DFSRA- Chapter 36

I Will Give You A Home

Ch. 36 I will give you a home

    Qiao Mo and Professor Chu soon arrived at the so-called government Technological building.

    The Technological building set up by the government is located somewhere on the outskirts of Xicheng. It occupies a very large area. It looks very low-key from the outside, but when you enter it, you will find out how different it is.

    The Zerg King fragment and the pineal gland jammer discovered by archaeologists are placed in this building, and it is said that the research team is now looking for the mechanism and uses of these two items.

    Professor Chu took out his ID verification code and walked in with Qiao Mo. He himself has cooperated with the government many times, so the people here are also familiar with him, and they did not check too much with the two.

    Professor Chu led Qiao Mo to wait in the hall for a while, when a beta man in a white coat and glasses came over. That was a very gentle-looking middle-aged man. After seeing the two of them, he greeted Professor Chu.

    “This is the little kid you are always talking about. She seems to be a very active child.”

    This person is the senior brother in the mouth of Professor Chu. He is more like a handsome university teacher than Professor Chu. He smiled gently at Qiao Mo, “I have read your research report, and all the have ideas have high execution chances.”

    “Thank you teacher for your compliment.”

    Qiao Mo politely thanked the other party.

    Professor Chu’s senior brother smiled, “I have an omega sister at home. She told us that she doesn’t want to get married, so I want to ask you, the AO susceptible period calming product that you mentioned, can it really help an omega pass the susceptibility period smoothly? And if it is, can you let me know after it is made, I also want to buy one for my sister.”

    Qiao Mo glanced at the other party in surprise. The researcher who asked her to change her research direction made her feel very bad. She thought that this product could only be given to Jian Luozhi as a gift in the future. She didn’t expect Professor Chu’s senior brother to also want this product.

    She smiled, “Okay, definitely.”

    Professor Chu’s brother also smiled, as he led Qiao Mo forward, “[1]Xiao Chu Xiao means little. Since it sounds better than little Chu, I kept it as it is. said that you are very interested in the two newly discovered ancient artifacts. How about you come to us as a researcher in the future, and then participate in this research project?”

    Professor Chu, who was next to him, looked over vigilantly, and pulled Qiao Mo behind him protectively, “Hey, firstly, I’m already an old Chu, not little Chu, and secondly, you surname Fang, you are trying to rob me of my students again. You know, if you keep doing this, I am going to fight it out with you someday.”

    Professor Fang pursed his lips and smiled, his eyebrows dyed with tenderness, “Okay, Xiao Chu.”

    Professor Chu snorted, still looking at Professor Fang vigilantly.

    Qiao Mo was also amused by the performance of the two.

    After the three of them chatted and laughed, they started to walk towards the place where the pineal gland jammer and the fragment were placed. Professor Fang introduced while walking, “This thing has been discovered for a while, but no has able find out what it is till now. I only know that those black patterns should belong to some kind of giant creature before its death.”

    Qiao Mo thought, isn’t the Zerg King a giant creature? According to their research on the Zerg King, it’s original size is equivalent to the size of a planet. It is said that the Zerg King is the source of all zergs, and all of them are born from the king. If it wasn’t for the people on Earth who had awakened the gift of precognition at that time and predicted the weakness of Zerg King, and Qiao Mo who made the pineal gland jammer, which in turn affected the outcome of the entire war.

    “As for the dark spherical thing, it was found within the debris, and no one has figured out what it is. Some people say that it may be some kind of instrument, and some people say that it is a petrified plant seed. In short, there are different opinions from everyone.”

    Professor Fang opened the door as he spoke, and in the middle of the door was a huge transparent glass showcase. In the center of the showcase were the pineal gland jammer and the fragment.

    Several researchers in white clothes circled around the two things, and from time to time used some instruments to do tests on them.

    “Professor Fang.”

    Seeing Professor Fang approaching, someone turned to greet him. Professor Fang responded one by one, and then took Qiao Mo to stand beside the glass platform, “This is what you wanted to see. You can look at the data they recorded.”


    From the moment she saw the fragments of Zerg King and the pineal gland jammer that had become dim, Qiao Mo’s attention was no longer on Professor Chu and the rest. Even if there were only a few fragments left, it made Qiao Mo feel dizzy for a moment, as if returning to the time when she lived under the huge shadow of Zerg King through the fragments.

    The mysterious pattern seemed to have a strange magic power that attracted Qiao Mo to touch it, as if there were some secrets in it that spanned time and space.

    Qiao Mo’s face became paler and paler.

    “Xiao Qiao, what’s wrong with you?”

    Both Professor Fang and Professor Chu noticed what was wrong with Qiao Mo, and they looked a little worried.

    At this time, someone pushed open the door of the research room and walked in. The other party should be the leader of the research team or something. He pursed his lips unpleasantly and looked at Professor Fang, “Old Fang, I told you not to mess around. Can this kind of in-depth research be seen by a novice student who doesn’t understand anything? Even if she has some talent, she needs to be trained first. It can only be seen as watching the fun for this kid. How can you bring her here?”

    Professor Fang was too lazy to talk to the other party, but looked at Qiao Mo with concern, “Xiao Qiao, if you are not feeling well, go back first, we will see it next time.”

    It just so happened that the black outer shell of the pineal gland peeled off, revealing the inner cyan surface, as well as a dense circle of patterns on the surface.

    “Hey, there seems to be a set of numbers on it, ah, is this some kind of manipulator? I don’t know if it can still be activated.”

    “Does this belong to some kind of mysterious extraterrestrial civilization?”

    When the black outer layer of the pineal gland jammer peeled off to reveal the smooth cyan color inside, the people in the research room were immediately excited, as they began to manipulate the experimental instruments to touch the pineal gland jammer again.

    “No, no response.”

    “What’s going on, I just moved a bit, what’s wrong?”

    The researchers were excited and confused and got together to discuss.

    “Because the pineal gland jammer is not activated like this.” While the researchers were discussing, an unfamiliar voice suddenly joined in. The researchers looked over in amazement, and saw the little girl brought by Professor Fang suddenly speak with a strange expression on her face. She looked at the turquoise olive-like thing in a strange and complicated manner.

    “How do you know what it’s called, that’s the name you gave it?”

    The other researchers looked over curiously when they saw Qiao Mo say this.

    Qiao Mo was silent for a while, “Yes.”

    “You said it doesn’t start like this, then do you know how it starts?”

    Some researchers felt that this little girl was just talking nonsense, and could not help but question her, “We have been researching it for so long and have not found out what it is, how can you see it at a glance? If you have such an ability, how can you just be a student?”

    Professor Fang and Professor Chu were a little angry, but they also wondered why Qiao Mo had suddenly said that.

    Professor Chu whispered, “Xiao Qiao, teacher knows that you like this topic, but you don’t have to worry, teacher will try to help you get research opportunities in the future. We have a long time, but if you offend the whole research team now it will be inconvenient to come again here next time.”

    Professor Chu was feeling confused. Qiao Mo is usually a well-behaved and obedient student, how could she suddenly say such sharp-edged words.

    The research leader who first satirized Qiao Mo’s ignorance frowned even more, “This is not a place to play, we have to continue to decipher, Lao Fang [2]Lao means old. So it’s ‘Old Fang’., you can take the child back.”

    But Qiao Mo walked over to the pineal gland jammer, and directly picked it up amid the exclamations of everyone.

    The laboratory suddenly became a mess, and the leader’s face changed greatly, “Put it down, this is not something you can mess around with, if something goes wrong, you can’t take responsibility at all.”

    Qiao Mo’s behavior was very unexpected. No one thought that she would dare to reach out and touch such a precious thing, and even the expressions of Professor Fang and Professor Chu changed.

    However, the pineal gland jammer in Qiao Mo’s hand suddenly came alive in the next second. It began to light up little by little, and then glowed with brilliance, like a giant seed reviving in Qiao Mo’s palm.

    Qiao Mo rubbed the pineal gland jammer in her palm little by little, her tone calm but disappointed, “It requires a password to open, and the password requires mental power to enter, its password is…”

    She didn’t expect that after so many years, and she didn’t even know how much time had passed, that the pineal gland jammer could still be activated.

    Qiao Mo is all too familiar with it, because it is the hard work of innumerable days and nights and countless failures, after which it was developed bit by bit, and it is the essence of her decades of life in her previous life.

    The researchers who wanted to rush over to stop Qiao Mo were stunned. Even Professor Chu and Professor Fang didn’t know what to say. The leader who had just called the security number, put down the phone in a daze, looking at the pineal gland jammer whose image had changed drastically.

    The pineal gland jammer released a dazzling brilliance, and in a trance, a person’s face flashed in the brilliance, and a multicolored wave suddenly popped up above the pineal gland, like the intermittent sound waves with poor transmission.

    “Professor Qiao…Qiao…Professor…”

    The general’s old voice came from the pineal gland jammer, as Qiao Mo’s pupils widened, and she looked at the sound wave above the pineal gland jammer in astonishment.


    Her wrists started trembling, and she could barely hold the jammer in her hand, “How could this be… how could this be…”

    For a moment, Qiao Mo didn’t even knew what to say, whether to say that this scene was too absurd or too exaggerated or whether to say this scene was too shocking.

    “Professor Qiao, I’m sorry.”

    After the initial stutter, the sound waves gradually became smoother, but what he said made Qiao Mo’s heart skip a beat.

    “We lost?” Qiao Mo couldn’t help but blurt out.

    But the other party couldn’t give Qiao Mo the response to her question, as he just said to himself, “After you made the pineal gland jammer, we sent the most powerful army to rush to the Zerg base with the human life as a bridge and to the Zerg King’s weakness, that is his glandular heart.”

    “Zergs and humans are two completely different races, and their reproduction and survival structure are also completely different from ours. All the zergs are born from the heart of the gland of the Zerg King, and they use smell, blood, and innate class structure to recognize as well as rule or order other zergs.”

    “The glandular heart of the Zerg King is the source of everything. As long as the most vulnerable part of the Zerg King is blown up, all of the zergs will fall apart.”

    “After spending tens of thousands of soldiers’ lives, we succeeded, the Zerg King died, it completely collapsed, and the rest only needed to be cleaned up in batches.”

    “But we were wrong. We never imagined that the greed of human beings is no less than that of the Zergs.”

    “When the spiritual power evolved to its peak, some people came up with the idea of merging humans with zergs in order to increase their strength further. They began to try to fuse the genes of Zerg and humans, and wanted to create a new generation of human beings.”

    Qiao Mo’s face instantly became ugly. She could once again see different color dots dancing in front of her eyes, because under the extreme impact, her mental power began to run wild, and she was on the verge of losing control.

    The general’s voice in the sound wave sounded tired and sad, as he was sighing but also seemed to be crying, “Professor Qiao, we are sorry for you, you hoped that we could bring bright future and victory to the mankind, but we failed, we human beings are going to perish.”

    “The human order began to lose control and started collapsing, and a large number of monsters and new humans were created. Everyone killed each other and one could even see rivers of blood flowing everywhere. This looked as if it is the curse of the Zerg King.”

    “We won but we also lost. Humanity is going to perish in a self-directed war. We tried every means to return the normal human beings to the earth, and then activated the ultimate closure of the planet, but the fusion has already engraved into the genes, and the last batch of human beings have also changed, the social civilization has rapidly regressed, and we can’t hold it any longer.”

    “Professor Qiao, you collapsed physically and mentally after you made the pineal gland jammer, but you probably didn’t know that one of my subordinates happened to awaken the spiritual talent in collecting souls, and since we couldn’t bear to see you die young, we collected all of your scattered spiritual power, striped it away and stored everything that was precious in your brain.”

    “We originally wanted to recreate a clone and let you, Professor Qiao, be resurrected on a clone, but thinking of the desolation of the mankind made us not have the courage to face you.”

    “We have sealed everything about you, and when the right time comes, you will be reborn in the right body, just like the reincarnation in ancient earth legends, traveling through time and space.”

    “When searching through your brain, we read your last-minute thoughts.”

    “Please forgive us for not respecting your privacy, but there was nothing we can do about it. We learned that you were tired and wanted to live an ordinary life, away from war and troubles, so we have suppressed your sanity till eighteen years of age, all those traumas and pasts that you have gone through will all be nothing but blurred memories.”

    “It was my last bit of selfishness, as I left a special imprint of my spiritual power on your pineal gland jammer. Once you hear my atoning confession, you will recall everything, and you will also perfect the fusion of all your spiritual powers again, to once again become the all powerful and strong-willed Professor Qiao that we admire.”

    “I also hope that you can forgive the sins we have committed after you wake up, and lead the new mankind’s technology to become stronger again, break the malicious curse left by the Zerg King, and lead the human beings on earth to return to the interstellar civilization.”

    “When you get the pineal gland jammer again and hear my confession, I don’t know how much time would have passed, and I may have already disappeared in the long river of history, but please allow me to say this one last thing to you. You are our pride, Professor Qiao.”

    The multicolored sound waves completely dissipated, turning into a handsome face, as the general nodded at Qiao Mo with a smile, and then dissipated into the air.

    The words left by the general hit Qiao Mo’s brain like a giant hammer. She felt a sharp pain in her brain, but the most painful thing was when she heard those messages.

    She endured the severe pain in her head, looked at the Zerg King fragment next to her with a blurred gaze, and then held the evil and dark patterned hard shell of the Zerg King with trembling hands.

    The surrounding researchers were all stunned by this scene, and even the security guard who was called stayed at the gate in a daze, not daring to take even half a step forward.

    Because at this time, Qiao Mo looked very cold and indifferent, with a cold wind-like airflow swirling around her, just like a tornado descending from the sky.

    Her plain white fingertips touched the fragments of Zerg King, and at that moment, she seemed to have stepped across countless stars and time and space, and came to the vast and dark cosmic starry sky.

    In the boundless cold darkness, mysterious and evil purple stars were scattered all over the place. Those stars were densely gathered together, and finally turned into an extremely terrifying and huge deep pupil.

    There seemed to be an evil and hoarse voice resounding from all directions in the void, and the voice was cold and playful, bringing along with it endless maliciousness, “Professor Qiao, this is the gift I give to mankind after my death.”

   “Zerg King!”

    Qiao Mo’s eyes were colder than the ice, as she called out the name of the Zerg King word by word.

    However, the Zerg King only left the last vague, chaotic and evil laugh in her consciousness, and Qiao Mo was ejected from the remaining consciousness of the Zerg King fragments.

    In the next second, those fragments exploded into powder, and Qiao Mo’s mental power completely went out of control.

    The pineal gland jammer burst out with a terrifying light, which completely drowned Qiao Mo in it. At the same time, the people present there got thrown away and ended up rolling on the ground without any image.

    The light of the pineal gland jammer enveloped Qiao Mo and Qiao Mo’s spiritual power overflowed, as the colorful light particles surrounded her. This scene looked both dreamy and dangerous.

    In the haze, Qiao Mo vaguely heard a familiar voice, “Long time no see, host, in fact, I am not the system, but your spiritual power. Back then, the general wanted to prevent your new body from exploding because of all the spiritual power, so I was stripped out.”

    “Actually, I didn’t mean to deceive you at the beginning, but even I thought that I had accidentally traveled to the ancient times. Do you remember reading a novel when you were a student, and at that time you were full of righteous indignation at the encounter of the side-character, even you emotions were affected a lot by it. And during your awakening process, I accidentally merged with the content of the novel, and then thought that I was your system. So when you found out that this was a new world, the strong logical self-doubt made me fake my system ability.”

    “Now, I’m going to fuse together with the remaining spiritual power in your body.”

    After the system finished speaking, the multicolored light on Qiao Mo’s body became even stronger, and then her mental power rushed out like a bomb in the next second, directly smashing the laboratory’s instruments and door into pieces.

    The situation in the laboratory alarmed the entire Technological building, and the entrance of the building was quickly cordoned off. When the news reached Jian Luozhi, it was already afternoon.

    Jian Luozhi didn’t say a word, just put on a piece of clothes and hurried to the place.

    “Mr. Jian.”

    The person in charge of the Technological building was a little surprised to see Jian Luozhi as he greeted him.

    Because Jian Luozhi’s Chuangshi Group is one of the top groups in Xicheng, Chuangshi and the government usually have many cooperation projects. The person in charge of the Technological building was no stranger to Jian Luozhi, and had occasionally tried to pull him to invest in some of the projects.

    “Where’s Qiao Mo, where is she?”

    Jian Luozhi was already in a hurry, so he didn’t care about chatting with the other party at all, but directly asked about Qiao Mo’s situation.

    “Ah, who are you to Qiao Mo?”

    The person in charge also knew that it was Qiao Mo who caused the whole incident. He couldn’t help but wonder, could this Qiao Mo be a researcher of Mr. Jian’s company?

    “She’s my fiancee.”

    Jian Luozhi’s expression was anxious. He thought that the biggest crisis between him and Qiao Mo was a relationship issue, but he didn’t expect such a thing. Yesterday, he was threatening Qiao Mo not to abandon him, but today Qiao Mo’s life and death are unknown. If he could start all over again, he would rather Qiao Mo live well, even if they are not together.

    The person in charge was startled, but he didn’t say anything else, and led Jian Luozhi towards the laboratory.

    The original high-end laboratory was now in disarray, with medical staff coming in and out, constantly carrying the wounded out of the laboratory.

    “How is she?”

    Anxiety rose in Jian Luozhi’s heart.

    The person in charge briefly explained, “In the beginning, the staff in the laboratory were fine, at most they were a little frightened, but later, whenever we arranged people to approach her, they will be attacked indiscriminately by her. Well, it’s not accurate to say that, but yes, we can’t get close to Miss Qiao at all, there seems to be something intangible around her. As long as you get close, you will be attacked, and now Miss Qiao is very dangerous.”

    “I’m going in.”

    Jian Luozhi was very calm and decisively stated his request.

    The person in charge looked at him in amazement, “Mr. Jian, didn’t you hear what I just said, Miss Qiao is very dangerous now. Have you seen the wounded? It’s all Miss Qiao’s doing.”

    “If something happens to Qiao Mo, I won’t be able to live alone, do you understand?”

    Jian Luozhi’s expression was not meant to be taken as a joke at all, it was serious and terrifying.

    The person in charge was stunned, and after he came to his senses, Jian Luozhi had already rushed into the laboratory.

    Countless cyclones were scattered in the laboratory, and each of those swirling airflows was like a small blade, if you get close to it, you will be ruthlessly cut by it.

    Jian Luozhi carefully avoided those whirlwinds, but every time he took a step, the glands on his neck would suddenly start paining. This kind of pain was not unfamiliar to him, but he hadn’t felt it for a long time.

    He gritted his teeth and kept calling to Qiao Mo, “Momo, Momo.”

    In the center of the laboratory, a slender figure stood there expressionlessly, as a multicolored vortex surrounded her, making her look mysterious and dangerous.

    However, when this scene fell in Jian Luozhi’s eyes, his heart tightened suddenly, and he felt boundless loneliness and desolation.

    “Momo.” He called out Qiao Mo’s name carefully, and approached her cautiously. He didn’t break through the colorful vortex, but just stood outside and watched.

    He looked at Qiao Mo, “Momo, I’m here to pick you up, let’s go.”

    Qiao Mo’s mental power was erupting uncontrollably, and the overly strong stimulation made her whole person chaotic, and her whole body to be exiled in the boundless chaotic universe. In this boundless universe, she suddenly heard a familiar warm voice. That voice seemed to break the barrier of darkness and landed on her ear from a far away distance. Her eyes moved involuntarily and landed on Jian Luozhi.

    At this time, Qiao Mo’s eyes were also looking very terrifying, as the multicolored light spots flashed in her eyes, making her look even more dangerous. Such her only made people’s back cold, not allowing anyone to approach her.

    But Jian Luozhi’s eyes were full of distress, as he approached Qiao Mo cautiously, “Momo, I’m here to pick you up and go home.”

    Jian Luozhi began to try to touch Qiao Mo, but those colorful light spots that were extremely terrifying to the people in the building did not attack Jian Luozhi, but instead rubbed against his fingertips intimately.

    He didn’t know why but Jian Luozhi suddenly felt warm, that warmth soothed the pain in his glands and gave him more strength to approach Qiao Mo.

    When he finally stretched out his hand, his fingers lightly penetrated the flying multicolored light particles and touched Qiao Mo, and she finally moved.

    The word ‘home’ seemed to touch a hidden string in Qiao Mo’s heart. She looked at Jian Luozhi, her voice hoarse, “Luoluo, I don’t have a home anymore, I don’t have a home anymore.”

    Her beliefs, the beliefs for which she had devoted her whole life, had completely fallen apart, which was even more heartbreaking than the moment she died in her previous life.

    The coldness on her face finally melted away, but such a blank expression made Jian Luozhi feel even more sad.

    He looked at Qiao Mo through the swirling colorful spots, and after a while he said softly, “I’ll give you a home. Momo, we will get married, I will give you a child, and then you’ll have a home.”

    Qiao Mo stared at Jian Luozhi’s eyes, he looked so beautiful and gentle, as the jumping spots of light fell on his eyebrows and slammed directly into Qiao Mo’s heart.

    Qiao Mo pulled Jian Luozhi and hugged him tightly in his arms. The violent eruption of mental power subsided, and Qiao Mo finally returned to normal.

    She leaned on Jian Luozhi’s shoulder and whispered in her lover’s ear, “Okay.”


T/N: I tried to make it flow as smoothly as possible, as there were many terminologies that I found hard to translate. If there are any mistakes or you know any better words for the terminologies, let me know.




1 Xiao Chu Xiao means little. Since it sounds better than little Chu, I kept it as it is.
2 Lao means old. So it’s ‘Old Fang’.
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Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O

Delicate Female Supporting Role A and Tyrant Male Protagonist O

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese

   Forever dedicated to the laboratory, Qiao Mo, who had exhausted her mental power and died, transmigrated into the female supporting role of a sadomasochistic novel. That female supporting role is vain, superficial and stupid, whom everyone hates.

       The female supporting role counterattack system that got bounded to Qiao Mo encouraged her, “Host, it’s time to prove that you have the legendary transmigrator halo, become a successful female supporting role in your career and love, and reach the pinnacle of your life. You can do it.”

       Lying on the luxurious big bed, counting the several months salary while eating seafood freshly transported by air, Qiao Mo said, “I don’t want to work hard anymore. People get teeth problems when they are old, and soft rice is still the most delicious.”

       Seeing that Bai Yueguang was about to return to China, the system urged Qiao Mo, “Host, using the training volume ‘Little Three Substitute Training Volume' will allow you to crush Bai Yueguang in all directions and become Mrs. Jian who is envied by everyone.”

      Qiao Mo, “I am a very delicate person, so you should enjoy this training volume yourself.”

      Bai Yueguang finally returned to China, and Qiao Mo planned to take the opportunity to ask for a sum of hush money, so that she could happily retire.

      Unexpectedly, when the door of Jian Luozhi’s room was pushed open, a strong fragrance assaulted her face, and Qiao Mo was immediately stunned.

    Something seems wrong???

    This turned out to be a world of abo. The boss, Jian Luozhi was actually a weak omega, and she was actually an alpha!

    Jian Luozhi always acted resolutely and was steadfast. He was indifferent towards everything, and everyone in the business world was afraid of him. He did not match the image of an omega at all, so no one ever doubted his identity.

    Until that day when his pheromones got out of control, and Qiao Mo rashly pushed open the door.

    Looking at the alpha who pretended to be a pure, innocent, docile and well-behaved omega at the door, Jian Luozhi closed his eyes and sneered, he had miscalculated.

    No matter what the intention of this alpha disguised as a omega is, Jian Luozhi had the confidence to control the other party.

    Jian Luozhi never imagined that a long time later, he would take omega bridal courses for Qiao Mo and learn how to grow flowers and even cook.

    In order to please Qiao Mo, he will secretly ask other omega wives for tricks.

    Because he was worried that he was not a good omega, he tried to learn each and every art that a omega should know, trying to become the perfect omega that could attract Qiao Mo.

[A delicate and beautiful salted fish FL X A fake gaoling flower ML yearning for love] Ps: Female A, Male O, no counterattack, no female attacking boys Eating soft rice means that person is relying on someone to feed him/ in short a kept person A salted fish is a metaphor for a person who has no intension of doing anything. A gaoling flower is a metaphor for a cool handsome/ pretty guy out of reach to ordinary/most people.  


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