DFSRA- Chapter 22

Ch. 22 In the bar

    “Xuemei, here, here.” On Wednesday, Qiao Mo came to the bar as agreed with Ke Mo.

    The location of the bar was a bit remote, but as Ke Mo said, the environment was clean and quiet, and the people around were polite and gentle.

    Having said that, the bar is a bar after all. The small stage on the first floor was flashing with neon lights and playing the popular DJ music.

    Because of the noise, Ke Mo had to speak loudly to attract Qiao Mo’s attention, lest Qiao Mo find the wrong place.

    The one who waved and called Qiao Mo over was a short fat man with a weak sense of pheromone presence on his body. According to this statement, the other party should be a beta.

    Although it feels a little strange to use the gender of beta to address the other, but since Qiao Mo knew the truth of this world, she was trying her best to adapt to the speaking habits of this world.

    She has been practicing gender discrimination recently.

    In this world of ABO, everyone wears pheromone protection stickers when they go out, and the pheromone that spills out can hardly be smelled, but this does not deter Qiao Mo as she uses her mental power to capture the pheromones lingering in the air and has her own set of methods.

    Qiao Mo has been pondering the difference between pheromone and mental power recently. She made a rough judgment and felt that the two were very similar, and the subtle differences between them were difficult to explain.

    But now, she is not the Professor Qiao of the past after all, and there is no special laboratory to do practical analysis for her, so she hides these inferences in her heart, waiting for the opportunity to discuss them with someone in the future.

     These thoughts revolved around Qiao Mo’s mind very quickly. When she saw the fat beta beckoning towards her, she also smiled and walked towards him.


     When he saw Qiao Mo, Fatty B wanted to greet her, but was shocked by her appearance.

    He stared at Qiao Mo for a few times, and finally couldn’t help but curiously asked, “Qiao Xuemei, are you really an alpha? You are not kidding, right?”

    This is the most frequently asked question after Qiao Mo stopped hiding her gender.

    Some time ago, she looked up the original owner’s information a little, and found out that the original owner had been using a certain drug on the black market to cover up her gender. Fortunately, the original owner was hiding her gender just to catch a rich guy and cheat money from him.

    Now that Qiao Mo has stopped using those drugs, her pheromones have returned to normal, but once she puts on the restraint patch, she will be misunderstood because of her face.

    Towards this she was a little helpless, “If I am not an alpha, how can I find a wife to marry?”

    Although she wasn’t quite used to it, she could now openly say that she was looking for a wife, but Qiao Mo still felt a bit weird saying this.

    Fatty B was taken aback for a moment, and then he laughed, feeling a little more favorable towards Qiao Mo.

    “Xuemei is really good at telling jokes, come on, everyone is here.”


    Ke Mo had already finished his work and came over. Seeing Qiao Mo, he went up to say hello, and led Qiao Mo to meet the people from the music club.

    As he introduced everyone, he couldn’t help but secretly look at Qiao Mo. He still couldn’t believe that Qiao Mo was actually an alpha.

    It was the first time he had met such a beautiful girl, how could the other party not be an omega! Ke Mo was very sad and lost in his heart.

    Qiao Mo noticed Ke Mo’s eyes, she calmly released a little pheromone towards him. Ke Mo who was stimulated by the same kind of pheromone instantly recovered, and the delusion in his heart was completely shattered.

   Knowing that this was Qiao Mo’s reminder, Ke Mo twitched the corners of his mouth bitterly. He maintained a safe social distance with Qiao Mo, while feeling sour for his unresolved feelings.

    However, he immediately thought of that Mr. Jian, who must be in a similar situation to himself, and couldn’t help but feel the same schadenfreude, in the end he was not so depressed in his heart.

    The people in the music club were very lively and greeted Qiao Mo in a friendly manner.

    One of the girls winked at Qiao Mo and jokingly said, “At first, we thought that Lao Ke [1]Lao means old. So it would be ‘Old Ke’. It is just a friendly way of referring to someone. would be out of the being a single, and we planned to celebrate the end of singleness for him, but it turned out to be another member of the bachelor group.”

    It was the first time that Qiao Mo met another female alpha, a person of the same gender as her, so she couldn’t help but glance at the other person.

    Then she discovered that although the female A in this world looked like the usual female of her previous life, she actually has a tall skeleton and sharp eyebrows, which was indeed different from her, because of which she has always been misunderstood.

    Others laughed when they heard the female A’s words, and Fatty B even scolded, “Fuck you, who wants to be in your bachelor group.”

    There were seven people sitting at this table, five of whom were alphas, one beta and plus Qiao Mo. In total there are six A’s, and everyone is single, it was no wonder that female A jokingly said that.

    While talking and laughing, everyone became familiar with each other, and also mentioned the serious business of this meeting.

    “Although Boss Ke of the Bachelor Group has no hope of leaving the list, he still has to fulfill his promise. This bar is opened by my cousin. The small stage of the bar provides various musical instruments. I will show it to Xuemei.”

    Female A said and jumped onto the stage, grabbed the microphone on the stage and said, “Next, I will perform a “Single Love Song” for everyone, thank you for your appreciation.”

    That female A finished speaking, pointed at Ke Mo and narrowly blinked, teasing him, causing others to laugh at her and scold her.

    The bar was quiet for a moment, everyone on the small stage came down, and the customers clapped to the sassy girl A.

    There are often improvisational performances by small bands here, and everyone has long been used to it.

    That female A’s words also aroused Qiao Mo’s interest, reminding her of the short happy time she had when she was studying. Although she did not graduate successfully due to the Zerg invasion, she has missed the good student life in the past and had always wanted to make up for it after her rebirth. It is one of her past regrets.

    The rest of the music group also came to the stage one after another, the sound of the bar rang instantly, after which that female A opened her mouth and the high pitched sound was heard form her mouth, following her the others also held the musical instruments and sang together.

    Qiao Mo was so excited when she heard it, her eyes were sparkling, and she felt that her whole body was boiling with the music.

    Soon the members of the music troupe left the stage. That female A shouted at Qiao Mo, “Xuemei, it’s your turn.” Then she called the bar staff to bring a set of drums.

    In the minds of the people nowadays, the drummers are all ruffian, handsome and rebellious characters. When Qiao Mo came on stage and smiled shyly and sweetly at everyone, everyone in the bar gasped in surprise.

    “This girl is so sweet, is she a B or an O.”

    “She looks better than a film star, she must be an O.”

    “Ah, ah, I am dead. She is so sweet, why is she so cute , did the bar people send the wrong instrument? Such a cutie actually knows how to beats the drums, I don’t believe it.”

    The petite and slender Qiao Mo looks beautiful and soft, with a small white face and big eyes, pure and warm, and a slight smile on the corners of her lips, topped with a well-behaved sweet dimple.

    She was wearing a long white cotton dress, with a long black hair that fell softly behind her shoulders, standing beside the tall drum kit, looking more and more pitiful, making people wonder if she could beat the explosive drum kit.

    Qiao Mo shook the percussion stick brought by the bartender. Just now, she was aroused by the people from the music club to return to the passionate youth hidden in her bones, and she was already eager to try it.

    She smiled at the audience, tapped at random to test the pitch, and then said to the tuner behind the scenes, “Give me the music of “Passionate Youth”.”

    The tuner was a little surprised, as this music is very intense, and it requires a lot of strength and pitch for the drummer. He didn’t think that Qiao Mo’s slender body could gather the strength necessary for it.

    But the tuner didn’t say anything, and started the music according to Qiao Mo’s instructions.

    The passionate background music slammed with a ‘bang’ into the hearts of all the spectators in the bar with a heavy drum beat, and then the dense drum-like music rumbled and rumbled with the beats, pouring down like a torrential rain. Their brains were smashed into a blank, and they could only instinctively shake with the sound of the drums.

    Everyone looked at Qiao Mo on the stage with surprise.

    The thin and soft girl seemed to be a different person the moment she held the drum set. Her brows and eyes showed absolute confidence, and her beautiful face was in high spirits. Beating the drum, she freely controlled the rhythm of the song in the palm of her hand. At that moment, she seemed to be the unruly king of the stage.

    “It’s amazing.” Everyone in the music group who saw this scene also opened their mouths in surprise, “I really couldn’t see it in her before.”

    “She really is an alpha. Now I believe it, that the Xuemei is an alpha.”

    The VIP private room on the second floor of the bar

    In the middle were sitting Bai Yueguang, Jian Luozhi, and Ouyang Ming.

    When he heard the loud music from the first floor, Jian Luozhi frowned.

    Ouyang Ming explained a little embarrassedly, “This bar is my friend’s bar. It’s usually quite here. Occasionally, a wandering band will come to the venue, and there will also be students who come to perform temporarily. I thought it would be less on Wednesday. I really didn’t expect to encounter several college students playing here today.”

  “Old Jian, I called you here this time in the hope that you and Bai Yueguang would clear up the misunderstanding. After all, the two of you have been old classmates for many years. After listening to Bai Yueguang, she was also very anxious because of the Bai family’s current situation, so she was a bit rude to you. Thinking as you have been classmates for many years, I can’t bear to see the two of you fall out.”

     Although Ouyang Ming was speaking very emotionally, Bai Yueguang and Jian Luozhi didn’t speak anything. Jian Luozhi held the wine glass and took a sip. Bai Yueguang looked up at him from time to time with awkward expressions.

    She had always started from Ouyang Ming’s side before, and wanted to re-establish her relationship with Jian Luozhi, so she revealed something intentionally or unintentionally, inciting Ouyang Ming to act as a matchmaker for her and Jian Luozhi.

    She calculated everything, but she never calculated that that Jian Luozhi may also be an omega.

    Bai Yueguang was also a little dazed. In her mind, no matter how good and outstanding an omega is, in the end, he or she had to help handle their husband’s family’s internal affairs, have children for their husband’s family, and should not take part in their own family’s business.

    But Jian Luozhi shattered all of her inherent concepts.

    He is also an omega, why can Jian Luozhi do this.

    Just when Bai Yueguang was distracted, Jian Luozhi suddenly said, “I remember you asked her out to talk that day. What did she say to you?”

    Bai Yueguang was stunned, and then realized that Jian Luozhi was talking about Qiao Mo, and she was a little confused. She was a bit stunned that Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo are still together. But Jian Luozhi is an omega, and Qiao Mo is also an omega, are the two of them going for the same sex relationship? Even if Jian Luozhi is in power, the Jian family will not agree to it at all.

    For a moment she didn’t know what to say.

    At this moment, a loud sound of clapping and whistling erupted from the downstairs, and then Jian Luozhi suddenly heard a familiar voice. His eyes slid over the place and he frowned as he stood up and walked towards the corridor handrail, and looked down at the stage on the first floor.

    Qiao Mo stood on the stage and was happily smiling. She was high-spirited, excited and full of vigor. She had a very sweet and beautiful gentle appearance, but when she held the drum stick and struck, her attitude and eyes were full of dominance, as if exploding with an unknown power. The powerful music made a lot of people’s legs go weak.

    Jian Luozhi had never seen this king of Qiao Mo before, one who is full of explosive power standing on the stage, just like a queen.


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1 Lao means old. So it would be ‘Old Ke’. It is just a friendly way of referring to someone.

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