DMPS Chapter 2

Arriving at Bai's House

“Qian Qian, don’t you want to take these clothes with you?” Qi Yu held Yu Qian’s non-mainstream clothes in her hand, with disgust in her eyes.

“I don’t want those stuffs, or I can just sort them out and put them in the old suitcase.”

Those are the clothes that Yu Qian bought specially to anger her mother in the past. Although these clothes are a bit weird, they are definitely of good quality.

“Uh… I don’t think anyone will appreciate this style.” Qi Yu’s mouth twitched. When Yu Qian bought these clothes, she made those clothing store owners so happy.

“Qian Qian, do you want to take all these little things with you?” Wang Jiajia said, pointing to all kinds of doll accessories on the bed and table.

Yu Qian glanced at these things, frowned slightly, “See if you like it, if not, I’ll take it away.”

“Then I want this bear.”

“I want this fawn ornament and this shelf.”

“Then I want that box.”

The three of them were not polite to Yu Qian, and directly said what they wanted.

The four of them had been busy all morning, and they finally sorted out their things. Yu Qian and Wang Jiajia laboriously dragged a large bag of garbage and threw it into the trash can.

Qi Yu and Fang Yan helped her put old clothes and other useful things in the recycling bin.

Looking at the large packages packed in front of her, Qi Yu said, “Qianqian, how will these things be sent there or will there be a car to pick up?”

“My mother said there will be a car coming tomorrow.”

“That’s fine. It’s convenient to be able to go to Bai’s house that way.”

The three of them had been at Yu Qian’s house and had been with her all day. Before leaving, Wang Jiajia suddenly remembered what she had put in Yu Qian’s kitchen.

“By the way, Sissy, my mother made some hot sauce for you. I have put it in the kitchen. Remember to take it with you tomorrow.”

Wang Jiajia pointed towards the kitchen.

I have to say that although Yu Qian is a rebellious child in front of her mother, she always had a good image in front of others and is very popular among other adults.

Otherwise, Wang Jiajia’s parents would not allow their child to interact with her.

Wang Jiajia still remembers that there was a parent-teacher meeting in elementary school. Yu Qian’s mother pulled her and said that Yu Qian was usually naughty and bad-tempered, and hoped that they would be more tolerant.

Their mothers were very surprised and said that Yu Qian was very well-behaved, sweet-natured and diligent, and she would take the initiative to help when she came to their house, she was likable.

At that time, Yu Qian’s mother’s face turned black.

“I won’t forget it. I’ll put it in the box tonight, and you can say thank you to Auntie on my behalf.” Yu Qian was full of joy.

“That’s it, we’ll come to see you off tomorrow.”

“Yes, okay.”

They didn’t say anything sad, they as usual bid their goodbyes happily, and went back to their respective homes.

Finally, when it was time to go to Beijing, Wang Hui made breakfast early and called Yu Qian up.

They had just finished eating when Wang Jiajia, Fang Yan and Qi Yu also arrived at her house.
Wang Hui greeted the few of them to play by themselves, and went to check if there was anything missing.
After a long time, the sound of a car engine came from the door, the four looked at each other and hurried to the door to see.
They exclaimed when they saw the car parked at the door.

“Wow, it’s a Bentley.” Fang Yan pointed to the white car’s head and said, her idol also has this car, so she knows the logo, but she doesn’t know the specific model.

Yu Qian couldn’t recognize other cars except BMW, but that didn’t prevent her from thinking that the car was beautiful.
Just when a they were being in the state of amazed, the door opened, and Bai Qiming walked out of the car in a white casual uniform.
“Qian Qian, you made a profit, your new brother is so handsome!” Wang Jiajia shook Yu Qian’s hand excitedly.

“It’s just that the expression is a little cold.” Qi Yu frowned at Bai Qiming’s expressionless face.

Yu Qian nodded, the male protagonist, he is set in Wang Jiajia’s book to be a cold person, he is very cold to everyone except the female protagonist. She knows this very well.

Under the gaze of four pairs of eyes, Bai Qiming walked calmly in front of them. He looked at Yu Qian accurately and said, “Hello, I’m Bai Qiming.”

Yu Qian blinked, Fang Yan hurriedly pushed her, and Yu Qian said slowly, “I’m Yu Qian.”

“Qi Ming, you are here, have you had breakfast?” Wang Hui also heard the sound of the car and walked downstairs.

“Aunt Wang, I’ve already eaten.” Bai Qiming nodded towards Wang Hui, his tone was cold but respectful, “If you guys have cleaned up, then I’ll let them start moving.”
“Okay, there are some things upstairs, let’s move the things from upstairs first.”

Bai Qiming listened, and asked the four men behind him to go up and carry things. Wang Hui asked Yu Qian to entertain Bai Qiming, and she followed up to watch.

Yu Qian and others sat on the couch one by one, looking at Bai Qiming who was silent on the left, no one knew how to speak.

There was a faint embarrassment in the air.

“That… Brother Bai, does your family eat spicy food?”

Under the scorching gazes of her friends, Yu Qian had to bite the bullet and start looking for topics.

“My dad and I have mild tastes, but you don’t have to give in, just let aunty cook a few more dishes.”

“Oh… Haha, that’s good.” Yu Qian smiled perfunctoryly, and reached out to hold Wang Jiajia’s hand that was beating her wildly. She really tried her best, but the male protagonist is such a cold person, she can’t help it.

“You can call me brother directly in the future.” Bai Qiming suddenly looked at Yu Qian, ignoring the curious gaze against the eyes of the girls, and said directly.

They looked at each other, Yu Qian’s scalp was a little numb: “Then I’ll call you Brother Bai in the future.”

It just so happened that Bai Bai, who had gone somewhere for a while, ran back. Yu Qian was afraid that it would run away again. When she got off the sofa and tried chasing it, she couldn’t catch it, so she quickly called out, “Bai Bai, come here quickly.”

Originally, there was no problem with this sentence, but Yu Qian just called Bai Qiming as brother Bai.

Brother Bai and Bai Bai, this is a bit embarrassing.

“Pfft—” Fang Yan finally couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Wang Jiajia and Qi Yu, shocked also looked at Yu Qian.

Yu Qian looked at Bai Qiming’s eyes which stayed on Bai Bai, and explained a little embarrassedly: “That…my dog ​​has always been called Bai Bai, or I’ll call you Brother Ming in the future.”

Bai Qiming glanced at the little dog with black and white patterns, and didn’t know how it matched the name Baibai.

Just when Yu Qian was about to run away from embarrassment, her mother finally came downstairs.

The things upstairs had been moved, and there were only two packages in the living room. Yu Qian hurriedly stood up with an excuse and went to clean up.

Everything was ready. Yu Qian hugged Bai Bai and got into the car with her mother. Looking at her friends outside the car window, Yu Qian didn’t know how to say goodbye. She had never said goodbye to her friends.

“Qian Qian, go to Beijing University and take some pictures for me. I haven’t been to my dream university yet.” Wang Jiajia stood outside the car, clenching her fists, and said with a yearning look.

“Ah, and me, Qian Qian, my idol will have a concert in Beijing in a month. Go and watch it for me, okay?”

When Fang Yan mentioned idols, she was full of star eyes. She only hated that she was still a student. She had never seen the live concert of idols. “If you can help me get another autographed photo, then I will be satisfied!”

“Cough cough, and me, I heard that Jiang Yuan’s new book will first release in Beijing, get an autograph for me.” Qi Yu said a little embarrassedly.

The three of them, all said their wishes in a cheerful tone, without showing any parting sadness.

Looking at a her friends outside the car window, Yu Qian’s parting emotions came up all of a sudden, her eyes were red, the three people outside the car were her best friends who had accompanied her through the most painful time.

They spent more time with her than her mother spent with her. At this moment, she really wanted to change her mind and say that she was not going.

Seeing that the momentum was not right, Wang Hui hurriedly said goodbye to the girls, and urged the driver to drive quickly, for the fear that Yu Qian would be upset again.

It wasn’t until she couldn’t see the figures of her three friends anymore that Yu Qian sat upright and touched Bai Bai for a while.

Bai Qiming sat in the co-pilot, looked at Yu Qian in the rearview mirror, and frowned.

“QianQian, do you want to eat something?” Wang Hui’s tone was a little cautious, looking at Yu Qian who was a little sad.

“I don’t want to eat, Mom, I’m going to sleep first, call me when we reach” After Yu Qian finished speaking, she closed her eyes.

Seeing this, Wang Hui didn’t bother her, and started replying to messages on her mobile phone.

Yu Qian originally closed her eyes because she didn’t want to talk, but she didn’t expect that she will slowly fell asleep.

Bai Qiming, who was sitting in the passenger seat, glanced at her from the rearview mirror from time to time, and then he witnessed Yu Qian’s ever-changing sleeping posture.

Looking at Yu Qian, whose head was leaning against the car window and being knocked from time to time, the corner of his mouth twitched. His stepsister was not as difficult to get along with as he imagined.

When his father began to pursue Aunt Wang, he knew about the relationship between the two, but he never objected. For him, these were just his father’s personal affairs and had little to do with him.

He also has no opinion on Aunt Wang, but he still cares a little about the rumored rebellious daughter of Aunt Wang. After all, if there is no accident, he will be under the same roof as this stepsister for a long time, a woman of the same age as him , If not, it will disrupt his life.

For now, everything is within an acceptable range.

Yu Qian fell asleep and felt her sore neck. She reached out and rubbed her eyes. She said vaguely, “Mom, where are we?”

“We be there soon.” Wang Hui took a bottle of water and handed it to Yu Qian.

After a turnaround, Yu Qian and the others finally arrived in Beijing.

Looking at the luxurious villa of the Bai family from the car window, Yu Qian’s eyes widened.

She clearly recognized the gap between her family and the Bai family. Yu Qian couldn’t help but sigh again, Wang Jiajia really wrote a middle-aged boss for her mother!

Compared with the Bai family’s villa, what kind of house is her family’s house, at most it can be called a self-built house.

When Yu Qian got out of the car, she saw a man who looked very similar to Bai Qiming walking over.

Different from Bai Qiming’s young heroic spirit, Bai’s father has a kind of elegance and gentleness that has accumulated over the years.

“This is Sissy? She is as beautiful as her mother.”

Bai Jin looked at Yu Qian gently, his eyes seemed to have long expected her to come.

Under the expectant gaze of her mother, Yu Qian called out “Hello, Uncle Bai.”

Bai Jin nodded and said to her, “You are tired from this journey. The food is ready at home. Come in.”

Afterwards, Bai Jin glanced at Wang Hui again and didn’t say anything, but the smile obviously widened a bit, and Wang Hui returned a smile to him.

Seeing this scene, Yu Qian couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her mother. It turned out that this was her mother’s expression when she was in love, and when she was shy.

A group of people entered the door, and Yu Qian glanced around casually. There were only four servants she could see. Compared with the part-time workers who were only hired by her mother before, she instantly felt that her living standard would be greatly improved in the future.

At least…if she throws things in anger in the future, someone will help to clean them up. After all, she doesn’t throw things and pick them up by herself…

Uh, no, how could she think about such a dangerous thing on the first day she arrived at Bai’s house.

Yu Qian hurriedly drove this thought out of her mind. She is a little girl who is determined to be her mother’s treasure, how could she still quarrel!

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Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Dressed as Male Protagonist’s Step Sister

Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021-12-15 Native Language: Chinese
Yu Qian entered a novel written for her by her best friend. However, she is not the heroine, but a drag bottle who married her mother to the Male lead's house . Yu Qian said that none of these matters! The important thing is that in the book, her mother is still alive, and she has finally become a child with a mother again! All her life, she just wants to have a good mother and daughter relationship , and occasionally watch the male and female protagonists fall in love, which is simply beautiful. But then—

Who, aren't you a good brother to the male protagonist? Why are you sticking to me? What? You like me? What? You want to marry me ? Damn it! You stole my household registration book! ! !


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