BTDS- Chapter 19

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Ch. 19 Task Evaluation

    While preparing the shop, Bai Ertang also visited Song Ziru.

    As the system said, Song Ziru has not been doing well recently.

    This made Song Ziru complain to Bai Ertang very much, “I must have lost my mind at the time, so I believed your nonsense.”

    “Mom, you can’t say that, I’m your retreat.”

    “What do I want a retreat for. Can’t I live a good life with my husband?”

    “…Does your husband want to live a good life with you?”

    “I don’t care whether he wants to live a good life or not. What I originally pursued was to eat well, wear well, and live well. If he satisfies these points, I don’t care about what he does outside.”

    “…” Bai Ertang was speechless for a while.

    If you want to say that, then I don’t seem to have anything to refute.

    “I just believed your theory that two eggs can’t be put in one basket. Now, my husband ignores me.”

    “…I care about you.”

    “You are different from men.”

    Isn’t it just man, except for that one thing, I can do everything that a man can do.

    [Yellow card warning!]

    What kind of baby system are you, what did I even say.

    Bai Ertang smiled and said, “So, why don’t you move out and live with me? Don’t worry about Ning Jing.”

    “I heard that you rented a two-bedroom suite? No servants, no chefs? Not to mention a private garden or a swimming pool.”

    “…This, Mom, you can’t have such high requirements.”

    It seems that she can’t afford the original owner’s mother.

    “So if I’m going out with you, won’t I end up lowering my standard of living?”

    “…So you still want to stay here and look at Ning Jing’s face?” Bai Ertang could no longer understand Song Ziru’s brain circuit.

    “Go live in your two-bedroom suite, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m confident that I can handle Ning Jing. As for you, your mother has done everything for you, and it will be up to you in the future.”


    This is… everyone has their own aspirations?

    Bai Ertang scratched her head, a little confused.

    [Host, maybe not everyone likes to swing freely with the wind like you do.]

    So, Song Ziru is actually happy to be this kind of golden fish [1]I have no idea about what the author wanted to say here. If anyone knows let me know., and she also enjoys this kind of life?

    [At present, it seems that she is not willing to suffer with you.]

    How can she say that she has to endure hardship, it is nothing more than having no babysitter and a chef, and the house is just a little smaller, and that there is no private garden or a private swimming pool.

    […Is this just that…] The voice was very weak.

    So, what about Song Yuyin? What about her thoughts? Is it in favor of me, or in favor of Song Ziru?

    [Host, don’t be in a hurry. When this task is over, there will be a comprehensive KPI evaluation session, and at that time, you can talk to Song Yuyin. Ask her what she thinks in person.]


    It sounds like this task evaluation process is quite perfect.

    A few days later, the court result came out.

    The result was not much different from what Lawyer Feng expected. As sufficient evidence was provided, Ning Ze’s transfer of assets was clearly investigated, so there was no confusion in what to be distributed to Song Yuyin.

    She got two properties, a luxury car, several shops, some shares of the company, and some cash.

    [The result is not bad.]

    Bai Ertang took the divorce certificate, looked at Ning Ze who had a dark face next to her, and sighed.

    There are really strangers now. However, Bai Ertang firmly believes that she is right. If she did not cut off the past, how can she reopen her heart in the future?

    Song Yuyin stood up, took the divorce certificate that belonged to her, and was about to leave.


    Ning Ze’s voice sounded from behind. When she looked back, Ning Ze still looked indifferent, but there was a complex emotion in his eyes.

    “I didn’t expect that we would end like this.”

    When they were together back then, they really thought that it was for a lifetime. So did Ning Ze, and so did Song Yuyin.

    Their marriage vows, their feelings, were all true, but time has brought them to this point.

    “Well, the things I posted on Weibo, I’m sorry, I should have discussed it with you before doing it.”

    After all, Ning Ze is a public figure, and Bai Ertang made him notorious in one fell swoop, which will affect Ning Ze’s career and life in the future.

    Ning Ze smiled wryly, “I really didn’t expect you to do this… But although this is the end and it is useless to say anything now, it’s my fault… Later, let’s all be well.”

    “Then, goodbye.”

    After saying this, Bai Ertang felt a sour feeling in her heart and reluctance filled her eyes, almost forcing her to cry.

    This is probably Song Yuyin’s feelings.

    She was still reluctant.

    Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, the uncle driver was already waiting there.

    At present, the driver uncle is driving the luxury car for Song Yuyin. Bai Ertang planned to sell it and replace it with a cheap car, but… If Song Yuyin wants to continue to run the second-hand luxury store in the future, the appearance is still needed, so let’s keep that luxury car.

    “Miss, do you want to go to the store?”

    Bai Ertang has already found a shop in a shopping mall in the city center, and it is still being renovated.

    “Well, let’s take a look at the renovation process… By the way, Uncle Xia, you’ve worked hard during this time.”

    The task should be over soon.

    Although she has only stayed in this world for less than two months, she still has many good feelings and memories about it.

    Uncle Xia, Song Ziru, Lawyer Feng…

    Well, goodbye.

    “Its what I should do.”

    That night, when Bai Ertang laid down and fell asleep, she entered an illusory world.

    In her original appearance, she was suspended in a sea of stars.

    The surrounding stars flickered like a fairyland.

    Standing on the opposite side, Song Yuyin was looking at her.

    She smiled, “Bai Ertang, thank you.”

    “…Can’t you call me Miss Bai?”

    Bai Ertang was actually very dissatisfied with her name.

    “Okay, Miss Bai.”

    “No thanks, your marriage has come to an end. In the future, you have to live a good life.”

    “Yeah. You taught me a lot. In fact, I can live by myself without that environment… But there is one point where I want to ask your opinion.”


    “I think it is necessary to hire a chef, after all, you can cook, but I can’t.”

    “…Please remember your current identity, ability and capital! You have just started operating the store, you don’t have an income yet, and you still have extra expenses. You are such a prodigal, do you know that? You should be thinking about your life in the next few decades, plan for the long-term…”

    Bai Ertang couldn’t stand this prodigal woman, so much that she ended up cursing. As a result, the Song Yuyin standing opposite her disappeared.

    Hey, was she avoiding her.

    Then the loud lolita voice sounded:

    [This task has been completed, let’s enter the task evaluation process.]

    The voice was serious.

    Wow, so excited, so nervous, I can finally get points.

    [Bai Ertang, in this parallel time and space of the protagonists Ning Ze and Song Yuyin, your performance appraisal is rated as B, and you will get 1 point. Congratulations, please keep working hard in the future.]

    “Wait, what? I worked so hard, got such a perfect divorce, but you actually gave me a B?”

    [Uh, Host, this is scored by the main system, I am not qualified to judge your performance.]

    “Main system, you owe me an explanation! I behaved so well, obviously I should hit A!”

    After a moment of silence, the main system’s voice sounded.

    [You, explain. ]

    [Yingying, host, it’s like this. You completed the divorce mission faster and better. Originally, you could get an A with this ending, but… during the execution of this mission, you have asked for help many times… So the main system has greatly determined that your ability is insufficient, resulting in a B this time.]

    “What the hell!” Many times for help? Where is it? That is… just asking you to help me find a lawyer and keep an eye on the surroundings, is this also called asking for help multiple times?”

    Bai Ertang was distressed for her innocently lost point.

    [Host, the evaluation is already done, don’t be discouraged. You will definitely get an A next time.]


    This main system must have a feud with her!

    [No.] The voice of the main system sounded happily.

    “…Then please, don’t be so strict with me next time?”

    [Lets look at the mood. Okay, the task evaluation process is over, you can take a break, and I will connect you to the next world.]

   After that, there was silence, and Bai Ertang felt that she had fallen into a deep sleep.






1 I have no idea about what the author wanted to say here. If anyone knows let me know.

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