Chapter 1.1

The scorching summer had drawn to an end, with a slight chill in the air. Many people sported a loose school jacket over their thin short sleeves.


As soon as the National Holiday ended, the students at Wulin No. 1 Middle School had to settle down and return back to the campus.


“The law of gravity, proposed by Newton, is a law of interaction between objects. Any two objects in nature are attracted to each other. Gravity is one of them. The formula is.. ”


In class, the physics teacher was tirelessly reviewing this point for everyone. When he saw that everyone was listening to his class very seriously, he felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


As expected of Class A students.


Wulin No. 1 Middle School was divided into six classes of ABCDEF in sequence according to their grades, and the prestigious teachers were naturally inclined to Class A.


He originally wasn’t taught this class, but the former physics teacher suddenly took a long leave of absence before National Holiday to go see a psychiatrist, so he was asked to take his place.


“This student, what do you want to ask?” The teacher smiled kindly.


The boy in the front row was upright and his face was keen on knowledge: “Who is Newton?”


Physics teacher: “… … ?”


“If gravity meets our alliance leader’s Pinsha Tayan, will it still work?”The boy asked.


“What alliance leader? What Pinsha Tayan?”The physics teacher’s brow was wrung.


“My lord, please show this gentleman your qinggong. So that he could see what it was like walking on sand like a flat ground, and faster than the swallows like the return of the wild geese!”


The boy turned and looked admiringly at the boy in the last row of the classroom near the window, “Knock this Newton down!”


Physics teacher: …… Newton’s coffin was about to collapse.


“Yes! That’s right! My lord, please do it now!”


“What’s this rotten place? Why should we listen to this old man?”


“Newton sounds powerful. There is no harm in making friends with him, Brother Song, how do you think this matter should be handled?”


“Quiet, quiet. You don’t even know who Newton is? You fools!” As soon as the physics teacher finished shouting, he suddenly felt a hint of murderous aura, no it was clearly a wave of murderous aura.


Many of his students’ eyes had changed, they were as sharp as a blade, and seemed like they wanted to peel off his skin.


“Everyone, wait a minute … ”


The boy in the last row raised his head from the book, his eyes were dark and distant. He scanned around indifferently before resting his eyes on the teacher. “He’s our teacher now, not a mole from the Demon Sect,” he said.


With the order, everyone restored to their friendly faces.


The physics teacher was silent, and quickly came to a conclusion. He suspected that the students had read too many martial art novels while they’re on a holiday, and now they’re learning how to form cliques. But this group of high school students were tall and strong, he couldn’t afford to provoke them, otherwise he would be the one that was unfortunate.


He sensed that the eight-grade-syndrome students seemed to listen to the tall and handsome boy’s orders, and wiped down his cold sweat, “You guys are really the worst class A students I have ever had, who is the class leader, come out and take care of the discipline”


“It’s me.” The boy in the last row stood up lazily and reported his name, “Song Zhaolan.”


“Oh, it’s you. Sit down.” The physics teacher had heard the great name of this boy who took first place in Wulin No. 1 Middle School. “Where’s the representative of the physics class? Write down the names of the people who have just started a ruckus.”


“It’s me.” Song Zhaolan stood up again.


“Sit down.” The teacher said, “Who is the disciplinary committee?”


As soon as Song Zhaolan was about to stand up, his teacher gestured and asked him to sit down: “Forget it. Where is the English class representative?”


Song Zhaolan didn’t stand up this time, and answered directly, “Here.”


The teacher endured and endured, and he couldn’t endure it any longer: “Why are you even the representative of the English class?”


“I’m untalented, it was all thanks to them for choosing me. The class cadre you want are all me” Song Zhaolan said modestly.


“… … ” The teacher was speechless. “There are so many class assignments you have to do, with only you, you would have too many responsibilities on your shoulders.”


At this time, more than a dozen students clasped their fists together and powerfully shouted: “We are at the beck and call of Alliance Leader Song at any time, we are willing to sacrifice our lives.”


Teacher: “…… ”


The rest of the class burst into laughter, and one said, “Teacher, now you know why the last teacher went to see the psychiatrist!”


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Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Wu Lin No. 1 Middle School

Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
The leader of the alliance, Song Zhaolan brought a group of martial artists to besiege the demonic sect. Suddenly the whole alliance and the demonic sect had crossed over to be the students of Class A and Class F. So this group of people climbed the wall and went to the Internet cafe, stayed up late to read novels, and participated in the sports meeting with 18 kinds of martial arts… The students at Wulin No. 1 Middle school were going crazy. Every day, they trembled under the authority of these two big bosses. They were caught in the middle of these two classes that were sanctioned with iron fists. There were no longer mandarin ducks in the grove, only the two bosses shouting at each other. Finally one day, Song Zhaolan received the demon's "letter of surrender": "Who says that good and evil do not mix? I insist to only be in your heart!" Class A student: The leader of the alliance is mighty, he actually captured the right palm of the devil with one hand! Class F student: The leader has a good heart, he actually used his mouth to save this scumbag! Class BCDE student: Are you blind or mentally disabled? ? ? The martial arts master who only wants to cook Shou X  The master who only wants to learn Gong


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