Chapter 6

Squeezing too much shampoo means more foam, and more foam means these bubbles are easily flowing to the eyes.

At this moment, Yan Junze’s biggest fear was closing his eyes. Even when he washed his hair normally, it is possible for shampoo to go into his eyes, let alone the current situation where too much shampoo was squeezed.

Sure enough, three streams of foam quickly flowed to both eyes, and his left eye was given special treatment with two streams flowing to it.

Yan Junze had no choice but to close his eyes while experiencing the stinging sensation.

The moment his eyes closed, all sorts of strange associations flooded into his mind.

He had a strong feeling that someone was behind him, and that person was staring at him with a pair of cold eyes.

That little girl in red, Ke’er, should be standing behind him now?

Yan Junze remembered that there was a note for the mission of [Washing hair]: “You are washing your hair, she is watching.”

That means Ke’er would definitely be staring at him while he washed his hair.

Forget it, he’ll just wash. If she wants to watch, then let her watch. Yan Junze gritted his teeth, forced himself to focus on washing his hair, and quickly rubbed his scalp.

Although he forced himself not to think about anything else, his five senses were heightened countless times in this special environment. He could immediately detect any movement or change, such as the room temperature dropping, the extremely faint sound coming from the corner of the toilet, and the itchy sensation that feel like an insect crawling up his ankle.

He couldn’t tell which sensations were real.

“Almost done.” Yan Junze stopped rubbing his scalp and tried not to pay attention to anything unusual.

Next, he would rinse with water, then towel dry his hair, and he would be done.

He was about to immerse his foam-covered hair into the sink and then turn on the faucet to wash it when his body suddenly shook, and he felt his sleep pants tighten as if something grabbed onto them.

This feeling is definitely not an illusion, something definitely grabbed him.

Because he was bent over, Yan Junze couldn’t straighten up immediately, so even after his pants were grabbed, he kept his head submerged in the sink.

At the moment when his pants were grabbed, Yan Junze was numb all over, and even the head immersed in the water seemed no longer belonged to him.

His leg was tightened again, it was grabbed again, and something wrapped around his thigh and crawled up.

A cold feeling started from his calf and went up through his thigh, right waist, and finally stopped on the right side of his back, even his shoulder was hooked by a cold thing.

At this moment, Yan Junze finally understood.

It should be Ke’er…slowly crawling up his back from his leg.


The same familiar surprised voice came from behind again, but this time, the position where the voice came from was less than half an arm’s distance from Yan Junze’s ear.

One can imagine such a scene: a girl in a red dress with a crooked neck, valgus foot, and curved spine, lying on Yan Junze’s right back, making a surprised sound. Under the dirty and messy long hair, a pair of gray eyes stared straight at the guy in front of her burying his head in the water of the sink like an ostrich.

Yan Junze’s whole right side was icy cold at this moment, and goosebumps kept rising on his body.

At this moment, he was totally freaked out.

Unable to bear the feeling of Ke’er lying on him any longer, in fact, Yan Junze had not thought that with Ke’er’s height, if she wanted to watch him wash his hair all the way, standing under the sink would definitely not form the best viewing angle.

Plus, the bathroom was small, and there was no other better viewing position to find, so lying on his body to watch almost became inevitable.

Most importantly, not only did she watch, but she suddenly leaned over and said “oops” in his ear.

Yan Junze, who was already extremely nervous about his first mission, felt like a C4 bomb that had been switched on and exploded instantly when he heard the sound.

“I f*cking ‘yi’ you!”

Yan Junze’s body couldn’t help but jump, and he subconsciously put his hand behind his back, grabbed Ke’er cold, thin arm and threw her out.

Picking up the towel and carelessly wiping his eyes, Yan Junze quickly opened them.

Without time to put on his glasses, he could only see a blurry figure in the corner of the wall near the ceiling. Ke’er, in her red clothes and disheveled hair, was like a spider perched there, and a powerful chill had enveloped the entire bathroom.


Suddenly, Ke’er opened her dark purple lips, revealing her black teeth, and let out a piercing scream.

The parents were obviously awakened, and there was movement in the bedroom, and at the same moment, Ke’er, who was dressed in red, kicked her legs and rushed towards Yan Junze.

Her disheveled head grew larger and larger in Yan Junze’s pupils.


Yan Junze only had time to think this thought.

Suddenly, a dizzy feeling swept through his head, and the scene around him quickly changed as time rewound.

When the dizziness disappeared, his vision became clear and he was wearing his glasses, standing at the door of the bathroom.

“I… went back?!”

Yan Junze couldn’t help but look down, seeing that his sleeves were no longer rolled up and his hands were dry. He was just like a few minutes ago, standing at the door of the bathroom.

Lack of experience can kill a beginner!

After confirming that he had rewound, Yan Junze felt a sense of relief.

He was sure that he shouldn’t have suddenly panicked and thrown Ke’er off his back, and if he had just persisted and finished washing his head, there wouldn’t have been those uncontrollable events that followed.

Looking at the map in his mind, it was now all dark, the two previously lit nodes and the faint time regression line had depleted their energy.

This was his only chance.

He took a step into the bathroom, and closed the door behind him.

This time, Yan Junze didn’t look around, because he knew that Ke’er wasn’t there at the moment.

Ke’er would appear when he officially started washing his hair.

He placed his phone under the mirror, facing himself, and then turned on the water for the sink, preparing the shampoo and towel.

Then, Yan Junze lifted his head and looked at his young and slightly naive face in the mirror again. The panic from earlier had diminished by half.

He now knew that he had to remain calm throughout the entire process.

Taking off his glasses, rolling up his sleeves, and pressing the three-minute countdown on his phone, Yan Junze began washing his hair for the second time.

This time, there was no tension at the beginning, the water amount was just right, and it didn’t get into his eyes.

The temperature in the room started to drop, Ke’er should be coming soon.

Yan Junze suppressed the chill in his heart, slightly raised his head, aimed at the shampoo, and reached out to press some shampoo into his hand.

Almost at the same time,


A familiar voice sounded from behind.

Yan Junze’s right hand, which had just taken the shampoo, shook slightly. After a brief pause of half a second, he wiped it on his hair.

This time, he didn’t squeeze too much shampoo, and the foam was just enough.

The coldness in the room was clearly increasing. Yan Junze kept rubbing his hair, but his thighs and back were getting colder and colder.

Even though this was the second time, he still found his body slightly trembling, but the magnitude of the tremble was controllable.

The second time was done well, the shampoo didn’t get into his eyes, and he could still keep them open.

Yan Junze kept his eyes open and his head lowered, and he could see the ground not far behind through the gap between his legs.

After Ke’er’s signature “Yi” sound lasted four or five seconds, he saw a pair of small feet covered in bruises.

One of the soles of the feet was broken and turned outward, standing just behind him.

The visual impact was too damn strong, Yan Junze found himself trembling even harder, so he simply closed his eyes.

His pants tightened, and the next second, a cold little hand grabbed him.


Yan Junze felt like crying but he had no tears. Obviously, with Ke’er’s short stature, she had to climb onto his back to really reach the best viewing angle.

No matter how many times the time was rewound, this method was still Ke’er best choice.

Yan Junze’s thighs were entangled, and soon his waist and back were tightened. Ke’er climbed onto his right back again.

His body was cold all over, and the chill in his heart was even stronger.

It can be imagined that this girl in red is reaching out to hook Yan Junze’s shoulder, tilting her head to see how he washes his hair.


Ke’er made the same sound for the second time, apparently finally seeing clearly.


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