian Luozhi’s face disappeared completely, as he pursed his lips, and tightly clasped Qiao Mo’s hand, as he started deeply at Qiao Mo, his voice dry, “I don’t allow you to say that, I am going to be with you for life. Since you promised me your whole life, you can’t break your promise, otherwise I will kill you.”

    “But Momo, if one day I can’t stop you from leaving before me, I will choose to kill myself before you leave, so Momo, I beg you, take good care of yourself for me, okay?”

Qiao Mo’s heart trembled, she stared at Jian Luozhi, unable to speak for a long time.

Jian Luozhi’s respect for her, Jian Luozhi’s love for her, pulled her back little by little from the empty loneliness, and let her feet step on the solid ground again.

“Luoluo, you don’t need to…”

    Qiao Mo’s eyes were slightly red, and Jian Luozhi’s feelings were very delicate, they were so delicate that she didn’t even dared to touch them, for fear of destroying them

    “I would.”

    Jian Luozhi’s tone was firm, as he looked back at Qiao Mo.

    Jian Luozhi has been calculating gains and losses all his life, but at this moment, when he faces Qiao Mo, he no longer needs to measure whether it is necessary or not, but whether he is willing or not.

    He is willing to love Qiao Mo, and is willing to give his all to love, and that’s enough.

    Qiao Mo stared at Jian Luozhi, and an impulse surged in her heart.

    Just when she wanted to hug Jian Luozhi tightly, a soft cough interrupted Qiao Mo’s overflowing emotions.

    “Well, excuse me.”

    The soldiers gave way one after another, and even the person in charge politely stepped aside. A beautiful slender man in military uniform with dark hair and green eyes walked over. He was very beautiful, like a mysterious and arrogant creature. When he smiled and looked sideways at you, his green eyes would look as charming as gems.

    However, Qiao Mo’s expression was not very good-looking. She turned her head to look at the other party with no expression on her face, and said dryly, “What’s the matter?”

    Facing Qiao Mo’s rejection, the green-eyed man in military uniform rubbed his nose, “Let me introduce myself, my name is Xi Cheng, the person in charge of negotiating with you, Professor Qiao.”

    The corners of Qiao Mo’s mouth moved, as she rudely pierced the other party’s façade, “Aren’t you the one who just keep blaring in that person’s ear? Tell me, what are your requirements?”

    Xi Cheng didn’t feel embarrassed at all, he even smiled gracefully, “I knew it would be impossible to hide something from Professor Qiao. That’s right, Professor Qiao, we are all very interested in discussing a cooperation with you.”

    Qiao Mo looked at Xi Cheng quietly, waiting for him to speak.

    Xi Cheng walked towards Qiao Mo lightly, “Actually, the high-level government officials have always had some information from the beginning. When you turned on the pineal gland jammer, although we were surprised, we were not too shocked.”

    Qiao Mo was not surprised either. When she heard the general’s message, she also guessed that the generals and the others would try their best to leave some information to tell the future human beings what the truth of the past was.

    “So we would like to invite you, Professor Qiao, to join the main laboratory and lead experimental projects. Of course, the government will not force you to do anything, it’s all up to you.”

    Qiao Mo was silent.

    After a while, she said indifferently, “I’ll think about it.”

    Xi Cheng wasn’t angry at Qiao Mo’s rejection, he just smiled lightly and looked at the pineal gland jammer in Qiao Mo’s hand, “As for this thing…”

    Qiao Mo lowered her head and looked at the pineal gland jammer in the palm of her hand. She shoved the pineal gland directly into Jian Luozhi’s pocket, “This thing can’t be returned to you, and I can’t say anything about the technological core it contains. To be honest, it’s not something that your current level of technology can afford, and a technology that exceeds your own cultural and moral level will only bring about devastating results.”

    Xi Cheng’s eyes circled in Jian Luozhi’s pocket, as he sighed softly, and licked his lips, “Well, that’s a pity, it seems that what happened back then had left a deep impact on Professor Qiao. Well, no matter how much we say, we won’t be able to convince you.”

    Qiao Mo was firm.

    When the crisis of extinction comes, human beings are naturally united, but when the crisis is over, those surging minds will naturally emerge, tearing at each other and pulling the mankind towards destruction.

    There are some things she can let go of, but there are some principles, that even death can’t make her bend them.

    Xi Cheng’s observation of people is very meticulous, as he raised his head and glanced at Qiao Mo, and laughed directly, “Professor Qiao, do you think we will be stupid enough to be your enemy? We won’t do it, and we won’t allow others to do it, after all, you are the master of the pineal gland jammer, and we don’t want to be killed by you.”

    Qiao Mo didn’t speak, just waited quietly for Xi Cheng to speak.

    Seeing her expression, Xi Cheng sighed and complained a little wrongly, “It’s the first time I’ve met someone like you who turned a blind eye to my innate abilities. Seriously, you don’t have to be so wary of me. After all, no matter what, I am an omega born for you. You are such a gentleman to Mr. Jian, why can’t you be tolerant of me as well.”

    Jian Luozhi’s expression instantly became tense, and he couldn’t help but look at Qiao Mo.

    When this officer named Xi Cheng appeared, a faint sense of unease and hostility rose in Jian Luozhi’s heart, but he didn’t expect the other party to really be an omega.

    And the other party also happens to be the kind of omega that best fits the traditional aesthetics. He is slender, charming and beautiful. There are very few alphas who can refuse such an omega, not to mention that the other party is Qiao Mo.

    Qiao Mo smiled without emotion, “You are not Luoluo, and you and I have crossed time and space together, and there is no such thing as ABO in my era. You don’t have to use that set against me, it’s meaningless. I like Jian Luozhi not just because he is an omega.”

    Xi Cheng shrugged, and there was a little sadness in his green eyes, “I really didn’t lie to you, Professor Qiao, don’t you think I look a little familiar?”

    When Xi Cheng said this, Qiao Mo also took a serious look at the other party. She was a little surprised to see that Xi Cheng’s facial features were a bit like the general’s in some respects, but the general was handsome and cold, and Xi Cheng was slender, beautiful and delicate, “Are you a descendant of the general?”

    Qiao Mo’s tone was better than before, and her eyes were slightly less alert.

    She and the general are comrades-in-arms, and the descendants of her friends make Qiao Mo feel a little bit of kindness in this foreign land.

    Xi Cheng smiled softly, “You are indeed the same as in the records, you are a person who is fond of love and nostalgia.”

    “Speaking of which, I can be regarded as the descendant of your friend. When they returned to the earth, they used some genetic methods to leave their descendants. They originally wanted to strip the Zerg genes from the human genes, but they were not successful. The general knows that you will come back again, and knows that with your spiritual power, you will definitely become a very strong alpha, so they have left a child with the best omega genes in their descendants, hoping that we can represent them and work together to make up for mistakes and regrets. Even if you just nod your head, we can give you everything.”

    Jian Luozhi’s expression was as cold as ice, and even Qiao Mo frowned slightly, “No need.”

    Xi Cheng hooked his lips, “You don’t have to think about your friends back then, after all, as you said, after so long, no one knows what will happen to you when you wake up, of course it was a bit unexpected…”

    “But I still hope that you can cooperate with us.”

    Xi Cheng blinked at Jian Luozhi, “Even if it’s for your family’s Mr. Jian, as far as I know, the Jian family of Chuangshi Group is a very conservative family, and Mr. Jian’s position in Chuangshi should be taken into consideration. It’s convenient if you plan to be with Mr. Jian in the future. Even if you and Mr. Jian don’t care what others say, you don’t want to hear someone commenting that Mr. Jian’s other half eats soft rice [1]A way of saying that a man is living off his girlfriend. In our case, it means an alpha living off an omega..”

    Qiao Mo: “…”

    Jian Luozhi frowned, “I don’t care.”

    But Xi Cheng just looked at Qiao Mo, “Don’t you care?”

    “Mr. Jian is known to be very cruel and his methods are ruthless. You will be a little bit… um… under financial pressure when you are with him. Do you hope that Mr. Jian’s family will always laugh at you and say that you are only a little white face alpha eating soft rice. Even if you and Mr. Jian don’t care about it, what about after your children have been born.”

    “If you don’t show your identity when you are with Mr. Jian, won’t everyone think that you are a weakling who can be bullied however they wish?”

    “Stop, don’t say it, I agree.” Qiao Mo couldn’t help but raise her hand and stop him. She really couldn’t believe it that even she had already come to this world of ABO after crossing time and space, she could still hear this kind of persuasion to recruit people.

    Jian Luozhi opened his mouth to say something, but Qiao Mo raised her hand to stop him, “What he said also makes sense. My expertise is indeed more suitable for entering the laboratory. Don’t worry, Luoluo, I know what to do.”

    Qiao Mo blinked at Jian Luozhi, as she made Jian Luozhi regain the familiar feeling, and he couldn’t help feeling a little relieved.

    Although the breath on Qiao Mo’s body was still familiar and reassuring, Qiao Mo, who was fighting against Xi Cheng just now, was too unfamiliar, like a mature and stern scientist.

    Xi Cheng also smiled “Don’t worry, after you enter the main laboratory, you can decide on your own research and development projects, and no one will interfere with your decision.”


    For Qiao Mo, there are only advantages and no disadvantages. Naturally, there is nothing she can’t agree to. Besides, there are also descendants of her friends that she was familiar with. She may not know how much time has passed till now, but it still gives her a sense of steadfastness in finding her roots.

    “By the way, I also have a request.” Qiao Mo looked at Xi Cheng, “In the future, Luoluo’s investment funds will first fall into my projects. As for your military expenses, let’s talk about it later.”

    Xi Cheng was dumbfounded.

    Qiao Mo smiled and said, “The general probably didn’t tell you, he robbed me of a lot of money at the beginning, but now, it’s karma ah. In the beginning we only talked about men and women, so don’t think about me being merciful to you.”

    “Professor Qiao.”

    Xi Cheng shook his head in disbelief.

    After the two left, Jian Luozhi said dissatisfiedly, “It turns out that Momo was so popular back then.”

    Qiao Mo raised her eyes and stared at him, until Jian Luozhi looked a little embarrassed, and then Qiao Mo smiled, “Luoluo is jealous.”

    “Yes, I’m jealous!”

    Jian Luozhi was a little embarrassed at first, but when they sat in Jian Luozhi’s lengthened Lincoln, Jian Luozhi lowered the divider between the front and the rear seats and kissed her domineeringly.

    The car started slowly, and the driver drove the car at a snail’s pace.

    Qiao Mo was a little surprised at first, but she was quickly driven by Jian Luozhi’s enthusiasm, and she also kissed him back with equal enthusiasm. The air in the car heated up instantly, as Jian Luozhi blushed, and took Qiao Mo’s hand to put it on his body.

    However, Qiao Mo deliberately took off half of Jian Luozhi’s suit, and then tied his hands behind his back with it.

    Jian Luozhi squirmed unbearably, as Qiao Mo had even blindfolded his eyes. Jian Luozhi pinched Qiao Mo’s waist, choked with grievances and begging her to let him go.

    Qiao Mo’s ice-cold fingertips slid across Jian Luozhi’s forehead, nose, lips and gently landed on his Adam’s apple, and then started grinding it with her fingers. Jian Luozhi trembled and cried in a low voice, as the dazzling diamonds on his neck, added a delicate and gorgeous feel to Jian Luozhi’s already handsome face.

    Jian Luozhi gasped, trembling under Qiao Mo’s hands and begging her, “Momo, Momo.”

    “Baby, you are so nice.”

    Qiao Mo leaned over and bit the diamond necklace on Jian Luozhi’s Adam’s apple. When the tip of her tongue brushed across the diamond, she occasionally touched his Adam’s apple.

    Jian Luozhi’s whole body was tense, as his cry immediately changed its tone, containing a hint of desire.

    He wanted to hug Qiao Mo tightly, but with his hands behind his back, he couldn’t move at all, “Momo, give me… give me a treat.”

    Qiao Mo’s breath gradually became hot. She was holding the diamond, as she whispered in his ear, “I asked you what kind of jewelry you want to make the diamond into. Have you thought about it, baby?”

    “Thought… thought about it.” Jian Luozhi answered in a seductive but charming voice.

    “What do you want to do?”

    “Anti-bite collar.” Jian Luozhi’s moist eyes looked at her through the mist, as he said intermittently, “I want to be only Momo’s Omega, and only Momo will be able to untie the collar on my glands in the future, is it okay?”

    Qiao Mo’s breathing stopped for a while, and then she bit down heavily.

    For a while, there were only gasps and moans sounding in the car.


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1 A way of saying that a man is living off his girlfriend. In our case, it means an alpha living off an omega.

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