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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son- Chapter 6 (3/3)



That’s a bit too much ……” said Lin Che, the son of the Minister of Justice next to him, “How is that possible?!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Wang Xi was a little excited and said, “Everyone stands still! Don’t move!”

Xie Zichen had a bad premonition. However, everyone is now standing still and if he moves, it’ll be a bit too conspicuous. The crowd watched the blindfolded beauty walk with eyes wide open with excitement. They couldn’t help but feel their hearts beat a bit quicker as they hoped to be picked. They also felt they were in an unusual state of mind, wanting a guy to choose them. (T/N: Mating Induction? Mate Attraction?? Why do these words keep popping into my mind as I edit the paragraph)

Wang Xi was also very nervous. He couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat quicken as he watched Wei Lan groping towards him. As a result, Wei Lan continued walking straight ahead, looking in the direction of Lin Che.

Lin Che’s heart also hung up; he couldn’t help but gulp, looking at the beauty walking in front of him, his heart beating fast. However, Wei Lan stopped in front of him but slowly smiled. That smile was like the breeze brushing the calm lake in the night, cool but also soft.

“This brother,” she said with a smile, “the sound of your heartbeat is too loud.”

Lin Che’s face heated up as if he had been seen through some kind of ulterior motive. Wei Lan groped her way onward, all the way through the crowd, and then stopped at the very edge.

——That is, right in front of Xie Zichen. (T/N: …)

Xie Zichen silently looked at the woman who was blindfolded and smiled calmly in front of him.

She stretched out her cold hand and gently held his hot, dry palm.

His palm is much larger than hers, with well-defined bones, white and slender. And although she looked similar in height to him, her hands were extraordinarily soft, her fingers were slender, and her grip was a little soft, which sent a small ripple through his heart.

“This gentleman is the last one, right? Then it’s this gentleman.”

She spoke with a smile as if she was completely unaware of who the person in front of her was. (T/N: pretend! Pretend!)

Xie Zichen was a little despondent, while Xie Jie showed a meaningful smile.

The crowd’s gaze fell on the two people holding hands, Wang Xi couldn’t help but sigh and shouted, “Ah Lan, you did that on purpose, right? With so many people present, how could you walk so far and choose the most beautiful Xie Zichen?!”

“Oh? So it’s the Fourth Young Master Xie?” Wei Lan revealed a surprised look, and then laughed, “Then it’s really Lan’s luck.”

Xie Zichen did not speak, but silently said in his heart, you make-up, continue to make-up, you say, I believe.

“Xie Fourth Young Master,” Wei Lan saw that he did not say anything for a long time, so he said, “Would you like to help me throw an arrow?”

The question was asked, but the hand refused to let go.

The rules of the game have long been set, and to say no at this time would be too pretentious. Although she is a broken sleeve, they were two big men, and he won’t lose a piece of meat.

Xie Zichen thought for a moment and then said, “Wei Shizi please.”

Wei Lan smiled, “Then please ask the Fourth Young Master Xie to help me over. I have walked so far that I don’t remember where I just threw the pot.”

Xie Zichen: “…”

So how do you remember my location precisely?

He didn’t say these words, held Wei Lan’s hand, and helped her walk to the pitcher. Following the rules just now, he reminded the blindfolded Wei Lan: “Three feet to the southeast.”

Wei Lan nodded and said to Wang Xi, “Ah Xi, get the arrows.”

Wang Xi placed the arrow in Wei Lan’s hand and said solemnly: “Ah Lan, I’m going to bet this time. If you can’t throw it in, you can buy me a drink. If you throw it in, I’ll treat you to a wine dinner, how?”

“Okay,” said Wei Lan with a smile, “Then I’ll trouble Ah Xi.”

Wang Xi snorted coldly, Wei Lan took the arrow and walked behind Xie Zichen, hugged him from behind, put the arrow into his hand, and wrapped his cool and soft hand around his larger one.

Xie Zichen frowned slightly. They were roughly the same height and were both teenagers at the time. Although there were some differences, they were minor. He could smell the orchid fragrance on her body and feel her warm breath on his neck, hand on his waist, and hand holding his hand and arrow.

“Wei Shizi, it’s just throwing arrows, you can just hold my hand, there’s no need to hold it like this, right?”

Xie Zichen really couldn’t hold back, seeing that she didn’t move for a long time, he spoke up in dissatisfaction.

Wei Lan laughed out loud and said seriously, “Si Lang[1]Fourth Young Master, Focus.”

As soon as the words fell, her hand tightened, and Xie Zichen subconsciously cooperated with him and shot the feather arrow out.

The arrow fell steadily into the pot, spinning, and instead of letting go of him, Wei Lan leaned closer, as if murmuring, “Look, it’s in.”

She was so close that Xie Zichen’s heart was in turmoil, and when he was about to get angry, Wei Lan suddenly let go of his hand, smiled brightly, and turned his head to Wang Xi who was staring at the pot and said, “Ah Xi, you set a good date, let’s go to the Drunken Immortal House!”

Everyone’s attention was drawn by these words, and only Xie Zichen stood still, with a stomach of anger building up in his heart. (T/N: I know this sentence could be written better but I just like to see all his different organs go into turmoil.)

How dare this man…

In my previous life, I held a high position for a long time and became arrogant out of habit. He usually keeps it under control, but he was accidentally agitated.

Back then, after chasing the magical skills of the great aristocrats, he really tried a hundred spirits, and even Xie Zichen couldn’t help blushing.

The technique of chasing after the sons of major families really works, see, even Xie Zichen can’t help but blush.

Back then, Using his magical skills, he wooed the sons of the major aristocratic families. his Fail proof tried and tested techniques have been successfully used to spirit away hundreds

Back then, his magical courtship abilities enabled him to successfully woo hundreds of noble sons. They’re so charming that even Xie Zichen couldn’t help but blush.

But she probably did not think –

Xie Zichen’s face was red with anger. (T/N: OOPS!)

T/N: Finally! Finding the time to complete this chapter has been challenging, especially considering how much I’ve been traveling. But even though I had planned to write this within the next two days, I had to rush it today because I have a flight tomorrow back to my city.
Back to the story, it really ended on a cliffhanger. I am really looking forward to reading what lies ahead but I won’t be able to do that for 2-3 days and I’ll probably be left guessing.
XZ though passive now because of his Unfavourable situation is by no means a pushover. I am definitely looking forward to how he’s going to fix this p**** of s***! Go XZ Go! I’ll cheer for you.





1 Fourth Young Master

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