DFSRA- Chapter 32

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Ch. 32 The origin

    “Is it here, Momo?”

    Qiao Mo was going to participate in the exchange meeting today. When Jian Luozhi was going to the company in the morning, he drove Qiao Mo over by the way.

    At this moment, the car had stopped at the entrance of a science and technology exchange hall, which was a stylish silver-gray building.

    Qiao Mo checked the information sent by the professor, and nodded, “It’s here, just let me down, thank you Luoluo.”

    Jian Luozhi smiled when he heard the words, “We have such a relationship, do you really need to thank me baby?”

    Qiao Mo blushed slightly. Anyway, she really can’t handle such enthusiastic Mr. Jian. Who made Jian Luozhi an old fox in the business circle? So Qiao Mo simply turned her suffocation into action, as she pulled his face sideways and blocked the other party’s impolite mouth.

    Since Bai Yueguang had come and caused that small trouble, the two have expressed their affection foo each other, because of which their relationship become more intimate.

    It is more intimate and natural than when they said it the first time that they wanted to be a couple.

    So Qiao Mo pulled Jian Luozhi’s tie and kissed him. The two were not as stunned as they were at the beginning, but quickly immersed in each other’s breath.

    After a while, Qiao Mo let go, bit Jian Luozhi’s lips, and said jokingly, “Leaving a seal. My Luoluo is too charming, I’m very worried.”

    Jian Luozhi let Qiao Mo bite his lip motionlessly, as he stared deeply at Qiao Mo, and suddenly said, “Then why don’t you give me a temporary mark before leaving.”

    Qiao Mo raised her head in confusion: “?”

    “Didn’t I already mark you last night?”

    Jian Luozhi said with a bit of playfulness, “Last night was last night, now is now, aren’t you worried? You can make a temporary mark, and leave your smell on me, so naturally no one will dare to covet me.”

    Qiao Mo hesitated for a while, but what Jian Luozhi said seemed to make sense.

    Besides, she was indeed a little unable to refuse this request.

    Since the two of them expressed their intentions to each other, she became less and less fond of those looking at Jian Luozhi, even if some of them were omegas that had just misunderstood Jian Luozhi as an alpha.

    Her family’s Mr. Jian is her sweetheart, and there is no omega that is sweeter and cuter than her Mr. Jian.

    “There are restraint stickers that can block pheromones. You don’t have to worry about the smell being too strong and my identity being discovered.”

    Jian Luozhi’s last sentence completely dispelled Qiao Mo’s concerns, and she directly pressed Jian Luozhi on the leather seat.

    Jian Luozhi frowned slightly, and unconsciously clasped his fingers onto the leather chair under him. The frequent pheromone fusion had completely nourished his body. Now he is no longer the same as at the beginning, that just because of the simple temporary marking, he will be out of control and weeping.

    He even understands why everyone encourages AO to blend, because alpha’s pheromone is indeed a powerful comfort to an omega. After he and Qiao Mo dated, the regular temporary marks made Jian Luozhi feel way better than before.

    Qiao Mo licked the gland that received the mark making Jian Luozhi tremble, as he raised his hand to push Qiao Mo’s head away, his voice hoarse, “Enough Momo, the exchange meeting will start in five minutes.”

    Qiao Mo reluctantly released her mouth, held Jian Luozhi’s hand, and suddenly said with emotion, “I really want to make a complete mark with Luoluo as soon as possible.”

    Jian Luozhi’s eyes also became gentle, “There will be.”

    “Goodbye Mr. Jian then, and you should go to work early too.”

    Qiao Mo gently placed a kiss on Jian Luozhi’s eyebrows, then got up and out of the car and walked into the Science and Technology Exchange Hall.

    Jian Luozhi looked at Qiao Mo’s back, raised his hand and touched the place where Qiao Mo had kissed, with warmth swirling in his dark eyes, as he said in a low voice, “Goodbye baby, hope today will be a good day. “

    Then Jian Luozhi also drove to the Chuangshi Group Building.

    When Qiao Mo walked to the entrance of the Science and Technology exchange hall, she saw a familiar person waving at her. She immediately smiled and walked over, “Senior Ke.”

    “Xuemei, you are really amazing.”

    Ke Mo looked at Qiao Mo with admiration and joy in his eyes.

    Although he regretted that Qiao Mo was not an omega and lost a beautiful love, he still admired Qiao Mo’s capability, especially when he saw Qiao Mo’s published papers from his mentor, he was very happy that he could be Qiao Mo’s friend.

    He has already decided that since he can’t be a boyfriend, they he will be a brother.

    With a capable and good-looking sister like Qiao Mo readily available, it would be a shame not to pull her together.

    “Where’s the mentor?”

    After a few words of greetings with Ke Mo, Qiao Mo asked about the professor’s situation. Ke Mo suddenly laughed, raised his hand and pointed to the room, “There, he is bragging with the tutors of other schools about you. You really gave the mentor a lot of face this time, he is simply overjoyed. I have never seen him so happy even when he won the award himself.”

    Qiao Mo followed Ke Mo’s hand towards the conference room, and saw Professor Chu talking with a middle-aged woman. The middle-aged woman pouted and rolled her eyes, as Professor Chu kept beaming at her.

    The two of them were talking and saw Qiao Mo and Ke Mo approaching. Professor Chu immediately showed off to the middle-aged woman, “See, this is my new apprentice.”

    The middle-aged woman snorted, and turned to look at Qiao Mo. She was tall and imposing and looked a little heroic, as she said to Qiao Mo, “I have read the paper you sent, and it’s very thoughtful. We are both female alphas, so there will be more common topics, do you want to consider changing the family [1]here it means, changing her mentor from Professor Chu to that Female alpha?”

    Professor Chu immediately blew his beard and started scolding, “You sexist, are you looking down on us betas?”

    The middle-aged woman A smiled strangely, “It’s not that I look down on betas, there is nothing wrong with being a beta. It’s you who has a problem, you are mainly go for theoretical things, and I think this little disciple of yours, has a very practical style, even her paper is also very practical. I’m afraid you’ll not be able to guide her properly.”

    After she finished speaking, she looked at Qiao Mo, “I have an independent laboratory, and behind me are entrepreneurs who regularly co-invest in the laboratory. I usually focus more on practice. Do you want to consider changing mentors? Following me will be more conducive to your development.”

    Professor Chu suddenly choked, and immediately peeked at Qiao Mo nervously, for fear that Qiao Mo would suddenly turn to go into someone else’s arms.

    Qiao Mo was amused by the jealous rivalry between the two professors. She politely said to the middle-aged woman A, “Thank you teacher for your interest, but I have no plan of changing the laboratories.”

    Professor Chu breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at the middle-aged woman A.

    The middle-aged woman A tied to persuade with a few more words, but Qiao Mo still shook her head, “All roads lead to great roads, no matter which laboratory you are in, you will end up with the same result in the end.”

    “The little girl has a lot of ideas, come on.” The middle-aged woman A stopped persuading her, and instead patted Qiao Mo on the shoulder, “I’ll wait for the day you get to the honorary seat.”

    These few people chatted casually for a while, and occasionally an acquaintance would come over to say hello to Professor Chu. Professor Chu would then take Qiao Mo to introduce them one by one. Qiao Mo knew that it was Professor Chu who was building connections for her.

    In the end, Ke Mo said with a sour face, “This is like forgetting your first child after having the second child. Xuemei, the professor really loves you.”

    Qiao Mo laughed and replied, “Senior Ke, don’t worry, our professor is not a partial parent.”

    After speaking, the two of them couldn’t help laughing, and Professor Chu also laughed along with them seeing that the two brothers and sisters had a good relationship.

    This exchange meeting was also where each professor brought his students to show their research. Everyone brought their insights from the past two years to the stage and read it out. When it was Professor Chu’s turn, Professor Chu pushed Qiao Mo directly. When she was asked to speak on the stage, Qiao Mo was not polite. She gave a summary of the biology-related knowledge she took time to supplement.

    In her previous life, she had a great understanding of biotechnology, and her most proud achievement was the pineal gland jammer, which could directly abolish the biological weapons of the giant Zerg king, so in this field, she knew a lot.

    After transmigrating into this world, Qiao Mo no longer had the pressure to deal with the Zerg King, so she put her interest in the genders of this world. After all, the three recessive genders were something she had never seen before. She had read a lot of related theories. And from some practical reports, some ideas have emerged, and this time, at the exchange meeting, this topic was going to be discussed with a group of experts of the field.

    Her ideas are not novel, but she is a very practical person. Any theory proposed must be supported by concrete evidences, so some of the ideas she proposed are the ones that are very easy to practice and produce results. Investors spend a lot of money on such things, so everyone was very interested.

    Some people couldn’t help but sigh to Professor Chu, “Young generation will really surpass us. Old Chu, I didn’t believe it when you said it before. I thought that most of the papers were your ideas and your student just wrote data to support them, but I didn’t expect that these were all her own idea.”

    “Of course.”

    Professor Chu was also very proud of Qiao Mo. At his age, in addition to making achievements in scientific research, he pays more attention to the inheritance of his mantle and wants to cultivate heirs.

    “Where did you dug up this baby.” Someone couldn’t help saying sourly.

    Professor Chu snorted but didn’t answer. He didn’t say that this precious student of his came to the door by herself, for fear of being beaten up.

    Qiao Mo finished talking quickly, and some people who were interested left their contact information. She also responded with a smile and added the other person’s WeChat ID.

    Everyone also liked to get to know her. After all, most talented people are not very close to each other. Qiao Mo’s temperament is gentle and calm, and she is beautiful and polite. Anyone who sees her finds it difficult to refuse her.

    Qiao Mo returned to Professor Chu and sat down. Ke Mo whispered, “If Xuemei is invited by any boss to invest, she must invite everyone to dinner.”

    When they do this kind of exchange meeting, in addition to the researchers sharing their experience and theories, some entrepreneurs will send people to listen to them in order to find the researchers they like to cooperate with.


    Professor Chu laughed and scolded, “Your junior sister will invite you to dinner with the investment that she got. You kid you are so thick-skinned, I really couldn’t see it before.”

    The three master and apprentices chatted and laughed at each other for a while, and soon someone went up with a stack of documents, and then everyone went quiet.

    Looking at everyone’s reaction, Qiao Mo had a hunch in her heart. Sure enough, Professor Chu whispered to her, “This is the material I told you about, it is said that this material is related to the origin of our three genders.”

    Qiao Mo also stopped talking, and the three of them looked at the podium seriously.

    The he person on the stage was also very excited. He turned on the electronic projection screen, magnified the material in his hand and projected it on the screen, so that everyone could watch it together.

    “It is well known that in the beginning of human evolution, there were only male and female genders. Until one day, due to some unexpected radiation, the three sexes of ABO were evolved. This is also the reason why males and females are dominant and ABO is recessive.”

    When she saw the starry sky projected on the screen, Qiao Mo held her breath.

    In the eyes of others, it is just an ordinary star projection in the vast universe, but for Qiao Mo, who has fought against the Zerg all her life, it is the coordinates of the star field that she will never forget even after she dies, as it is the main habitat of the Zerg king.

    So what was going on? Didn’t she transmigrate into an ordinary sadomasochist novel? But then, why did the starry sky of those days appear here?

    Her heart started to sink.

    “It is said that this starry sky is the origin of radiation.” The person on the stage began to explain, “There has always been a conjecture in the scientific community that we are not the first generation of human beings, but the second generation of evolved human beings after the catastrophe. Because someone once mentioned that the recessive gender of ABO is somewhat redundant, that it is not like a naturally derived gender, but it has never been supported by real data and evidences, because of which this theory has not been recognized by everyone.”

    “But some time ago, archaeologists unearthed some very strange things that cannot be explained by existing scientific and technological knowledge. And all of us suspect that it is related to our origin.”

    “If these things can really confirm that the theory is real, then there will be an uproar in the scientific community, and the history and science will be rewritten.”

    After the people on the stage finished speaking, they kept zooming in on the PPT, “This is what the team of archaeologists excavated from the Great Rift valley.”

    “No one thought that there would be an abandoned cave hidden at the bottom of the Great Rift Valley in that barren land. There were many objects in the depths of the cave that our modern technology cannot explain, and some of them were extremely well preserved. When the archaeological team went deep into the cave, everyone was shocked, as they found two items that cannot be deciphered, cannot be explained, cannot be named, and cannot be recognized by our existing technology.”

    “Both items disrupt the existing scientific explanations of genes and gender and create confusion for those who learn about them.”

    The photo on the screen was zoomed in to the point where it was barely visible, and unexpectedly hit Qiao Mo’s eyes causing her breath to suddenly suffocate.

    “What’s wrong with you?”

    Ke Mo was the first to noticed that something was wrong with Qiao Mo, as he asked in a low voice with concern, and even Professor Chu looked over with the same worry.

    But at this time, Qiao Mo was not in the mood to respond to the people around her. She stared at the screen with a terrifyingly pale face.

    “Pineal Gland Jammer! The Zerg King!”

    She stared at the screen and muttered to herself.

    On the screen was a dim, palm-sized oval, shriveled, gray thing that had been sealed away for a long time.

    But Qiao Mo knew how beautiful it used to be, and how it was born from her own hands, and how it brought hope to the entire human civilization.

    The other item was an irregular hard shell. The color of the shell was also extremely dim. The pattern on the shell looked mysterious and evil, whose meaning couldn’t be deciphered.

    To say that it is the Zerg King, it is better to say that it is a fragment of the Zerg King’s body.

    Qiao Mo knew how terrifying the owner of this shell was. It once floated above the heads of the humans in the sky like a nightmare, spreading death and despair in the human world.

    At this time, the owner of the shell had already been dead for an unknown time, leaving behind the dim shell fragments, allowing the future generations to guess its origin and past.

    At this time, her mind was all captured by the two things in the photo, and the voices of the people explaining on the stage seemed to become blur.

    “Someone has extracted residual traces of pheromones similar to ours on this hard shell, which is contrary to our existing theory of anthropological history [2]Anthropology is the study of the origin and development of human societies and cultures., and this is enough to prove that the fantasies we thought that were bizarre at the beginning, may just be true.”

    “Qiao Mo? Qiao Mo?”

    Now Professor Chu and Ke Mo were extremely worried, and kept shouting at Qiao Mo, who was absent-minded.

    Qiao Mo finally regained her senses. The expression on her face was a bit scary. She had always been a little soft and gentle girl, who looked very easy bully. But she suddenly showed such an expression, causing Professor Chu and Ke Mo to be stunned.

    “I want to see those two things, Professor Chu, is there any way?”

    Qiao Mo firmed up her thoughts, she must know what happened in the beginning.

    She originally thought that she just encountered an inexplicable time-travel, but now it seems that this is not the case.

    She reluctantly smiled at Professor Chu, “Professor, I want to get in touch with the mentor on stage, can I trouble you for the favor?”

    Although Professor Chu didn’t know why Qiao Mo’s expression suddenly changed or why she looked so restless, but out of concern for Qiao Mo, he still agreed to Qiao Mo’s request.

    Soon everyone’s exchange ended. Several investors wanted to contact Qiao Mo, but they were stopped by Professor Chu.

    Although the topic of ‘gender and the possibility of genetic origin’ brought by the people on the stage was very shocking, but for these businessmen, it was still not as useful as Qiao Mo’s practical paper.

    With the help of Professor Chu, Qiao Mo met the person on stage who explained the origin. The other party was a little surprised that Qiao Mo would come.

    When he heard Qiao Mo’s suggestion that she wanted to take a look at the physical material, the researcher who was dressed in ordinary clothes thought for a while, and then asked Qiao Mo, “I have no doubts about the ‘susceptibility period calming pheromone’ you proposed earlier. It is very interesting. You said that you have theoretical support, which can minimize the influence of the susceptibility period on both sexes, and avoid modern young people from being disturbed by the susceptibility period, which affects the quality of work.”

    Qiao Mo looked at the other party in confusion. She didn’t know why the other party asked this question, but she still nodded, “Yes, I see that many people are deeply troubled by the susceptible period, so I hope it can alleviate everyone’s pain.”

    The researcher smiled, “To be honest, I want to go deeper into the topic of gender origin, but I lack financial support, so I plan to make some products in exchange for investment funds. I can tell you that there is no market for your theory, except for some omegas, who would find the susceptibility period troublesome, but there are several alphas with money, status and assets and you will only offend those alphas who control social resources by making this pheromone. So you might as well cooperate with me, I will give you a place, let’s study the origin topic together. How about you think in reverse, and make a pheromone that can raise the threshold of the omega’s susceptibility period to the highest level. Those big alphas will definitely like it, and maybe they will pay you a lot of money to buy your patent.”

    “Young people have good ideas, but they are too naïve. They don’t know the real situation of this society. In fact, your research could have been very profitable, but you just didn’t think in the right direction.”

    Qiao Mo was stunned for a moment, and then unconsciously clenched her fists, as deep anger emerged in her heart. She never imagined that someone would use the pain of a susceptibility period of an omega as a tool for profit. It seems that in this world, omegas are only seen as toys of the alphas.

    Her good upbringing prevented her from punching his face directly, but instead said word by word with a cold face, “You are dreaming!”

    Then turned around and left.

    The researcher stood rooted in place with an ugly face.

    By the time she left the exchange meeting, Qiao Mo’s mood had dropped to an all time low. She said goodbye to Professor Chu and Ke Mo, and then walked to a bench at the corner in a daze.

    She rubbed the mobile phone in her hand, not knowing what she was thinking, and finally opened Jian Luozhi’s contact interface, and subconsciously sent a message to him, “Luoluo, are you off work? I miss you.”

    On the other side, Jian Luozhi was sitting in the office on the top floor of the Chuangshi building. He watched Secretary Zhang sorting out the reports, while talking to him about some daily affairs of the company, even asking him when he would get to eat wedding candies

    Jian Luozhi watched him for a while, but didn’t bother to answer the boring question of when Secretary Zhang would get eat the wedding candy, but suddenly asked jokingly, “Secretary Zhang, are you so convinced of me because I’m Jian Luozhi or because I’m an alpha? “

    Secretary Zhang looked up at Jian Luozhi in amazement, and felt that his boss Jian was somewhat strange after falling in love.

    Suppressing the impolite urge to touch the boss’s forehead to see whether he was sick or not, Secretary Zhang replied strangely, “Mr. Jian, you are an alpha. Why are you asking this question? Could it be that Second Young Master said something to question your alpha dignity?”

    “Forgive your subordinate’s remarks, but you don’t need to mind him at all. Although the second young master is an also an alpha, his temperament is nothing like an alpha’s”

    The corners of Jian Luozhi’s mouth rose a bit, but he continued to ask, “I mean, what if I were an omega?”

    Secretary Zhang suddenly smiled, “It doesn’t matter whether you are an A or O, you will still be President Jian. Can the President of the Chuangshi Group just change because you are not an alpha? There are so many alphas in the world, and even your family has more than one alpha. Therefore it is not because of you being an alpha that you are the President of Chuangshi Group.”

    “Okay.” Jian Luozhi’s eyes were deep as he stood up from behind the desk, and said to him, “Secretary Zhang, I hope that you can remember this sentence, and no matter what I do in the future, I hope you will abide by your duties.”

    Secretary Zhang didn’t understand why Jian Luozhi said this, but he has cooperated with Jian Luozhi for so many years, and he knows that his boss will not say this for no reason. He is afraid that Mr. Jian is really going to make a big move, and there will be great turmoil in the group.

    His heart froze, and just as he was about to show his loyalty again, he heard the special ringtone of Jian Luozhi’s mobile phone ringing.

    Jian Luozhi, who was still very intimidating before, seemed to change his face suddenly, as he said with a little more tenderness, “Xiao Zhang, I will trouble you with the rest. I will leave first.”

    Secretary Zhang choked and watched as his elite and indifferent CEO turned into love fool within seconds and strode out of the office.

    He really wanted to ask what exactly is love in this world, that could even get this ruthless tyrant to bow down.




1 here it means, changing her mentor from Professor Chu to that Female alpha
2 Anthropology is the study of the origin and development of human societies and cultures.

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