DFSRA- Chapter 28

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Ch. 28 Fall in love as my omega

    The overly ambiguous atmosphere made Qiao Mo’s whole body stiff, as she stared at Jian Luozhi with her eyes wide open.

    Filled with clear and sweet pheromones, Qiao Mo’s brain became blank.

    She stared blankly at Jian Luozhi kissing her, only to feel that her body’s heat was constantly rising, with Jian Luozhi deliberately releasing pheromones, as if trying to evoke her body’s instinctive response.

    For a well-bred person like Jian Luozhi, this kind of behavior is simply unbelievable.

    The reserved and noble omega raised in a big family is using his pheromones to seduce an alpha. If it spreads out, it will be enough to ruin the omega’s reputation and be scolded by everyone as a shameless person.

    If he seduced a powerful alpha, it would have been fine, but Qiao Mo is just an ordinary poor student. If Jian Luozhi was an ordinary omega, once this kind of thing is known to his family, he will definitely be locked up by his family.

    What’s more, Jian Luozhi is known as a strong and powerful alpha. He doesn’t know how many omegas had tried to seduce him before. Even he himself hates this kind of behavior the most.

    But what he did to Qiao Mo was exactly the same as what Bai Yueguang did to him back then. He was trying to use his pheromones to lure the alpha in front of him out of control.

    “Luo… Luoluo.”

    Qiao Mo’s face flushed, as she gulped.

    She had a fever today, but now that her pheromone is agitated, she can’t stand this heat. She can only look at Jian Luozhi, who is like a clear spring and snow water.

    But there is a thread in her heart that makes her unwilling to cross the line at all.

    Jian Luozhi smiled at her when he saw that she was worried too much.

    Usually Jian Luozhi is a stern, dignified and powerful man. At this time, he gently hooked his lips and smiled, as if he couldn’t tell the allure and seduction behind that simple move. Those black eyes seemed to be shining with ripples and stars.

    He gently unbuttoned the top button of his suit.

    His fingertips are very white, and the knuckles of his fingers are very slender. They are currently placed on the buttons of his pure black suit, forming a striking contrast that irritates people’s eyes.

    He is tall and straight, extravagant but reserved, his eyes are full of warmth at this moment, as he slowly unbuttoned the suit, which can be called the most excessive provocation in the world.

    Qiao Mo let out a short breath.

    The suit fell on the narrow single bed, revealing the white shirt inside, and Jian Luo’s perfect figure was looming under that white shirt.

    His neck is slender and straight like a swan, his shoulders are broad but his waist is narrow and thin, and his lower abdomen is flat, without even an ounce of extra fat.

    He approached Qiao Mo, forced Qiao Mo to lean back on the seat back, and then straddled Qiao Mo’s lap provocatively, while overlooking Qiao Mo’s face condescendingly, with a little mole under his slightly hooked eyes, looking very seductive.

    “Momo, want me?”

    He whispered softly in Qiao Mo’s ear.

    Qiao Mo’s brain was already chaotic, all her thoughts were full of Jian Luozhi’s words, and she could only passively move with Jian Luozhi’s actions.

    Jian Luozhi grabbed her hand and helped it down gently.

    The soft touch made Qiao Mo’s face blush and look like it was about to drip blood. She stared blankly at Jian Luozhi and frowned slightly, showing a somewhat painful expression, feeling that Jian Luozhi’s body was sinking towards her.

    His pheromones are very sweet but not too greasy. Jian Luozhi pursed his lips and looked at Qiao Mo with wet eyes. He was a little uncomfortable, but he had more resignation. He was very grateful to Qiao Mo for the gentleness she showed him, therefore he want to keep the tenderness that Qiao Mo gave him forever.

    Qiao Mo’s fingers moved reflexively, feeling like she was trapped in a dense layer of cake, and Jian Luozhi was like that huge cake full of temptation, along with it, the sweet fragrance was trying to destroyed all of Qiao Mo’s sanity from all directions.

    There was a bit of shyness in Jian Luozhi’s eyes, his dark eyes stared at Qiao Mo’s eyes, as he recalled those words that made his heart blush, and whispered to Qiao Mo, “Momo, I’m so uncomfortable, I need your mark now.”

    Hearing that Qiao Mo grabbed Jian Luozhi’s waist unconsciously. That slender waist felt better than she had imagined. It felt as if it could easily be broken by her. As her grip tightened, Jian Luozhi felt painful but also very happy.

    “Jian Luozhi.”

    Qiao Mo called out Jian Luozhi’s name with difficulty. Her body almost went out of her control as moved closer to Jian Luozhi, but at the same time, she felt very uneasy in her heart. Would this be too fast? She thought that it should be done on the night after they exchanged rings with each other’s names engraved on them after a grand occasion.

    “Jian Luozhi.”

    Qiao Mo gritted her teeth unconsciously, and licked the tip of her pointed tiger teeth. Her saliva was secreting frantically, and she wanted to bite that sweet, greasy and fragrant cake in front of her.

    Just when the atmosphere was about to get out of control, Qiao Mo suddenly felt her nose itch, her face changed, as she raised her hand and pushed Jian Luozhi away, turned her head and sneezed, and coughed a few times in a low voice. She was still sick.

    Jian Luozhi’s body leaned back, and smashed onto the computer on Qiao Mo’s desk. The content that Qiao Mo had just typed was turned into garbled characters.

    “My thesis!”

    Qiao Mo exclaimed and instinctively wanted to pounce on the table, but Jian Luozhi was still in her arms, so she ended up just hugging Jian Luozhi.

    Jian Luozhi also recovered from the sticky atmosphere, his cheeks were hot, and his expression was a little guilty, “I’m sorry.”

    What can Qiao Mo say, she is a little depressed in her heart, but Jian Luozhi is her boyfriend after all, and the troubles caused by her uneasy and clingy boyfriend can only be endured.

    Jian Luozhi is a calm and resolute boss in the business world. He usually speaks and does things perfectly. He only ever cleans up the mess for others, it was never him to cause the mess. This experience can be regarded as the first in his life. He actually pestered the sick Qiao Mo because of his emotional panic, and caused trouble for Qiao Mo when she was doing important things.

    But Qiao Mo’s papers were beyond his professional scope, and he couldn’t help even if he wanted to.

    He whispered again, “I’m sorry.”

    Qiao Mo looked at Jian Luozhi. Because of the unexpected situation between the two of them just now, Jian Luozhi’s shirt was more than half open, making this normally stern man look very cute but also vulnerable.

    Qiao Mo finally asked her own question, “Luoluo, why are you so eager to finish the complete mark with me. Didn’t I promise to fall in love with you first, and I’m not someone who will gives up so easily. I’m serious about you.”

    Jian Luozhi’s heart became warm and soft in an instant, as he pursed his lips but did not speak anything, just slightly flinched away from Qiao Mo’s gaze.

    He felt that he was very bad after comparing himself to Qiao Mo. He didn’t know how to get along with Qiao Mo like the other omegas in the circle, about how to keep the alpha tied to you.

    Qiao Mo was also a little annoyed.

    Although she and Jian Luozhi decided to try to fall in love, and they even exchanged pheromones, and did some more intimate things, but she didn’t know if it was the problem of progressing too fast, she always felt that something was not right.

    At the very least, Jian Luozhi’s attitude made her wonder, is it her illusion, or is dating like this? Why does she always feel that Jian Luozhi is very uneasy?

    Jian Luozhi didn’t answer Qiao Mo’s question, he just pursed his lips, lowered his eyelashes and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

    He paused, as if trying to explain, “Qiao Mo, I’m not a casual person, I’m just… just…”

    Qiao Mo looked at Jian Luozhi suspiciously, waiting for Jian Luozhi to speak.

    Jian Luozhi’s hand accidentally touched Qiao Mo’s somewhere, and Qiao Mo suddenly gasped and looked at Jian Luozhi dully, “Luoluo, if you don’t want to say it, you don’t have to.”

    That thing is too fragile, Qiao Mo somewhat understands how those men felt in her past life.

    Jian Luozhi avoided the previous topic, blushing slightly, “I’ll help you.”

    Qiao Mo: “?”

    The next second Qiao Mo was completely speechless, because Jian Luozhi had already squatted down and lifted her skirt.

    Qiao Mo: “!”

    As she felt that warmth, she unconsciously clenched Jian Luozhi’s black and fine short hair. After a while, she watched Jian Luozhi raise his head, his lips were red and a little swollen.

    “Hurry up, hurry up and wash your face.”

    Qiao Mo panicked and pushed Jian Luozhi to the bathroom, feeling distressed and also blushing at the same time, “Don’t do this next time.”

    Jian Luozhi’s dark eyes stared at her, as a touch of warmth flashed through his eyes, and he unconsciously licked his chapped lips, “It’s okay.”

    He had no Idea how tempting he looked at this time.

    Watching Jian Luozhi walk into the bathroom, Qiao Mo finally took a deep breath, feeling a little disappointed and a little sad in her heart.

    At first she thought that Jian Luozhi was a good boss, but later it was because of responsibility, but now she wants to try to love Jian Luozhi as her omega.

    Jian Luozhi quickly reorganized himself neatly and meticulously, and he regained the look of a cold and ruthless tyrant, completely unable to connect to that crazy person from before.

    He looked up and down the room environment where Qiao Mo was living, and didn’t mention the matter of letting Qiao Mo move back to the villa, he just said, “My office is on the top floor of the building and in a very good environment, there is an independent office desk and other electronic products that can be used, which are currently vacant. I remember tomorrow is the weekend, if you have nothing else to do, come to my office for work. Just take it as making up for your thesis today, and it can be regarded as my apology.”

    Qiao Mo was a little moved, and hesitant, “This is not good, won’t your employees say anything?”

    A smile slipped through Jian Luozhi’s eyes, “They won’t, unless they don’t want work there anymore.”

    Well, aside from things like marking, Mr. Jian is still so domineering.

    Looking at the cold and reserved Jian Luozhi, Qiao Mo said with a smile, “Tomorrow after everything is done, I’ll invite you to dinner and a movie.”

    Jian Luozhi looked at Qiao Mo in surprise.

    Qiao Mo winked at him, “Mr. Jian, have you forgotten that we are dating? As your alpha, it’s something I should have done before. There shouldn’t only be marks between us.”

    Jian Luozhi’s ears turned red uncontrollably, as his eyes flickered, and he replied in a very low voice, “Okay.”

    Qiao Mo was surprised to discover that Jian Luozhi was so embarrassed because of her small proposal.


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