BTDS- Chapter 30


Ch. 30 NPC

    She really didn’t expect that the NPC helping her with the task turned out to be an uncle sweeping the floor!

    Blame her for being blind. She had a bad attitude towards the uncle before and almost missed this golden finger.

    Bai Ertang immediately put on a flattering smile and looked at the uncle in a pleasing manner.

    “Miss Tang, I don’t have time to answer your question right now, let’s talk another day.”

    Bai Ertang didn’t get the exact news from the sweeper uncle because the uncle was busy with work and didn’t have time to pay attention to her, but Bai Ertang didn’t care, the uncle has to come to the community to work during the day, so it would be good to pester the uncle and ask what happened at that time.

    Early the next morning, Bai Ertang learned about sweeper uncle from the property manager.

    Sweeper uncle’s surname is Xia. One Thursday and another Mr. Xia, these two are definitely my helper NPCs, right?

    [Yingying… As for this, host, it’s up to you.]

    The sound of the system was very light, but Bai Ertang understood it at once. It really is a baby system, doesn’t even know how to pretend.

    After so long of getting along with this lolita system, Bai Ertang understood that it’s tone can actually represent the truth of the matter.

    [Yingying, it’s not true, my voice has always been so cute.]


    Uncle Xia is responsible for the day shift in the community, mainly the two buildings near Bai Ertang’s apartment.

    So it didn’t take long for Bai Ertang to find Mr. Xia downstairs.

    “Uncle, how about a talk?”

    Mr. Xia took the broom and glanced at Bai Ertang, “Miss Tang, I’m very busy.” Mr. Xia expression was indifferent, as if he didn’t seem to want to pay attention to Bai Ertang.

    Sure enough, the perfect example of tit for tat: yesterday you ignored my love, and today I will make you unable to climb high.

    Bai Ertang sighed in her heart, and smoothly took out a pack of cigarettes from the bag. It was a famous brand of cigarettes, and it was even a pack of more than 100 cigarettes.

    When the cigarette was handed to Mr. Xia, his eyes lit up, “What do you want to know.” Mr. Xia pretended to refuse it.

    Bai Ertang smiled immediately, “Uncle Xia, I want to ask you something.”

    “What’s the matter?”

    “It’s about where you worked yesterday, that bar, I want to ask about the people inside.”

    “Long Night Bar? There are no people there that I don’t know, but the above told me that the things inside should not be told to the outside world.” Mr. Xia sighed and shook his head.

    “You can’t talk to outsiders, but aren’t we friends, you can talk to me.”

    “…” Mr. Xia shook the box of cigarettes in his hand and slowly asked, “Miss Tang, what do you want to know?”

    “Bar owner, do you know who it is?”

    “Boss?” Mr. Xia shook his head, “I’m just an old man who sweeps the floor. I usually talk to the manager. Where can I meet the boss?”

    Bai Ertang was discouraged, “Uncle Xia, have you not been working there for many years?”

    “After so many years, I was just sweeping the floor. But… actually, after staying at the bar for such a long time, I also met a few familiar faces. Oh, Miss Tang, there is something. Don’t be sad when you hear it, in fact, your husband, Mr. Zhong, often goes there.”

    Not sad, not sad at all.

    Bai Ertang already knew about this matter, “Then who is he with?”

    “A man, he has been to our community a few times. However, I don’t know who he is.”

    This person is most likely to be Zhong Qiao’s partner.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Xia only knew that about the man’s appearance, but couldn’t tell more details.

    Bai Ertang had to give Mr. Xia another pack of cigarettes, so that he could help her pay attention next time.

    The next day, Tang Han came to visit again, but Bai Ertang didn’t reveal anything. She only said that she thought that her parents’ plan was not bad. Hearing that, Tang Han still wanted to help her out of it. Bai Ertang was moved, but she still didn’t say anything about her plans.



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Bound To The Divorce System

Bound To The Divorce System

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese

    When others transmigrate, they are responsible for having babies with the male protagonist, and have a happily ever after. She is also a female protagonist when she transmigrates into various novels, but the female protagonist after the happy ending, when love between the couple is weathering, when the male protagonist is tired of the female protagonist, when he is cheating with a mistress, etc., and many other chicken feathers.

    [Host, the task assigned to you by the system is, 'After happy ending, the female protagonist’s bleak divorce life!’ 】

    “Go away, stupid system! I want to transmigrate to before ‘Happy ending’!”

One sentence introduction: Today is another day of happily divorcing.

Chicken feathers: small annoyances



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