BTDS- Chapter 32

Ch. 32 Want to play the rich wife again?

    Carrying the clothes worth thirty thousand, Bai Ertang smiled happily.

    But Zhong Qiao, who was beside her couldn’t laugh.

    Thirty-three thousand, it was not much, but it was not a small amount either.

    After changing their clothes, the two headed to the wedding scene.

    “Don’t pull such a long face. If I dress well, it will be your face which will be kept. Am I not your face?”

    “You can really talk.” Zhong Qiao said while driving the car, “Tang Yu, you are very shrewd. You were quite honest in the past.”

    “If I continued to be honest, would you not cheat on me?”

    Zhong Qiao sneered, “It’s just a matter of choosing to fight or to give up, and isn’t the situation good for you? Aren’t your parents enjoying the benefits?”

    “So what, you lied to me, didn’t you?” Bai Ertang looked at Zhong Qiao and said, word by word.

    Zhong Qiao pursed his lips and was silent. After a while, he spoke again, “Have you thought about the child?”


    Bai Ertang has never been married or had children, but she also knows, giving birth to a child casually as a tool, and then leaving is very cruel to the child.

    No matter what Tang Yu thinks, for her, if she gives birth, she must give her child a complete family and be responsible for her child.

    “You’d better think about it seriously. Without children, my parents would not agree to our divorce. Unless you want to live with me like this for the rest of your life.”

    Bai Ertang was very distressed. What should she do to get Zhong Qiao and his parents to give up this ridiculous plan.

    When she arrived at the wedding destination, Bai Ertang was shocked.

    The scale of this wedding was no less than that of a celebrity. Zhong Qiao had told her on the road before that his classmate’s father was the city’s richest businessman, and since his son was marrying a wife, it would naturally be luxurious and grand.

    The wedding scene leaked of the word ‘extravagance’. The flower wall behind the reception desk was several meters high, that too, all decorated with real flowers. In addition, countless flowers were placed around the scene, making people feel as if they were in a sea of flowers.

    Damn, this is really romantic. This old lady also really wants such a wedding.

    Bai Ertang was like a country bumpkin entering the city for the first time. She was full of envy in her heart.

    Then the voice of the main system sounded again, [Oh, although it looks beautiful, but don’t you know the real situation? Forgot your last mission? At that time, you were also playing the rich wife.]

    …I was not playing the rich wife before the happy ending! Can it be the same?

    [It won’t be long before the sweetness of the marriage subsides, tonight the bride will know the true face of her husband.]

    Ah? True colors? What true colors? Does he have an illegitimate child? Or is he also a gay?

    Bai Ertang immediately started guessing.

    [What, are you interested? How about setting this scenario for you next mission? This groom has a SM fetish.]

    …I can’t bear it, please let me go. Bai Ertang almost knelt down.

    SM or something, forget it, she can still take care of mental tortures, the physical torture is too painful.

    After the wedding, Zhong Qiao asked Bai Ertang to take a taxi home by herself, while explaining that he was going to the hospital to work, but as to whether he was going to work or not, only he knew in his heart.

    Bai Ertang was going to find Thursday, but she received a call. It was Tang Han’s girlfriend Zhang Mi. She asked Tang Yu to meet for a talk, “It’s about you and your brother.”

    Bai Ertang didn’t want to see this person who had little to do with the task. After all, she was just here to get the divorce. And divorce is not about maintaining relationships.

    However, Zhang Mi insisted, “Because of you, Tang Han’s situation has been very bad recently, and I don’t want him to be hurt again.”

    Bai Ertang was stunned, what can happen to Tang Han? She was still suspecting that it was Tang Han who leaked her meeting with Thursday and brought her trouble.

    Since Zhang Mi said so, Bai Ertang got interested in meeting her to see what this irrelevant NPC wanted to say.

    The two meet at a coffee shop.

    Regarding Zhang Mi, there is not much relevant information in Tang Yu’s memories. She only knows that Zhang Mi and Tang Han have been together for ten years, but they have never got married. Zhang Mi claims to be a novelist, but she has never read her novels. It is estimated that it is Tang Han, who has been providing for her during the past ten years.




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