DP 64

Chapter 64   “Soln is the worst usurer. In particular, he had approached patients who lack medical expenses and lent them money with a hook to exploit them.”    It was the so-called “patient loan business.”   Worst loan shark to exploit desperate patients!   It was an open secret of the kingdom’s healing community […]

DP 63

Chapter 63   Galman shook his head when he heard Oden’s concern.   “You must live longer. Since you’re a sword master, aren’t you still in your prime?”   Sword masters don’t live longer than others.   Instead, they maintain a younger body condition for longer. The age of the elderly is decreasing. Of course, […]

DP 62

Chapter 62   The incident rocked the entire Lyme district.   The Maple Treatment Center went bankrupt.   “Did you hear the story?”   “I know. I knew Baron Canton was greedy, but I didn’t expect him to do such a thing.”   “But is it true?”   “I think that’s the fact. There were […]

DP 61

Chapter 61   ‘It’ll be gone one day. But is my next promotion at level 70?’   It seemed so.   It was probably the next step for a senior resident.   ‘Will I be going to be the chief resident? But what happens when I reach level 100?’    A message came to his […]

DP 60

Chapter 60    Christine said with a bitter look.   “My healing power is B+. It is a high-level heal, but there are many patients who cannot be treated with these heals. For me, I want to go beyond ‘Double A’, ‘Triple A’, ‘S’, and ‘SSS-level’. I want to become the best healer on the […]

DP 59

Chapter 59   Raymond’s credo is strong and weak.   To be honest, he was intimidated because the other person’s status is high.   Because if she goes to Duke the Duke of Raburn, he can crush him with a single finger.   Still, Raymond tried to show his determination as much as possible. [‘Heart […]

DP 58

Chapter 58   In fact, some of the high-ranking nobles had the ability to heal since it is a random ability for everyone.   However, few people actually worked as healers. This is because they thought that working as one was not like a high-ranking aristocrat. Especially when they treat commoners.   ‘Ha.’   Christine […]

DP 57

Chapter 57   Joseph talked about what he had been through at the place where he always played without an ounce of falsehood.   And at the same time, people were mesmerized by Joseph’s story.    This is because his storytelling and unique speech skills were mixed. Not to mention the fact that it was […]

DP 56

Chapter 56   ‘If I make a mistake here, it’s over.’   Thump. Thump.   ‘My heart is beating like crazy.’   Tension dominated Raymond’s whole body, which would have been a slip of the tongue had it not been for the sensory start, which had risen to 33. [The heart of steel is being […]

DP 55

Chapter 55   At that time, the Penin Treatment Center had a somewhat different view than usual.   “I’ll give you my allegiance.”   “Louder.”   “I’ll give my loyalty to the master!” The freckled boy raised his voice.   In front of him was Hanson, a cute boy with a hard impression and squinting […]

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