Chapter 19

After taking a look at the group of people, Song Zhaolan turned to Yu Tingfeng and said, “It seems there has been a misunderstanding. You can go back now.”

The class bully nodded quietly and encouraged Yu Tingfeng with his eyes: Go away, go away, you go away!

As long as that prick Yu Tingfeng was gone, they could beat up anyone without worry. After all, Yu Tingfeng had subdued the yellow-haired Zhang Wei recently, furthermore, he’s a leader of a group of eccentric and middle-school syndrome followers, which had made him quite famous among their circle of ruffians.

As the saying goes, do not fear those who do not want life, fear those who not only don’t want life but also have mental issues.

With all eyes on him, Yu Tingfeng took a few steps, the class bully and his followers breathed a sigh of relief, but then they saw Yu Tingfeng take a few steps back and smiling so unnaturally: “Tsk, you all do not take me seriously? If you want me to come, I will come. If you want me to leave, I will leave. Who do you think I am?”

Song Zhaolan replied: “You are the descendant of the dragon.”

Yu Tingfeng’s expression brightened with pleasure: “You have some sense.”

Song Zhaolan continued: “But you staying here won’t be of any use. You won’t be of any help.”

“Who are you looking down on?” Yu Tingfeng raised his chin, “As long as you beg me, I will help you with this small favor.”

Although he didn’t think Song Zhaolan needed any help, he really didn’t like these types of people. Logically speaking, he had used similar tricks before, but when it came to dealing with Song Zhaolan, he preferred  to defeat him openly and honestly.

Perhaps it was because Song Zhaolan was too honest and upright. He always arranged fights in advance and waited devoutly, that made people feel a strange sense of respect.

“No, what I mean is that you can’t help them.” Song Zhaolan reminded him.

“Them? Why should I help them?” Yu Tingfeng furrowed his brows deeply, “Do you think I’m in cahoots with them?”

Song Zhaolan replied: “Of course, you’re not with them. You’re even worse than them.”

Yu Tingfeng narrowed his eyes: “I want to get angry.”

“Of course it is.” Song Zhaolan’s voice lowered a little.

“Have you two done chatting?!” The class bully had had enough of them being ignored, let’s be clear here, you guys are currently being surrounded, ok?!

“I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to ignore you,” Song Zhaolan immediately turned to the class bully and said.

With such a polite tone, the class bully instinctively replied, “It’s okay, you can keep talking.”

Song Zhaolan then turned back to talk with Yu Tingfeng.


The class bully was furious and walked up to them. “Wait! Stop chatting, Song Zhaolan, tell us how we can solve our problem.”

“Stay calm, I’ll think of a solution to help you.” Song Zhaolan said, looking at the others. “Come here, all of you.”

The others: ??

They had seen people who were not afraid of death, but they had never seen someone who was so fearlessly honest. He called them over in such an upright manner, could this be some kind of trap?

Yu Tingfeng didn’t understand what he was up to and was prepared to watch a good show. But then, Song Zhaolan grabbed his wrist and pointed to one of the guys holding a makeshift weapon. “Look, they’re still studying late at night, don’t you feel inferior compared to them?”

Yu Tingfeng: ??

Class bully: ??

Everyone: ??

Everyone looked down at the makeshift weapons they had made from rolled up books. Since the school prohibits the possession of weapons, the circle of ruffians are accustomed to making their own.

The method is to roll the book up, the thinner the better, and then wrap it with Scotch tape, and the weapon is complete. It is easy to carry in a sleeve and can be recycled after use, how convenient is it?

So the weapons they had today were all made from rolled-up books.

“Come on, tell me what questions you didn’t understand?” Song Zhaolan asked.

Since the end of the exam, people have been coming to Song Zhaolan to ask for answers. He could now recite the answers fluently.

The class bully and his friends looked at each other in confusion, and after a while, the class bully said, “No, you got it wrong. We didn’t come to ask you questions!”

“Then you are asking me for tutoring?” Song Zhaolan said, “Don’t worry, I will do my best to solve your problems. The first step is to focus on listening in class. Every point is important, do you know how many people one point can crush? The college entrance exam is like crossing a narrow bridge with a thousand troops and horses. If you’re one point short, you might fall to your death. We don’t have much time left for the college entrance exam, so from today, from this moment on, you need to bring out your best state and perform at your highest level, strive to be the best in Class A… uh, what class are you guys in again?”

“The class leader:” …

Actually, you’re just repeating what your homeroom teacher said, right?

The others covered their ears one after another, “Save me!”

“We don’t want to study!” The class leader threw his stick and rudely took off his jacket. He threw a punch but missed, spinning around in place.

Song Zhaolan squatted down and picked up a long string of notes that fell out of the jacket. “You say you don’t want to study, but you carry vocabulary cards with you. There’s no shame in studying. Do you know what one extra point means? It means you’re pushing down thousands of people on the narrow bridge, and better days are to come…”

“Help! Help!” The class bully’s fragile heart couldn’t take it anymore, he picked up his jacket and ran out, “I never want to see you again!”

“Wait for me, big brother!”

“What kind of devil is this? Stay away from Song Zhaolan and have a peaceful life!”

The group fled, and Song Zhaolan casually picked up a stick they threw away. He looked at it and said, “Oh, so they’re friends from Class E.”

Yu Tingfeng: …

“Let’s go, we should go back too.” Song Zhaolan looked at his watch. “The lights are about to go out, and we don’t have much time left to wash our feet.”

The two walked out of the field. Song Zhaolan saw that Yu Tingfeng was silent, with a thoughtful look on his face, and asked, “Why aren’t you talking? This doesn’t seem like you at all.”

“How should I act to be more like myself?” Yu Tingfeng asked.

Song Zhaolan raised his chin, stomped his foot, and pointed at Yu Tingfeng’s face with one hand: “Yu Tingfeng, don’t be shameless.”

After saying that, he walked around him: “Did you hear that?”

“Hey, hey, don’t add your own lines, okay? Am I really that stupid?” Yu Tingfeng pointed at him.

The two looked at each other for a moment, and Yu Tingfeng was the first to give up. “Are you really that stupid?”

Song Zhaolan’s mouth curved up, he put his hand away, turned around and walked forward.

“Hey.” Yu Tingfeng caught up with him. “Did you mean what you just said? Can one point really crush millions of people? Are the good days really ahead?”

Song Zhaolan: “Yeah, that’s what the teachers and parents all say.”

Yu Tingfeng’s lips twitched: “Can you trust what they say? We’re not in the same world as them.”

“Well, what if I say it’s really possible?” Song Zhaolan turned his head to look at him. “Aren’t I from the same world as you?”

Yu Tingfeng was speechless, he stared into his eyes for a moment: “Are you really not lying to me?”

Song Zhaolan replied, “Anyway, both the homeroom teacher and the parents told me so, I don’t think they would lie to me.”

“…” Isn’t this going in circles again?

“Why don’t you believe them?” Song Zhaolan curiously asked.

Because his parents in the past only wanted him to become a devil that didn’t resemble humans nor ghosts. And the “teachers” in the past were just exploiting him.

He never believed these people’s nonsense.

“Because they’re ugly,” Yu Tingfeng replied.

“What about me? Am I ugly?” Song Zhaolan asked.

Yu Tingfeng’s eyes flickered, hesitating as he stared at him for a few moments. His gaze slid from his eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, then he looked away, blinked quickly, and looked up at the night sky.

“Why ask that?” Yu Tingfeng replied.

“Don’t you only believe good-looking people? If I were good-looking, would you believe me?” Song Zhaolan asked.

“First of all, I don’t believe in the good in people. I don’t believe anyone,” Yu Tingfeng said. “Secondly, there are no ‘ifs.'”

Song Zhaolan didn’t react for a moment: “What do you mean by ‘no ifs’?”

Yu Tingfeng clicked his tongue, put his hands in his pockets, and walked quickly towards their dormitory.

When they arrived downstairs, Song Zhaolan suddenly realized, “Oh, you mean I’m good-looking!”

Yu Tingfeng replied, “…Did I really have to say it outright?”

“In fact, you’re not stupid,” Song Zhaolan replied politely.

Yu Tingfeng: “Is that so?”.

Song Zhaolan: “Uh-huh. You’re just six parts hot-headed, three parts slow-witted, and one part ignorant.”

Yu Tingfeng immediately pointed at him. “Don’t think that if you’re changing a few words will make me not want to beat you up!”

Author’s note:

Song Zhaolan: Come on, hit me! (☆v☆)

Yu Tingfeng: No _(:зゝ∠)_


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Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
The leader of the alliance, Song Zhaolan brought a group of martial artists to besiege the demonic sect. Suddenly the whole alliance and the demonic sect had crossed over to be the students of Class A and Class F. So this group of people climbed the wall and went to the Internet cafe, stayed up late to read novels, and participated in the sports meeting with 18 kinds of martial arts… The students at Wulin No. 1 Middle school were going crazy. Every day, they trembled under the authority of these two big bosses. They were caught in the middle of these two classes that were sanctioned with iron fists. There were no longer mandarin ducks in the grove, only the two bosses shouting at each other. Finally one day, Song Zhaolan received the demon's "letter of surrender": "Who says that good and evil do not mix? I insist to only be in your heart!" Class A student: The leader of the alliance is mighty, he actually captured the right palm of the devil with one hand! Class F student: The leader has a good heart, he actually used his mouth to save this scumbag! Class BCDE student: Are you blind or mentally disabled? ? ? The martial arts master who only wants to cook Shou X  The master who only wants to learn Gong


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