BTDS- Chapter 27

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Ch. 27 Cooperation

    The two brothers and sisters discussed the solution, and Tang Han appeased Bai Ertang for a while, and let her calm down a bit before leaving.

    Bai Ertang found a partner, which made things a lot easier. Otherwise, everyone here wants money but she does not have, and it’s really not easy to get a divorce.

    [Host, are you sure you want to ask Tang Han for help?]

    According to my understanding, the helper I, myself found to complete the task, will not result in points deduction, right?

    Bai Ertang’s tone was not very confident, and her heart was very uneasy, please don’t deduct any more points.

    [This, no points will be deducted.] The system was a little hesitant, as if it wanted say something.

    But Bai Ertang didn’t hear it, she just breathed a sigh of relief. Since points won’t be deducted, everything is good.

    It was late at night, and Zhong Qiao hadn’t come home yet, but as a doctor, he always had various reasons not to go home even after working overtime. What’s more, the relationship between the two was completely broken, so Zhong Qiao didn’t go home, and Bai Ertang was also more comfortable. Today was also a busy day, so Bai Ertang washed and fell asleep.

As a result, the next day before dawn, she was woken up by the loudly ringing phone. Bai Ertang was woken up from her sound sleep, so she was so angry that she grabbed her mobile phone and was about to throw it away, but suddenly saw that the caller turned out to be Thursday.

    Bai Ertang was instantly happy. Could it be that he had changed his mind and wanted to help her investigate Zhong Qiao? Hope he doesn’t bid too high this time.

    [Host, I advise you not to be happy so early.] The system didn’t sound too happy and also said, [I also advise you to be mentally prepared.]

    Thursday will not come to me for no reason. Since he is looking for me, he must have changed his mind, it must be a good thing.

    Bai Ertang happily answered the phone, only to hear a roar from the other side.

    “Miss Tang, I sympathized with your experience and promised you that I won’t say anything about you wanting to investigate Zhong Qiao, but what about you? Turning around and being ungrateful like this makes me unable to stay in J City. You are too immoral!”

    “Ah? What immoral? I don’t understand, when did I hurt you?” Bai Ertang was dumbfounded.

    “Are you still pretending to be confused? You told someone that you asked me to investigate Zhong Qiao. Early this morning, I was beaten as soon as I went out, and my car was also smashed! They also warned me not to provoke Zhong Qiao! So you tell me, who did you tell?”


    Bai Ertang’s heart sank, she did tell someone about Thursday, but could it be Tang Han who did it? This is impossible.

    But now is not the time to think about it.

    “Thursday, I really didn’t tell anyone about this, but anyways, I still want to ask you to investigate Zhong Qiao. You know we are in the same boat now.” Bai Ertang quickly calmed down, since the problem has arisen, then it needs to be solved.

    “I don’t care what you want to do, but I got hurt because of you!” Although Thursday hadn’t figured out what to do, but right now he just wanted to scold Tang Yu and let out his anger.

    “Don’t be angry yet, maybe it’s not a bad thing for you!”

    Thursday wanted to beat the hell out of this woman, “It’s not a bad thing, you mean, it’s already great that I didn’t die.”

    “…I mean, you can take advantage of this. Although you are a very good detective, maybe you can go a step further. If you are threatened by Zhong Qiao and the people behind him, isn’t it very shameful, why don’t we cooperate…”

    “Cooperate with you? Do you think I’m a pig?” Thursday said angrily. But he really didn’t want to admit loss like this. It was one thing to not want to mess with Zhong Qiao, but if the other party bullied him like this, then he wasn’t going to be a coward.

    “…One hundred thousand. Let’s cooperate and I will give you one hundred thousand.” This is most of Tang Yu’s deposit.

    “Done.” Pigs are really pigs. If you have money, you can even make the ghost run a mill.

    The two hit it off, one for exposing Zhong Qiao and the other for money. They agreed to meet again, discuss the details, and most importantly, get the first deposit from Bai Ertang.

    Bai Ertang went downstairs and arrived at the parking spot in the community, only to find that her silver car had also not escaped the disaster, and its front window was smashed.


    Bai Ertang looked around, only to see a sweeper sweeping the floor nearby. She ran over to see that if it was an acquaintance, and sure enough, it was that sweeper uncle that she was familiar with.

    “Uncle, my car is broken.”

    Uncle looked up and glanced at her, “I saw it.”

    “…Then do you know who smashed it?”

    “I don’t know. When I came, it was already like this.”

    It must have been last night. It seems that it is impossible to ask people here, she has to go to the property manager to check the monitor. Bai Ertang thought to herself, but sweeper uncle seemed to understand her thoughts, and said, “Oh, by the way, I just saw that the surveillance cameras nearby were also broken.”


    Bai Ertang almost vomited blood once again.

    Is this a fucking divorce mission or a detective mission? And do I even have the protagonist halo? How can there be problems with whatever I want to do?

    [Host, you are playing the protagonist after the happy ending, you are in the hard mode, but no problem, please continue to work hard!]


    “Miss Tang, are you alright?” Sweeper uncle seemed to see that her face was not good, and asked with concern.

    “…It’s okay.”

    Bai Ertang’s car was damaged. She wanted to take a taxi, but then she thought about her recent financial situation. Forget it, let’s go by bus.

    So she got onto the crowded bus, hurried all the way, arrived at the appointed place in a state of embarrassment, and was almost half an hour late.

    This time, Bai Ertang and Thursday had an appointment at another coffee shop.

    Thursday was very impatient, “Why did you come so late? Do you want to delay giving me the money.”

    “Don’t worry, I have brought the money. If it wasn’t for my car being smashed, I wouldn’t be late!”

    On hearing that, Thursday burst out laughing, “Haha, your car was also smashed, did you see it now? I reminded you yesterday, don’t mess with Zhong Qiao!”

    Bai Ertang sat down angrily, and slammed her fist on the table, “I’ll mess with him!”

    Thursday was stunned for two seconds, and then raised his eyes, “Yo, I really can’t see it, look at this gentle and weak chicken, still have a bit of backbone, okay, bring one hundred thousand, I’ll help you with this!”

    In the end, it’s all about money.

    Bai Ertang took out 10,000 cash from her bag and put it in front of Thursday, “Deposit. Please answer me the question from last time. Why is Zhong Qiao not a simple doctor? Who is behind him?”


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