WDYCM 42 pt.1

Chapter 42 – Status: In Love   The ceremony of the charity gala ended and it was time for the dinner.   There are no cameras here, only celebrities and entertainers from all walks of life, talking softly and drinking glasses.   The huge crystal chandelier is like spreading a sky on the roof, covered […]

WDYCM 41 pt.1

Chapter 41 – Status: In Love   Two hours of live broadcast.   Ran Shu cried twice, ran off the screen seven times, and Sang Xian played for him once.   During these two hours, Ran Shu experienced what is called ups and downs, and his mood fluctuated greatly.   Of course, the most exhausting […]

WDYCM 40 pt.1

Chapter 40- Status: In Love   Ran Shu started a scolding battle with black fans overnight and even went to the temple to consecrate the keyboard, which caused chaos, and it really became popular.   What made Ran Shu angry was that this incident was classified as a funny video by the platform. Has he […]


Chapter 39- Status: In Love   The later stage of the live broadcast of helping farmers went smoothly.   All the products only need to be linked for a moment, and they will be sold out.   After Ran Shu finished the live broadcast, he drank a bottle of mineral water in a row before […]

WDYCM 38 pt.2

[Ran Shu only accepted the live broadcast of public welfare assistance to farmers, but he did not expect to be forced to bring in profit-making content. They’re still under negotiation. He made a mistake and he is very sorry.]   [Ran Shu came to help the farmers live broadcast for free, and he never thought […]

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