CHAPTER 1: The deadly doctor kong and the kind-hearted cook

The deadly doctor kong and the kind-hearted cook

The sound of kitchen knives crashing against the chopping boards in the background could be heard. In the modern decorated kitchen, engineering students were bustling in the centre hall with a few small counters on each side, six divided counters on each side. At the first counter, a cute young man was leaning while whipping fish with a mallet.


Two pieces of tender tilapia were carefully cut. Prem, dressed in a white chef’s uniform with black buttons, placed the fish on the cutting board, then divided it evenly into six portions, and pulled a white hand towel from his semi-black apron to clean his hands. Waiting for the oil in the pan to heat up, the young man quickly pushed the bones out of the fish, his small hands deftly grasping the tongs, turning them over and letting the pan settle before pouring a quarter of the wheat flour into a bag.


Prem turned his head and nodded. Short dark hair was tied up in a white chef’s hat, revealing an attractive face that had been exposed to fire for too long.


“Ahem, come make some crispy fried fish, and I’ll bring the coconut milk.”


He put two pieces of tilapia meat in a bag, pinched the opening with his fingers, shook it a little, and said:



Irene answered him, the girl wearing the same chef’s uniform as Prem. He saw his friend turn her head towards the fish bones in the pot and said,

-Let me help you, bring it, and go cook the chicken.

Prem emerged from the counter where all the spices and ingredients were stacked on a stainless-steel cart at the front of the room. He measured out the amount he needed, measured out the coconut milk, put the required seasoning in a small bowl, and then arranged all the necessary items on a large tray and brought them back neatly. Not forgetting to stop at the counter and choose the chicken, turmeric, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and other ingredients that were on the long table.

-It’s almost five, guys, let’s go.
The subject teacher gave a couple of claps to get everyone’s attention.

-Desk number one is on cleaning duty today, right? Have you finished yet? When you’re

done, clean out the bins, boil the rags, and tidy up the place.

Irene answered as she mixed the fish and flour and prepared it to fry. Prem said:

-The Tom Khi Gai (chicken) is being cooked and the fried fish with three flavours of sauce is Irene’s homework.

The girl turned around abruptly and said with wide eyes.

-Ahem, I can only fry the fish, but the three flavours of sauce are complicated……

Prem was about to protest, but seeing the girl’s pleading look, he nodded.

-Yay, I’ve been wanting to eat all three flavours of Prem’s Fish Fry Sauce for a long time.

Irene said happily.

Prem nodded with a frown as he washed down the lemongrass and galangal. While the girl continued to fry the fish, he brought some vegetables to drain and began to pound the lemongrass, slicing the thick galangal diagonally, slicing it into bowls. Immediately afterwards, he plucked the kaffir lime leaves, then put the coconut milk in the pot and put the stove on medium heat.

Irene finished frying the fish, and the girl helped Prem cut the chicken into small pieces and waited until the three flavours of sauce were ready.

-The pot is boiling, so you can put everything in, except the chicken.

Prem warned, and Irene obediently complied. Prem poured all three flavours of dipping sauce into stainless steel cups. The girl approached him.

-Let me serve the dishes and you take care of the dishes. I’m not a professional.

Irene said quietly, turning her head to look at Prem.

-Okay, anyone can do that.

The young woman shook her head and laughed.

-Come on, ha-ha, wait a little longer, let’s eat when Prem is done. Prem does a great job.

The boy looked up and laughed, walking over to the pot and simmering some of the coconut meat, carefully, for fear of breaking it. He was somewhat calmer at this point, and his dark eyes scanned around him, noting that his friends were all torn from working on the menu as well.

Each group received two different menus; the entire counter had to place their food on the central table. An hour later, the 19 students would be eating a big meal together as usual.

-Hey Prem!

A blond young man passed by and Prem responded by saying.


-Hey, asshole, where did you get the salty pork?


Dynamate looked apprehensive.


-It’s so salty, who would eat it all? If you can, I’ll give you my kidney.


Prem chuckled before looking for his other friend.


-What are those three boys doing in the kitchen?

-These three guys did this….. Curried pork ribs and mayonnaise is an abomination.

Prem laughed again now that he had the chicken in the pan and Irene had the three kinds of sauce and tilapia dishes ready. A sound of footsteps came from the hallway in front of the kitchen and Prem peered through the fence. Dynamate’s eyes turned into a nervous smile.

-I see a group of cute students walking here.

“Are the people wearing those white coats doctors?”

The classroom next to the kitchen was a science lab where medical students often came for class, and Dynamate frowned.

-What kind of doctors are they? How come I don’t see a stethoscope hanging around their necks like in the movies?

-Do you want them to hang like Jatukam? Just hang it when they use it, stupid.

Prem said with a stubborn look on his face as he added some salt, then added the coconut milk and tomatoes and stirred well.

-Prem, do you want lemon?

Irene walked in, expressionless, and tasted the Tom Kha Gai (chicken soup) with her own spoon.


-It’s still too early. Add the acid seasoning when it’s hot. If not, it’s going to turn bitter in a while.


Dynamate whistled and smiled at Irene.


-By the way, Irene, what else has your group done?


-Sauce of three different Flavors with fried tilapia fish and Tom Kha Gai chicken soup, as delicious as the person who made it.


A sweet voice said, Prem laughed softly and helplessly shook his head.


He turned off the stove, added the lemon juice, which felt good, sprinkled the dish with cilantro, and put it in a bowl ready to serve.


-Here, here, let me collect the dishes.


Irene offered, and Prem stepped back as she began cleaning the stove next to him as Dynamate chatted away.


-These guys are very good.


The blond teen said as he looked at the doctors and rolled his eyes.


-I can’t believe they keep experimenting in the living room. Look at that pale face. They study all day. When are they going to eat?


-Who would be like our apartment, eating all day and not knowing when to go to class?


Prem shook his head and Dynamate stood up with his hands folded on his hips.


-I think the cooking room in our apartment is the best. It’s fun every day.





A cheery voice came from behind them, followed by a long arm that hugged both Dynamate and Prem. The dark-haired teen yelled at them.


-Ah, the three little bastards…


-That’s it. She begins to wash the rest of the dishes.


-Ah, Prem smells so good


Samsi’s mouth watered. He’s the most handsome man in cooking school. Samsi pressed his dirty nose against the heads of his two friends.


Hmph, you two brats!


-Damn it, who told you that you could touch me?


Dynamate yelled, his hair covered in flour. Prem, on the other hand, just stood there. Luckily, he had the chef’s hat to protect his little head. Even though he ended up getting crushed, the hat still stayed on his head.


-Come to the doctors, guys?


Samsi asked. And he released his friend… Dynamate replied:


-You’re too slow, ah, I just saw them come by here, I really want them to heal me.


Do you want a chance? Samsi asked.

-I am the one who would give them the opportunity


Dynamate said with a smile. *


“Wake up, I don’t think you can even touch her nails, even if you try all your life.”


-Blah blah blah… Damn you Samsi


Dynamate was on the verge of tears, but didn’t shed them. samsi said:


-These doctors are so noble, and all of them are so handsome, that they go beyond human imagination. Who understands them?


Damn, it’s so hard to get close to them. I would like to find a medical partner even if I don’t become one.


Dynamate shook his head and the two hugged and cried together just in time to wash all the kitchen equipment afterwards.


-And what about Prem? Are you interested in meeting a doctor?


Prem took a piece of paper and wiped his tired face.


-It’s not that I want a doctor as a sticker*


Just as he finished, the professor patted his hands, drawing everyone’s attention.


-Okay, guys, everyone is going back to their places. Let’s start tidying up the kitchen room. It’s after six and it’s already dark. Hurry up to eat and come back early when you’re done with the experiment.


At that moment, everyone started to collect the different ingredients.


The noise spread throughout the kitchen room as the men and women chatted and filled the room with the sound of laughter. Prem took the opportunity to prepare a stainless steel pot and prepared to quietly boil a rag.


-Prem has cleaned the tables and chairs?


The teacher asked as she came closer. The young man agreed.


-Ready teacher, now I’m boiling the rags.


-Is that so? By the way , I have a meeting . When you’re done, Prem tells your friends to leave, turn off the lights in the room, lock the room, and put the key in the staff room.


She explained everything and Prem nodded willingly and asked:


-Teacher, have you tried the fried tilapia with three-flavour sauce and the chicken soup we made?


-Yes, I already ate.


Sensei responded. Prem didn’t say anything, just smiled bitterly.


-Well that’s it.


She raised the tone of her voice. It was common knowledge that young Prem was gifted with talent and that his cooking was second to none, but she didn’t want to say it because she might make him proud and selfish.


– was it good? ”


-Mmm, it’s delicious, remember to close the door, the teacher is leaving.


With that, she took her bag and headed for the exit. Prem waved his hand and put all his rags away and put them in the stainless-steel pot to boil.


-I’ll go first, Prem.


Prem nodded as Samsi walked over to the counter as people started to disperse.


-Well, see you tomorrow.


-Damn, you really cooked it really well. Too bad, I was already full before eating this.


The taller teen smiled happily.


-There is too much leftover food today.


-What are we going to do then?


Samsi asked, and with that thought.

-Then give it to the dog.


Prem replied.


-Haha, that would be very difficult for the dog.


Samsi said.


-I really have to go. I’m sorry I didn’t help much, but I have my own things pending.


He watched as the tall boy ran off. Now the others were starting to leave the room, su su na to Prem, and Prem (“You can Prem.”) The teen could only smile and respond with an uhm.


-Prem-ja, my mother just called me, you should be able to clean up and then close the door by yourself, right?


The girl walked with a sad face, Prem turned his head to look into her big pleading eyes.


“Um OK, then you go first, it’s too late, it’s dangerous for a girl to go home alone. Do you want to find someone to take you back?”


-Okay, come with me.


Dynamate appeared, Ireren greeted him and said to Prem in sorrow.


-I’m sorry about that, Prem.


-Okay, okay, come on, he’ll close himself


Prem scolded his friend, and the blond teen smiled mischievously.


-Good, see you tomorrow.


-See you tomorrow, friends


Prem answered, and the room began to quiet down, leaving him alone. During the cooking of the rags, the teenager yawned as he wondered what to do with the boiled coconut milk. He murmured:


-Too much left. What a pity.


He had to take it to the dog to eat it. The teenager opened the window, cleaned the table in the middle, and prepared to close the window from inside the room. At that moment, a noise was heard from the laboratory next door.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Prem was startled and strained his ears to listen carefully, making sure the sound was coming from the lab next door. I looked at the kitchen that was empty. Prem was a little scared and he didn’t know what to do, he just wanted to finish cleaning up and go home.


Boom! Boom! Boom!


Startled again, the young cook looked away, turned fearfully on his seat and began to look at the place thoughtfully. Finally, defeated by his curiosity, Prem walked out of his living room and stood in front of the medical lab with the lights on, a ladle of soup in hand.



The young cook pushed the door open and looked at the empty medical lab and took a deep breath as if to calm himself.


That… are you okay?


-Who is it?


He hurried out while picking up his spoon and pointing forward. The sound of night crickets came to her so she slowly lowered her hand, unconsciously relaxing and remembering that she was doing such a shameful thing.




Hoo…hoo hoo…




He had just gasped softly, and before he could fully relax, he was startled by a violent thump behind him. The young man stuck his head in and there seemed to be someone behind him…but he couldn’t see the face…only a hand…


There was a slight gasp in his ear and Prem froze, someone’s grip on his hand tightened and he had to stop dead. Looking back, he realized that someone was pressing against him from behind. And the person was also much bigger than him.


Prem tried to remove the other person’s hand from his body.


-Hey! Who are you? Let me go!


He was pinned from behind by the man and couldn’t turn to see who it was. The young man was startled and felt how he touched him gently with his cold hand on that cold night.


“Hey shit!”


The hairs on the nape of his neck stood up, his chin gently buried in the young man’s neck, a slight gasp coming from his ears made Prem nervous, suddenly Prem’s neck was gently licked by the person behind him, he froze, goosebumps rose all over his body, overwhelmed, he froze on the spot and reacted only when he was bitten by the opponent.


-Oh! It hurts me! Can you stop biting people?


Prem started screaming…


The man behind him locked his arms tightly around Prem so he couldn’t get free. Prem was already shaking and struggling to the point of exhaustion, so much so that his eyes were watering as the other man’s hot lips pressed against the back of his body. His ears reddened, kissing and sniffing. Prem was taken by surprise, and then he heard his low voice.


-Smells good.


Prem frowned and tried to crank his neck to avoid it, but the man didn’t seem to have any intention of letting Prem go and continued to inhale and sniff heavily.


Can I have some of that…



Prem pushed the other man’s head back hard.


-I’m not food, stop nibbling me, idiot!


He yelled loudly, knowing that the young man heard the last thing the other man’s voice uttered.




Flutter… flutter… Why was the young man’s heart beating faster…? The person behind him suddenly didn’t move.




Prem had a sour look on his face and he struggled successfully to turn to face him. Just then, he saw a tall boy with messy fluffy hair and a very handsome appearance. His light eyes were slightly covered by his hair, but he still couldn’t hide his attractive appearance. The young man stood up regretfully, and the white coat the other was wearing indicated that he was a medical student.


Prem shook the big boy:


-Hey, wake up!


-How hungry


The low voice sounded weak, Prem shook him again:


“Forget it, let’s talk about it later, there’s still chicken soup in the kitchen room next door. Could you walk now?”


-I want a hug






It took Prem five minutes of dragging and pulling the other to get the big, strange boy into the next kitchen. Laboriously getting him into a chair, Prem went over and grabbed a bowl of rice and chicken soup, handed over the bowl and rice, and sat across from him.


As soon as he smelled the strong smell of the curry, the strange and large man in a robe began to grab the bowl and gobble it down. Prem just watched him in silence. The big man finished devouring the food in no time.


-Do you want more?

Prem asked out of habit. The other man nodded willingly, and Prem went to get some more. The second bowl was soon finished again, and the other person handed the bowl back to Prem in silence.




He kept nodding and winking at Prem. Prem’s face turned a little impatient, but he got up and took another spoonful of rice.


Prem, who had been a member of the team for over a decade, was able to get up and put the pot of chicken soup and the pot of rice on the table with a bang.


The big man with the messy hair didn’t move a muscle, but he took the spoon and began to eat the rice from the rice cooker, with an awkward look. The other person continued to eat the rice and continued to gobble hungrily until he had the strength to speak properly after eating for a while.


-This curry… In which store did you buy it?


A low voice reached Prem’s ears.


Prem replied weakly:


-I did it myself.




The boy just looked at Prem.


Bang…bang…bang bang


Prem froze, being flattered by the other boy. Why should he be shy?


-I’m sorry.


A low voice sounded and he frowned.


-It’s just… I’m sorry I bit you, you smelled like food. That’s why I wasn’t careful. I did it by accident…


Prem looked up and cut him off.


-Never mind. Never mind. What were you doing before you passed out there from hunger?


-I was working on a report on a topic and I got a little sleepy…


The pot doesn’t hold much anymore… Prem was sweating profusely and said:


-Well, eat and go home quickly, I’m going to close the door.

-But…! I’m not full yet.


-But you just eat everything in the pot


Prem was a bit speechless…


It’s so good, I think I can eat it all.


This answer made Prem freeze, and for some reason his cheeks inexplicably turned red. Finally, he sat up and said in a deep voice,


“How can you say something that is embarrassing and still seem nonchalant?”


Prem scooped up a spoonful of rice, which the opponent’s big hands took, and quietly asked Prem:


-What’s your name?




replied the young man in a low voice.


-Are you the cook here?


-I’m just a student, actually.


Prem answered while looking at the time. It was now past eight at night. He could go to the residence and he had a motorcycle. It doesn’t matter if he’s going home or not, but this guy who’s not going home?


-You should finish eating soon and go home. It’s late, the bus in front of the university stops passing at nine.


-Don’t worry, there will be someone to pick me up.


-Oh, so?


Prem looked up and watched as the other person handed him the bowl to serve. Prem frowned and looked a little grumpy and said.


-If you want to eat, help yourself! Are you still a kid?!


-Give me a spoonful


“Why should I pour you a spoonful!?”


-You are the chef, I am the customer.


The man in the white coat said with a straight face, who was inexplicably attractive. Prem suddenly thought:


-But you haven’t given me a penny!


Then I’ll write you a check.


-What kind of crazy person buys chicken soup with a check?! If you want to drink it, serve it yourself!


The two men looked at each other, and the big man looked fondly at Prem,


-How hard is your heart!

Prem felt a little uncomfortable being looked at like that and had to give in.


-Don’t be silly like that, uh..uh, bring the bowl. OK, big kids are too stupid to eat by themselves. OK, don’t eat like that or look at me like that, OK? I’m afraid…


-Little chef, I still want to eat fish.


-we run out of fish


-But there are fish in the pond in front of the laboratory building-


-That’s where the tents are kept.


I want to eat it…


-Please forgive them, okay.


Prem scratched his head and said:


-When you come to the cooking room next time, I will prepare them for you.




Prem looked up at him, those clear, bright eyes that didn’t match his tangled, messy hair, but then again, he looked innocent and a little awkward.


-Hmm. Yeah.


-I want to learn how to cook”.


-There are many courses planned by the university you can learn.


-I want to learn to cook with the little chef.




Prem frowned and looked at the person speaking in front of him in disbelief. The eyes behind the fluffy messy hair are extraordinarily determined, the serious face makes the boy more and more charming, he can’t help but secretly swallow the little chef,


-Money, I am willing to pay you, little chef. How much money do you want? Just say it


-I refused.




Prem sighed and said:


“I don’t have the time or energy to take care of a big boy like you, and it’s hard enough for you to study medicine, so why bother yourself?”


-I want to learn.


The voice and eyes became even more determined.


Prem raised his eyebrows and thought for a long time. Was he this boy of Master Fett’s species, so stubborn? He’s just a brat.


Ten put his hand on the table to lean his face against it and blinked at Prem,

-Why do you act like an old man and are so selfish, why do you have to be like that, why?…


-Then no?


The man lowered his eyes, blinked, and Prem continued with his question. His clear and bright pupils, his long eyelashes fluttering faintly, his skin white through a light pinkish red, his eyes and his messy hair made him look more pitiful, but it rather seemed like Prem was the unapproachable one in this situation.


Prem held up his index finger in denial.


-For! Even with those eyes, it won’t do any good.




-When I say no, I mean no!


I’ll be a good student.


-What are you …


-Little chef, teach me, will you?


Prem was speechless, he whispered:


“Damn, this guy is so hard to deal with!” Fine, I’ll do it!




The tall man raised his hands, holding a cutlery, his clear eyes still shining like a little child. Although his facial expression hadn’t changed much, Prem took a deep breath to calm down and asked


“Are you really sure you want to learn to cook with me?”


-Well, yeah, that’s fine.


A low voice answered. Prem narrowed his eyes, secretly rubbed his temples, couldn’t help but turn around and sternly ordered


-First promise something, that learning to cook with me should not be a problem for your studies.


-I promise.


The boy answered immediately, confirming.


-Okay, but what’s your name?




The doctor answered simply. Prem nodded and began to clean the pot. Seeing what was in front of him, Prem couldn’t help but be surprised that this boy really ate everything.


“How much is it going to be for this pot of chicken soup, little chef?”


Ten said as he was about to take out his wallet, Prem frowned and scrubbed the pot as he hurried to answer him.


-It’s free.

-So how much does it cost to teach me how to cook?


Ten took out a large wad of money, intending to pay an advance.


-It’s free


Prem responded like a robot.


Ten looked at a back much smaller than his which was washing the dishes and said:


-If you are going to do this and that for free, then what does this little chef want?


-Send me your class schedule.


Prem interrupted him.


-I want to make sure you don’t miss school to come to me.




Ten frowned:


But I don’t want to owe favours to anyone.


-Don’t fall again and don’t make me drag you again…


Prem finished washing all the dishes, then wiped his hands to put the chef’s hat back in his bag. At that moment, a broad chest hit his back again and the young chef was surprised once more, the boy was standing up and got behind him at some point.


-Oh, okay?…


Prem turned back, and was immediately kissed…


Reacting once more, the upturned nose and wayward lips were already on Prem’s cheek. The cook was standing there, flushed, heart racing for some reason, staring at Ten in shock, his brain a complete blank.


-Payment for today’s food.







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[Yaoi] Love Course ! เสื้อกาวน์รุกเสื้อกุ๊กรับ.

[Yaoi] Love Course ! เสื้อกาวน์รุกเสื้อกุ๊กรับ.

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: thai
Prem is a food engineering student who one day, like any other, meets Ten, the most popular medical student at the university. What will happen when Ten asks Prem to become his master chef?  


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