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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son- Chapter 11 (2/3)


 When Wei Lan returned to the Marquis of Changxin’s residence, Xie Zichen had just stepped into the house when Xie Tong greeted him and said respectfully, “Is your trip going well, my lord?”

“En.” Xie Zichen waited for Xie Tong to take off his outer robe for him put on a nightgown and then sat down on the chair.

 Xie tong knew he had something to say and waited quietly. After a few moments, Xie Zichen opened his eyes and said lightly, “Someone is watching us, tomorrow I will go towards the broken temple in the western suburbs, you take someone to follow me, stay away and see who is following me or …… who has left halfway.”

 “Yes.” Xie Tong immediately understood, Xie Zichen tapped the table,” Also, you go back to East Nine Alley to search, and then ask the informant to find out, who is the one who attacked me this time?”

Xie Tong nodded in response, and seeing that Xie Zichen had no more orders, he retreated.

 When Xie Tong left, Xie Zichen opened and closed his hands and closed his eyes

 To wait! To endure!

Xie Tong was the person who accompanied him from childhood to adulthood until he died for him in the end. The only person he can trust now is Xie Tong.

  In this life, he will not let him die again.

 Walking out of Xie Zichen courtyard, Xie Tong immediately went to the East Nine Alley designated by Xie Zichen. Corpses were strewn all over the East Nine Alley. 

Xie Tong fell down with his face covered, and immediately began to rummage through the corpses.

   Saber, clothing, sword skills…

Just after probing into the other man’s clothes, a cold sword rested on his neck. He didn’t dare to turn around, and heard a young man’s voice behind him asking, “Who are you and what do you do?”

 Xie Tong couldn’t help curling his lips. The knife rested on his neck without any killing intent. He was merely questioning himself, this person is really too confident in himself.

 “I…” As soon as he said that, the waist knife suddenly blocked the sword, and then a flying kick forced the opponent back!

 Under the moonlight was a boy in a blue gown. He was a bit small, with baby fat on his face. Xie Tong walked away without hesitation, but the other party didn’t seem to let him go at all. Leaping in front of him and blocking his way, shouting, “If you don’t tell us where you came from, you will not be able to return today! 

 “What?” Xie Tong separated the opponent with a steel knife, and raised his eyebrows, “Did you touch the ground face first when you were born?”

“What do you mean?” The young man frowned, and while he was talking, he had already played dozens of tricks [1]made several combat moves. Xie Tong said coldly, “Your face is so heavy!”

 “You!” The young man’s face changed, and the sword instantly moved faster, Xie Tong felt some strain, but still did not forget to taunt, “What, you still have a girlish temper? Look at your delicate skin and tender flesh, don’t you?” Could you really be a woman? Tsk tsk…”


1 made several combat moves

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