Chapter 12 : A Rival Appears

A Rival Appears

On the morning of the beginning of the month, Prem sits in a social class with his eyes closed. The teacher’s voice ran into his ears, before it coldly passed out of his brain. Next to him was dynamite, his face on the table. Next to him was Samsi sitting on his smartphone.

Prem decided to take out a piece of paper and list the ingredients. Today’s food lab topic is eggs and dairy. They have to arrange their own necessities. Prem’s menu is Scotch eggs with fresh milk waffles.

chef sat down to write the list until the end of the class. Thinking about going out to buy ingredients after eating.

“Dai woke up.” Prem reached out to poke his friend every time. Dynamite raised his head yawning. Samsi kept his mobile phone. The expressions of all three people were clearly brighter.

“I’m hungry.” The golden-haired boy opened his mouth, samsi said, “Let’s go find something to eat.”

They walked out of the common room, before meeting two familiar figures.

“Hey,” Jo walked in to say hello. Next to him was Hua Lim wearing a mask. Prem turned around and dynamite answered, “What’s up, teenagers?”

“What class do you have?” Sam Si asked Jo replied, “ will have social studies later?” and what about yours.

Prem replied, “I have another food lab class in the evening. This is over.”

“Oh, life is good,” Jo dragged. Dynamite looked at the other and raised his eyebrows. “What’s wrong with Hua Lim, why is he wearing a cloth to cover his mouth?”

“My name is not Hua Lim! It’s just a lot…” little one said with a cough. Jo replied, “he’s not feeling well.”

“Do you want to see a doctor?” Prem looked at the symptoms of the other party who did not fight. But Hua Lim shook his head, “It’s okay, I’ve taken the medicine.”

“Get well soon,” Dynamite said, raising his hand. “Okay then, let’s go get something to eat, see you later.”

“See you.” Joe gently smacked the other hand, before they parted.

Central cafeteria at ten o’clock in the morning. There are not many people yet. The three musketeers walked in holding plates of rice to take seats. Prem chooses chicken rice for breakfast. They sat down to eat while talking nonsense.

“Oh, you, Fai broke up with that little guy,” said Dynamite. Prem and Sam Si cried out, “Hah,” the chef muttered, “What? It’s not even a week yet.”

“What the heck is this?” samsi scolded the bad medicine doctor, before the golden-haired youth said “At the same time, Our Nong Cho came back to have a new girlfriend again.”

“Oh, he’s trying,” Prem said, half-assuming, half-respecting. I can’t help but think “How about they fight each other again?”

“I’m a chō, throw away the gun.” samsi’s eyebrows twitched.

Dynamite looked at his friend and laughed. “Fire must have a reason for it. We just don’t know.”

They sat down with Cho to discuss the fire for a while before changing the subject. Prem, who started to get a dry throat, decided to get up and buy water. He asked his friend, “Did anyone take anything?”

“I’ll take some milk tea,” Dynamite replied, handing him a twenty-dollar bill.

“I’m going to take the seller’’ samsi raised their eyebrows. Prem narrowed his eyes.

“Uncle the owner of the shop?”

“His granddaughter, damn it.”  The chef laughed, and then go to get another lemon tea.

Prem walked out of the cafeteria. He turned right down the stairs to order water from a nearby shop. While waiting for a drink, someone stopped beside me. Prem moves away. But the other party stepped closer.

Prem decided to raise his head.

The chef’s eyes reflected the image of a tall boy with bright golden hair. The handsome face revealed a broad smile. Delicate white skin like a nobleman emerges from the shop’s sleeves, standing holding a large bouquet of flowers. Prem blinked his eyes, and immediately recognized that the other party was King of the Faculty of Engineering.

The drinks that had been ordered, Prem was about to extend his hand to receive them.


The owner of the name raised his eyebrows when he was called out in a soft, deep voice. He turned to look at the other party incomprehensibly. “Why…?” At that moment, a bouquet of flowers was handed over. Prem rolled his eyes.

“I give it to you! Please accept it!”

“…for me?” Prem swept his left and right eyes. People had started to look at him. Decided to say, “Well, you must have misunderstood something…”

“My name is Changma,” King from the Faculty of Engineering introduced lively. There was always a smile on his face, before saying

“Prem, marry me!”

“Huh?” Prem was taken aback, accidentally loudly saying “Are you crazy?! I’m a man!”

“Ah, I know.” Despite that, Changma was still smiling brightly. “But it seems that I might like you already!” The brilliance caused Prem to narrow his eyes helplessly.

chef asked incredulously. “I don’t know you, so why?”

“The image of you kissing the cheek of King Medical School caught my eye!” Changma replied brightly. “It’s the first time I’ve seen it and I want to be kissed by a man on the cheek once!”

“What’s going on?”

“Ah, but of course that must be you.” Changma smiled at him, hurriedly said, “You don’t have to say yes yet. But please take the flowers.”


Prem rolled his eyes. Putting his hand on the back of his head, he said, “Well… uh, sorry, but this is the first time I’ve been asked by a guy.”

“This is also the first time I’ve asked a guy out,” Changma says frankly. Once again, a bouquet of flowers is handed over. “Please take it!”

“But…” Prem faltered, “I don’t think it’s appropriate… uh.” He finally decided to extend his hand to receive it.

“Yes, thank you,” Changma smiled widely, proclaiming, “I’ll make you fall in love with me!”

“…No need.” Prem looked at the flower in his hand, yelling, looking expensive. chef hurriedly said “And you don’t have to bring flowers anymore.”

Chang immediately shrunk. He said in a blunt voice. “Don’t you like it?”

“It’s expensive,” Prem said honestly. “You shouldn’t have spent such money.”

“However, if I don’t give flowers, how will Prem like me?!” Changma objected, Prem shook his head. “If you want to talk, just come and say hello.”

Changma’s eyes sparkled. It was then Prem felt that he had said something wrong.

“So you gave me a chance!” Changma shouted. Prem blinked his eyes and tried to explain. “Well… we’re friends…”

“You don’t want flowers, but it also gives an opportunity. That means I have the right!” The golden-haired boy shouted happily. Prem looked at the other with eyes like a dead fish. Speaking in monotone “I’m going to say…maybe we’ll be friends…”

Suddenly, Chang came and hugged him, yelling, “Damm! I like you even more!”

Prem secretly gripped his temples.

In the kitchen, decorated in a modern style at counter number one,  Prem, in a white chef’s uniform with black buttons, loudly raised a chicken breast knife on the chopping board. He minced the chicken until it was finely chopped. Then use a knife to cut and pour it into a cup. Next to him is Irin, who peels shrimp shells on a stainless-steel plate. They’re making Scottish eggs.

Prem peels the garlic before chopping it into small pieces. While waiting for Irin to chop the shrimp, he turns to pound the pepper and mortar. Walk to measure corn flour and soy sauce. Upon returning, pour everything into a stainless steel bowl. Turn to wash his hands to mix the ingredients together.

Cornstarch causes the chicken and shrimp to clump together. Prem put this part aside. He washed his hands before turning up the heat, boiling the water in the pot.

“Boil the egg for ten minutes, Prem,” Irin shouted as she poured another portion of cornstarch onto a plate. the chef responded. He placed twenty-five eggs that had been washed and put into the pot. Without forgetting to add salt to the water used for boiling.

The chef removed the wristwatch from the half-black apron he was wearing. He calculated the time in his mind. While Irin whipped the eggs and prepared the bread crumbs in a bowl for plating.

“Let’s make some waffles,” Irin said.

Prem nodded, he started mixing fresh milk. Egg yolks and butter melt together in a large stainless steel bowl. Then sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt into the previous mixture. Use a whisk to stir well.

“Oh, the color looks very appetizing,” Irin praised Prem, laughing, “but I don’t know the taste.”

“It’s delicious, because you made it,” said the girl as she began to clean up the equipment. chef beats the egg whites until soft peaks form before slowly stirring the ingredients.

“Knock,” Dynamite shook his head and said hello . “How’s everything going?”

“Just about, what about fresh milk?” asked Prem, the golden-haired man pointing his hand to the centre table behind him “The cover is already placed on the table. It’s really delicious.

“Oh, go eat, leave the rest to me.” Prem stirred the ingredients until the whites disappeared. He picked up his watch and said, “It’s already been ten minutes. I’ll see the egg.”

“Oh, Prem’ take out the egg from the pot quickly. It’s all cooked.” Dynamite hurried. The chef’s eyebrows twitched and said, “Is that a quail egg?”

golden-haired young man laughing. He looked at the large bouquet of flowers his friend had placed near his bag and asked, “What’s the deal with Changma?”

Prem froze, but replied, “I don’t know, damn, I was stunned.”

“You’re so charming.” Dynamite raised his eyebrows, Prem narrowed his eyes, placing the mixing bowl on the counter and sighing. I won’t waste my time thinking about it.”

chef brings the peeled pan and eggs and sorts them together. He picked up the first leaf, kneaded it in cornstarch all over, then wrapped it in a chicken mixture with shrimp that was clumped into cubes, shaped into a round, dipped in beaten eggs, and then dipped in breadcrumbs to prepare for frying.

Prem’s ears heard people walking in front of the room. He turned to look. The medical student’s lab class was over.

“Wow, it smells so good.” Tae shook his head to greet him. Tan turned to say “Today there is an egg menu. I want to eat?”

“What are you doing?” Tae walked in. A chubby girl stood and scooped the egg yolk into the egg white and replied, “We made the son-in-law’s eggs.”

“This looks delicious, can we try some?” The little boy looked at the cook with interest. Tan held his face still, “Okay.”

    followed by other medical students who stepped in at the invitation of the home economics children. A group of female students interestedly surrounded Irin who was baking yellow flour in front of the room. Flour and dynamite, who stood and talked with enthusiasm after their clash, or samsi standing and explaining how to make a soufflé omelet to Max and Ded. Either way, it’s a familiar image for Prem.

The chef sets the pan. When the oil boiled, he dropped the quail eggs and fried them until a hissing noise was heard.

Shut up!

A familiar sensation strikes from behind, and Prem pauses. A flash of heartbeat erupts.


The monotone voice whispered in the ear. Followed by a prominent nose pressed into the hair of the chef. Ten moved his nose and said , “You smell good.”

“How was your lab today?”  He asked. The other replied as he tucked his face down against his right shoulder. “I’m so hungry.”

“That’s not the answer.” Prem frowned. Ten looked at the pan with sparkling eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Scottish Eggs”

“…What is it?” Ten asked curiously but still interested. Prem replied, “quail eggs. Wrap them in chicken and prawns, mix them with eggs, mix them with flour, mix them with breadcrumbs and fry them.”

“Is it delicious?”

“I’ve just done what I said,” Prem replied truthfully. A slight frown on his face as the big boy tightened his embrace. Ten said in a low voice, “I miss you.”

“We talk every day, don’t you get bored?” asked the cook, narrowing his eyes.

“I miss Chef every day.”


Prem bent down to fry the egg, trying to get away because his heart was beating fast.

“Let’s go to my house today,” Ten whispered.

Prem closed his eyes and nodded lightly, “Hmm…”

“What are you going to eat at home?” ten asked. The chef picked up the first round of Scotch eggs from the pan. Didn’t answer but asked back “What do you want to eat?”

“Balo eggs,” ten shouted, begging, “Bring the fish too.”

“Then we have to stop at the market before we go back,” Prem said, the big one nodded his head, “I understand.”

The chef fries a Scottish egg with the sassy ambassador hugging him with his chin behind his head. It was then that Yavri’s eyes moved towards Prem’s pocket. Ten stared at the bouquet like he had seen a monster.

“What is this?”

“Where?” Prem raised his head.

“Flowers…” Ten looked at the bouquet without blinking, “whose is it?”

Prem felt strange pressure from the other party, but replied that “Someone gave it to me.”

“Who?” A deep voice suddenly became harsh. The listener secretly gulped his saliva and said, “Uh… from the King of Engineering. Do you know him?”

“Changma,” Ten said the name of the third person accurately. We met at king’s thrown game.

“Umm…that’s about him,” Prem said softly. His heart fluttered as the big man pulled away. The chef looked at him and jumped in to stop ten who was stretching out his arms, ready to throw his bouquet into the trash just in time.

“Ten! Stop!”

“Why did he give flowers?”


“Why?” Yaowari’s eyes stared at him sternly. Prem frowned. In a chaotic kitchen like this, no one was paying attention to them. chef replied that “It’s not about you. Give me the bouquet right now!”


“Ten” Prem called the other’s name in a low voice. Ten looked at that expression and frowned. “I don’t like that guy.”

“You are being unreasonable,” said the chef. Ten stretched his lips into a straight line, speaking in a deep, annoyed voice.

“I am so jealous; do you like him?”

Prem gaped. He said so loudly that he almost shouted, “Are you crazy! I just talked to that guy for the first day!”

“Then why did you bring the flowers?”

“Well, he gave.” chef frowned. He grabbed the big man’s arm and added, “Ten, it’s just courtesy, isn’t it?”

“I don’t care.” Ten shook his hand. Prem looked stunned. It was then the black eyes brightened.

“Well, if you want to throw away so much, then throw away!”

The chef’s voice was so harsh that Ten froze. Yawri’s eyes reflected the image of a small person who was staring angrily. Then called the other party in a weak voice.


“Leave it, so it’s over. You won’t even listen to my explanation anyway.” Prem stared into his eyes. Holding a bouquet of flowers in hand, Yawri’s eyes trembled as the other party turned their backs. Faster than thought, the big man sadly stepped in and hugged the chef.

“Chef, don’t be angry with me.”

“…” Prem didn’t reply, making the big man even more worried.

Ten lowered his head, almost shouting.

“No, I am done.”


“Chef, I am sorry…sorry.”

Heart trembled. Prem closed his eyes restrainedly. He was also guilty of being unintentionally impatient.

“I just want you to listen to me.”

“Listen, listen, listen,” a deep voice whispered in his ear. chef raised his hand and lightly patted the other’s arm, cognitively saying

“Changma asked to date me.”


Ten was silent. Prem looked at the Scotch eggs in the pan bouncing until oil splattered, saying, “I thought of denying it. But my words misled him.” cook picked up the yellow breadcrumbs in the pan and continued.

“As for the flowers, I already refused. But when I saw his crying face, I had to accept it.” At this sentence, chef hurriedly added that “It’s courtesy, isn’t it? I need to do it. You have no right to be angry with me, do you understand?”

“Understood.” Ten nodded, Prem rolled his eyes, recalling when the other party punched Eua in the face and his heart shattered. stammer “Yah…don’t punch me in the face.”

“I’m not going to fight with you chef,” Ten replied. He pressed his nose into the chef’s hair as if to make peace.

A few minutes later, a crispy yellow Scotch egg cut in half was brought to the plate. Pair with hot fresh milk waffles. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, topped with light brown syrup.

After the teacher concluded with the lab, the whole room was filled with the lively chatter of students from both faculties. The fun continued until the party ended. During that time, Ten did not say a single word to Prem.

The students began to gradually return home. This week’s group got up to clean the table. In the evening, Prem said goodbye to his friends. Before packing up and following Ten out, he still had to go on.

It was over six hours. In front of the lab building with no people, Prem stood waiting for ten driver to come pick him up. No one said anything. It was then Ten grabbed his hand and held it.

“Chef” The big man opened his mouth to break the silence.

“Hmm.” Prem turned around, but saw only a fraction of the face from the other side.

Can you please “Don’t like that guy?” His deep voice seemed to be pleading. Prem heard this and closed his eyes, stuttering “Eh… I don’t like him a bit.”

“Really?” A deep voice rang above his head. Presuming that the other party would have leaned down, Prem nodded, the chef’s cheeks growing a pleasant color, “Umm…”


“What?” Prem raised his head.


At that moment, a large person reached out and touched his lips with his lips. Prem’s eyes were wide. He stood frozen, his little heart beating as if it was about to come out of his chest.

They kissed for a moment and then broke away. Both of them met each other’s eyes. The pair of elongated eyes clearly reflected Prem’s face. Before Ten tells the other party in a low voice,

“Choose me”



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[Yaoi] Love Course ! เสื้อกาวน์รุกเสื้อกุ๊กรับ.

[Yaoi] Love Course ! เสื้อกาวน์รุกเสื้อกุ๊กรับ.

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: thai
Prem is a food engineering student who one day, like any other, meets Ten, the most popular medical student at the university. What will happen when Ten asks Prem to become his master chef?  


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