Chapter 14: shadows in rain

shadows in rain

   The morning sun shines through the window, hitting two bodies on a king-size bed in the middle of the room. Prem slowly opened his eyelids. In front of him was Somone’s broad chest. I could feel the big arms wrapped around me loosely, and Ten slept hugging him like a bolster.

Prem shuddered a little. When the other party tightened his arms, his face tucked into his wide chest. chef’s cheeks faded as his nose stood out, pressing it against his head. The sound of constant breath ringing beside his ears. The chef moved until he was able to successfully raise his head to look at the doctor’s face.

A handsome face when sleeping at close range makes his heart beat fast. Black hair creaks down the cheeks like a child, lips stretched in a straight line to match the ridged nose. yari eyes, which always looked straight at him, are now completely closed. Prem stared at the other person’s face. Despite his pale colour, he looks smooth and soft to the touch.

Prem was startled again when Ten opened his eyes. Yawaree eyes reflected his face, even with a sleepy gleam. The boy raised his hand and rubbed his eyes lightly. Speak loudly like a person who just woke up

“Good morning”

“Ah, good morning,” Prem greeted unfamiliarly. Ten stared at the person in his embrace. . Ten stared at the man in his arms before reaching out his head and placing his forehead against the chef’s forehead.

“You’re cold,” doctor said and turned away. Prem looked at the other’s lips. Suddenly, the story of last night flashed.

Ten frowned, “Oh, blush again.”  Prem hurriedly raised his hand to push the big man’s chin. “You don’t have a fever!”

“The chef’s face is red.”

Because I am sick! chef argued, ten looked puzzled and said” I have to change your clothes.

Prem looked down at himself. When he found himself in the other party’s  pyjamas, he was shocked.

He looked at that gesture and said “I only changed clothes because I had to wipe you and I didn’t see anything.

It’s true, as ten said.  chef’s boxers are still intact and not removed. Prem is relieved, not forgetting to say

“Thank you.”

Ten nodded, blurting out in a monotone voice. “I want to eat five spices,” Prem blinked his eyes. By the way, yesterday he didn’t cook sour soup for him to eat. The chef said, “Go ahead.”

“But yesterday Maria said that the refrigerator ran out of stuff, ten said. Prem said, “So shall we go to the mall to buy ingredients today?”

Ten nodded with sparkling eyes.

A luxury four-door Benz brought Prem and Ten to the mall in less than an hour. They agreed that they would call driver when they were done with their business, before they both stepped in. The atmosphere at eleven o’clock in the big department stores on holidays is especially lively.

    Prem came to the supermarket side. The chef walked to select ingredients with ten pushing the cart behind him. Yaowari eyes stare earnestly at chef who compares the price of each brand of duck eggs. The strange aura emanating from the other party caused Ten to only stand and observe him from a distance. Even if his heart wants to hug him like every time.

A moment later, Prem made a decision. He puts his favourite brand of six-egg duck eggs in his cart. Ten follows, watching chef as his eyes twinkle as he puts garlic, coriander, cinnamon and bread tofu into his cart.

When walking to the meat section, Prem asked if “Do you want something else to eat?”

“Fish.” When the chef’s frightening aura disappeared, Ten walked over and hugged the small figure from behind. Prem said while selecting the pork belly. “Would you like steamed sea bass with lemon?”

“Anyway,” Ten pressed his head against chef shoulder and replied muffled. I’m hungry.

Prem stretched out his hand to lightly slap the other’s waist, saying, “Are you okay? Let’s go find something to eat here first, shall we? This one can be made later for dinner.”

“It’s okay,” Ten said. He had a meeting at home in the evening, so he wouldn’t be watching chef while he is cooking. “I can handle it”

Prem blinked and muttered, “But your face doesn’t say that.”. He continued with choosing fish When everything was done, then walked to the checkout counter.

It didn’t take long to get past the cashier’s checkpoint. Prem turned and asked the boy,  “Shall we go back?”


Before the chef could remember, he said, “Ten, my mom just transferred this month’s money. Let me withdraw first.” Ten nodded obediently. The two of them walked through the mall’s holiday cheer up the escalator to the second floor.

As soon as their feet touched the ground, a voice shouted


Chef looked at the other party in a bright voice, “Chang!”

Ten turned around to look at him as his eyes gleamed as the golden-haired boy approached and greeted the little one affectionately.

“What are you doing here?” Prem asked, smiling at the audience. “Today I was dragged to buy stuff for the faculty with my friends.” Twin-tailed eyes gleamed. I am so lucky that I met prem like this.

“…hahaha” Prem laughed dryly. A murderous intent was felt from behind. He flinched as Ten stepped closer. Changma froze, staring at the tall man with a weird look in his eyes before his smile faded away.

“Oh Ten, I didn’t see…”

   “Let’s go back,” Ten interrupted in the middle of the talk. Changma smiled. Prem blinked, “But I haven’t…”

    “Let’s do our work first,” ten said, but chef frowned. “No, I’m not…”

“Where are you going Prem?” Changma blurted out with a bright smile. Calling Prem’s, he turns to answer, “Oh, I’m going to withdraw money.”

“Really, coincidentally, I was just about to withdraw money from the faculty account. Let’s go together,” Changma invited. Prem thought and nodded, about to step on his legs but was held from behind.

“Ten, let go…”

“Go home,” ten insists. Prem frowns. “Come on, I’m just going to withdraw money for a moment.”


Prem secretly sighed. Turning around to look at Chang’s face, just realized ten doesn’t like the other party. When he thought about it, Prem decided to negotiate in a soft voice. “I need a moment. You can call the driver right now.”


Prem relies on the moment as his big arms relax and turns to look at his eyes, making a sound of “na?”

(na means: please)

Ten closed his eyes reluctantly, “Okay.”

“Good boy,” Prem smiled. Pulling his pale cheeks lightly and stepping out, Changma hurriedly followed, not turning to stare at the big boy. The pointed tail eyes clearly reflect hostility.

Ten stared back. Yavri’s eyes were still the same. At that moment, it was as if an invisible electric current passed between the two of them.

Prem walked out of the bank collecting money in his pocket. Behind him was Ten, who followed with an unhappy face.

“Don’t be frustrated. Let’s go back and eat the stewed eggs.” chef tried to lure. Ten nodded, but his brows still furrowed.

“I don’t like that guy.”

“Come on, Chang is a good person.”

“Do you like him?” At the end of his voice, Prem rolled his eyes and hurriedly said, “Changma is a good friend, Ten, he is considerate, you shouldn’t hate him for no reason like that…”

“He doesn’t want to be friends,” Ten interrupted, adding, “Me too.”

Prem stood and watched Chang withdraw money from the bank account next door. Then he waved his hand prem also waved back and said to Ten that “You should try to open up and talk to him.”


    “Why do you get prejudiced against Chang like that?” Prem was really curious. Ten replied, “I don’t like it when that guy smiles.”

    Prem raised his eyebrows, “Because he looked like he was mocking you?”

“it hurt my eyes”

“…Ah, if it is, then I understand.” Prem agreed with a fallen face. Followed by a golden-haired young man who walked out with a smile and said, “Okay, done, what should we eat, Prem?” The sentence was deliberately cut out of the conversation clearly.

Prem grinned, “I’ll be back.”

“Why, stay together .” The tail’s eyes pointed at him. chef could only repeat the same words. “Not really today.”

“Too bad.” Changma looked at Prem with regret. Before turning to look at another tall person and smiling, “But come on, let Prem go. We can meet later.

Ten’s eyebrows twitched. He stepped up and hugged chef from behind, saying, “No way.”

“Huh, I’ll see.” Changma raised his eyebrows, again, as if electric currents ran between the two of them. Prem looked left and right, cursing when he could feel the eyes of the people around him watching.

“Chef, let’s go home,” Ten shouted, and Chang’s eyebrows twitched. “Hey, do you live in the same house as Prem?

“So…” Prem tried to explain.

“Chef is with me”

Oh my god…chef puts his hand over his face.

“What right do you have to say that to Prem!” Chaeng Ma became angry when he heard that.

“It’s none of your business.”

“What, this is it?” Changma rolled up his sleeves, Ten held his head up, he wasn’t afraid anyway, “always ready.”

Before they both jumped at each other, they raised their arms above their heads, clenched their fists, and thrust into each other with sullen faces. Prem looked at them with eyes like a dead fish and said, “You guys… are you children?”

It was then that the heavenly voice sounded.

“Oh, it’s so fun.”

In front of Prem was a tall boy with long, colored hair. In his hand was an unusually thick book. Handsome face, smiling point, laughing at the endearing person. “And what is that? Are you playing rice reels together?”

Prem, relying on the moment that no one was paying attention to the newcomer, slipped out, exclaiming, “Fire help me, I can’t handle these guys.”

doctor heard it and laughed. “I don’t see the need to deal with anything. It’s funny let them fight.”

    “Joke with ghosts! Everyone looked at him and I was ashamed of him.”

    “Mother and child emotions are out. You are so cute.” Fai Said to Prem, narrowed his eyes and scanned the other person from head to toe again and asked, “So what are you doing here?”

Fai holds up a book in his hand and replies, “Come and buy this book. This is college stuff.

“Wow, study really hard.”

“It’s just this time,” Akkhi smiled. Ten finally turned around. Ten opened his mouth to call his childhood friend “akkhi”.

“Hello?” The owner of the name raised an eyebrow at his friend, before turning his gaze towards another golden-haired youth. Changma automatically flashed a bright smile at the red-haired boy.

“Hello Fire”

“Hey Changma,” Akkhi smiles without the slightest stinging in his eyes. while the other two raised their hands to cover their eyes.

Is he immune because he saw his friend?  Prem analyse,. Before the medicine doctor and engineer stood and talked to each other, Akki had several conversations with ten, to which the boy only answered his own part.

Prem looked at the kings from the three groups standing and talking. By now, there were many girls looking at them with interest. Some try to make eye contact with three young men.

So what are we doing standing here?

“Well, this line is very low-key,” Fire said with a half-funny, half-sympathetic expression. Prem looks like he’s going to cry . “Yes, who’s going to be with a bunch of idiots!”

“I need chef.” Ten hurriedly walked over and hugged him.

Chang saw it and hurriedly said, “I want Prem too!”  Prem raised his eyebrows, almost shouting with a crying face “big ones have a lot of pheromones, so be quiet!”

“What’s wrong with being small?” Ten tilted his head.

“I like this cute Prem the most!” Chaengma gave him a burning smile.

“Even though you’re not handsome, you’re… good,” Fai comforted him.

“It’s not helping me at all,” Prem cried out desperately, before they continued to lean towards each other. Ten relies on this moment to make eye contact with fire.

The medicine doctor stared at his long eyes and smiled knowingly.

“Hey Chang. Did you forget to zip up?”

“Really!”   Chang flinched. Automatically put his hand on his crotch before finding himself wearing buttoned pants.

“You’re fooling me…Hey!” The young man’s eyes widened when he found that the dead-faced boy had already taken advantage of the moment when he accidentally carried the chef on his shoulder and ran away.

   “Don’t run away!” the blonde man moved to run after him, but was surrounded by a large group of young women. Chang rolled his eyes. A high-pitched voice asked loudly about their names and colleges.

Fai thought ‘bad luck’, but even so, he smiled.

“Fire,”  the girls screamed. Fire smiled, secretly moving his mouth deliberately so that the person next to him could see this.


“What?” Changma whispered back, “I told you to smile… smile like you always do.”

“And what’s the name of the other one?” The girls looked expectantly at the golden-haired boy.

“Come on.”

“Chang Ma!” he smiled broadly as if someone pressed a switch. It’s so bright that it dazzled. At that moment, Fai hurriedly grabbed the other person’s arm and led him to run.

The voices of the girls were so loud. Until they escaped, Chang came to his senses. He hurriedly said, “I have to go after Prem!”

“Enough.” Fire stopped him. The golden-haired youth froze. “What do you mean?”

“You should have seen it.” the medicine doctor tightened the thick book sideways. He replied, “Those two are on the same page.”

“It’s definitely not like that!” Chang argued, those eyes flashing without giving up. “I’d rather be disappointed than lose him before I even started!”

“As you wish,” Fai waved his hands helplessly. Smiling, he said, “Then I’ll go, good luck.”

The King of Engineering looked at the back of fire who walked away. He cleared many of the confused thoughts in his head. Before going on his way.

in other side of the mall, ten carried chef and ran. When he was sure that he had passed the danger zone, Prem was hanging upside down, so he started making noise. “Chang’s not coming. Let me down.”


Prem being shaken in a dangling state made him nauseous. “Ten, I’m dizzy…”



“Okay.” Ten quickly stopped his pace and immediately put him down. Yawri’s eyes stared at the other’s distraught face and asked “Toilet?”

“It’s okay.” Prem frowned, feeling his stomach flutter, saying, “Let’s go home. Call your driver.”

“Understood.” Ten eyes lit up. He obediently followed.

They stopped in the entrance courtyard. Prem took a long breath and looked around before Someone, who clung to him tightly. Prem froze, the lightness and laughter, the touch was familiar to him.

“Damn it!”

   cho carrying a large backpack on his back. Cat-like eyes stared at Ten, who was talking on the phone alternately with Prem, who was holding a shopping bag as if he had been shopping, and asked,

“Are you on a date?”

“…Ten wants to eat Chinese stew.” Prem showed a bag of ingredients in his hand with a tired face. Cho’s eyes sparkled, “Wow, I want to eat it too.”

Come with us? It’s delicious ” Ten, who finished talking on the phone, walked over and hugged chef from behind. Cho looked at that expression. Feeling strangely used to it, replied, “I would like to, but next time.”

“Why?” Prem asked. Cho rolled his eyes. “I bought a book, borrowed it from college, and I have to focus and write a summary by understanding it.”

“Oh…” Prem nodded, feeling quite familiar with this.

“Okay, then I’ll go. Enjoy your meal.” Cho said goodbye, Chef nodded, and ten waved after him, before turning to tell the person next to him ” chef I need to pee.”

Prem blinked, “Ah, let’s go to the bathroom.”

Two of them followed the signboard. They passed the cake shop, ten glanced at it for a moment. As he was about to go to the bathroom, Ten turned to see a familiar figure. He called out other party in a weak voice.


The owner of the name stopped his footsteps, and his small eyes widened in amazement when he saw them.

“Ten! Prem! I miss you so much!”

“Metha! Long time no see.” chef approached. He looked at him in his student uniform and asked, “Why are you dressed like this?”

“The institute here is hiring me.” Metha smiled broadly. “Teaching mathematics courses for high school students I think it’s fun, so I agree.”

Prem big eyes, “Oh, good. How much do you charge for tuition?”

“Five hundred an hour? There are many forms to choose. You can study together, group, or one-on-one, whatever is convenient for you,” Metha explained. Prem nodded happily. “That’s good.”

“So what are you doing here?” Matha asked. It was Ten who replied, “Buy stuff.”

Prem shows the tote bag in his hand. “This guy wants to eat stewed eggs.”

“Oh, I want to eat too.”

“Come then?” Ten invited, but Metha shook his head and smiled. “I won’t miss it next time.” metha looked at his watch and said, “It’s almost time for class. It’s not good to be late on first day. I’ll go first.”

“Good luck,” Prem smiled at Ten, waving behind him.

When Metha disappears from sight Ten went to the bathroom. Prem stood in front of the bathroom for a while holding things, before turning to see a tall, familiar figure walking past.

Without thinking, Prem shouted to the other party, “Eua!”

The owner of the name turned confused. When he found the source of the voice, he cried out, “Nong Prem!”

“What are you doing here?” Prem looked at him from head to toe. “And why are you dressed like this?”

“Trying to be a sixth grader,” Eua-Angkun replied with a dead-faced face. He was dressed in a white screen-printed t-shirt, wearing three-quarter pants, clips and a leather side bag, like a high school student who is different from everyone else.   “Damn, my mom just put me in math basics. You’ve been doing well since high school, so you’re going to be a sixth grader.”

“…Are you here for special education?” Prem said with a half-joking, half-pitiful face. “A course for high school students too?”

Eua Angkoon wrapped his shoulders with a tired face, he said, “Oh, my mom booked a one-on-one course for me. Tell me that so that I won’t be ashamed It. Either way, I’m still looking like a buffalo.”

“Well, you can study so that you can stop using your luck for a while,” Prem encouraged his friend. Eua Angkoon blows air out of his mouth. Looking at the clock, his eyes widened and he cried out, “Hey, then I’ll go. If it’s late, l will be hit by the teacher.” His handsome face flashed with cheeky cheeks. “Oh, but if it’s a young teacher, I’ll let him hit me, eh.”

“Hurry up and go,” Prem chased tiredly. Eua Angkoon laughed. He waved his hand lightly, then ran away.

Prem kept looking from behind. Soon ten came out. They both walked out of the mall. Ten called the driver.

When he hung up, Prem asked, “Where’s the car?”

“Fifteen minutes,” Ten replied.

Both crossed the road. They waited on the other side of the parking space. The weather was like it’s going to rain. Ten said.

“I want to eat cake”

“Huh?” Prem, who was standing beside him, raised his eyebrows, “Now?”

“Oh, at the shop near the entrance,” said Ten in a monotone voice. Prem blinked and asked, “Which one would you like to eat?”

“It’s a banana…with white cream, with brown powder sprinkled on top…”

“Banoffee,” Prem muttered with a frowning face. He can’t even name it. If you let him buy it, it will definitely be chaos.

Thinking like that, Prem let him hold the item, saying, “Oh, then you wait here. I’ll be right back.”

‘I’ll be back soon…’

The medical student watched after the chef as he ran across the street. Fortunately, the cake shop is located at the entrance, so he can still see the other party from here. Several cars drove right in front of him.

The sound of thunder is getting louder. Ten clenched his hands tightly. He stared at the doll without blinking. Prem finished buying the cake. He was half-walking, half-running, and stood on the other side of the road. Waiting for the bus to be empty so that he can cross back.

Both of their eyes met. Prem raised the cake bag with a smile.

“All right!”

(Ten’s ice-cream?)

(With a smile, the woman held the ice cream in her hand. On the other side his son waiting.)

Ten opened his eyes wide. It was then rain fell. Although it wasn’t very heavy, it made him tremble uncontrollably. Seeing that Prem was about to take a step, the young man shouted loudly.

“Back off!”

Prem stopped. He stared blankly at the other party, “Ten?”

“Do not…”

His eyes were wide-open frightenedly.

(on a rainy day)

(‘Mom I want to eat ice cream’)


(That day he and his mother went out together, the two of them.)

(‘Understood. Wait here.’)


(The day my mother crossed the road)

(‘Mom will be back’)


(And never crossed over again..)


(It’s all my fault.)


Ten raised his head and said in a low voice, “Don’t cross over…”

The small road was clear, but it was raining more and more. Prem looked at the surprised kid. Can’t help but worry, he decided to step across.

Ten stepped back. He opened his eyes wide.

A large car swoops the woman’s body to disappear before his eyes.

Hey, hey, hey!

In front of Ten was a large car that slipped in the rain and crashed into a pole in front of him.

Ten gaped. pale face He shouted until his voice cracked.


The surrounding people turned to look at the incident on the street in shock. Ten sat down on the floor. His eyes widened, and water flowed down his cheeks. His throat was constricted. The surrounding noise was loud and noisy.

‘I’m sorry. The patient lost too much blood’

“No…” Ten’s tears flowed down like a broken dam.

‘Little Ten…’

At the last moment, the woman raised her head and called his name.


(‘Mother is okay’)

(She said in a scratchy voice before coughing up a big mouthful of blood.)



‘So, please…’


“Don’t leave me…”


‘Don’t cry’






The touch brought the boy back to his senses. Ten opened his eyes wide. his breath stumbled when he felt the sound of another person’s heart beating on his right.

“Ten…” The voice of the chef mixed with panting. Ten touched prem fearfully, finally hugging the thin body with his trembling torso.

“chef…chef chef…”

    Prem’s face was upset when he heard him crying. Now everyone’s eyes were on the road accident, so no one paid attention to them. Prem tightened his embrace. Whispering to comfort a grown child

“Good boy…I’m right here.”

“I thought…” Ten said in a broken voice. “I thought that chef…hehe. I  thought Chef…”

“Ten” Prem pulled away. He knelt down in front of the big man. Take the other person’s hand and place it on his beating heart. Meet those eyes and said,

“I’m still here.”

That voice was so warm. Ten stared with trembling eyes. Prem’s heart swayed when he saw his eyes filled with water. The chef clenched his big palm and said, “So, please…”

Prem stared at Ten with many feelings.

“Don’t cry.”

Ten sobbed like a little child, saying in a lingering voice that was hard to hear.

“Don’t leave me.”

Prem reached up and gently stroked them. His eyes glowed with warmth.

“I will be with you.”

Before the chef’s voice faded with the sound of rain.




************************************************** **** *

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[Yaoi] Love Course ! เสื้อกาวน์รุกเสื้อกุ๊กรับ.

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