chapter 13 : sick


The next morning, Prem sat down to study psychology with a confused heart. He stared anxiously at the slide screen behind the young teacher who was standing in front of the room.

‘Choose me’

Prem unconsciously raised a finger to his lips. Yesterday evening, when he finished speaking, the driver of the other party arrived. So, he didn’t have time to answer anything. And after that, Ten returned to his normal behaviour as if nothing had happened.

The chef inhaled the hot steam that gathered around his cheekbones. Thinking of someone else’s words

‘Prem, date me’

Prem put his hands on the gods, l am going to die.

Prem did not despise this type of love. But when he met himself, he couldn’t do it either. The chef’s concerns floated around. Settled until the samsi that sit next to the smartphone can be felt.

Prem doesn’t mind this type of love, but when he finds himself in this situation, he can’t do that either. chef’s worries are mixed up. Settling until samsi sitting next to him with a smartphone, even he could feel it.

“What’s wrong?”   the tall boy finally asked. Next to him was dynamite sleeping. Prem blinked. The boy hasn’t told his friends about what happened yesterday evening.

“It’s no big deal,” replied Prem in a low voice. Samsi said without looking up from the mobile running game, “Chang Ma?”

“Well…something like that,” replied Prem, but that wasn’t really what he was worried about.

“Do you like him?” samsi asked.

“Changma isn’t a bad person…but I probably don’t like him.”

“Because he’s a man?” samsi asked. Prem blinked his eyes. “No…”

In fact, the problem was a man.

“If it’s okay, you can try dating.” samsi said, “Nowadays, they don’t limit gender.”

“I know…but I don’t like him,” Prem said. samsi raised an eyebrow. He led the characters in the game to run and dodge the train almost, saying, “Hmm, you talk with your mouth like that. Is there someone you already like?”

Prem was startled when someone’s face appeared on his head.

“You’re going crazy!”

“Oh, I thought you were going to have a crush on a girl somewhere.” Sam Si smiled and jokingly said, “A big girl with a calm face who is an ambassador like that.”

Prem rolled his eyes, “you’re encouraging me to be gay, dammit.”

“Isn’t it good to be happy being gay?” samsi raised his eyebrows, his eyes still not leaving the game, adding, “My nine brothers like to watch things like this, I think it’s good.

“…Is this you?” Prem looked at his friend like he had seen a monster. Samsi’s eyebrows were twitching. He wasted his time pressing the game post on his mobile phone, raised his hand and pushed his friend’s head and said “I said it was good but that doesn’t mean it has to be, right?”

Prem groped at the spot where he was pushed around, and spoke softly.

“What if I get crushed?”

“What?” samsi raised his eyebrows in time. Before making a face, “Oh ‘girl’ huh?”

“…Yes,” Prem answered the question with a low voice. Samsi looked at his friend incomprehensibly. He turned to continue the game and said, “Whatever it is, I agree.”

Prem turned around abruptly, “Why do you think like that?”

“I saw it yesterday, I already know,” samsi replied calmly. The eyes reflect the image of the character running to collect coins. “Walking around and hugging you like that. I don’t know what to call it.”

“Oh, did you see that?” Prem looked at his friend in disbelief. Samsi nodded.

“Probably only I would see,” said the tall young man. If you like him, tell him.”

Prem rolled his eyes and finally spoke.

“I’m afraid…”

“Afraid of what?” samsi asked without turning around. Prem looked at the game in his friend’s hands and replied, “I don’t know, but I don’t feel like it’s going to be that easy.”

“Don’t you want to know?”

“I’m afraid it won’t be the same, “Prem dismisses.

samsi frowned. “Why do you feel like that?”

“Let it go,” Prem said with a downcast look. Samsi glanced at his friends, and couldn’t help but ask, “And then you hang around like this?”

“As soon as you think about it, it will stop messing.

It’s okay,” Prem cut it.

The character of Sam Si has already been caught by the police in the game. The tall boy blinked his eyes. “Not that easy.”

Prem lowered his head, the words of the troublemaker returning again.

‘Choose me’

Confused, he closed his eyes. He always recalled the words that had been engraved on his head.

‘You remind me of my mother.’

What do you want me to do?

Prem separated from samsi and dynamite at eleven o’clock. He had forgotten the food lab textbook this afternoon, so he thought of driving back to the dorm. The three musketeers met again at the start of school hours for everyone’s convenience.

Prem rode his motorcycle out of the school building, riding confused and thinking. Suddenly, he glanced at something on the side of the road.

   One figure stepped before falling to the ground. Prem stepped on the brakes and quickly parked the bike to see if the person was OK. The other party was a small man who wore the same uniform as him, and he looked very familiar.

Prem went to support the little person. But when he grabbed the other person, he looked up and opened his eyes wide.


He was Hua Lim. Prem anxiously touched his forehead, which was overheated. Without hesitation, chef hurriedly supported the other to get onto the bike. Put your small arms on his back and ride away.

Prem parked the bike in front of the hospital five minutes later. Due to his similar size, he was unable to carry Hua Lim, chef, half supporting, half dragging Hua Lim up the front stairs in a chaotic state. It was then that he heard the call.


The chef turned to look and called out the other party’s name.

“Help me, my friend, he…”

Changma, who had just returned from the cafeteria, rushed in. Without having to say much, the golden-haired youth wisely scooped up the sick person and carried him into the infirmary. Prem walked in and massaged his arm. Decided to call Jo.

(Hello) Soon another person answered the phone. Prem said, “Jo.”

(Prem, what’s up?)


“I found Hua Lim fainting on the side of the road,” chef summed up. The other party let out a startled voice.

(Damn, how is he?)

“I brought him to the infirmary.”

(Really? I’m sorry. He said he was going to the hospital. I was helping the teacher so I didn’t go ) When it sounded good, Prem heard a loud bang coming from the end, so he said,

“Oh, it’s okay, I’ll give it a look. Come and pick him up. I have classes in the afternoon.”

(OK, I’m done with work, I’ll go, thank you very much) he said a few more sentences, before the chef hung up the phone.

Prem walked into the university’s infirmary. Changma, sitting in the chair in the waiting section, waved at him. The chef walked in and sat next to him.

“I filled out the form on the student ID card. He is now lying in the patient’s waiting room waiting for the doctor,” said Changma. Prem turned to look gratefully. ‘Thank you very much.’

“It’s okay, a friend of prem is like a friend of mine,” Chaengma smiled pleasantly. Prem looked at him and then smiled and asked, “What are you doing around here?”

“My friend has a cold. But I’m hungry, so I’ll buy you something to eat.” He held up three packets of fried soy sauce in his hand. He smirked and said “Just one, but he can eat a lot.”

“You can’t judge a metabolism by its size,” laughs Prem. “I have a little friend who likes to ramble too,” he refers to Cho, who eats everything like his stomach is a black hole.

“By bringing sick people to the infirmary, Prem is very kind.” Changma smiled broadly. “It made me fall in love with you all over again.”

Prem looked at the bright light with burning eyes, saying, “I just happened to pass by.”

“That’s it, but Prem’s friend is so small,” Changma said. His face always showed a smile. “When you see a small person, no matter how difficult it is, you can’t help but protect him.”

“Is that so?”   Prem answered, Changma hurriedly said,   “But Prem is an exception, even if he’s not small, I like Prem anyway.”

“…Really?” chef answered in a lower pitched voice. The other party’s straightforward words made him lose his way.

Like someone…

“Chang, about my answer…” At that moment, Prem already thought that he should refuse, but

“Please.” Changma braked, the golden-haired youth met his gaze, saying,

“Give me a chance, please.”


“I don’t want to lose before I even started.” The youth’s eyes flashed clearly that he wouldn’t give up. Prem looked at the other side. In fact, Changma was not a bad person. He was kind and even stepped in to help get things done.

chef was overwhelmed again.

“Okay,” Prem replied, Changma’s eyes lit up. happily, he jumped into the other’s embrace, “Yeah, thank you very much.”

“Hmm…” The little one secretly massaged his friend. Before Chaeng came, he could speak in a thoughtful way.

“Really, I think I’d better bring the fried soy sauce for my friend first.”

Prem nodded, and it was then that the hospital door opened. A tall figure appeared in a sweatshirt wearing long pants. A cold, handsome face, black eyes flicked so fiercely that the people around him turned to face away.

The lump of horror walked and stepped towards the patient’s room. Before crashing into Chang, who was walking and carrying a bag of soy sauce to friends, The golden-haired youth frowned. He said in a low voice, “What the hell!”

Yet the eagle’s eyes flicked low nonchalantly, and Changma raised his eyebrows. He stared at someone who was almost a head taller than him. He immediately recognized that the other party was King from the Faculty of Education.

“Hey, what are you talking about!” Chang Ma threw the soy sauce bag in his hand into the other party’s back angrily. Not light, but not too strong. The fierce-eyed man turned around and spoke in a low voice with a straight face.

“What’s up, you pervert!”

“Sun, this way.” It was like a life-saving bell when another woman in a tracksuit appeared and waved her hand. Sun walks, coughing, just walked up to him, before the tall figure disappeared into the room.

Chaengma frowned. He opened the door to his friend’s room and muttered, “,  “What a person, not cute at all.”

Prem walked into the area where Hua Lim was lying at the call of the nurse. Changma wrote his name on it as a patient associator. The doctor is a young high-year student of the Faculty of Medicine who is studying at this university. The doctor is a tall man. Hair cut short, combed around a handsome face. Dressed in a white gown, he sat and smiled kindly.

“You’re Prem Pemthat?” The doctor read the report in his hand.

“Yes,” Prem replied. A glimpse of Hua Lim who was panting for breath, covering his head with cold gel on his head wrapped in a towel, and asked, “How’s my friend?”

“The fever is very high. But the doctor had already given him medicine. He had sleep deprivation and gastritis as well.” His slender eyes glanced at Prem, as if fiercely. “Why don’t you take care of your friend?”

“I’m sorry,” Prem replied bluntly. The doctor glanced at that gesture, bursting out laughing “, the doctor teased, but the patient had to take the medicine after the meal. It was almost time to wake up and take the medicine. Can you go buy something for him to eat?”

“Yes.” Prem nodded before his eyes caught a glimpse of Hua Lim opening his eyes. And said in a hoarse voice.


Prem got up, the moment doctor handed over an unopened bottle of water and said, “Mr.’s, you can eat.”

“Thank you.” Prem opened the lid and inserted the tube. He lifted his friend up to drink water. Hua Lim thirstily sucked the water, with his eyes closed.

When that was enough, the small lips parted.

“How are you?” asked Prem. Hua Lim tried to focus on the other person, “Prem…?”

“Um, are you feeling better?”

“Much better…” Hua Lim replied in a raspy voice, “Thank you.”

Prem frowned, “I told you to go to the doctor a long time ago and didn’t listen to it.”

“Excuse me,” Hua Lim said softly. He closed his eyes before his stomach let out a growl. doctor and Prem looked at each other. and laughed loudly. while the doctor turned to laugh in another direction while treating the patient’s face.

“Don’t laugh!” said the little one with his flushed cheeks. Before Changma opened the door, “Prem, how is your friend…”

All eyes turned to see. The doctor looked at the fried soy sauce bag in the golden-haired boy’s hand and asked, “for whom is it?

Chang came to look at it and replied, “Oh, I bought too much. But I will take it back?”

I am going to buy it prem said “My friend needs to eat before taking his medicine.”

Chang came to understand immediately. With a bright smile, he handed him a bag of fried soy sauce. “Go ahead. You don’t have to buy it. I’ll give it to you.” “I’ve bothered you too much, take it.”

“..Okay.” Chang came to accept it reluctantly. But he still smiled at chef. The doctor looked at both people. Can’t help but ask

“So you guys don’t have a class?”

Prem, who was setting the plate for Hua Lim, froze. He looked at the clock and immediately cried out, “It’s half past one already!” chef had his next class at two o’clock. Changma was shocked when he heard that, and murmured, “Damn it, I have a 2pm quiz too.”

“Go, I’ll take care of him,” the doctor said with a kind smile. Prem waved his hand to salute. “Thank you very much.” He turned to wave his hand to his friend, smiling. “Then I will go first, Hua Lim.”

“Just a… my name is not Hua Lim…” the listener responded with a cough. Prem ran away, followed by Chang, who turned around and said

“See you later, little one.” Before the other ran off. Hua Lim followed, coughing out another word.

“That’s not my name…”

In a sluggish Friday afternoon food lab class, Prem lay face down on the table. Feeling exhausted all over the body, I wanted class hours to end quickly. Dynamite heard that as he was staring at his smartphone.

“You, have you had a cold lately?”

“I think so. Kao didn’t go to school today,” said samsi. The blonde boy nodded. He scrolled through the bulletin board’s feed on the screen and said,

“Well, the people on Facebook have all their statuses set as catch a cold, so many times that I thought it was spam.”

“Oh, Hua Lim is not feeling well,” Prem interjected in a muffled voice as he slumped his face. Dynamite turned to look. “Haven’t recovered yet?”

“Adi got a fever, I took him to the infirmary at noon,” said Prem, feeling a strange pain in his eyes. Samsi looked at his friend and said, “Prem, what’s wrong with your pale face?”


“Surely a cold,” Dynamite looked at Prem, slyly replying, “No way. This is what I look like.

“If you’re going to be so sensitive”, the golden-haired man narrowed his eyes and asked, “So do you have to continue teaching Ten?”

“Umm… I’ll go.” Prem closed his eyes in response before saying, “Guys…Phra Indra beckoned me, I’ll go first.”

“You look carefully whether Indra or Yamana,” laughed Dynamite. Prem extended his middle finger to lightly tap his friend’s shoulder instead of answering before falling asleep drowsy.

Prem opened his eyes again when class ended. His classmates made noise while packing their things. Ten figure appeared in front of the room door. Ten came up to pick him up every time. followed by fire who was holding a thick book.

Dynamite looked at the medicine doctor. He said, “You, me and samsi are going to continue this evening, what do you think?”

His eyes sparkled before he held up the book in his face. “I am going this time for an exam.

“Where are you going?” samsi looked at the belongings in his red-haired friend’s hands, and replied, “Library, let’s go together.”

“…no,” Dynamite shook his head, Prem looked at the medicine doctor and thought of another little friend. Cho called the other night to complain to him, too. During this time, he had a lot of exams.

“Then let’s go.” samsi said goodbye before separating from Dynamite. Fai also had to go the other way. Prem was exhausted all over. He walked down the stairs with Ten. The driver of the other party was already waiting in front of the building.

A luxury four-door Benz took Prem out of the university. Sailing along the main road, the chef looks on both sides of road periodically massaging his hands, feeling strangely groaned.


Ten reached out and touched his arm. Prem turned to look. “Hey, what are you going to cook today?

“Kang Som,” said Pream,

Ten:  “what’s the matter with chef?”

Prem closed his eyes and replied, “A little dizzy.”

“Lack of sleep?” Ten asked. The chef opened his eyes and laughed. “What, I’m not your patient.”

“I am worried.”

Prem smiled. He sat up straight. Makes a refreshed face. “I’m fine.”

Ten looked at the chef. Less than an hour later, the car arrived at its destination, and a large European-style mansion appeared before the eye. As soon as the beautiful Mercedes stopped, Ten got out of the car, Prem followed quietly.

“Welcome back, young master.”

The butlers were still in unison.

“Welcome back, young lady Maria bowed her head respectfully to both of them. Prem looked at the butler’s line. I feel dizzy, feeling like he saw more people than ever. Ten brought him to a stop in front of the central staircase.

“Follow me.” Ten turned around and said as usual. Prem nodded. That’s when the whole world moved. Prem replied, “Umm…”

The sound was so distorted that the listener could feel it. Decades turned around as quickly as thoughts. The tall figure rushed over to pick up the little one. Prem pressed his face against the chest of the large man’s shirt, breathing lightly, his thick hands draped over the small forehead. He found that it was terrifyingly hot.

“Wow!” Maria gagged. everyone turned to look at Ten, glanced up and spoke with a discreet expression.

“I’ll take care of him, Maria, follow me.” and carried him up the stairs in the sight of all the servants.


Prem was forced to open his eyes with difficulty, his throat dry, his head heavy, and his ears heard a deep murmur nearby. A woman’s voice answered back. The chef moved his lips.

“N… water…”

Someone lifted his back. Followed by a tube that extends to the lips. Prem desperately sucked the water. A deep voice sounded in his ear, “Calm down, you’ll choke.”

The monotone bass is undoubtedly Ten’s. Prem easily relaxed. When it’s enough, he pulls the head out of the tube. The large man grabbed him and laid him on the soft mattress. Prem’s eyes hurt, so he closed his eyelids, but still consciously muttering that

“I’m sorry, I didn’t make the orange curry for you to eat…”

“It’s okay.” While waiting for Maria to get the medicine. Ten took a medium-sized cold fever-reducing gel and wrapped it in a first-class towel, before putting it on the small forehead without changing his expression.

“It hurts a little.”

“Oooh!”  he cried out in the cold and sweltering heat, and he was in pain and he moved to resist. “Ten…Enough…”, a small hand tried to remove the thick hand from his forehead.

Ten kissed his lips softly, and he slid the cold gel onto his cheeks, which were flushed by the other party’s internal temperature. The chef just flinched when his cold hands reached into his back.

A sheet of cold gel wrapped in a towel slid onto the patient’s neck. Prem frowned. Every part of his body was heavy, as if it wasn’t his own. Then the room door opened. Maria walked in holding a tray for a bowl of porridge and a glass of water. Ten supported chef half-sitting, half-lying on the edge of the bed. The ambassador took a bowl of porridge and held it in his hand and asked,

“Can you eat?”

Prem replied with a scratchy voice, “Yes…”

“…I will feed you.” Ten looked worried, before Maria excused herself from the room knowingly

“Thank you so much,” Ten said before the housekeeper closed the door. He poses the sick man leaning on his arm. Use your other hand to scoop porridge for the sick. Hot porridge smells good. Ten scoop it up, blow it to cool before feeding it into the mouth of the little man.

“Chef eat”

Prem tried to stick his head in and eat with the heavy back of his head . His eyes hurt all over. Ten fed the rice to the chef to eat slowly, word after word… Ten looked at the bowl of rice porridge that was missing quite a bit and said,

“chef is good at eating too.”

Prem glanced at him, trying to stay calm, but not doing much. Ten continued to feed the little man with rice. It was that calm and discreet attitude that made Prem come to his senses.

He really is a doctor…

“Eat everything,” Ten said. Prem closed his eyes and lay down by the other person’s support.

“Chef, don’t sleep.” Ten took a pill from the pack and said, “Take the pill first.”

Prem rolled his eyes. He couldn’t move anymore.

“Can you get up?”

Ten asked. Prem tried to get up despite his arms trembling. chef frowned, feeling frustrated because of his own condition . Finally, he pricked his face until he fell off the bed and fell on his body.

tell me.”


“Stubborn.” Ten frowned. He held the chef up and said, “take your medicine.”

Prem had a throbbing headache and felt a long finger intruding into his mouth. The chef tried to deflect his head, but thick hands locked his head tightly.

Ten feed the pill. Before filling chef mouth with water with a wrong stroke, the little person choked out. He looked at the person in his arms coughing until he threw himself and quickly raised his hand to rub his back.

“! Ahaha…” Prem spit out the medicine with a clear saliva that ran down the corners of his mouth. He was panting heavily, his black eyes stained with agony. His cheeks whitened to a frightening color.

Ten looked at that condition. Decided to take another pill, put it in his mouth and drink water after it. Locked his round chin before bending down to meet the little man’s mouth.

“Uh…” Prem frowned as his hot tongue slipped in. He could feel a faint, bitter liquid running down his throat. Ten withdrew his lips gently, shaking the young man’s neck just to be sure.

That “gulp” made Prem swallow the pill easily. The black eyes gleamed clearly, reflecting the doctor’s shadow.

“Ah…” The patient cried softly. When the big man put his tongue in again, a small hand clenched his shirt so tightly that he couldn’t catch his breath. Ten checks to make sure there’s no medicine in Chef’s mouth and he pulls away.

Prem coughed and panted before his nose pressed down his white cheeks.

“Get well soon”

chef closes his eyes. His cheeks were even more flushed than before.




************************************************** **** *


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[Yaoi] Love Course ! เสื้อกาวน์รุกเสื้อกุ๊กรับ.

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