DFSRA- Chapter 15

Ch. 15 The arrogant laughter of Jian Yuezhi at the banquet

    When Jian Luozhi walked into the banquet at the Jian family mansion with the fairy-like Qiao Mo in his arms, he attracted countless questioning eyes and whispers.

   The position of the Jian family in Xicheng is definitely unquestionable, so when the Jian family widely distributed invitations to the banquet, all the rich and powerful people in Xicheng came to attend it.

    Although the Jian family didn’t say it clearly, everyone’s roots were deep enough to know the inside news, because of which they all knew in their hearts why this banquet was held.

    The most outstanding and direct descendant of the Jian family, the well-deserved heir to the Jians, and the child of the neighbors who is envied by everyone in the circle, Jian Luozhi, is now twenty-eight years old, and is still single.

    If it is an omega, at the age of 28 or 29, he or she will be ridiculed for being too old. Even if it is an alpha who is more tolerated in the society, if he is not married at the age of 28, he will be constantly be urged by his family to marry.

    It’s not that they haven’t thought about Jian Luozhi’s marriage over the years, but just that they never succeeded. Now that the Jian family suddenly opened their mouths and wanted to hold a matchmaking banquet, the families with omegas of the right age were all excited and immediately took their own omega children to get ready to steal everyone’s brilliance at the banquet, hoping to be favored by Jian Luozhi.

    These omegas and their families have tried their best to compete with each other. In the banquet, the luxurious and charming fragrance was floating everywhere, the jewelries were shining dazzlingly, with the gorgeous clothes swaying with their every move.

    However, no one expected that Jian Luozhi would walk into the banquet holding the arm of an unfamiliar female omega, catching everyone by surprise.

    The people in the banquet were stunned at first, and then their eyes fell on Qiao Mo.

    Who is this female omega, how has she never been seen in the Xicheng circle, and how did she know Jian Luozhi?

    There were many people who regretted not working even more harder to dress up.

    Ignoring everything else, just looking at that beautiful face of the omega that Jian Luozhi was holding onto, their hearts were already full of jealousy, but they had to admit that the two were like a match made in heaven.

    The female omega’s facial features were exquisite and delicate, her every move graceful and her smile as pure as a dazzling diamond.

    When the door of the banquet opened, with the light of the crystal lamp on the ceiling softly grazing her figure, made her seem like the most shining and beautiful treasure in the whole banquet.

    Those who witnessed this scene could only be stunned silly on the spot, completely forgetting the original intention of participating in the banquet.

    Even those alphas who wanted to talk business with the Jian family had an immediate urge to rush over to show themselves and take away such a beautiful omega.

    Such thoughts flashed in everyone’s heart. If you want to go over and get close to Jian Luozhi, you must also consider whether your own Omega can overwhelm the other’s.

    Although they were the focus of the whole audience, Jian Luozhi did not look sideways, and led Qiao Mo into the center of the banquet with a steady pace.

    On the other hand, Qiao Mo saw all the changes in the expressions of the people present around her. She suddenly realized something as she moved closer to Jian Luozhi and whispered in his ear, “Mr. Jian, is this my real purpose?”

    Qiao Mo couldn’t help pinching her cheek secretly, “My face is very useful, right?”

    Jian Luozhi raised his eyes and glanced at Qiao Mo. This child is usually cute and silly, but she is quite aware of her own appearance.

    Seeing that Jian Luozhi didn’t answer her, Qiao Mo whispered again: “Hey, with such a formal banquet, your parents definitely want to find you a wife. Now that you have brought me here, won’t your parents be…”

    “Don’t pay attention to them.”

    Jian Luozhi’s short and powerful sentence interrupted Qiao Mo’s doubts. If someone else said such a sentence, it would only make people feel frivolous and wild, but Jian Luozhi said it calmly and powerfully, as if no matter what kind of criticism was thrown at them, he can stand in front of Qiao Mo and settle everything.

    “You can ignore everyone.” After thinking about it, Jian Luozhi added again, “Just be yourself.”

    Qiao Mo quietly gave Jian Luozhi a thumbs up in her heart.

    This is the spirit and charisma of Mr. Male lead, ah…no, Mr. Jian who will always be an undefeated god.

    The two of them whispering small things together, in the eyes of others, was a solid proof of their relationship, especially when Jian Luozhi who was always cold and indifferent to others, was so close and even patiently listening to her.

    If there were people who wanted to use their family background to give it a try before, then seeing this scene of throwing dog food around, the thoughts in these people’s minds were immediately extinguished.

    After putting down their schemes, a few socialites gathered together, and while eating snacks, they quietly discussed and admired the seductive features of handsome men and beauties present, until a socialite who knew Jian Luozhi said, “Hey, have you heard of it? Bai Yueguang, the one who is rumored to be President Jian’s first love is back?”

    The ladies who gathered together to gossip were stunned for a moment, and then someone with sharp eyes pointed to the steps in the corner and said, “Isn’t that Bai Yueguang? I really don’t know how she felt when she saw this scene, as she was the most likely one to be with Jian Luozhi at the beginning. I heard that Bai Yueguang’s return to China was also for the sake of marriage. It seems that the Bai family needs her to marry to stabilize their business, and now thinking about the young people in the circle, it seems that there really is no one better than Jian Luozhi.”

    On the steps in the corner of the banquet, Bai Yueguang, who was wearing a moon-white mermaid dress, had an ugly expression on her face, as she tightly gripped on to the handrail next to her as her knuckles started to turn pale.

    After Jian Luozhi replied to her message that day, she was always feeling uneasy in her heart, and wanted to find a chance to clarify it with Jian Luozhi.

    If it is said that she rejected Jian Luozhi arrogantly in high school, then after returning to China because of family problems, she finally realized that if she wanted to stabilize the Bai family’s current situation, she has to step on this boat called Jian Luozhi, so she re-contacted Jian Luozhi through her connections. But now looking at Jian Luozhi and Qiao Mo, her feelings of regret were almost drowning her.

    People are such strange creatures, they don’t necessarily know how to cherish some things when they have them, but when they realize that they have lost them, they will regret it, especially in case of relationships. Bai Yueguang has such a mentality right now.

    Now the other omegas in the banquet have already retreated, only Bai Yueguang, an another brilliant pearl, sorted out her mood, bit her lips and walked over.

    The eldest wife’s expression was equally ugly. Today, she was wearing a long red dress, looking arrogant, sharp and very much flashy. When she saw Jian Luozhi walking in with Qiao Mo’s hand in his hand, the eldest wife’s face was instantly as black as the bottom of a pot.

    But as she was more or less concerned about her face, she didn’t blow up at the banquet.

    In the view of the eldest wife, the most expensive thing that Jian Luozhi deserves shows her status, but Qiao Mo definitely doesn’t deserve it.

    Mr. Jian is a serious looking middle aged man. He doesn’t look like someone who can raise three or four little threes [1]mistresses at all. He is a middle-aged man with a bit of authority.

    Seeing that Jian Luozhi was leading Qiao Mo over, he just politely moved his head towards Qiao Mo, asked a brief and casual question, and then let Jian Luozhi and her entertain the businessmen from other families.

    Jian Luozhi saw Qiao Mo getting bored, so he let go of her hand and told her to eat and play by herself.

    It was the first time for Qiao Mo to participate in such a business and a blind date banquet.

    As a result, halfway through the path, she was stopped by a familiar person. Qiao Mo was a little surprised as well as a little happy, “Miss Bai, it’s you.”

    Aside from the messy relationship entanglements, Qiao Mo really didn’t have any disgust towards Bai Yueguang, and was even a little happy to meet someone she knew at the banquet.

    But this scene in the eyes of the others was not the same. The ladies who liked to eat melons at the banquet suddenly widened their eyes and sat up straight, as if watching the biggest gossip of this century, while looking at the two of them.

    Bai Yueguang glanced at Qiao Mo, who had a simple and sweet smile, and said in a low voice, “Miss Qiao, can I ask you to take a step aside to chat?”

    Qiao Mo readily agreed.

    She was originally a substitute lover contracted by Jian Luozhi to block people’s mouth and eyes, and she had a clear conscience, so she was naturally not afraid of the female protagonist’s questioning.

    What’s more, as she said before, Qiao Mo really didn’t approve of Jian Luozhi’s way of avoidance and concealment of feelings, and doesn’t intend to be entangled in the emotional game between the male and female protagonists, so she plans to resign after the banquet is over. So she has to make it clear to Bai Yueguang first.

    Bai Yueguang is a well-bred young lady, and will not make any rude or humiliating actions in such a large banquet, but politely invite Qiao Mo to go to the viewing balcony on the second floor to talk.

    When the ladies saw that there was no big melon to eat, they immediately withdrew their eyes in disappointment, and got together to chat about clothes and jewelry.

    On the viewing balcony on the second floor, the evening wind was blowing slowly, as the elegant orchestral music from downstairs came softly. Qiao Mo sat on the rattan chair and could see the rose garden downstairs blooming like fire. She liked this comfort that can rarely be enjoyed.

    “Qiao Mo.”

    Bai Yueguang, who was sitting next to her, looked at Qiao Mo complicatedly, “You are a very strange person.”

    Qiao Mo squeezed the straw and smiled at Bai Yueguang, “Thank you Miss Bai for your compliment.”

    Seeing Qiao Mo’s defenseless smile, Bai Yueguang felt a little guiltly in her heart, “Qiao Mo, I like people like you very much. I also used to want to be such a free person like you. Listening to me, maybe you will think of me as a hypocritical person and think about what I am going to say as harsh and vicious, but you are indeed not suitable for the wealthy circle of Xicheng, and you also don’t have any idea about what responsibilities you need to take after marrying Jian Luozhi.

    “I know.”

    Qiao Mo put down the drink, enjoyed the slightly cold breeze grazing her face, and said lazily amidst Bai Yueguang’s surprised expression, “I don’t want to marry Mr. Jian either. Don’t worry, Miss Bai, I will leave sooner or later.”

    “But Miss Bai, I think that in love, you should have enough determination to face any difficulties and obstacles coming your way, rather than just one’s background, age gap, or other small troubles. You should weigh the pros and cons and then decide whether to advance or retreat. If it is not so, then what is the use of your sincerity, am I right, Miss. Bai?”

    Bai Yueguang was shocked. More than 20 years of elite education made her instinctively reject Qiao Mo’s argument, but she couldn’t even give a reason to refute it for a while.

    At this moment, there was a loud bang from downstairs, followed by the hysterical sharp voice of the eldest wife, “Jian Yuezhi, do you want to die? You and your shameless mother laze around all day long. If you are even a bit serious, you will know that if you come to harm my family, I will strangle you, you bastard.”

    Then an arrogant and frivolous voice sounded, adding oil to the already raging fire, “Seeing that the eldest wife is screaming so loudly what are you afraid of? Are you afraid that the secret of Jian Luozhi being an omega will be made public? I didn’t expect that an omega would dare to deceive everyone for so long. For so many years, he has also sat on the high position of Chuangshi Group.”

    “Madam, you are hosting this banquet for the eldest brother. Are you planning to find an omega wife for him, or an alpha wife, and marry him or her into the Jian family? Hahahaha, I’m dying of laughter.”

    “I don’t need you to call me crazy or say that I am slandering anyone. What I just threw out is the omega pheromone stimulator, which can completely stimulate the pheromone in people. If someone is an A or an O, you can tell by the test. What is Jian Luozhi’s gender, let everyone have a look. If he is an alpha, I will kneel down and beg him for forgiveness, I can even call him grandfather.”

    The chaos caused by Jian Yuezhi’s behavior spread upstairs, and Qiao Mo and Bai Yueguang walked out of the viewing balcony at the same time.

    “What’s the matter, Jian Luozhi was attacked?”

    The soft and lovely smile on Qiao Mo’s face disappeared, and she looked downstairs coldly.

    Bai Yueguang, who was next to her, was stupefied because of Jian Yuezhi’s words.


    Jian Luozhi is actually an omega!


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