Chapter 21

After a disagreement regarding learning, Yu Xiaohui pondered for a long time and decided to try recruiting disciples.

First, she needed to find a smart and well-built female student.

After observing for a few days, she finally found her target, a beautiful female classmate.

“Hello, classmate, have you heard of the Yushan sect?”

Schoolgirl: “Huh? What is the Yushan sect? I don’t think we’re very familiar with each other, are we?”

Yu Xiaohui: “It doesn’t matter. As long as you join our Yushan sect, you will become a senior disciple. When I die, I will pass on my mantle to you.”

“Who’s dying? What horror story are you talking about? Did you not do well on your exam and go crazy?” The schoolgirl was shocked. “How can someone who seems fine suddenly become crazy?”

Yu Xiaohui: “Listen to me, I think your physique is amazing, with a full forehead and fingers as thick as bamboo shoots. You’re a great candidate.”

“Are you saying my hands are ugly?” The female classmate was most self-conscious about her thick fingers, which didn’t match her petite face. “Go away! I don’t want to play with you!”

Yu Xiaohui tried several other female students, but none of them succeeded and she even attracted some resentment.

Yu Xiaohui couldn’t understand, she was the dignified leader of the Yushan sect, a well-respected and well-known orthodox sect that so many female disciples wanted to get in but couldn’t, and yet she was rejected, perhaps the people had already forgotten about Yushan sect.

What use was she as the new sect leader?

“This disciple is unfilial, the Yushan sect is going to perish under my hands.” Yu Xiaohui bowed three times, knocked her head on the table three times, and apologized to her master and ancestors in the sky.

The others were frightened by the noise.

The male deskmate said with concern, “Xiaolongnu… I mean, Yu Xiaohui, did you not do well on your exam because you were in a bad mood? It’s okay if you don’t do well. Just try harder next time.”

“Yeah, it’s also possible that it’s because you’ve been hanging out with Song Zhaolan and them for too long. Why don’t you join our study group?” The male student in front turned around and said, his eyes filled with adoration. “We can study together, I can tutor you.”

The deskmate said: “There’s no need for tutoring, I’m here for you.”

The gaze of the classmate at the front and the deskmate met, they’re filled with competitive spirit, and began to reveal each other’s shortcomings.

“You may have good grades, but your socks stink.”

” You haven’t even washed your underwear in three days.”

Yu Xiaohui furrowed her brow and moved away from these smelly guys. She went to the back row and asked Zhao Mingdeng in frustration, “Master, how are things going on your end?”

Zhao Mingdeng sighed, shook his head, and took a brochure from the local largest temple.

Inside were photos of the temple’s pristine environment, brightly lit and clean, along with high-resolution pictures of several attractive monks.

Below that was a recruitment notice.

“Requires at least a bachelor’s degree,” Zhao Mingdeng rubbed his head in frustration and said, “That means I have to get a bachelor’s degree if I want to apply. But to do that, I need to study now. Otherwise, I might not even be able to go back home QAQ”

Yu Xiaohui comforted him with a pat on his bald head before turning to ask Chen Yuting, the head of Banshan Pavilion, “How about your situation?”

The Banshan Pavilion wasn’t a real martial arts sect, just a group of skilled individuals with expertise in the art of divination. They were recruited by the landlord and was given a place to stay.

And the master of the pavilion, Chen Yuting was particularly skilled in the art of disguise.

His situation wasn’t great either. He too had approached a beautiful female classmate: “Beauty, you have a good foundation. Would you like to learn the art of disguise from me?”

The female classmate responded, “Oh no, another crazy one!”

“Classmate listen,” Chen Yuting said earnestly. “The art of disguise is a great subject. As long as we have all the materials we need, we can modify our appearance.”

“You mean like this?” The female classmate demonstrated by removing her makeup on the spot.

Chen Yuting: !!!

The female classmate enthusiastically recommended some beauty bloggers to him. Changing one’s appearance was nothing, nine out of ten people know how to do makeup, and wore celebrity’s makeup every day. There was also a cross-dressing expert among them.

“Disguise technique…” Chen Yuting covered his face and said to his companions, “Everyone here knows it! Even the effect is outstanding! Their materials are simpler and more convenient, just a little application can work wonders. Moreover, I heard that there is an even more amazing plastic surgery technique that can completely change one’s appearance. This world no longer needs geniuses like me! I hate it!”

“What do you have in your hand?” Yu Xiaohui pointed to the thing he was holding.

“Oh, this is foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and blush. A kind female classmate lent them to me for research.” Chen Yuting placed the items on the table and began to try out the foundation.

“What is the use of this?” Yu Xiaohui curiously observed.

One could only say that Chen Yuting was indeed a master of disguise. He applied a few strokes, and immediately understood its purpose: “To whiten the face.”

Indeed, it whitened quite a bit. Yu Xiaohui asked again, “What are you holding now?”


“What is it for?”

“To darken this part.”

“… You didn’t feel weird in some places?”

Chen Yuting had no time to answer her question anymore. He had discovered a whole new world and completely forgotten about restoring his martial arts!

Yu Xiaohui and Zhao Mingdeng looked at each other helplessly, then looked at their last hope, the master of the Wuji Sword Villa.

Unfortunately, after giving them a deep look, the Sword Sect Master also shook his head and sighed: “I haven’t succeeded either. How could people resist the temptation of the world’s number one sword? Every time I mention that one can achieve peerless swordsmanship and reach the level of ‘sword and man as one,’ they all run away. Just run, but I really don’t understand why they have to praise me as a great swordsman before leaving.”

Zhao Mingdeng comforted him: “Maybe they couldn’t bear to reject you and wanted to console you. They are really a harmonious and friendly group of classmates, Amitabha Buddha.”

Zhao Mingdeng’s deskmate: “…”

Am I crazy or are you guys crazy? Next time you have a meeting, can you not gather around me? I’m really scared!

Yu Xiaohui sighed deeply, her eyes full of sorrow, “Brother Song is right. Our top priority now is to focus on studying. In this way, we can meet more people, find better solutions, and Mingdeng can return to his true home.”

Everyone agreed, but at this time, Song Zhaolan was not in the classroom.

He stood on the rooftop, his clothes fluttering in the wind, his hair flying. His gaze was cold and if those fangirls saw him, they would undoubtedly scream.

Footsteps came from behind, but he didn’t turn his head and said, “You’re here.”

“You’re annoying. I told you I won’t show you…” The person behind said irritably.

“Then why did you keep the appointment?” Song Zhaolan finished the last melon seed and turned to look at Yu Tingfeng.

Yu Tingfeng was about to speak, but was stopped by Song Zhaolan’s hand.

“Wait.” Song Zhaolan brushed past him and coldly threw the melon seed shells into the nearby trash bin before returning.

“Are you not afraid of getting addicted to them?” Yu Tingfeng asked.

Song Zhaolan licked his dry lips: “There’s no helping it, they’re just too good.”

Who told Xue Canming to always offer him melon seeds? This one ah, if they didn’t meet, he could still control himself., but once he saw them, he would devour them like crazy and couldn’t stop.

“Did you slip me this note?”

Yu Tingfeng held a small piece of paper between his fingers, on which was written:

—— Yu Tingfeng, see you on the rooftop after dinner. If you’re a man, come alone (remember to bring your knife).

This bold message was too familiar. Wasn’t this the same note Song Zhaolan had received a few days ago?

How could he think that changing the subject and location would make Yu Tingfeng not know who wrote it?

Yu Tingfeng could guess who did it with his eyes closed.

“It was me,” murmured Song Zhaolan. “So this is really effective when written like this?”

“The school doesn’t allow knives.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’ve prepared one for you.” Song Zhaolan pulled out a weapon from his sleeve, which was the one prepared by the bully of class E in the grove.

Yu Tingfeng took it speechlessly and lazily twirled the little stick. “The Dragon Breaking Sword is my own creation and will not be passed down.”

“But now the whole school knows,” Song Zhaolan said.

Yu Tingfeng: “…”

Are you a pot master? You only open the pot that shouldn’t be opened!

“Move a little,” Song Zhaolan urged.

“I don’t want to move.”

At this time, there were several suspicious figures in the stairwell, running towards the rooftop.

Sun Yicheng whispered: “What good thing are you going to show us, little guy?”

“A cigarette after a meal makes you as happy as gods.” Zhang Wei took the lead and ran ahead, took out a cigarette box, shook out one, and just as he was about to reach the door, he heard a familiar voice–


“Don’t want to.”

“Then I’ll do it myself.”

Oh my god!!!

Zhang Wei was so scared that he dropped his cigarette. He looked outside and from this angle, he saw Song Zhaolan take the initiative to hold Yu Tingfeng’s hand and ask very ‘reservedly’ “Is this how you do it? It seems a bit slow. What is your usual speed?”

Yu Tingfeng replied, “I won’t show you this, this is my unique treasure!”

Zhang Wei: Oh my god!!!

“Why aren’t you entering?” Sun Yicheng urged from behind.

Zhang Wei: …

Why should I enter! I don’t want to see Yu Tingfeng’s big treasure!

Zhang Wei turned around and shooed them away, and while he was at it, he closed the door, wearily played with his lighter, and guarded the door for them.

Thinking about the sound of their fles–fighting behind the door, Zhang Wei trembled as he lit a cigarette.

“Haha, I finally caught you, come down here!” The homeroom teacher appeared at the staircase, still determined to catch him.

Zhang Wei: …

Zhang Wei looked back at the door, gritted his teeth, rushed down into the arms of the homeroom teacher, and shouted, “I was wrong, let’s go to the office and talk!”

The author has something to say:

Zhang Wei: I sacrificed too much for your love!

Song and Yu: Who are you silently moving???

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Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
The leader of the alliance, Song Zhaolan brought a group of martial artists to besiege the demonic sect. Suddenly the whole alliance and the demonic sect had crossed over to be the students of Class A and Class F. So this group of people climbed the wall and went to the Internet cafe, stayed up late to read novels, and participated in the sports meeting with 18 kinds of martial arts… The students at Wulin No. 1 Middle school were going crazy. Every day, they trembled under the authority of these two big bosses. They were caught in the middle of these two classes that were sanctioned with iron fists. There were no longer mandarin ducks in the grove, only the two bosses shouting at each other. Finally one day, Song Zhaolan received the demon's "letter of surrender": "Who says that good and evil do not mix? I insist to only be in your heart!" Class A student: The leader of the alliance is mighty, he actually captured the right palm of the devil with one hand! Class F student: The leader has a good heart, he actually used his mouth to save this scumbag! Class BCDE student: Are you blind or mentally disabled? ? ? The martial arts master who only wants to cook Shou X  The master who only wants to learn Gong


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