DFSRA- Chapter 14

Ch. 14 Beautiful and simple sense of control

    Qiao Mo and Su Shu chatted and laughed along with Ke Mo as they walked towards the club, with Ke Mo introducing his club in a gentle manner while walking.

    “I usually like to play the guitar in my spare time to relax. Some of my friends found out and thus we ended up starting a music club. Because they were all busy, they asked me to be the club leader. As a club leader, as long as you can come on the stage with us during the school annual festival, I can give you five credits at the end of the semester.”

    Students have to complete activities worth 12 credits every year, and Ke Mo can give Qiao Mo a five-point club score, which was already a win-win situation for Qiao Mo.

    Hearing that, Su Shu next to her exclaimed, “Wow, Senior Mo is really versatile, but I remember that the credits seem to be awarded only by the student union. It’s just that the music club leader has less right to score.”

    Ke Mo smiled modestly and answered, “I work part-time in the Literature and Art Department of the Student Union.”


    Su Shu was amazed as her eyes became more and more reverent.

    “It’s still the Department of Literature and Art.”

    Ke Mo smiled, a bit of pride showing on his face, but then he looked at Qiao Mo calmly.

    As Su Shu looked at Ke Mo and then at Qiao Mo, a small smile bloomed on her face.

    Her sister is so charming, there is a ruthless alpha Mr. Jian at home, and a gentle senior in the university who helps her to overcome difficulties. Is this the world of AA love? It was really exciting!

    Qiao Mo blinked and said softly, “Thank you, Senior Ke Mo, but I plan to take a look again.”

    The pride on Ke Mo’s face dissipated, as he anxiously stopped Qiao Mo, “Junior Qiao Mo, are you worried about him, does he control you a lot, and won’t you be allowed to make friends outside?”

    “He?” Qiao Mo tilted her head in confusion, unable to understand the reason behind the worry on Ke Mo’s face.

    Su Shu next to her snickered and whispered, “It’s your Mr. Jian.”

    “Oh.” Qiao Mo suddenly realized, she frowned and then explained, “No, Mr. Jian won’t ask me about these private matters, he is very good to me.”

    Afraid that her friends would misunderstand Jian Luozhi, Qiao Mo explained it again, “Mr. Jian is not the kind of person you think, he is a very honest man.”

    Although Qiao Mo couldn’t agree with the fact that Jian Luozhi’s character stimulated the original owner to do many bad things, but from what Qiao Mo learned till now, Jian Luozhi just signed a contract with the original owner, and did not do anything out of line.

    It can even be said that Jian Luozhi has been spending money to support the original owner, and has never done a single bad thing to the original owner, except for wanting her not to cause trouble for him.

    Therefore, although Qiao Mo doesn’t agree with Jian Luozhi’s way of handling feelings, she can’t say that Jian Luozhi is a bad person.

    Ke Mo was suddenly angry and anxious, “Xuemei, you are too simple and don’t know the minds of people in the society. They are very cunning. You have to be careful incase you get deceived.”

    Hearing that Qiao Mo smiled sweetly, but her words were quite straightforward, “Thank you, senior for your concern, I trust Mr. Jian, and this is my private matter. Let’s talk about the school club. I don’t like to discuss private matters outside.”

    Ke Mo knew that he had crossed the line, so he could only close his mouth reluctantly.

    Su Shu, who was next to her, muttered a few words with a strange expression on her face. After Ke Mo left, she tutted, “Momo, looks like you and that Mr. Jian are really in love. ”

    Qiao Mo smiled and poked at Su Shu’s cheeks, “Little gossip master, you arranged a blind date with a man for me again, how can we be in love.”

    Su Shu laughed and avoided Qiao Mo’s hand, “You are calling him a man, what an ancient word, I’ve only seen it in textbooks.”

    Qiao Mo’s heart suddenly gave rise to suspicions. Is there anything wrong with the word ‘man’? Why is it only seen in textbooks, why is it ancient word?

    She was about to ask the question in her heart when Jian Luozhi’s phone call came, “Qiao Mo, come to the entrance of the university, I’m waiting for you there”

    Qiao Mo stopped talking, apologetically said goodbye to Su Shu, who was smiling at her, and walked quickly towards the gate.

    After all, Jian Luozhi is her bodhisattva gold master and her current parent who is providing her with food and clothing. She can get such a high monthly salary while just lying down only because of him, so Jian Luozhi’s orders must be given the priority.

    Qiao Mo reached the gate, looked up and glanced around, and saw a black Maybach parked under the big osmanthus tree at the entrance of the university.

    This time Jian Luozhi sat in the back seat with only half of the car windows open, with the dim sunlight falling down, decorating Jian Luozhi’s cold and deep eyebrows golden.

    He was wearing black fish-skin gloves, the delicate leather reflecting the light-colored phosphorescence [1]The emission of radiation in a similar manner to fluorescence but on a longer timescale, so that emission continues after excitation ceases. – According to physics. with a cigar sandwiched between his slender fingertips. Like the gentleman in the ancient paintings, beautiful, noble, mysterious and profound.

    He just sat upright by the window, his shoulders and back were straight and graceful, and there was a strong aura of nonchalance pervading him, which make people involuntarily respect and obey him.

    Qiao Mo sighed in her heart, worthy of being the arrogant son of the heaven, he was so handsome and graceful, no wonder the female protagonist even after suffering so much never forgot the male lead or even regret getting back with him.

    “Mr. Jian.”

    Qiao Mo greeted Jian Luozhi.

    Jian Luozhi also saw Qiao Mo, he snuffed out the cigar, the coldness between his eyebrows dissipated a little, and he moved towards Qiao Mo with a bit of tenderness on his face, “Get in the car.”

    Qiao Mo sat beside Jian Luozhi obediently. After driving for a while, she couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you call me to come so quickly, I just had a few words with my friend.”

    Jian Luozhi glanced at Qiao Mo.

    This little girl was so cute and soft, and when she complains, she looks a lot like a spoiled child, making people’s hearts couldn’t help but soften.

    There was a slight regret in Jian Luozhi’s heart, it would have been nice if he was a real alpha.

    Then he would definitely hold the little girl in the palm of his hand, take good care of her, keeping her innocent and soft forever, and not let her suffer any grievances.

    Jian Luozhi didn’t ask who Qiao Mo’s friend was, he just lowered his head and leaned forward to buckle the seat belt for Qiao Mo.

    He was very close to Qiao Mo, and when he got even closer, she could see his slender eyelashes and his skin which was very pale and as smooth as jade. Because they were too close, Qiao Mo seemed to smell the familiar cold fragrance again.

    The lingering scent fell on Qiao Mo’s body and directly penetrated into her heart. The bewitched Qiao Mo was in a trance for a moment, forgetting to even react.

    Jian Luozhi was tall and slender, so when he leaned over to buckle the seat belt, it looked like he was wrapping Qiao Mo in his arms.

    Especially when he lowered his eyes and groped the buckle in his slightly cold hands, he looked very serious, as if he was rubbing Qiao Mo’s waist inch by inch, as if holding Qiao Mo’s thin waist in the palm of his hand. Even if she knew that he was the male protagonist, Qiao Mo still couldn’t help but blush little by little uncontrollably.

    Jian Luozhi was really…too…too sexy.

    Especially when this man was so serious and focused, even the slightest gesture of bucking in the belt was overwhelming for her, as if some strong male hormones were squeezed into the narrow space, causing Qiao Mo to have difficulty in breathing.

    When Jian Luozhi looked up, he saw Qiao Mo’s blushed face and dodging eyes, looking as cute as a big fat rabbit.

    A little smile flashed in Jian Luozhi’s eyes as he raised his hand and quickly patted the top of Qiao Mo’s head, brushing Qiao Mo’s soft hair, “Take you to buy clothes.”

    Qiao Mo touched the top of her head depressingly and protested in a low voice, “Mr. Jian, I’m not a child, don’t touch my head casually.”

    “Well, sorry.”

    Jian Luozhi immediately apologized, but Qiao Mo became even more depressed.

    However, Jian Luozhi was her boss after all, so Qiao Mo could only swallow her sadness and change the subject, so as not to be even more depressed, “Why are you taking me to buy clothes?”

    Just a few days of getting along gave Qiao Mo a simple understanding of Jian Luozhi. Jian Luozhi is a person who pays great attention to efficiency and purpose, and will not do things for no reason.

    The tenderness on Jian Luozhi’s body dissipated, and a hint of coldness could be vaguely seen.

    Qiao Mo looked at Jian Luozhi suspiciously, not understanding why buying clothes would affect Jian Luozhi’s mood so greatly.

    Seeing Qiao Mo’s expression Jian Luozhi’s gave her a brief explanation, “Tomorrow, there is a banquet in the Jian family. It is said to be a family banquet, but in fact, it is also a social banquet. We have invited celebrities of the appropriate age in the circle to participate. This is a bit troublesome for me, so Qiao Mo, I need you to help me to keep some troublesome people away.”

    Qiao Mo understood in seconds.

    It’s the matchmaking time. Although Jian Luozhi rejected Bai Yueguang because of his illness, he actually wanted to keep his body pure like a jade for her.

    However, Qiao Mo did not approve of this misunderstanding-making way of getting along, as she preferred the way of being frank and honest between the two people.

    So when the banquet is over, she should have a serious talk with Jian Luozhi about her resignation.

    As she said before, Jian Luozhi is a very efficient person. He did not take Qiao Mo to any shopping mall, but asked the driver to drive them to a relatively remote club in Xicheng.

    Standing at the entrance of the clubhouse was a tall, slender woman wearing a cheongsam. The other party’s long red hair was scattered around her shoulders like fire. She was holding a slender silver cigarette stick in her hand looking very much like a wicked seductive fox.

    “Yo, what kind of wind blew our Mr. Jian to come here.”

    The woamn wearing the fox-colored cheongsam and the banshee walked over sexily, twisting her hips at least three times along the way, making people around almost have nosebleeds.

    Jian Luozhi looked at her and frowned deeply, “Don’t smoke, you are not allowed to harm the child.”

    The cheongsam wearing woman sneered and put down the cigarette stick, “Let me see what kind of child…”

    As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Qiao Mo standing behind Jian Luozhi, and then she suddenly fell silent, her expression became a little more serious, as she looked at Jian Luozhi sternly, “Where did you kidnap such a cute girl from, let me tell you, you are not allowed to do anything illegal.”

    Jian Luozhi gave her a fierce look, and said coldly, “I brought her here to do the styling, so don’t talk nonsense.”

    The cheongsam wearing woman smiled elegantly as she curled her lips, “You are really boring Jian Luozhi, you should be careful about being left alone.”

    Qiao Mo stood aside obediently, watching the two quarrel.

    Although the woman in the cheongsam looks unreasonable, she is a person who does big things like Jian Luozhi. She is very efficient in her work. In less than an hour, she walked out with a fully different Qiao Mo, which even caused Jian Luozhi to get stunned for a few seconds after looking at her.

    She combed Qiao Mo’s hair into a small bun at the back of her head, and pinned a silver hairpin in the shape of a flower branch. Two strands of her permed hair fell from her forehead, which further highlighted Qiao Mo’s elegance.

    She found an off-the-shoulder dress for Qiao Mo, with a layer of tulle on the chest, embellished with tiny pearls, a thin silver tulle skirt from the waist down, with tulle gloves on her arms.

    This set made Qiao Mo seem like a fairy in the Moon Palace, light and agile, her beauty unsullied by the world.

    “Mr. Jian, is it alright?”

    In her previous life, Qiao Mo had been immersed in the laboratory and worked hard to make the pineal gland jammer. She had never worn such a dreamy dress before. She couldn’t help but feel anxious and happy, and ask for Jian Luozhi’s opinion.

    The woman in cheongsam next to her looked happy and proud, and couldn’t help but praise, “Momo, I said that you will definitely be very stunning in this dress. Don’t worry, if Jian Luozhi dares to say that you do not look good, my house plate will be this from now on, ‘Jian Luozhi and dogs are not allowed to enter’.”

    Qiao Mo was amused, but she still looked at Jian Luozhi, waiting for his opinion.

    Jian Luozhi couldn’t help looking at her over and over again, until he finally nodded his head, “It’s beautiful.”


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1 The emission of radiation in a similar manner to fluorescence but on a longer timescale, so that emission continues after excitation ceases. – According to physics.

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