BTDS- Chapter 10

Some More Melons

Ch. 10 Some more melons

    Bai Ertang spent a whole day sorting out the information, and then opened the dog girl’s space, turned the her information upside down, and finally found her Weibo account.

    This time, she saw even more incredible things.

    This dog girl is also a psychological expert, she publishes some emotional essays on Weibo.

    For example, some touching stories about her and her boyfriend, some quarrels and good chicken soup for the soul [1]feel-good motivational stories, some life insights and so on. And these stories are semi-realistic, which basically matches Ning Ze’s life trajectory.

    “The biggest problem now is to find out the real identity of the dog girl.”

    [This is not a problem for you.] The system had already prostrated itself in front of Bai Ertang.

    “Of course. As long as I pretend to draw a lottery on Weibo and asks her to fill in her address and other information as the winner, I will know who she is.”

    […] Bai Ertang’s method couldn’t be more simpler.

    Before Ning Ze knew about it, Bai Ertang had turned him upside down.

    At this time, Ning Ze was considering his father’s suggestion.

    “Darling, I know you feel guilty for Song Yuyin, but it’s not like you said you won’t compensate her. But if you really give her so much, what will you do in the future, what will I do… We will have a baby in the future.”

    On the other end of the phone, Xiaoxue’s voice was very gentle and moving.

    Xiaoxue had just graduated from college, and Ning Ze didn’t want her to work very hard. Who knew that she took the initiative to find a job, and it was distressing for him to see her struggling to improve herself so much. She was really different from Song Yuyin.

    Moreover, Xiaoxue understood his busyness and hard work very well, and would never disturb him when he was on a business trip.

    If Song Yuyin was even half as considerate as Xiaoxue, they wouldn’t have come this far.

    “Xiaoxue, you don’t have to worry about this. After all, I made a mistake in this matter first…”

    “Darling, it’s my fault, it’s because I was unable to restrain my love for you, you’re right, we’re sorry for Song Yuyin, whatever you want to do, I’ll support you, in short, no matter what our life will be like in the future, I will accompany you for the rest of your life.”

    Ning Ze hung up the phone, full of contradictions in his heart.

    For Song Yuyin, he was impatient and guilty.

    But what about Xiaoxue, he can’t help but think about his future life with Xiaoxue. Should he reconsider the matter of divorce and property?

    Three days later.

    Bai Ertang successfully obtained the real information of dog girl nicknamed Flying Snow.

    The price paid for that was a bottle of perfume, which she gifted to Bai Xue, who “won the lottery”.

    Snow White[2]The literal translation of 白雪 which also means Bai Xue.? Not bad, the typical name of the little three [3]Mistress/third party in a relationship white lotus.

    [Host, what are you going to do next?]

    I don’t know yet, but it seems like everything is ready. Now that the evidence and the information that should be obtained has been obtained, why not go to Ning Ze for a showdown and divorce?

    [Host, you seem to be impatient, what’s the matter?]

    Yes, we can’t be too hasty, lawyer Feng still needs time. Till then, let’s grow some more melons [4]Gossip for the netizens to eat.

    [I don’t understand.]

    Look for that male model. In this way, the people who eat melons can continue to eat melons. In the future, I will look even more pitiful, helpless, weak and wronged.

    […So, who exactly is the real pitiful, helpless and weak person?] It suddenly felt a little sympathetic towards Ning Ze, the male protagonist of this world.

    Because lawyer Feng had already helped to investigate all the information of the male model Wang Liang, Bai Ertang easily contacted Wang Liang.

    Wang Liang was surprised, he never thought that Bai Ertang would contact him.

    After all, he had only intended to make a sum of money. He has recently become addicted to drugs and is very short of money.

    However, Wang Liang’s head turned very fast. Since the female lead [5]That female model in the scandal had betrayed him, if he maintained contact with Song Yuyin and created even more scandals, wouldn’t that be…

    And he could make a lot of money.

    Therefore, Wang Liang agreed to Song Yuyin’s appointment.

    Bai Ertang chose Starbucks as the meeting place in a shopping mall, which was exactly what Wang Liang wanted. After all, he hopes that more people can witness this scene.

    This time, he didn’t need to find a fake Song Yuyin to play the role, and he can have a real scandal with the real Song Yuyin. It’s not too bad.

    As for Bai Ertang, she naturally has her own plans.

    She just wanted to let people know that she was entangled with Wang Liang, so as to stir up the topic. In the end, when the truth is revealed, she will be the victim, and then receive a lot of sympathy and support…

    Then, that scumbag who transferred the property and assets and framed his wife, her so-called husband, Ning Ze… hehehe.

    [I’m scared, I’m scared! My lord, can I change my host?]

    [Once bound, it cannot be released. But you can choose to self-destruct.] The main system gave a reply, and the voice seemed very pleasant to hear.

    [Woooooo, the main system is so terrifying, my host is so terrifying, it’s so pitiful to live in the cracks!]


    As long as the main system is willing, Bai Bitang can also receive the words of the main system in her mind. So, she also heard this passage.

    Bai Ertang was becoming more and more interested in this main system. Is it an artificial intelligence-like system, just like her lolita?

    A corner of a Starbucks store in a shopping mall.

    “Mr. Wang, about our relationship scandal, I believe you must have seen it on the Internet. I hope you can make a statement to show that we have no relationship.”

    Wang Liang was a little surprised by Bai Ertang’s temperament and appearance. She didn’t look like the incompetent and weak wife of a wealthy family in the rumors. Instead, she exuded a shrewd and capable aura.

    However, her brain is still very stupid. Under the scandalous relationship between the two, she even made an appointment with him. Wasn’t it just asking for trouble.

    It’s no wonder that she is so disliked by her husband, will be framed for cheating, and even get a divorce.

    “Oh, that scandal, I know.”

    Wang Liang coped with it. His purpose was to let the tabloid reporter he arranged to take more pictures, it was best to create a situation where he had an affair with this rich wife.

    On the one hand, he can use this to increase his fame, and on the other hand, he can use this report to ask his previous sponsor to give him another sum of money.

    “You know the situation best, so can you understand my current predicament? If you can take the initiative to state that I have nothing to do with…”

    “Well, you also know that I’m just an unknown little model, even if I post a clarification statement, no one will read it.”

    Wang Liang was stalling for time.

    Of course Bai Ertang knew about Wang Liang’s possible tricks, but his conspiracy coincided with her own.

    She just wanted to throw dirty water on herself, and then create a big melon. The netizens will definitely buy it, and then at the time of the ultimate reversal…

    Thinking about it, she is getting excited!

    [Calm down host!]

    “You just make a statement, I’ll do the rest, and let some big Vs repost it. In this case, everyone will know that we are innocent.”

    “Well, I think it’s better to forget it, just let it be and after the wind has passed…”

    Wang Liang was trying to procrastinate, and finally at Bai Ertang’s strong request, he agreed.

    In the end, the two said goodbye. Wang Liang hurriedly went to the reporter of the small website he arranged.

    “Don’t worry. I’m going to write a special report now to make sure you get on the hot search!” The gossip reporter was full of confidence.



1 feel-good motivational stories
2 The literal translation of 白雪 which also means Bai Xue.
3 Mistress/third party in a relationship
4 Gossip
5 That female model
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Bound To The Divorce System

Bound To The Divorce System

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese

    When others transmigrate, they are responsible for having babies with the male protagonist, and have a happily ever after. She is also a female protagonist when she transmigrates into various novels, but the female protagonist after the happy ending, when love between the couple is weathering, when the male protagonist is tired of the female protagonist, when he is cheating with a mistress, etc., and many other chicken feathers.

    [Host, the task assigned to you by the system is, 'After happy ending, the female protagonist’s bleak divorce life!’ 】

    “Go away, stupid system! I want to transmigrate to before ‘Happy ending’!”

One sentence introduction: Today is another day of happily divorcing.

Chicken feathers: small annoyances



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