Chapter 5

Washing Hair (2)

After eavesdropping on his parents’ conversation in this life, Yan Junze’s heart was inexplicably filled with warmth. Even though he didn’t have an innate bond with them, he could still feel the familial affection.

However, it was true that he hadn’t slept well last night and his emotions were still stirred up from the touching conversation. Despite this, he had already fallen asleep.

When he woke up, it was already deep into the night.

Yan Junze jerked awake, opened his eyes, and found that the world before him was blurry. He then remembered that this body was a dog with glasses, so he reached for his glasses and quickly put them on.

He looked at his phone and saw that it was already 1:03 am.

He then listened carefully for any sounds outside the bedroom, but there was none. He guessed that Yan Daguo and Li Man had already fallen asleep.

Luckily, the mission instructions were very clear: as long as he washed his hair once in the bathroom after midnight, he would pass the test. It didn’t require him to wash his hair exactly at midnight, so even if it was past 12 o’clock, as long as the little red girl Ke’er was still there, he could still complete the mission by washing his hair.

Yan Junze got out of bed sneakily and reached into his clothes to grab the switched bathroom key. He quietly opened the bedroom door and tiptoed into the hallway.

He dared not turn on the lights and instead relied on the faint light from his phone. He took out the key and very slowly inserted it into the keyhole of the bathroom door, trying not to make any noise.

It took about five or six seconds for him to fully insert the key without making too much noise. Then, Yan Junze slowly turned the key, preparing to unlock the locked door.

The surroundings were silent except for the ticking sound of the wall clock in the living room. The darkness flooded him like a tide, almost completely engulfing Yan Junze’s line of sight.

The dim light from his phone struggled against the darkness.

After turning the key twice, a cold breath passed through the doorknob into Yan Junze’s hand. He didn’t know if it was an illusion or real.

But Yan Junze had no intention of stopping.

It was just one last turn, and at the moment the lock clicked open, Yan Junze was most worried that it would wake up his parents.

Taking a deep breath, Yan Junze gritted his teeth and pressed the tip of his tongue against his palate, vigorously twisting the lock.


The lock was opened.

Yan Junze stood at the door, exhaling softly. He listened carefully for a moment, but there was no sound coming from his parents’ bedroom.

Then he took another deep breath and pushed open the door to the bathroom.

The door opened without making any sound.

Almost at the same time as he opened it, Yan Junze reached in and found the light switch for the bathroom, and immediately turned on the light.

Turning on the bathroom light wouldn’t affect his sleeping parents in their bedroom, because their door was closed and the light only affected a small area in the hallway outside the bathroom.

Just by opening a bathroom door, the whole process felt like something out of “Mission: Impossible”. But Yan Junze felt like he was transforming into Tom Cruise at that moment, not stealing some chip, but facing a red-dressed ghost girl with a twisted neck and broken feet.

At the moment the light came on, Yan Junze’s gaze immediately swept through the bathroom, but he didn’t see Ke’er, the girl in red.

Of course, his line of sight couldn’t see behind the door, so he had to go into the bathroom to see every corner and make sure there wasn’t a red-dressed girl standing in some corner with her back to him.

Yan Junze had already made up his mind and stood at the door, turning his head to glance at his parents’ bedroom. There was no sound coming out, apparently Yan Daguo and Li Man were sound asleep.

He summoned the space-time map from his mind, and the two faintly glowing nodes and the regression line between them appeared before his eyes.

This might be his only chance, so he had to make the most of it.

Yan Junze understood that he couldn’t rewind time back to no more than five minutes, and the [Washing hair] mission required him to finish it within three minutes.

In other words, he could set the starting point of the rewind at the moment he entered the bathroom and the endpoint five minutes later.

As long as he acted quickly, didn’t waste time entering the bathroom, and immediately started washing his hair, he could finish the mission within three minutes and not exceed the five-minute limit.

If something went wrong during this time, Yan Junze could use his only chance to rewind time.

He calculated it in his mind and thought it shouldn’t go wrong. After standing in front of the door and taking a few deep breaths, he set his phone screen to always-on mode, opened the timer, set it to remind him in three minutes, but didn’t start the countdown immediately. Instead, he thought about setting the starting point of the time-rewind line to the present moment.

At the same time, the first node in the space-time map dimmed instantly.

Starting point was set successfully!

Yan Junze thought again and set the endpoint of the rewind to five minutes later, and the second node in the space-time map dimmed immediately.

The endpoint was set successfully!

“Let’s go!”

Yan Junze stepped into the bathroom and gently closed the door behind him with his backhand.

As he closed the door, he quickly turned around and scanned every corner of the bathroom, including behind the door, but he didn’t see Ke’er in her red clothes.

Although he didn’t see the little girl, it didn’t affect the task at hand.

Yan Junze stood in front of the sink, facing the mirror.

In the mirror was a thin face, with slightly messy hair and a pair of glasses with over 300 degrees on the bridge of his nose. He looked slightly nervous, glancing occasionally at the spot behind him in the mirror.

It was impossible not to be nervous. Yan Junze placed his phone under the mirror, leaning it towards him so he could easily check the time.

He pressed the drain switch in the sink to turn it off and then turned on the water. After testing the water temperature with his hand, he closed the faucet once the basin was half full.

He looked at the phone screen, rolled up his sleeves, and placed the towel and shampoo within reach. Then, he pressed the three-minute countdown timer on his phone with his index finger.

All these actions took him less than a minute.

He began to wash his hair.

Yan Junze bent over and immersed his head in the water, so that his hair was completely wet.

Because of his haste, unfortunately, he got water in his eyes.

He instinctively closed his eyes.

At that moment, Yan Junze suddenly felt a chill. Whether it was an illusion or not, it felt like the bathroom had turned into a refrigerator, and the temperature lowered greatly.


A very slight sound suddenly came from behind him.

Because his nerves were taut, Yan Junze was in a state of high tension, which made his five senses particularly sensitive, so he heard the sound clearly.

He shuddered, immediately grabbed his towel, wiped his eyes, but he remembered that he couldn’t do anything unrelated to washing his hair.

He could wipe his eyes, but he didn’t dare turn his head and look behind him. Turning his head while washing his hair clearly exceeded the scope of washing hair.

Bent over, he could only glance at the ground not far behind him through his legs.

Nothing was there.

From this angle, he didn’t see Ke’er’s striking red figure.

But the chill in the room was intensifying.

Yan Junze reminded himself not to waste time, he quickly opened the shampoo and squeezed some onto his head. Soon, a large amount of foam emerged.

But he quickly realized that shampoo cost money!

F*ck, too much!



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