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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son- Chapter 11 (3/3)


Xie Tong just grabbed her waist, the boy’s complexion changed, he treated the sword like a knife, he slashed towards her fiercely, and said angrily, “I’ll kill you!”

 “Yo, your waist is quite thin.” Seeing the other party getting angry, although he felt more and more difficult, Xie Tong couldn’t help but continue, “Come, come, let the uncle touch it again to see if you still have the  …”

Before the words on the chest came out, the boy’s speed suddenly increased, and he appeared in front of him in an instant, slashing straight at him with a sword! 

Xie Tong’s complexion changed drastically, and he retreated quickly, the opponent followed closely, Xie Tong slammed into the wall, swung his sword horizontally, barely resisting the opponent’s sword!

There were only two swords between them, and the young man looked at him fiercely, as if he wanted to swallow him alive. Xie Tong’s heart skipped a beat. He was still in the midst of carrying out a mission, he won’t be finished in here right?

He didn’t dare to relax anymore, and his eyes gradually became serious. Seeing the change in the other party’s attitude, Dian Mo, who had just come back to look for something, finally came to her senses, and found one thing – the other party was molesting her.

     Thinking of this, Dian Mo’s anger swelled up, she hooked her lips and said,” You must be feeling pretty ecstatic after taking some advantage from your mouth, right?”

 Xie Tong didn’t speak, he frowned, feeling something was wrong. Dian Mo looked at his flustered eyes and remembered Wei Lan’s words.

  ——Facing men, if there is something that cannot be solved with one kiss, then use two.

 Molest her?

We don’t know who molested who yet!

  Dian Mo’s anger suddenly reached its peak, and he kissed him instantly through two swords!

The moment the soft lips met, Xie Tong finally showed a horrified expression and kicked over, angrily saying, “You pervert!!!

Ran Mo turned over, knelt on the ground on one knee, and wiped her mouth with her sleeve. And Xie Tong seemed to have collapsed, covering his mouth with one hand and holding a knife across his chest in the other.

Dian Mo hooked the corners of his mouth, sneered, “If you do not tell me what you came to do, I will immediately, then kiss you!”

Xie Tong: “…”

 Master, what should I do if I encounter a pervert? Waiting online, very urgent!



T/N: HI guys. Long time no see. I don’t know if there’s anyone waiting but i feel so guilty about not posting in the last week. So this week I decided to put in a bit more effort. Hopefully i pull through whatever I have planned.

Back to the story, I really enjoyed Dian Mo and Xie Tong’s plotline more than our main leads. Something about their chemistry screams ADORABLE to me. Regarding the assassination’s attempt, it might highly be possible that because XJ had already taken action against XZ and crippled him, no one bothered with him after that. But there maybe more people with conflicting interests in the family who are more than willing to take action but have been in the wait and watch mode rill now. Did they feel threatened looking at XZ getting along with WL?

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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son

The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son

Score 7.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Chinese
The first time Wei Lan and Xie Si met, she thought, the three obediences and four virtues as well as kindness and generosity could be cultivated. So long as the person himself was good looking, it was enough. Many years later, having reached the highest official position, while facing the bunch of colleagues she had teased and having the vinegar king Xie Shi behind her back, she felt that her face hurt. It really hurt. This is a story of a female Prime Minister from a matriarchal society that kept climbing up the official ranks while falling in love when she transmigrated into a patriarchal society. Pompous and outstanding female x Facial paralysis Vinegar king male. Female lead transmigrated while the male lead was reborn.


  1. Lazycat says:

    In this novel, there are so many interesting relationships XD.
    The FL with some of her love interest and even *SPOILER

    Wei Hua XD hahahha

    1. Dizaster says:

      What??? Wei Hua has a love line too??? Sooo looking forward to it.

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